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S C H O O L   O F   L I V I N G   E T H I C S


(A G N I   Y O G A)


Since human beings exist, they are afraid of death

Since human beings exist, they are dreaming of immortality

The time is ripe to overcome this fear

and to realize this dream!


Living ethics (Eastern name: Agni Yoga) teaches  how we can achieve immortality and transform the earth into a paradise where there is no need, suffering, greed, violence, destruction, war, poverty and unemployment.

Immortal man—is this  not worthy of the future?

Our Teaching is revealed to those who wish to realize heaven on earth.


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The foundation of this philosophy is a universal realization: The true essence of man, his true self is his soul, which is immortal, not the body, which is perishable. You are a soul - not a physical, but a spiritual being that lives forever.

Immeasurable possibilities open up to him who recognizes his immortality. He overcomes the earthly limitations, the limitations of space, time and matter. The new immortal man is far superior to the old mortal man.

Man leads a happier, more beautiful, and more worthy life if  he sees himself as a soul which is indestructible and inviolable. Then nobody and nothing, no attack and no material concern can affect him. As sovereign as a king, he stands above all that approaches him.

The earth is transformed into a better, more liveable dwelling place, when more and more people behave as spiritual beings, that is express with their thoughts, words, and deeds not their lower, animal, material nature , but the angellike, innocent, childlike pure, ideal essence of their beings - the divine within themselves.-

Souls do not mutilate each other on the hunt for material wealth, power and enjoyment. They, by their very nature, fight selflessly for the enforcement of truth, justice, beauty and love. A higher order, based on these principles - the divine law - eliminates the misery which materialism and egotism have instituted.

Applied ethics is the solution to the world's problems. For example, to overcome poverty and unemployment, we only need to create justice: There is work in abundance; the planet is rich enough; if we distribute the necessary work and its products fairly, there will be more than enough of both of them for all of us.

The Immortals are a worldwide movement that unites people of all classes, nations and confessions. Their goal is a renewal of life arising from the spirit of immortality, the strengthening of the power of the spirit - the divine -, both in individual man as well as in human society as a whole.

All this is a vision only for the time being. Let us start with its realization! Tabenisi is a village and an ashram where the New World is being built. See for yourself, visit Tabenisi, visit the new creation! Do you not want to learn to use the possibilities of your spiritual being, the soul? Do you not want to contribute to the establishment of a New World?