What is Agni Yoga?

James Hilton, in his novel "Lost Horizon", tells about, Shangri-La, a secluded valley in the Himalayas, where an Order of wise Mahatmas has deciphered the mystery of immortality and built a culture where people live as in paradise, namely without need, greed, violence, poverty and unemployment.

The Mahatmas of Shangri-La (or Shambhala, as we say today) actually exist. In the last 150 years or so, they have repeatedly turned to the distressed, misguided humanity: With the famous Mahatma Letters that anyone can still today inspect at the British Museum in London, as well as through Helena Blavatzky and Francia LaDue and their works. They have sent emissaries who are setting up new communities in different parts of the world according to the model of Shambhala.

The most recent, most comprehensive initiative of the Mahatmas is Agni Yoga (Western name: Living Ethics): a Holy Scripture consisting 15 volumes (see The Books of Agni Yoga) with a total of about 5000 pages. This vast work conveys the knowledge that mankind needs for the coming centuries. Everyone who reads these books will find out that - as in the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible or the Koran - a wisdom higher than the human one speaks to him.

The books of Agni Yoga were handed over in the first half of the last century to Helena Roerich, the wife of the great Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.

Agni Yoga is a synthesis of science and religion: A religion on a scientific basis and a science that penetrates into the higher, invisible world.

Living ethics is a philosophy that gives everyone, irrespective of his faith, an answer to the existential questions of human existence, such as the meaning of life, the meaning of suffering, God, the life after death, the responsibility of man for his thoughts , words and deeds, etc.

Agni Yoga is, as e.g. Zen, a practice of spiritual exercises that allows everyone, in whatever circumstances he lives, to lead a higher life. It is a spiritual martial art. As the Shaolin or Samurai used to practice sword fighting to preserve the integrity of their bodies, so today's spiritual fighter needs spiritual weapons to defend the life of his higher nature, his soul.

Agni Yoga contains a complete program for the renewal of both the individual human being and human society as a whole.


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