War in Europe – What can we do? (Part 1)



Dear Agni Yogis,


the world is shaken. What we thought impossible has happened: After more than 80 years of peace, there is again a war of aggression in Europe.


We have to admit: The civilisation in our world leaves a lot to be desired, even in Europe.


We see:


Things cannot continue like this. (Fiery World I, 401)


We recognise: A better world is not the sweet dream of unworldly crackpots, but an absolute necessity if humanity wants to survive!


To all We say, “It is necessary, necessary, necessary, to find new ways!” (Infinity II, 484 [84])


The individual asks himself:


"What can I do to stop this madness?"


There is only one way: We must put into practice the instructions given by the Mahatmas in the books of Agni Yoga.


Their goal is a New Man and a New World.


Life itself brings to the surface the urgent need for Agni Yoga. (Agni Yoga 249)


Only by setting to work with all our strength now (immediately!) in order to realise this goal can we prevent the present barbarism in the future. This is the way out of the crisis, and the only one!


People are able to understand the need for the Teaching when they are at an impasse with no way out. (Heart 34)


The question is no longer: "What can I do?", but:


"What must I do?"


Watch again our videos of the Series "The New World", or read once more the text:





There you find a summary of how the Mahatmas describe the world of the future and of what they require from each and every one of us in order to make this higher culture a reality.


An Agni Yogi is a spiritual warrior!


He cannot remain sitting on the sofa when he sees the distress of the world. He takes up the fight against the forces of darkness and for a better future.


The horrible pictures of these days are a call to arms – but to spiritual arms!


Let us redouble our efforts now!


And above all: Let us combine our efforts! All spiritual people must work together!


When the structures are about to collapse, who can sit calmly? Then all must become masons, laying new foundations. I say this because the undeferrable work requires all forces. (Agni Yoga 322)


The individual can achieve but very little. Small core groups are the foundation for the society of the future.


Thus, in small core groups, one can advance the prototype of world progress. (Fiery World I, 288)


Beginning with a nucleus, the construction of a community can result in the Community of the World. (Infinity II, 683 [283]






is such a community of the New World, which every person of good will can join.


Let new communities arise as new springs in the desert. Around each spring tender grass will turn green and the streams from the springs will eventually flow together into one current. (Community 226)