Series "The New World"


Tabenisi - World without Poverty and Unemployment


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The essential first. Tabenisi. Work in abundance. Community. No unemployment through just distribution of work. Distribution of work in practice. Right to work. Obligation to work. No "unconditional basic income". No "unacceptable" work. No poverty through just distribution of the proceeds of work. Technological progress, declining production. No poverty and unemployment through technological progress. New distribution of work. New distribution of proceeds. Blessing of technological progress. No poverty and unemployment through declining production. New distribution of work. New distribution of proceeds. Applied Ethics solve economical problems. The path of the individual. New thinking. Regain your self-esteem. Shake off egotism. Unsalaried labour. Wealth in the heart


The New World: Form of Government: Hierarchy


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Higher culture. The plan of God. Form of government of the future: Hierarchy. Democracy unsuitable. Rule of the sages. Theocracy. No elections. No use of force. Ethics Councils


The New World: New Order of Economy and Labour


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Old order of economy. New order of economy. Economy without money. Old order of labour: abuse of labour. Responsibility for work. New order of labour. Power and responsibility of the individual in a consumer economy. No poverty, no unemployment  


The New World: Administration of Justice


Administration of justice as a sacred act. Justice as an absolute principle. Judges. Administration of justice in the interest of the common good.


The New World: Cities, Science, Agriculture, Media


New order of property ownership. Megacities unsuitable. Science. Agriculture. Media. Entertainment


The New World: Army, Police, Arts, Churches


Army and Police. The arts. Churches. Priests


The New World: Health Care


Holistic medicine. Spiritual causes of illness. Healing through a higher way of life. Self-healing. Healing of the soul. Limits of medical technology


The New World: Schools


Goal of Education: The New Man - the New World. Holistic education. Conveying knowledge. Formation of the heart. Moulding life. Community. Living examples. Teachers


The New World: Marriage and Family 


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Spiritual relatives and blood relatives. Crisis of the bourgeois family. Error of bourgeois love. The married couple on the Spiritual Path. The family as a spiritual community



We are building the World of the Future


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First Chapter: Basics

Section I: World Government of the Mahatmas: The 7 principles of the New World. Rule of the Mahatmas. Creation of a World State. The path

Section II: The Federation Temple of Humanity: Example: The British Empire. Code of the World State: The Agni Yoga. Government of the World State: Earthly Hierarchy

Second Chapter: The Path of the Individual

Section I: Establishing a Stronghold of the New World: New Construction along the personal channel. Transformation into an immortal being of spirit. Every place a temple. Become points of light! The Path of the Inner Temple. Establishment of a Stronghold of the New World. Practical tip

Section II: Your Daily Program of Work: Meditation room. Practical tip. Family. Practical tip. Place of work. The meaning of everyday life. Rule of the spirit. The desert princess

Section III: Your Relationship with the Environment: Your home: An outpost of the Temple of Humanity. Fight. Elevation of the environment. Practical tip: Highness and love. Conquest, expansion. Practical tip: Elevate every room. Conquer institutions

Third Chapter: The Path of the Community Forming Communities

Section I: Study Evenings and Schools: Study evenings. Practical tip: Virtual study evenings. Agni Yoga schools

Section II: Communities in Spirit: Community through a new spiritual order. The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga. Spiritual community as preliminary stage to physical community. Practical tip: Network of temples. Association, cooperative, order

Section III: The Agni Yoga Temple: Physical community. The Agni Yoga Temple as a business enterprise. Practical tip. The Agni Yoga Temple as a place of education. The Agni Yoga Temple as a church. First basis of the community: selflessness. Second basis of the community: hierarchy. Virtual Agni Yoga Temple. Ethics Network

Section IV: Larger Communities: New World settlements. Village and Ashram. Examples from History. Become a Citizen of Tabenisi