Series "The Path of the Disciple"


Broadcasting 1: How do you find your Teacher?

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Section I: Succession. Leading principle. Follow the Masters. Section II: The teacher. No progress without a teacher. No new creation without leadership. Personal connection with the Hierarchy. Section III: Finding the teacher. Search, call and answer. Purification, refinement, obedience, striving. When the disciple is ready, the teacher appears. How to search? Do not necessarily look for a physically incarnated teacher. Do not aim too high. The teacher as your spiritual father. Find your teacher through love. Address your teacher without a name. Example Yogananda. My personal experience. Beware of false teachers! Do not ask too much from your teacher.

Broadcasting 2: Become a Disciple!

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Section I: Select your Eternal Identity: Spiritual Disciple. Become a spiritual disciple. Picture of a disciple. Education. Service. Become the personal disciple of a Mahatma. Section II: Shape your Eternal Individuality into a disciple. Spiritual disciple: a state of the consciousness. Mould your consciousness during meditation. Defend your identity in everyday life. Section III: Daily practice. Stepping before the presence of the teacher. Stepping before the teacher in spirit. Rhythm. Purification of everyday life.

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Section IV: Stages of discipleship. Application for acceptance as disciple on probation. Examine yourself. Acceptance as disciple on probation. Entering the ashram of the teacher. New name. Section V: The law of the disciple. Submission to the law of the disciple. Submission to the rule of the ashram. Purification. The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga. No Compulsion. A week with Helena Roerich in the Kulu Valley.