Broadcastings "Meditation"


Communion with the Higher World (Meditation)

Section I: Theory

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Anthropos. Opening of the higher senses. The heart as a bridge to the Higher Worlds. Spiritual food. Currents of higher energies. Tuning. Purification of our being. Refinement of the organism. Implementation of currents. Deadlines of the currents. Cleaning of the atmosphere. Study of the Holy Scriptures. Study of the lives of the saints. In heaven. Contemplation. Realization. Experience of God. Source of strength. Comforter. Purification of the soul. Elevation of our being. What is prayer? Do not ask for yourself. In need. How to pray? Communion. Call and response. Conversation within the heart. Silvery Thread. Help through thoughts


Section II: Practice

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The place. The time. The position. Purity. Silence. Solemnity. First step: Purification. Second step: Prostration. Third step: Flight to the teacher. Reality of the flight. Real effects of the flight. Difficulties of the flight. Abbreviation of the flight? Preparation for the "last journey". Fourth step: Invokation. Fifth step: First part of the conversation. Sixth step: Second part of the conversation. Seventh part: Parting. Return to earth