Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga II"


Broadcasting 16: Possession by evil Spirits

                                                          Part 1                                       Part 2                   Part 3  

Possession – an epidemic! What is possession? How does possession arise? Types of possession. How does possession express itself? How do you recognize possession? How can possession be healed?  


Broadcasting 17: Who (or what) is God? The new scientific Understanding of God

                                                          Part 1                                       Part 2                   Part 3  

Man as a seeker for God. Scientific concept of God. No earthly measures. Do not separate God from the rest of nature. Man on the path to God. God as the peak of Hierarchy. Mystery. Knowledge of the heart. God in nature and within ourselves. God: a being or a principle? No “God the Father”. Cognition through rapprochement. The peak in motion