Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga I"


Broadcasting 1: Basics


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What is Agni Yoga? 3 initiatives of Mahatmas: Helena Blawatsky/Theosophy/ Mahatma Letters; Francia LaDue/Temple of the People; Helena Roerich/Agni Yoga. The core statement of Agni Yoga: "Immortal Man". What does Agni Yoga teach? Unification of religions.


Broadcasting 2: The Significance of Consciousness


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Material conditions of no significance. Consciousness creates the world. Consciousness creates man. Example Plato. Example ??? Consciousness as true wealth. Saving the world through a new consciousness.


Broadcasting 3: Expansion of Consciousness


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Part I: New path of cognition: Heart knowledge. Cognition of the reality. Realization of the higher reality. No blind faith. Agni Yoga as a science. Continuation of the classical laws of nature. Agni Yoga as a religion. Progress of spiritual cognition. Synthesis of science and religion. Refinement of cognition. Heart knowledge. Only the heart is able to recognize the essential. The intellect. The heart as a subtle organ.

Part II: Conditions of heart knowledge. Purity and refinement. Way oflife and cognition. The age of the woman. She who leads


Part 6                                        Part 7


Part III: Application of heart knowledge by exploring higher phenomena. Dowsing rod, pendulum. Mutual influencing of man and nature. Effect of sounds, colours and fragrances. Thoughts. The aura. The glance. The hand. Morphogenetic fields. Intervention of higher powers in our lives. Astrology. No “miracles”


Broadcasting 4: The Law of Evolution


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Section I: The significance of the law of evolution. Life is movement. No standstill, no perfection. Movement with inconceivable speed. Body, soul, spirit. Spirit in all matter. Monad not individual and unchangeable. Spirit moulds matter. Perfection of matter. The spirit as driving force of evolution. Man as transitional stage to the next step of evolution. Development of spirituality

Section II: Cycles of involution and evolution. Development in form of a spiral. Corresponding development of the individual. Seven cycles. Man is not descended from the monkeys. Seven rounds. Seven races. First race. Second race: Hyperboreans. Third race: Lemuria. Fourth race: Atlantis. Fifth race, present time: lowest point. The new sixth race

Section III: Development up to the highest levels. Man on the path to god


   Broadcasting 5: The Hierarchy


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Section I: The hierarchy of souls: There is life everywhere in the Universe. There is evolution everywhere in the Universe. Man is not the highest being. The higher levels. Jacob’s Ladder: The spiritual Hierarchy. Connection with the Higher Levels. Guidance by the Higher Levels. Teacher and disciple

Section II: The Cosmic Principle “Above leads, below follows”: Above takes the lead, below follows. New Man created by following the Hierarchic Principle. New World created by following the Hierarchic Principle. The principle of leadership. Without Hierarchy chaos reigns

Section III: World government and Cosmic Hierarchy: Hierarchic order. Rule of the Hierarchs. The World Government. The earthly Hierarchy. Education of Hierarchs. The Cosmic Hierarchy


Broadcasting 6: The Brotherhood of Shambhala


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Section I: Actual existence of the Brotherhood: The Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Schambhala. Community of saints. New, tangible “Gods”. The International World Government. Seat on earth. Earthly life. Encounters with Mahatmas

Section II: Actions of the Mahatmas on Earth: Work for the Common Good. Leaders of the evolution. Creatures from higher planets. Historical Evidence of the Acting of the Brotherhood. Initiatives of the Brotherhood in recent Times. Helena P. Blavatsky. Mahatma Letters. Teachings of the Temple. Agni Yoga

Section III: Cooperation with the Mahatmas: Co-workers of the Brotherhood. Serve the highest Lord. Mahatmas are looking for co-workers. Reception of new members. Succession in office. Help as long as progress is possible

Section IV: The path to Shambhala


Broadcasting 7: Karma -  

The Law of Cause, Effect and Responsibility


Part 1                          Part 2                           Part 3


Existential question of crime and punishment. Merciful or punishing God? The law of Karma. Cosmic law. Free will and responsibility. Effect after death. Bible and Karma. No fear of God. No complaining. Joy about just world order. Joy about control over one's destiny. Karma and compassion. No suffering in a perfect world. Necessity of suffering in an imperfect world. Impulse. Why do good? No eternal damnation. No forgiving of sins. No distortion of the principle of justice


Broadcasting 8: Death and Rebirth


Part 1                          Part 2                           Part 3


No end, no standstill. Reincarnation. Accumulations are preserved. Accumulations as true wealth. Perfection only on earth. Memories of past lives. Diversity of human beings due to accumulations. Bible and rebirth. Early Christianity and rebirth. Plato and rebirth. Transition as change of existence. Transition in confidence. Transition in dignity. No life-prolonging measures. Striving to the highest spheres. Moment of transition.


Broadcasting 9: The Law of Correspondence


Part 1                                       Part 2


Conformity. Attraction through striving. Attraction through moods. Attraction through aura. Temptations. Worthiness. Who hath shall be given. No redeemer. Attraction of possibilities and opportunities. Approach to the Higher World.


Broadcasting 10: The Supermundane World


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Spirit-Matter. The nature of thoughts and feelings. World of thoughts and feelings. Familiar forms of the Upper world. Thought-Creation. No light. Orientation through consciousness. No language. Preparation for the afterlife during the earthly life. No time and no space. School. World of ideas and implementation. Stay in the Subtle World during sleep. Conscoius transition and continuation of work. Spheres of the Subtle World. Heaven not for everyone. How do I get to heaven? The lower strata ("hell"). Ascent after the death of the body. The higher strata ("heaven"). Unity of the worlds. Overcome the Separation of the worlds. Effect of the spiritual on the physical plane


Broadcasting 11: The subtle Constitution of Man


Part 1                          Part 2                           Part 3


Twofold and threefold classification. The seven principles of man. The seven bodies of man. Mastery of the subtle body. The bodies in the higher worlds. Reincarnation from the Higher Worlds. Properties of the subtle body. Working of the subtle body. Development of the subtle body. The aura - the emanation of man. Capture the essence of a person by its aura. Material reality of the aura. Aura of objects and places. The centers of higher consciousness („chakras“). The seven main centers. The opening of the centers


Broadcasting 12: The Mission of Man


Part 1                  Part 2              Part 3                 Part 4


Meaning of life on a scientific basis. Man created in the image of God. Man as a manifestation of the divine. Higher step of evolution according to the manifestation of the divine. Man as the light of the world. Man as a mediator between the worlds. Unification of the worlds. Establish the conditions of both worlds. Establish the rule of the spirit. Incarnation of higher principles. Unalterable principles. Creative task. Living truth. Battle. Warrior of the spirit. Conscoius co-moulding of the evolution. Cosmic co-worker. Cooperation with the Hiearchy. Man as instrument of the spirit. Your personal mission in life. Enlightenment at incarnation. Signs of life. Orientation


Broadcasting 13: The Path and the Goal of Man


Part 1                          Part 2                           Part 3


The goal: new step of evolution. The new man. The new world. The spiritual path. Guidepost. Do not proselytize. The path of the soul. Necessity of the spiritual path. Only one path. Religion irrelevant. Spiritual path as the only way out. Spiritual path regardless of the circumstances. Circumstances no excuse. Expect no improvement of the circumstances. Determine yourself your progress


Broadcasting 14: Psychic Energy


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What is Psychic Energy? Of what use is psychic energy? Spirit as the source of life. Evolution requires the development of psychic energy. The treasure. Recognize our possibilities. Use our possibilities. Inexhaustible energy. Give away psychic energy moderately. Strengthening of psychic energy from within. A basic exercise. Strengthening of psychic energy from without. Purification. Destroying psychic energy. Knowledge through psychic energy. Vitality and joy of being through psychic energy. Healing through psychic energy. Doctors. Cancer. Prevention. Effect of psychic energy on machines. Aura and psychic energy. Protective net and psychic energy. Accumulations of psychic energy on objects. Elevation through psychic energy


Broadcasting 15: The New World

Tabenisi - World without Poverty and Unemployment


Part 1                  Part 2


The essential first. Tabenisi. Work in abundance. Community. No unemployment through just distribution of work. Distribution of work in practice. Right to work. Obligation to work. No "unconditional basic income". No "unacceptable" work. No poverty through just distribution of the proceeds of work. Technological progress, declining production. No poverty and unemployment through technological progress. New distribution of work. New distribution of proceeds. Blessing of technological progress. No poverty and unemployment through declining production. New distribution of work. New distribution of proceeds. Applied Ethics solve economical problems. The path of the individual. New thinking. Regain your self-esteem. Shake off egotism. Unsalaried labour. Wealth in the heart


The New World: Form of Government: Hierarchy


Part 1                          Part 2                           Part 3


Higher culture. The plan of God. Form of government of the future: Hierarchy. Democracy unsuitable. Rule of the sages. Theocracy. No elections. No use of force. Ethics Councils


The New World: New Order of Economy and Labour


Part 1                     Part 2


Old order of economy. New order of economy. Economy without money. Old order of labour: abuse of labour. Responsibility for work. New order of labour. Power and responsibility of the individual in a consumer economy. No poverty, no unemployment  


The New World: Administration of Justice


Administration of justice as a sacred act. Justice as an absolute principle. Judges. Administration of justice in the interest of the common good.


The New World: Cities, Science, Agriculture, Media


New order of property ownership. Megacities unsuitable. Science. Agriculture. Media. Entertainment


The New World: Army, Police, Arts, Churches


Army and Police. The arts. Churches. Priests


The New World: Health Care


Holistic medicine. Spiritual causes of illness. Healing through a higher way of life. Self-healing. Healing of the soul. Limits of medical technology


The New World: Schools


Goal of Education: The New Man - the New World. Holistic education. Conveying knowledge. Formation of the heart. Moulding life. Community. Living examples. Teachers


The New World: Marriage and Family 


Part 1                     Part 2


Spiritual relatives and blood relatives. Crisis of the bourgeois family. Error of bourgeois love. The married couple on the Spiritual Path. The family as a spiritual community