Series "Experiment Immortality"


 Broadcasting 1: The Treasure


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From four-legged being to two-legged being. From mortal to immortal being. What is Agni Yoga? The greatest present. Prometheus. Immortal man. The meaning of life. Experiment Immortality. Know thyself. The soul. Common basis of all religions. Transform yourself. Brother donkey. The treasure. Transform the world. The old man. The new man. Communities of new men. No poverty. No unemployment


Broadcasting 2: The Secret of Immortality


I: With 7 Steps to a Life that does not end


1st Step: You recognize your soul

2nd Step: You change your identity: "I am a soul"

3rd Step: You adjust your consciousness: "I am an immortal being"

4th Step: You shift your consciousness to your higher self: "I fill my soul with consciousness"

5th Step: You think and feel like an immortal  

6th Step: You act and  like an immortal

7th Step: You use the senses and the higher forces of your spiritual being


II: The new Identity: The immortal Man


                                                Part 1              Part 2                Part 3


Part 1: Supratemporal, supermundane individuality. No death. No standstill. No fear of death. NewFamily. Recognize your soulmates.

Part 2: New gender.New people. New religion. New age – eternal youth. New food. New profession. New pleasures

Part 3: New wealth. Accumulations shape individuality. True reality. Aura. New path. New homeland. New name


III: The infinite Potential of the Immortal


                                                        Part 1              Part 2                Part 3


Part 1: Become who you are. Acquire the qualities of an immortal. Eternity, invulnerability, invincibility. Fearlessness. Freedom. Dignity

Part 2: Overcome the earthly worries. Fate of the body insignificant. Untouched by suffering. Example of the great saints. Selflessness. No interest in earthly goods. No struggle for existence. The law of the sacrifice. Only an immortal can be selfless. Selflessness crucial for the New World. Meaningful Life

Part 3: Unlimited development. Joy. Turn suffering to joy. The function of pain. Joy is a special wisdom. Living example

Part 4: Using the potential of a spiritual being


Broadcasting 3: Transformation into a spiritual Being


                                                  Part 1              Part 2             Part 3    


Complete program for renewal. The New World: community of New Men. Immortality: a state of the consciousness. Section I: In Meditation. In the morning. Shift your consciousness to your Higher Self. Meditation. The state of mind “spiritual being”. At noon. In theevening.

Section II: In the World. Observation from above. Guidance from above.Appearance as a spiritual being from a higher world. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down. Keep your position. Outlook


Broadcasting 4: Bring your Soul to Life


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Section I: The Being of Spirit: Definition of the Being of Spirit. The buried Soul. The Invisible Giant. Being of a higher Vibration

Section II: Shaping the Being of Spirit. The Eternal Individuality as untreated raw material. Example Animals. Create the Eternal Individuality yourself. Shape the Soul with your own Thoughts and Feelings

Section III: Making the Ideal a Reality. Forming an ideal Picture. Selection of the Ideal. Role Models. Build upon that what exists. Fill the ideal Image with Life. No Imagination. Consolidation of Thoughts and Feelings. Stand the Test of the World. New Habits

Section IV: Meditation and Discipline. Meditation. Example Nutrition. Example Vitality and Joy of Being. Discipline

Section V: Transfer the Consciousness into the Soul. Transfer your Consciousness into the Eternal Individuality. Form your Self-Awareness. Preserve your Self-Awareness in all Worlds -

Section VI: Let your Soul think and feel. Make your Soul think. Direct your Thinking through the Heart. Make your Soul feel. Forming the Will of the Soul. Satisfy the Needs of the Soul

Section VII: Do what the Higher Self wants. Listen to the Voice of the Soul. Follow the Advice of the Soul. The Gold of the Soul is stained. Struggle. Use the Abilities of the Spirit

Section VIII: Shaping the Body of Light. The Soul is what it radiates. Education of the Fiery Body. Hologram. Outlook: Densification of the Astral Body 


Broadcasting 5: Exercise “The Fiery Condition”


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Section I: What is a Fiery Condition? Kindled by the fire of the spirit. Purity, vitality, joy of being, light, love. State of the highest vibration. Ideal state of the soul. Creation of the Fiery Body. Creating the New Man

Section II: Fieriness as a state of the being of light: The being of light consists of waves. Fibre love. Further fibres. Fiery Condition as synthesis. The principle of resonance. Spectral Analysis - Aura Photography

Section III: The Fiery Condition in detail: Purity. Wisdom. Power. Joy. Fire of enthusiasm. Love. Life in Heaven. Connection with the Higher World. Nirvana. Practical tip

Section IV: How to establish the Fiery Condition? Exercise "Elevation". Ignite the soul by your own fire of the spirit. Practical tip. Ignite the soul with the spirit fire wherever it burns. Tune the fibres of your soul to a high vibration. Find purity, power, joy and love within yourself. Fill your soul with the spirit of purity, power, joy and love. Constant exercise

Section V: What affects the vibration? What increases the vibration? Practical tip. What lowers the Vibration?

Section VI: Maintaining fieriness in the world: Practical tip. Spiritual discipline. Practical tip. Observation and steering from above. Practical Tip: Emergency Meditation. Vigilance. Practical Tip: Take a Break every Hour. Practical Tip: Keep Vibration high for one day

Section VII: The Fiery Condition as Service: The 4 heroic deeds of an Agni Yogi. Preserve your own fire. Ignite others. Practical Tip: Love ignites the fire. New Man created through transmission of Spirit Fire. New World created through increasing the vibration of every place. Key to happiness – key to service