Series "Experiment Immortality"


 Broadcasting 1: The Treasure

                        Part 1            Part 2                Part 3

From four-legged being to two-legged being. From mortal to immortal being. What is Agni Yoga? The greatest present. Prometheus. Immortal man. The meaning of life. Experiment Immortality. Know thyself. The soul. Common basis of all religions. Transform yourself. Brother donkey. The treasure. Transform the world. The old man. The new man. Communities of new men. No poverty. No unemployment

Broadcasting 2: How can I recognize my Soul?

                                Part 1                    Part 2           

The matrix. The other ego. Superman. Cinderella. Knowledge of the heart. Music. Nature. Love. Aura. Prayer and meditation. Conscience. Death. Near-death experiences. Longing for truth, justice, beauty and love. Longing for paradise. Expansion of consciousness.  A first spiritual exercise

Broadcasting 3: Transformation into a Spiritual Being

            Part 1                    Part 2                   Part 3

Become who you are. New consciousness. Man is what he thinks. New identity. New attitude. Move of the consciousness into the higher self.

Broadcasting 4: Immortal Man

                         Part 1                           Part 2

Indestructibility. No death. Fearlessness. Freedom. Dignity. Power. Joy.

Broadcasting 5: The new Identity

           Part 1                 Part 2                       Part 3

The supertemporal, supermundane individuality. New family: soulmates. New sex. New nation. New religion. New age. New food. New profession. New pleasures. New identity. New homeland. Living in the world of the soul. The path of the soul. New name.



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