Series "Spiritual Exercises of Agni Yoga"


Broadcasting 1: Exercise "Elevation"


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Section I: 1. What do you see? Section II: What do you feel? Purity. Power. Joy III. Spiritual reality IV. Elevation for the advanced V. What else do you feel? Consciousness of the soul. Higher Communion. Selflessness VI. What is the use of “Elevation”? Purification. Gain vitality. Gain joy of being. Gain knowledge. Living in your own Higher world. Get rid of bad habits. The new Man. Spiritual pleasures. Transfiguration of life. VII. Practice. First step. Second step VIII. Service


Broadcasting 2: Transformation into a spiritual Being


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Complete program for renewal. The New World: community of New Men. Immortality: a state of the consciousness.

Section I: In Meditation. In the morning. Shift your consciousness to your Higher Self. Meditation. The state of mind “spiritual being”. At noon. In the evening.

Section II: In the World. Observation from above. Guidance from above. Appearance as a spiritual being from a higher world. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down. Keep your position. Outlook


Broadcasting 3: Exercise "Invulnerability"


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Invulnerability – a potential.

Section I: Basics. What is a violation of the soul? Violation through your own thoughts and feelings. Invulnerability – a state of the consciousness. You determine the state of your consciousness. Responsibility. Section II: Practice. Establish the state of the consciousness ”invulnerability”. Meditation in the morning. Meditation in the evening. Meditation during the day. Take refuge with the ashram of your teacher. Section III: Examples for the healing of violations. Death. Humiliations. The depravity of the world. Failure. Violation – an egotistic feeling. Control your thoughts and feelings


Broadcasting 4: Living in the continuous Presence of the Teacher


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Section I: Living in the continuous presence of the teacher. History. Brother Lawrence. Teachings of the Temple. Agni Yoga. Practice. Worthy behaviour in the presence of the teacher. Help in everyday life. Living in the higher culture of the New World. No illusion. Teacher living next door. Living in the presence of a classmate

Section II: Keep the portrait of the teacher constantly before yourself. Set up the portrait of the teacher. Keep the portrait of the teacher constantly before yourself

Section III: Take the teacher into your heart. Take the portrait of the teacher into your heart. Take the teacher himself into your heart. Practice. Fill yourself with the spirit of the teacher! Think, feel speak and act in accordance with the spirit of the teacher. Become as the teacher is. From imagination to reality. Continuous connection

Section IV: Actual Presence of the Teacher. Heaven is near. Continuous presence of subtle beings. Continuous actual presence of the teacher. Refine your senses, feel the presence. Presence of fellow disciples, brothers and sisters. Presence of your disciples. Attachment to the world of the teacher. Living in the village of the teacher. Happiness near the teacher

Section V: Unification with the consciousness of the teacher

Section VI: Transmit the image of the teacher to the third eye


Broadcasting 5: The Invisible Toga


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Gregory the Great. Put on the Invisible Toga. Official dress. Religious habit. How does the Toga look like? Purpose of the exercise. Priest’s frock. Garment of the soul. The Invisible Crown. The spiritual armour. The Invisible Pearl


Broadcasting 6: Exercise “The Fiery Condition”


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Section I: What is a Fiery Condition? Kindled by the fire of the spirit. Purity, vitality, joy of being, light, love. State of the highest vibration. Ideal state of the soul. Creation of the Fiery Body. Creating the New Man

Section II: Fieriness as a state of the being of light: The being of light consists of waves. Fibre love. Further fibres. Fiery Condition as synthesis. The principle of resonance. Spectral Analysis - Aura Photography

Section III: The Fiery Condition in detail: Purity. Wisdom. Power. Joy. Fire of enthusiasm. Love. Life in Heaven. Connection with the Higher World. Nirvana. Practical tip

Section IV: How to establish the Fiery Condition? Exercise "Elevation". Ignite the soul by your own fire of the spirit. Practical tip. Ignite the soul with the spirit fire wherever it burns. Tune the fibres of your soul to a high vibration. Find purity, power, joy and love within yourself. Fill your soul with the spirit of purity, power, joy and love. Constant exercise

Section V: What affects the vibration? What increases the vibration? Practical tip. What lowers the Vibration?

Section VI: Maintaining fieriness in the world: Practical tip. Spiritual discipline. Practical tip. Observation and steering from above. Practical Tip: Emergency Meditation. Vigilance. Practical Tip: Take a Break every Hour. Practical Tip: Keep Vibration high for one day

Section VII: The Fiery Condition as Service: The 4 heroic deeds of an Agni Yogi. Preserve your own fire. Ignite others. Practical Tip: Love ignites the fire. New Man created through transmission of Spirit Fire. New World created through increasing the vibration of every place. Key to happiness – key to service