Series "Spiritual Exercises of Agni Yoga"


Broadcasting 1: Exercise "Elevation"

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Section I: 1. What do you see? 2. What do you feel? Purity. Power. Joy 3. Spiritual reality 4. Elevation for the advanced  5. Whatelse do you feel? Consciousness of the soul. Higher Communion. Selflessness 6. What is the use of “Elevation”? Purification. Gain vitality. Gain joy of being. Gain knowledge. Living in your own Higher world. Get rid of bad habits. The new Man. Spiritual pleasures. Transfiguration of life. 7. Practice. First step. Second step 8. Service

Broadcasting 2:  Transformation into a spiritual Being

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Complete program for renewal. The New World: community of New Men. Immortality: a state of the consciousness. Section I: In Meditation. In the morning. Shift your consciousness to your Higher Self. Meditation. The state of mind “spiritual being”. At noon. In the evening. Section II: In the World. Observation from above. Guidance from above. Appearance as a spiritual being from a higher world. Do not allow yourself to be dragged down. Keep your position. Outlook

Broadcasting 3:  Exercise "Invulnerability"

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Invulnerability – a potential. Section I: Basics. What is a violation of the soul? Violation through your own thoughts and feelings. Invulnerability – a state of the consciousness. You determine the state of your consciousness. Responsibility. Section II: Practice. Establish the state of the consciousness ‘”invulnerability”. Meditation in the morning. Meditation in the evening. Meditation during the day. Take refuge with the ashram of your teacher. Section III: Examples for the healing of violations. Death. Humiliations. The depravity of the world. Failure. Violation – an egotistic feeling. Control your thoughts and feelings