Series "Education"



Broadcasting 1: Self-Perfection


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Section I: Education  Self-Education. Formation of the Eternal Individuality. Exercise. Practical tip. Education in the middle of life. Practical tip

Section II: Renouncing bad habits and bad qualities: The importance of habits. No old habits on new ways. Casting off bad habits. Practical tip. Casting off bad qualities. Practical tip. Acquire good properties

Section III: No service without self-perfection: Only the New Man will build the New World. Suitability for service. Tasks according to suitability

Section IV: Self-Education as service



Broadcasting 2: Education of the physical Body


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Education plan

Section I: Higher and lower self: Spirit. The lower self. The Higher Self. The Fiery Body Section II: Struggle between Higher and Lower Self: Conquering oneself. Slay the dragon. Practical tip: Starve the dragon. Transformation of the old into the New Man

Section III: Self-Mastery: Establishing the rule of the spirit over oneself. Self-mastery.

Section IV: Means of Education: Spiritual discipline. Practical tip: Transforming pain of the soul into joy. Strengthening the will. Practical Tip: Self-command. Habit. Vows. No prohibitions. Practical Tip: Think positive. Man is every moment new. Use every day. Living together with teacher and soulmates. Practical tip: Practise living together with your soulmates

Section V: Education of the physical body: Function of the physical body. Purification of the physical body. Mastery of the physical body. Practical tip: Listen to the voice of your soul. Practical tip: Experience the happiness of meditation. Practical tip: Let the ideal person act. Strengthening the physical body. Refinement of the physical body



Broadcasting 3: Mastery of Thoughts


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The epoch of thought. School of thought. Body of thoughts

Section I: Nature, Significance and Power of Thoughts: Thoughts as indestructible living beings. The power of thoughts

Section II: Thoughts create the person you are 

Section III: Thoughts create the world in which you live: Thoughts form the inner World. Human thoughts create sickness and health of the earth

Section IV: Control of thoughts: Responsibility for thoughts. Purification of thoughts. Observation of thoughts. Do not think small, think big. Expel negative thoughts. Exercise: Solemnity. Thinking based on the Cosmic Order. Practical tip: Research of causes. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Exercise: Turn suffering into joy. Exercise: Spend one day without negative thoughts. Direct your thoughts through the heart. Practical tip: Pause. Banish distracting thoughts. Example meditation. Practical Tip: Visualisation. Think briefly, clearly, concentrated and purposefully. Practical Tip: Regular thought control. Fiery condition.

Section V: Calling forth and turning off thoughts at will

Section VI: Mental Control of Desires

Section VII: In Temptation: Practical tip: Quotations from the teaching on index cards. Obedience, spiritual discipline. Take refuge in the Higher World. Exercise: Take Refuge in the Teaching, in the Teacher and in the Community. Pursue a goal. Practical tip: Cost-benefit calculation. Exercise: Rejoice in temptations as opportunities





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