Series "Current Day-to-Day Issues"



Broadcasting 1: War in Europe - What can we do? (Part 1)


We create the New World


Broadcasting 2: War in Europe - What can we do? (Part 2)


We create the New Man: The old man. The man of the future. The immortal man. Selflessness of the New Man. Fearlessness and freedom of the New Man. Resistance to evil. Renewal of the world through transformation of the individual


Broadcasting 3: Answer to the War in Europe: We strenghten our Soul


We strengthen our soul. Spiritual exercise. Realising the ideal in everyday life. Many trials. Many battles. Transfiguration of everyday life. Reign of the good


Broadcasting 4: War in Europe: Why does Hierarchy not intervene?


Beautiful and just Cosmic Order. No intervention in the karma of mankind. Intervention of the Hierarchy would hinder the progress of humanity. Learning by suffering. Fight for progress and against chaos. Help only at the last moment. Human freedom. Responsibility





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