Series "Expansion of Consciousness"


Broadcasting 2: The Significance of Consciousness


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Material conditions of no significance. Consciousness creates the world. Consciousness creates man. Example Plato. Example ??? Consciousness as true wealth. Saving the world through a new consciousness.


Broadcasting 3: Expansion of Consciousness


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Part I: New path of cognition: Heart knowledge. Cognition of the reality. Realization of the higher reality. No blind faith. Agni Yoga as a science. Continuation of the classical laws of nature. Agni Yoga as a religion. Progress of spiritual cognition. Synthesis of science and religion. Refinement of cognition. Heart knowledge. Only the heart is able to recognize the essential. The intellect. The heart as a subtle organ.

Part II: Conditions of heart knowledge. Purity and refinement. Way oflife and cognition. The age of the woman. She who leads


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Part III: Application of heart knowledge by exploring higher phenomena. Dowsing rod, pendulum. Mutual influencing of man and nature. Effect of sounds, colours and fragrances. Thoughts. The aura. The glance. The hand. Morphogenetic fields. Intervention of higher powers in our lives. Astrology. No miracles