Series "Aspects of the Practice of Agni Yoga"



Broadcasting 1: Preparation for Death in Dignity


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No end. Change of existence. Return to the homeland

Section I: Preparation for the transition. Transition to a higher, better world. Is there life after birth? Deterring example Tolstoy. Example worth imitating: Lama Norbu

Section II: Preparation for the world beyond. Preparation already on earth. Do not wait until the very last moment. Improve your emanations. Expansion of consciousness. Purification. Thought creation. Communication without words. Living in two Worlds. Preparation for your Heaven

Section III: Proper behaviour of the relatives. No life-prolonging measures. Accompanying the dying

Section IV: The transition. Liberation from the earthly attraction. Do not get caught in the lower spheres. Striving to the higher spheres. The goal in view. Accept help

Significance of the last hours before transition. Transition with uninterrupted consciousness. The moment of transition.

Section V: After transition



Broadcasting 2: The Path of the Interior Temple


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Section I: Theory: What is a Paradise? Living in Heaven – a State of the Consciousness. Create a world of your own! The Path of the Interior Temple

Section II: Practice

First Step: Create your Heaven! Visit your Heaven. Emergency meditation. Temporary stay at a virtual monastery

Second Step: Establishing the temple within the heart. Fill yourself with the Spirit of the Sanctuary. The Inner Room. Anton Bruckner Motet “Locus iste”: The Temple in the Heart.

Third Step: Descent to the world.

Fourth Step: Living simultaneously in two worlds. The sanctuary as Subtle Scenery of material life. Living in the sanctuary as the real existence. Role models

Section III: Benefit of the exercise: Holy existence in the middle of everyday life. Transfiguration of everyday life. Purification. Closeness of Subtle Creatures. The one and only secure foundation. Place of refuge. Higher standpoint  

Section IV: Establishing the temple on the material level: Transformation of a material room into a sanctuary. Actually living in a sanctuary. Attachment of the material level to the supermundane homeland. Every man a priest. Establishment of the Interior Temple as service to the common good. Heaven: A community of soulmates