Series "The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga"




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The 10 Pillars. Threefold spiritual discipline. Defence of the higher consciousness. Rhythm of the day. Nourishment according to spiritual principles. Three principles of life. Obedience. Living in two worlds. Selflessness. Four spheres of life. Highest Communion ("Meditation"). Service to the common good. Service to the neighbour. Self-perfection


1st Pillar: Defence of the Higher Consciousness


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Gain immortality - a spiritual exercise. New thinking. New qualities. Shift the consciousness to your higher self. Rule of the spirit. Loss of the higher consciousness. The 3 pillars of the defence of the higher consciousness. Constant vigilance. The messenger. Preserve one single identity on all levels. Create your eternal individuality yourself. Let your soul grow.


2nd Pillar: Rhythm of the Day


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The significance of rhythm. Necessity of the rhythm of the day. The path of the Inner Monastery. Three pillars. In the morning. In the world. Control of thoughts. At noon. In the evening. Example of an order of the day. Rhythm of the week. Rhythm of the year


3rd Pillar: Nourishment according to Spiritual Principles


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Basics. Consequences of the basics. Fight. Yardstick: the spirit. Only two meals a day. Eat little. Three exercises. Simple food. High quality. No poison to the spirit. No meat. No alcohol, no smoking, no narcotics. No comforter. No pleasure. No festivity. Little time. Worthy behaviour. Change habits. Fasting. Spiritual fasting. Nourishment by sun, air and psychic energy. Spiritual food


4th Pillar: Obedience


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Repetition. Submission to the cosmic law. Integration into the order of Hierarchy. Joyous obedience. The rule of the disciple. The 3 Sources of obedience. Complete devotion. Cooperation. Test. Freedom and necessity. No compulsion. Loyalty towards yourself. Loyalty to the chosen ideal. Knowledge of the Higher Will. Inner Guidance


5th Pillar: Living in two Worlds


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Do not withdraw from life. Learning in life. Take up the cross of earthly existence. Fulfill the earthly obligations. Work for livelihood. Transfiguration of life. Do not cling to the earthly. The illusion of the world. Do not cling to everyday life. Withdraw from business. Withdraw from distractions and amusements. Withdraw from the old man. Loneliness. Participation in the life of the upper world. Alien. Envoy from beyond. Living according to the customs of the homeland. Daily visit home. Actual participation in the life of the upper world. An exercise. Work in the spiritual world: perfecting the thought-forms. Work in the material world: implementation of ideals


6th Pillar: Selflessness


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No material needs of a spiritual being. No "struggle for existence". The law of sacrifice. Selfishness as an obstacle. Selfishness cause for suffering and need. Selfishness harmful to the community. Overcoming the personal. Liberation. Test. Safeguarding the individuality. Simplicity. Abandon comfort, prosperity and security. Property contrary to human nature. Do not discard anything existing. Transfiguration of ownership: trust. Transfiguration of life. Detachment from possessions. Reduce work for money


7th Pillar: Communion with the Higher World (Meditation)


Section I: Theory


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Anthropos. Opening of the higher senses. The heart as a bridge to the Higher Worlds. Spiritual food. Currents of higher energies. Tuning. Purification of our being. Refinement of the organism. Implementation of currents. Deadlines of the currents. Cleaning of the atmosphere. Study of the Holy Scriptures. Study of the lives of the saints. In heaven. Contemplation. Realization. Experience of God. Source of strength. Comforter. Purification of the soul. Elevation of our being. What is prayer? Do not ask for yourself. In need. How to pray? Communion. Call and response. Conversation within the heart. Silvery Thread. Help through thoughts


Section II: Practice


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The place. The time. The position. Purity. Silence. Solemnity. First step: Purification. Second step: Prostration. Third step: Flight to the teacher. Reality of the flight. Real effects of the flight. Difficulties of the flight. Abbreviation of the flight? Preparation for the "last journey". Fourth step: Invocation. Fifth step: First part of the conversation. Sixth step: Second part of the conversation. Seventh part: Parting. Return to earth


8th Pillar: Service to the Common Good


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Reconcile active and contemplative life. Realization of the ideals of the higher world.

Section I: Responsibility. The Significance of the individual.

Section II: Work. Work as the foundation of life. Laziness harmful. No exertion is ever in vain. Circumstances require work. Work for the progress of evolution. Do not rely upon the Masters. Self-Sufficiency. Transfiguration of work.

Section III: Service. Serving a high purpose. Mahatmas are looking for co-workers. Become a co-worker of the Mahatmas.

Section IV: Help is given. Under observation by the Mahatmas. Help from Above. Help only through the channel of action. Help only at the last moment. Helpers from the Higher World. Help only on the right path


9th Pillar: Service to the Neighbour


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Who is my neighbour? Limits to granting help. How should I help? Spiritual help. Karma and help. Growing greater through help


10th Pillar: Self-Perfection


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Section I: Education  Self-Education. Formation of the Eternal Individuality. Exercise. Practical tip. Education in the middle of life. Practical tip

Section II: Renouncing bad habits and bad qualities: The importance of habits. No old habits on new ways. Casting off bad habits. Practical tip. Casting off bad qualities. Practical tip. Acquire good properties

Section III: No service without self-perfection: Only the New Man will build the New World. Suitability for service. Tasks according to suitability

Section IV: Self-Education as service






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