Exercise „The Fiery Condition“



Dear Agni Yogis,


the most important exercise of Agni Yoga is called "The Fiery Condition".


Acquiring fieriness is the safest way to ascend. This is the basic exercise for your transformation into an immortal being of spirit, for the strengthening of your soul, the training of your Eternal Individuality and the creation of the New Man.


Join in if you want to become great, strong and beautiful and develop the immeasurable potential of your Higher Self!


We can in fact summarize the entire practice of Agni Yoga in one single exercise that is described with just a few words:


In the morning establish a state of high vibration. During the day, prevent the vibration from decreasing.


This Broadcasting first explains what a Fiery Condition actually is. Then we will show you practically, as far as it is possible in a video course, how you can create the Fiery State of your being and maintain it in the middle of everyday earthly life.



Section I: What is a Fiery Condition?

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


The disciple asks, "What is a Fiery Condition?" (Gudrun Stiasny „The Wanderer through the Zodiac“)


Fieriness is the highest state of your being!



1. Kindled by the Fire of the Spirit


You are on fire. Your being is ignited.


"But not from a physical fire!?"


No, of course not, but from the Fire of the Spirit! You are literally in high spirits!


"What do you mean by 'fire of the spirit’?"


In the Broadcasting “The Law of Evolution” (Series “Introduction to Agni Yoga”) we learned: Everything that exists consists of body, soul and spirit.


A spark of the divine fire burns in everything that exists, within you as well.


This divine spirit strives to elevate, refine and spiritualize the matter in which it is enclosed.




Learn to recognize the eternal, immutable grain of spirit within you! In meditation this abstract concept becomes a living experience:


You hearken to what is taking place within you and sense the divine spark. You experience how the fire of spirit burns within you; how it urges you not to be satisfied with anything you have achieved and to keep on ascending on the path to God.


It is especially difficult for people to understand the fiery nature of things. Each stone is filled with fire. Each tree is saturated with fire. Each cliff is as a pillar of flame. Who, then, believes this? But so long as people do not realize the fiery basis of nature, they cannot draw near to certain energies. Great is the significance of cognition or even of admission or realization of the manifestation of Fire. With the radiance of each object are the Worlds connected. But few have convinced themselves of this radiance. Sojourn in darkness prevents understanding of the Light. (Fiery World III, 435)


This flame strives to seize your entire being, so that you are completely on fire! When that happens, you get into the Fiery State.



2. Purity, Vitality, Joy of Being, Light, Love

Titian "Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple"


The fire of the spirit can completely transform a man!


He may be a liar, a thief, an adulterer, and all else that the world terms evil; but, at the same time, there may be an awakening of that wonderful long-dormant power in his heart which has not yet had time to change his lower nature. (Teachings of the Temple Vol I, Lesson 36 “Divine Love”)


Fieriness transfigures your being and endows you with certain brilliant properties, about which we will talk in detail in a moment. You are now


- pure as an innocent child, (Titian "Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple")

- mighty as a powerful fighter,

- joyful, in every situation with a superior smile on the lips like a great sage, (Nicholas Roerich "Krischna")

- filled with selfless love for everything that exists, like the Great Mother (Nicholas Roerich "Madonna Laboris") and

- radiating light like a fire, a lighthouse or a sun.


This new, fiery creature is much greater, stronger and more beautiful than the old, physical man!


3. State of the highest Vibration


We said already several times (Broadcasting “The Supermundane World”): There is not matter and spirit, but only spirit-matter. Matter is spirit-matter of a low vibration, spirit is spirit-matter of a high vibration. In other words: low vibrating spirit-matter is physical and visible; high vibrating spirit-matter is subtle and invisible.


The higher the vibration, the higher the being.


Therefore, if you want to transform, to elevate your being, you have to increase the frequency of your vibration.


In the Fiery Condition your being vibrates with the highest frequency.


Realize a most important fact:


When you increase your vibration, you actually change the composition of the subtle matter of your being of spirit!


Low vibrating particles are eliminated and high vibrating ones absorbed. We had already talked about this process in the Broadcasting on “Meditation”. A real transformation is taking place. You turn into a greater, higher, finer, more spiritual being.


Every conscious act of good or ill intent is changing the course of some vibratory wave and so creating, changing or disintegrating some form of substance within the auric sphere of a man. (Teachings of the Temple Vol I, Lesson 176 “Motion and Vibration”)


If you consist of pure and powerful subtle particles, you, your true, inner being is purity and power, and you radiate purity and power. Then, according to the law of correspondence, you will attract purity and power.



4. Ideal State of the Soul

Matthias Grünewald (Isenheim Altarpiece) "Resurrection of Christ"


Fieriness is the highest state of your Eternal Individuality. It corresponds to the fiery nature of your soul, because spirit is fire!


You - your Eternal Self, your being of light - is great, strong and beautiful.


This is visible to the outside through a royal aura. Like a general in battle by his golden armour, your higher self must be recognizable in everyday earthly life by its resplendent emanations. Here we see a particularly sublime example:



(Nicholas Roerich "Fiat Rex")


What do you think will aliens see who approach the earth in a spaceship, if they are really spiritually high-standing creatures: Not the Eiffel Tower, not the Statue of Liberty, not the Great Wall of China and not even the Himalayas, but points of light: The widely shining radiation of those humans who have developed their fiery being.


Like the light in the sombre valley seen by the mountaineer from his peaks, every bright thought in your mind, my Brother, will sparkle and attract the attention of your distant friend. Thus we discover our natural allies in the Shadow-world, and it is our law to approach every such an one if even there be but the feeblest glimmer of the true 'Tathagata' [Buddha] light within him. (Mahatma Letter No. 45 of February 1882)


"Can I somehow verify whether what you say is true?"


Of course:


You feel good when your being of light is great, strong and beautiful! (Matthias Grünewald (Isenheim Altarpiece) "Resurrection of Christ")


Every decrease in vibration makes your soul weaker, smaller and uglier. You notice that and feel unwell.




The Fiery State is associated with an inexpressible exhilaration. You have to experience time and again how wonderful your existence is after the transformation. This is the strongest incentive to overcome everything within you that is unworthy of a being of spirit and makes your vibration crash.


Learn to love this highest state, to prefer it to everything else and never to lose it! Do not allow anything spoil it! We say quite hedonistically: Fieriness is the highest delight of your soul, no material pleasure can match that!


You feel: This is the sublime constitution that is suitable for the divine part of your being.


When your being burns with the divine fire, you yourself are divine!


Then you radiate the divine light that glows in every creature! At least to the extent that this is possible while in the matter and given the level of your consciousness.


Humanity is divided into two types. In one the Divine Principle is dominant, but the other is immersed in the earthly. (Supermundane 590)


“Isn't that an illusion? A little dwarf imagines he is great, strong and beautiful!?"


No! Here we are at a crucial point! You can modify your emanations, but you cannot fake, manipulate or hide them. Either you are burning with enthusiasm, then this fire will shine from your eyes; or you are cold, then you will certainly lack a fiery radiation.


Someone who is frozen and dead, with the best will in the world and no matter how much deception, is unable to create fiery emanations. We remember (Broadcasting “The subtle Constitution of Man”): On the spiritual level you cannot hide your true being. There one recognizes who you really are infallibly from your aura.


Fieriness is not imagination, but a state of your being!



5. Creation of the Fiery Body


Do you remember (Broadcastings “The Law of Evolution” and “Bring your Soul to Life”): The human pyramid is still incomplete. The highest level is still missing. At the present time it is our task to start to develop the Fiery Body, our Eternal Individuality.


The Fiery Body is a creature of the highest vibration. Thus, when you put yourself in a Fiery Condition and increase the vibration of your being, you are at the same time building up your invisible, your Eternal Body.


In its childhood the little soul is hidden deep within you.


In its fully grown up state, a great soul reveals itself as an almost visible, at least noticeable being of light that surrounds your body.


In the Fiery Condition you tear this spiritual aspect of your being out of its twilight state and bring it to life.


The fiery body may sometimes manifest itself even through the physical shell. So when the manifestations of the Fire of Space have reached a certain intensity, the fiery body begins to radiate, as it were, in small fires across the surface of the physical body. Only rarely can this subtle, fiery condition be seen. (Heart 343)


In a state of highest vibration, the human pyramid has grown up completely. The Fiery Body is alive and functional. It enables you to lead a conscious existence on all levels and in all worlds, even in the highest, the Fiery World, the world of the soul, in eternity, in Heaven. You begin to develop and use the gigantic potential of a being of spirit.




Nature reveals itself in three physical states: solid, liquid and gas, depending on the temperature or frequency of the vibration. Correspondingly, fieriness or solar-likeness is the highest physical state of man: Not just a state of our consciousness, but a state of our being!


You actually are a higher being!


Just as vapour is another thing with greater potential than water and ice.


“Do I then cease to have a physical body, does it disappear? Am I just a being of spirit? "


No, of course not, in this respect the comparison is misleading: We must not split up the complete being, the human pyramid. You consist of a physical body and a non-material part, the soul. Both aspects form an inseparable unit!


Similar to a centaur, this mythical creature half human and half animal, you are a hybrid being, half material and half spiritual, half visible and half invisible. (Veronese "Centaur")


The physical body is preserved and the Fiery Body develops in addition. Both exist simultaneously. As light, you are composed of both matter and vibration. You are, so to speak, ice and vapour at the same time: half ice, half vapour.


Your entire being vibrates either high or low. There is no separation between higher and lower self.


"Can’t you make that a little bit clearer?"


The Fiery Body must not remain an abstraction: If it is formed, that means in concrete terms: You actually are a being of spirit which actually appears on the spiritual level - in the world of the soul: For example as a collaborator of the brotherhood, a spiritual warrior, healer, disciple, teacher or king of the spirit. The ideal image according to which you want to shape yourself (as we had discussed in the Broadcasting “Bring your Soul to Life”) has become a reality.



6. Creating the New Man

Nicholas Roerich "Lama"


The beings of the next evolutionary stage, the sixth race, are immortal men of spirit.


Now We assemble the spirits of the sixth race, and Agni Yoga is the Call! (Infinity I, 188)


The new race is not created through heredity or breeding, but through spiritual elevation! You transform into a man of spirit - into Nietzsche's overman! - by increasing the vibration of your being. Fieriness means higher spirituality and thus a higher level of human development.


When you put yourself in the Fiery State, you have at the same time - at least for a moment - created from yourself the New Man!


We are witnessing the birth of a new immortal, inviolable, invisible creature which is of the highest subtlety, almost no longer material.


You are the creator!


But when your vibration drops, vapour turns back to ice, the butterfly to a caterpillar, the spiritual to a physical being and the immortal to an ordinary mortal man. That must never happen!


It should not be thought that, in his consciousness, an Arhat could lose sight of the Guiding Will even for an instant. He proves to be a simple mortal, if he does not always solemnly bear the chalice of achievement. The power of His heart becomes dormant as soon as He ceases to feel the Hierarchic thread in His hand. (Fiery World I, 196)


So easy is it in principle to climb the new stage of evolution, and yet so difficult in everyday implementation. A small step for you, but a giant leap for mankind, just like long ago the elevation from four to two legs.


The species homo sapiens turns into the higher species homo immortalis.


In the Fiery Condition you have reached your true greatness! Now you actually are the great, beautiful and powerful being that you are intended to be according to your destiny, which is hidden within you. Now you can proudly declare:


Here is the New Man! (Nicholas Roerich "Lama")


All the exercises for the creation of the New Man that we have already talked about, such as: Elevation (see Broadcasting “Exercise 'Elevation'”), transformation into a spiritual being (see Broadcasting “Exercise 'Transformation into a spiritual being'”), inviolability (see Broadcasting “Exercise 'Inviolability'”) and “Bring your Soul to Life” are included in the exercise “Fiery Condition”




“Isn't 'Fiery State' too high a term for an average little person like me? Doesn't that mean the opened fiery centres?


In a sense, you are right. We can increase our vibration indefinitely. In the highest state of fieriness we radiate so powerfully that an ordinary physical being could not endure our presence and would be reduced to ashes.


That is why Jesus in the Subtle Body forbade Mary Magdalene “noli me tangere”, “do not touch me!” (Fra Angelico “Noli me tangere”)


Today we are talking about the first steps on the way to this height. There are different degrees of fieriness. If you continuously raise your vibrations to a higher level, one day you will need a new, more subtle body that can withstand such a tension. Fire destroys coarse physical matter, but it is beneficial for higher, subtle matter, for the spirit.


For me, the conviction of our continuity stems from the concept of activity. Because if I continue to work tirelessly until my end, nature is obliged to allocate to me a different form of existence, if the current one is unable to endure my spirit any longer. (Goethe to Eckermann, February 4, 1829)  


Consider what a high degree of fieriness those creatures must have acquired who can live on a fiery planet like Venus at temperatures of around 400° C! The beings living there are much more fiery, that means of a higher vibration, less material and more spiritual than those on earth.



Section II: Fieriness as a State of the Being of Light

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


Let us also approach our topic scientifically. We remember (Broadcasting “Bring your Soul to Life”): Your Fiery Body, your Eternal Individuality is a being of light.


You are - your soul is - what it radiates.


Sensitive people can see or at least feel your body of light. Then you can do that too.



1. The Being of Light consists of Waves


"What is the stuff our souls are made of?"


Your Eternal Individuality consists of highly spiritualized substance, of invisible subtle matter, of waves or vibrations like light.


One speaks accurately of the "fibres of our being". They are of such a high frequency that they are beyond our eyesight.


The spiritual aroma exhaling from every personality used by the Ego, that is, the essence of every good deed and thought, arises as a definite colour or force, which being still further purified by its contact with the fires of the spiritual plane, ultimately becomes spiritual indestructible substance; and it is from these purified colours that the radiant white light is reflected – the basis of the individual Aura. From this auric essence are created by means of the Spiritual Will the Nirmanakaya bodies, the vehicles or bodies of the Great Masters. This substance can be controlled only by the Spiritual Will, and it is the highest degree of potential substance. (Teachings of the Temple Vol II, Lesson “The Plane of Devachan”)


You may visualize your soul for example like this:




Look here! This is you! This is how your being of spirit manifests itself. This is how you really look, not like the image you see in the mirror.


Albert Einstein grasped this scientific truth as well and expressed it wonderfully like this:


We are slowed down [low vibrating] sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.


If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration. (Nikola Tesla)


In its last analysis, all life is Vibration; that is, all forms or differentiations of life are generated and evolved by the different vibratory rates of one homogeneous State of Substance which is of a Spiritual nature. (Teachings of the Temple Vol I, Lesson 20 “The Control of Life Forces”)


"Frankly, I don’t understand. I am supposed to be a bundle of frequencies? "


Let us take a musical instrument, a guitar, as an example: It has six strings. When you tighten the strings, they vibrate at a high frequency, the notes sound high. When you reduce the tension, the strings vibrate at a low frequency and the notes sound deep.


It is similar with your body of light: As a guitar of strings, it consists of waves or vibrations. When the frequency of its waves is low (that is, they vibrate low), it radiates a dark aura, and when the frequency is high, a bright aura. Thus, your nature changes depending on the degree of your vibration.


With the guitar, the physical strings vibrate. With your being of light, its waves vibrate. Just like the physical strings of the guitar, you may tune or tighten these waves of your being of light.


Here you can see how your soul consists of waves or vibrations.



2. Fibre Love


“I still don't quite understand. Which waves are we talking about and how am I supposed to tune them? "


One of the waves of your body of light is love, for example. When this fibre of your being is tightened and vibrating high, it looks like this, beautiful and harmonious as shown here.


Then you feel love, you radiate love and you are love - indeed, your whole being is love, you embody love!


When the tension of this fibre subsides, it vibrates deep and looks ugly and disharmonious, as shown here.  


You are indifferent. So it goes on down to a very low frequency of this fibre, in which you vibrate in hate, embody hate, radiate hate, and are hate.




That is why the Teaching so often uses the term “straining”: You actually have to strain the fibre “love” of your being and retune it again and again (like the string of a guitar) in order to create a vibrational state of your being in which you love a fellow human being despite his trouble making, and in which you love life even in a difficult situation!


We note:


Love is more than a feeling. You are love itself! Love is a state of your being.


Namely a state of vibration. The fibre or wave “love” of your soul is tuned high, it vibrates high.


"This sounds as if I am to create love through an effort of will or discipline !?"


Yes, actually, in a sense it is like that. After all, we are not talking about infatuation, which is rapidly ignited by a tiny little trifle and fades away just as quickly, but about a state of your being.


It must be understood that We have in mind not the isolated, easily-extinguished flashes of love; these mirages have no significance. It is steadfast love that is needed, devotion that burns unextinguished, through all of life’s trials. (Supermundane 769)


Raise caring, active love within yourself. Love is a teacher, but one has to understand how to appropriate it, because it is difficult to learn, and it is bought dearly through long work and only after a long time, because one should not love for a chance moment, but rather for all times. (Dostoyevsky "The Karamazov Brothers")


You can get used to opening your heart and listening to its voice instead of suppressing it. You can practise thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting lovingly whatever happens to you.


You can actually learn to arouse love within you for everything that exists and to guard it like a tender plant. You can acquire a loving attitude towards your fellow men who, however ignorant and indolent they may be, are nevertheless, like you, bearers of the divine fire. You can get used to overlooking the small, the weak within them, or to judging it only indulgently, and to emphasizing the lovable.


One of the most beautiful and practically most important instructions of the Mahatmas runs:


As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and belittle tenfold the signs of imperfection, lest you remain as you always were. (Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 30 [32])


You may make an effort and develop within you a love that cannot be shaken so easily. You can become embodied love!


Love is - like truth, justice and beauty - a cosmic principle that strives to embody itself on earth in a spiritual attitude, in a form of existence, in a being.


In practical terms, that means: You really look at your fellow human beings with loving eyes, no matter how childish or barbaric they may behave. You are permeated with a love that embraces all humanity. You wrap them all in a loving aura. You love life in all of its manifestations, with all its possibilities despite all the appalling circumstances.


"Should I always just love, always just give in, and never defend myself at all?"


No! But you will see: Exactly where rigour is required, it yields the desired effect best when your counterpart also feels your love.



3. Further Fibres


There are more of these strings, vibrations or fibres of your spiritual being than with the guitar, namely countless:


One wave vibrating high is joy, vibrating with average frequency is indifference, and vibrating low is sorrow. Other fibres range from patience down to impatience and from serenity to irritation; again one fibre runs from power to weakness and one from purity to filth; others from enthusiasm to despondency, from solemnity to debauchery, from gratitude to ingratitude, from fearlessness to fear, from selflessness to selfishness, from firmness to hesitation or doubt, from vulnerability to inviolability, and so on.


These are all states of your Fiery Body. When it vibrates high, you not only feel invulnerable, but you - your true, spiritual being - are actually invulnerable. When it vibrates high, not only do you feel fearless, but you - your true being - are actually without any fear, and so on.


“Surround yourself with Fire and become immune,” is a most ancient Covenant. (Fiery World I, 15)


A Great Soul vibrates high with all the fibres of its being and looks beautiful like this:



A small soul vibrates low and presents a chaotic, ugly sight like this:




4. Fiery Condition as Synthesis


Fieriness means: All waves or fibres of your being of light are strained to such an extent that it vibrates with the high frequency of love, power, joy, patience, vitality, solemnity, gratitude, fearlessness, firmness etc., which means, it is love, power, joy etc., and thus radiates love, power, joy etc..


This synthesis we call the Fiery Condition. You are now, as they say, tuned high or in high spirits.




With the guitar, all strings must be in tune in order to achieve harmony. If only one of them is wrongly tuned like here, there is dissonance, disharmony.


The same is true of your being of spirit: You are only in harmony, in your ideal state, when all its fibres are strained. Then you have created a body of light of wonderful beauty.



5. The principle of Resonance


There is another phenomenon in physics that we can make use of correspondingly on the spiritual level: Every object has a certain natural frequency. Waves of this frequency make it resound.


That is why soldiers are not allowed to march in lockstep on a bridge: The rhythm could stimulate the natural frequency of the bridge to vibrate and thus cause it to collapse.


That is why singers can shatter glasses with their voices.


This tuning fork is tuned to concert pitch A; it has a natural frequency of 440 hertz. When I press the E-string of my guitar here, it also has a natural frequency of 440 hertz. That means: Striking the tuning fork makes the string resound and striking the string makes the tuning fork resound. Both ring together wonderfully.


The same principle of resonance applies in the spiritual area.


Tune your instrument, the harp of your being, to such a high pitch that it vibrates at the same frequency as the waves of Divine Love which permeate the whole Universe. If you are properly attuned, these waves will cause the string "love" of your soul to resound.


You can actually tune yourself in to the vibration of the waves of Universal Love, just as you tune a radio to the wavelength of a particular station.


The vibrations of Cosmic Love are waiting and hoping, it is their very purpose to find and evoke resonance within you!


Then the Divine Love plays, resounds, acts and reveals itself through you as its individual instrument. You resound in unison with it. You radiate it. You are Universal Love which through you bends down to those creatures who are in need of loving care.




When the fibre “love” of your being slackens, using the principle of resonance you can make it vibrate again with the help of the waves of Cosmic Love. This is the secret of meditation: When we say: Love flows to us or fills us, this means in scientific language: The vibration of Divine Love reaches over to us according to the principle of resonance because we have attuned our being to it.




There is another important area of application of the resonance principle:


When you are in a Fiery Condition, when all the strings of your being are strained and in high pitch, they do not reverberate, they do not show any resonance to low vibrations such as injury, dejection or desire:


A low frequency does not cause any string or fibre of your being to resound.


Of course you notice the negative circumstances, but they do not move, they do not affect you.


Thus it is not other peoples’, but always your own fault alone when you are freaking out or being thrown off your course: The reason for this is that there are still low vibrating particles of subtle matter existent within you yourself, which are being made to reverberate by corresponding low energies.


"Can’t you explain that any easier?"


To me, for example, an opened bottle of whiskey does not have any appeal at all. It could remain on my kitchen table for weeks and months without my touching it. An open bar of chocolate, on the other hand, would most probably be consumed within a few days. The one finds resonance within me, the other does not. Thus, if I change the vibration of my own being of spirit so that this soundboard within myself is removed, the temptation could no longer reach me.



6. Spectral Analysis - Aura Photography


One day we will be able to scientifically recognize, understand, analyse, measure and even make visible the rays or waves of which your Eternal Individuality consists, just as the invisible, for long time unknown X-rays.


In physics, spectral analysis makes it possible to recognize from the radiation of an object (for example a distant celestial body), the elements of which it is composed.


The subtle matter of the Fiery Body as well has its own, very special radiation, the aura. From it you can infallibly read the true, inner being of a person. To put it scientifically: You can determine the elements, the high and the low vibrating particles of which someone’s being of light is composed.


Human radiations can be seen by the naked eye. We can cite many cases in which people emitted radiation when in a transport of exaltation. People can sometimes notice an unusual light in the eyes of one who is in a state of so-called inspiration. The eyes shine not from any outside source but from an inner fire. (Supermundane 429)


In the future, aura photography will make these radiations not only noticeable for the heart, but even visible to the physical eye.


Is it possible to want to have false thoughts? When the day of photographing the aura comes, many will attempt to replace their habitual thoughts with something more beautiful just invented. Indeed, people know how to shed simulated tears. Petty cunning individuals will try to conceal their essential natures, but the film will prove to be quite revealing.

A remarkable experiment will take place. Hypocritical thought will only make the picture worse, spattering it, as it were, with dark spots. Thus, new cunning will not be successful. Sincere, inherent thought produces clear rays. The needed sacred aspirations will have clear colours. (Fiery World III, 498)


It is possible to carry out many observations of radiations. It can be proven that over and above the radiations that are accessible even to photography, there exist still more subtle light waves that can be detected by a more refined apparatus. (Brotherhood 334)


Then the body of light and its composition will cease to be something mystical or occult. The Fiery State with its wonderful aura will then also be scientifically verifiable.



Section III: The Fiery Condition in Detail

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


Let us now go back from theory to practice. As everywhere else, the exercise “Fiery Condition” comes down to one thing only: The man of the future must acquire higher qualities such as purity, power and joy! We are now going to take a closer look at them.



1. Purity

Nicholas Roerich "Kanchenjunga"


Abstract discussions are of no value. You will only benefit from what we are discussing here if you make the living experience:


In the moment of the Fiery Condition, you have actually overcome the animal needs, desires and moods of your lower self.


You have no appetite, no cravings for sexuality, alcohol, tobacco or sweets. You are no longer subject to moods such as irritation, depression, fear, aggressiveness, or doubt.


"How does this miraculous transformation come about?"


It is not that wonderful at all, but quite natural: A man of spirit, in contrast to a material being, is a creature of high vibration; therefore by its very nature it has no physical desires and no moods.


If you experience appetite or fear, this is only because your vibration is low. Then you turn back from a spiritual to a material being, from vapour to ice.


Scientifically speaking, purity means the absence of low vibrating particles in your being of light.


In a state of high vibration you are immune, unresponsive to, your Eternal Being does not reverberate on lower instincts, thoughts and feelings. Like in a church or a concert hall, they do not even come up.


There is no soundboard within you for low vibrations.


It is of no avail to use force against you yourself or others. It is much better to experience that purity is the natural, wonderful and brilliant condition of your soul. Then you will strive of your own accord to avoid anything that makes you fall off this lofty position.


That must not remain abstract. Feel how you are pure at a high and unclean at a low vibration.




You did already notice: It is difficult, with the help of discipline and straining the will, to get rid of those qualities which stand in the way of spiritual growth, and to establish higher habits.


Today we propose a simpler path: You put yourself in a state of purity, vitality and joy of being, in which that what is commonly called "lower wishes" does not arise - without your having to waste even a thought on their "oppression". In the Fiery Condition, without discipline or command of the will, you really desire only that what your higher self wants.


People dream about their stomachs when their spirits should be filled with the grandeur of the Highest. (AUM 36)


Do not strive to get rid of desires, but rather to maintain a state of high vibration - then the desires will disappear by themselves!


The Fiery State drives away temptations, desires, and despondency. At a high vibration they disappear. Nobody will crave for chocolate or feel sad while enjoying the pleasures of Paradise:


Fire burns away the habits of the lower self.


Each higher tremor is in itself a victory over the flesh. (AUM 154)


"Can you give us a specific example?"


Gandhi made many experiments to elevate his being through spiritual power. One of them was: In order to prove that you can overcome even such a strong and elementary feeling as sexuality, he spent the night naked in bed with a naked young girl (usually a disciple). Because his spirit was in a Fiery State, his body did not express any desire either.


"Have you tried that too?"


Well, that fails because of my wife's resistance. Gandhi as well only practised this after the death of his wife.




Purity has another aspect: In the Fiery State you are not affected by the terrible conditions in the world around you; by all the indolence, ignorance, injustice, selfishness, malice, greed and violence.


A being of spirit is not concerned about material circumstances such as: The weather, misfortune, illness, death, weakness of the body, imperfection of others, attacks, insults, adverse conditions, suffering, need, failure of plans and hopes, disappointments about people, poverty, moods and so on.


Your Eternal Individuality lives in the world of the soul. Nothing that happens on the material plane can harm it.


You are standing above the situation; above everything which is happening down there and trying to approach you. You are a great Lord to whom nothing inferior can possibly draw near.


His spiritual growth must be such that he surpasses all those turning to him. (Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 289 [345])


You are like the lotus that blooms in the middle of a swamp, but from which all the dirt drips off.


The Fiery Condition is a panacea against every kind of hardship, suffering, depression, grief, whining and moaning. Just get in the habit of fighting these attacks not with physical means such as frustration eating, alcohol, distractions or debauchery, but with the spiritual exercise of raising your vibration!


There is only one panacea: the uplifted consciousness! (Fiery World I, 127)


There were those among the disciples and followers whose lives were filled with misery and daily hardship. The Teacher [Jesus] would first help them by uplifting their spirits, and only when balance was established would He discuss their problems. (Supermundane 151)


Fieriness means: Any personal concern is eliminated.


Whatever happens to you, you are not angry, insulted, hurt, disappointed or irritated.


The rider is unimpressed when his donkey is hurt.


You think, “All this is none of my business. I have nothing to do with it.” This is as if a stranger were suffering. You do not let yourself be drawn into the situation or be dragged down by it.


"Do you wish to say that mean the New Man closes his eyes and overlooks all the terrible events in the world?"


No! He sees and feels all the suffering, imperfection and egotism; even more than others, because he is particularly sensitive. But he will not allow all this to bring him out of his balance, that is, out of his sublime state of high vibration.


An ignorant person will be puzzled about how to overcome feelings of cold or hunger. The one who understands the essence of things knows that these sensations cannot be made to disappear, but the spirit can be strengthened so that nothing will unsettle it. (Agni Yoga 192)




Fieriness in the sense of purity also means desirelessness.


You do not need anything, you do not want anything, you do not expect anything.


You are satisfied with what you have. You are wishlessly, that is perfectly happy. Unfulfilled wishes torment you and stand in the way of the highest state of happiness.


Desirelessness leads to inner calm. (Lao-tse) (Nicholas Roerich "Lao-tse")




The pure nature of a fiery being also includes selflessness: you are not asking anything for yourself.


Selfishness has no place in a flaming heart. (Heart 230)


It was said long ago that selfhood is extinguished by fire. (Brotherhood 203)


We had already talked about this topic in the Broadcasting on “Selflessness” (Series “The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga”).


“Aren’t there some elements of egoism in the state of ecstasy and the state of Samadhi?” an ignoramus will ask. But then, how could he know that this supreme state not only has none of the characteristics of egoism but is entirely antithetical to it? How could someone who has never known the highest tension realize that precisely such tension conveys the power of lofty Grace for the Common Good? Nothing generates such pure self-renunciation as a heart brimming with ecstasy. (Heart 210)


"Do you really mean to say: I create the Fiery State and then, from one instant to the other and for all times, I will be pure like an angel?"


No, of course it is not that simple. With a high frequency of vibration you actually are pure like an angel. The problem is: You cannot keep this sublime state of mind for long. Whenever you go out into the world, you will soon encounter some ridiculous little trifle which lowers your vibration. The great difficulty is not so much to establish the Fiery Condition, but rather to preserve it unimpaired in the course of everyday life. We shall talk about that in a moment.



2. Wisdom

Nicholas Roerich "Arhat"


In the Fiery Condition you can make use of the possibilities of the Fiery Body. This also includes a greater power of cognition.


Fieriness is spirituality, a refined state of matter. This goes hand in hand with the highest level of sensitivity. It allows you to grasp much more of the infinite reality, consisting of material and spiritual aspects, than with your five coarse physical senses.


In the Fiery ideal State of your soul you are closer to the truth, because:


The divine within you is truth.


As long as your soul is still small, you are far away from the truth.




Your senses sharpen. Your consciousness expands. You comprehend the non-material, invisible and intangible subtle reality, which is so infinitely more important for your life than the physical one.


Your centres are slowly opening: For example the chalice, in which the events, experiences and accumulations of all your previous existences are stored, waiting to be unearthed and employed.


Above all, your heart begins to speak, to warn and to guide you. Through this most important organ of your Eternal Individuality you have access to that intuitive straight knowledge, which imparts a far higher understanding than the intellect (see the Broadcasting "Expansion of Consciousness").


Intuition is soul knowledge. (Teachings of the Temple Vol I, Lesson 20 “The Control of Life Forces”)


The flame of fieriness enlightens you! It presents you with true, deep insight into the nature of people and situations; with the distinction of the small from the great, the good from the bad and the necessary from the merely desirable. You gain real wisdom far beyond intellectual cognition.


Nirvana is the quality of assimilation of all actions. The saturation of all-inclusiveness brings you true knowledge, flowing from the tremor of illumination. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 324 [328])


Even children exclaim, “It came like a flash!” or, “It’s dawned upon me!” Thus are called the moments of correct and instantaneous decisions. One may remember how Mme. Kovalevsky solved mathematical problems. Such a fiery condition linked with the Fiery World is characteristic. (Fiery World I, 102)


A person enlightened by the fire of the spirit finds the right path in every situation. Let us hear Goethe:


Look at Napoleon, what a fine fellow! Always enlightened, always clear and decisive, and gifted with sufficient energy at every hour to immediately put into practice what he had recognized as beneficial and necessary. His life was the stride of a demigod from battle to battle and from victory to victory. He could very well be said to be in a state of continuous enlightenment; which is why his fate was so brilliant as the world had never seen before him and perhaps will not see after him either. (Goethe to Eckermann, 11.03.1828)


"Do you mean to say that I will become infallible like the Pope?"


An important question. We do not want to lapse into the superstition that someone cannot be wrong just because he has been elected to an office. The ability to recognize and to act correctly depends solely on personal maturity, on the level of development and of the consciousness.


“Infallibility” is a relative term, meaning the highest certainty accessible to the being of a certain evolutionary stage (for example, humans of the 5th race). At higher levels (Buddha, Jesus, Mahatma) the capacity for knowledge is of course greater and thus a higher degree of infallibility possible. So, in the course of our eternal path, we come closer and closer to the one truth.


Your wisdom grows with increasing fieriness!



3. Power


In a state of fieriness you are always full of vitality whatever happens to you.


The body uses its physical, the soul its spiritual power, called psychic energy. Only in the Fiery Condition can you employ it to the full extent, only then can it work freely.


"When you speak of power, I think of great rulers like Alexander the Great or Caesar."


That is not quite the point. What we have in mind is spiritual power. That means:


The spiritual, the divine within you takes control. First over yourself (your lower self) and then over the circumstances around you.


You gain complete self-control. The charioteer, the Eternal Individuality, steers the four perishable bodies; which means practically: you master your physical body, your instincts, your thoughts and your feelings.


The domination of your lower self gives you a first feeling of the tremendous power which your soul owns, if only you allow it to unfold. It is an indescribable exhilaration to walk in full possession of one's spiritual strength among all the small, weak, helpless, frightened, despondent old men.


The giant slumbering within you has finally freed itself, it steps out of its prison into the light and enters the stage of the world.


You do not just feel great and powerful. You - your true self - actually is great and powerful!


On the other hand, you also have to feel your smallness and weakness when the fieriness subsides because your vibration drops.




In the Fiery State you have power not only over yourself, but also over the people and conditions around you. You can steer them onto your path. Fieriness is a magnet that attracts people. Like gravity, it also drags the circumstances into its spell and forces them to submit to the Higher Will!


If you are unfit to pass your first probation and assert your rights of a future Adept by forcing circumstances to bow before you  you are as totally unfit for any further trials. (Jinarajadasa, Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom II, letter 27, p 69)


You can "move the mountains" that block your path, that is overcome victoriously all obstacles.


They will not ponder over earthly difficulties, knowing that many tasks can be solved by a higher degree of inspiration alone. (Supermundane 141)


When someone is said to be depressed by circumstances, be assured that he lives unignited. (Agni Yoga 257)




In the Fiery Condition you are an immortal man of spirit of the next stage of evolution and thus far superior to all the material, mortal, low vibrating creatures around you, who are dominated by their fears, desires and moods and thus prevented from developing their potential in spiritual powers.


You are the future!


You are already there where the others still want to go, where they must go according to the plan of evolution.


Bring this superiority to bear!


You are a leader, a trailblazer who walks ahead on the path to the future and inspires others to follow.


Highness and love - this is the proud motto of the New Man! (Thomas Mann "Royal Highness") (Uta of Naumburg)


May this mantram accompany and guide you in daily life and form the basis for your relationship with the old men.




This superiority only exists as long as your vibration is high. If it goes down, you immediately lose your power. You have to feel how with a high vibration you are powerful and superior and with a low vibration powerless and inferior.


"You don't mean to say that you can turn a weakling into a hero from one moment to the next?"


No, of course no one who is small and weak can become great and strong overnight. This takes a long way.


Fieriness means: The psychic energy that is present within each of us is activated and begins to work. That is the key factor! When a little soul sets out to consciously employ this spiritual power, it will increase through use. Then you grow too, namely your power.



4. Joy

Nicholas Roerich "Krischna"


In the Fiery Condition you are always full of joy of being, whatever happens to you.


The fiery spirit manifests joy, repulsing the dark manifestations with fire. (Fiery World III, 221)


You always bear a serene, superior, victorious smile on your lips because the material does not affect you and can only further your ascent. Because you know: Exactly that will happen to you what you require in order to take the next step on your path of unlimited growth.


The joy of achievement is luminous, but even more luminous is spiritual joy. There is no precise term for the essence of spiritual joy, but it would be the most appropriate to call it fiery joy. With the help of spiritual joy, we can sense the fieriness of all of nature. This understanding will most easily elevate us to the Supermundane World.

Understand the beneficence of fiery joy. It expands the consciousness, and draws all the best accumulations toward itself, as a fiery magnet. The essence of man is transformed and the so-called old man is burned away. Then, one would experience exaltation in even the most ordinary surroundings.

How does the wave of fiery joy fill the spirit and open communion with the Highest Worlds? Despondency and irritation are impediments. It is not easy amidst earthly agitations to avoid these companions, but spiritual rapture burns them away. All obstacles fall before fiery exaltation. Let us be joyous, let us be light-bearing! (Supermundane 810)


The Mahatmas call out to us:


Joy, joy! (Fiery World II, 258)


The world is beautiful! Life is beautiful!


Our Teaching represents the world as rich, joyous and attractive. (Community 263)


"How can I find this joy in the midst of all the suffering?"


We have explained already many times how you succeed to turn suffering into joy. Watch again the Broadcastings "The Secret of Immortality", "The Meaning of Suffering" and "Rejoice at Obstacles!"


"Isn't a joyful being more or less innate?"


No! One of the 10 most important statements of Agni Yoga is:


Joy is a special wisdom. (Community 156; Agni Yoga 185; Hierarchy 96 i.a.)


That is to say: a sunny mind does not come out of nowhere. It is the result of the hard inner work which is required to create and maintain a high vibration.


That must not remain abstract. Sense how with a high vibration you are joyful and with a low vibration depressed. Defending your fieriness also means maintaining joy in every situation, during every work. This is a great skill, a kind of meditation in the middle of everyday life.



5. Fire of Enthusiasm


In the Fiery Condition the fire of the spirit has seized and kindled your entire being. It transfigures the physical man.


In the Bible, the symbol for this transfiguration is the Pentecostal fire: The fire of the Divine Spirit is poured out on Jesus’ disciples in order to strengthen them and to give them higher abilities. (Acts 2, 2-3) (Titian "Outpouring of the Holy Spirit")


You are on fire, ignited by the highest fire, the flame of enthusiasm.


The enthusiasm of lofty perceptions can transform one’s life, if one is able to sustain these valuable inner vibrations. (Supermundane 857)


The beautiful expression “being in high spirits” means: You are filled with a high spirit. The fire of the spirit shines in your eyes and is reflected in your aura. It burns within you and radiates from you.


The quality of action depends upon one’s enthusiasm. We know that enthusiasm is reflected in and ignites the aura. This state of enlightened tension can arise during any labour. The ancients called it a divine greeting, for it alone could endow every task with the radiance of perfection. (Supermundane 461)


Enthusiasm is a sublime state of your being! You are fiery means: You are enthusiastic!


Those who are wise understand that everyone, during a moment of enthusiasm, is already in a supermundane state. (Supermundane 516)


"Enthusiasm for what?"


Well, that is the big question. Everyone has to find the answer for himself! What do you find enthusiasm for within yourself? What are you looking forward to every morning like a child, so that you jump out of bed in no time? What is there to discover? What is there to learn? What wonders does life offer today?


Every day is an irreplaceable gift!


We are here on this earth in order to make our ideals a material reality.


May man perform heroic actions in spirit, from such heroic deeds a radiant aura is built. And when this light becomes strong enough, the dreams can be turned into action. Not without reason it is said that each dream will at some time be turned into reality. (Supermundane 607)


Never start a day without summoning enthusiasm for the possibilities that the coming hours will offer to make your personal dream come true: For the endless ascent on the path to God, the execution of your mission and the cooperation in the great Work of the Mahatmas. But above all for the wonderful creative work on the New Construction:


There where you are right now standing, you create two works of art: The New, immortal, inviolable Man of Spirit and the New World!


Each man experiences enthusiasm, but these sparks of lofty elation occur as isolated flashes and do not transform the whole life. But for all that, such states of the spirit are possible even amid trying conditions. Let us imagine such an exalted state as continuous, it will then bestow still higher enthusiasm. Of course, all existence shall likewise be elevated. (AUM 449)


Remember (Broadcasting “Overview” of the Series “The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga”): What are the 4 spheres of life that fill the day of an Agni Yogi?


Connection with the Higher world, service to the common good, service to the neighbour and education or self-perfection.


Yes, look, here you see what you can and must get excited about every new day: You may weave a new fibre into the Silvery Thread of the heart connection with your teacher. You may contribute another stone to the evolution of the spirit. You may take a further step on the Spiritual Path, which will make you a little bit greater.




People in whom the fire of enthusiasm has been extinguished, who no longer harbour any ideals or dreams for the realization of which they are fighting, are dead. They actually exist, these proverbial dead souls: living corpses, whose bodies nonetheless continue to vegetate.


Truly, it is better to be aflame than to be dormant. (Agni Yoga 528)


There are two types of people, the flaming and the decaying. (Supermundane 239)


To avoid this decay, you need to maintain constant enthusiasm.


The Sacred Fire must always be alight. (Fiery World III, 526)


The Teaching of Agni Yoga demands to be continuously inflamed. Sometimes respite from the manifestations is needed, but the inner flame is never extinguished. The ever-burning inner fire is pointed out in many Teachings as a step on the path of realization. One should accustom oneself to the manifestation of ever-present fire. The inner flame burns like a bonfire. It is unworthy to suppress it. (Agni Yoga 414)


The sacred fire within you must never go out!


Take an oath that the sacred tremor shall not leave you. (Heart 509)


If We observe a fall downward it means that Fire of the heart is drooping. Let us not droop, for this is unbecoming to Fire. (Fiery World II, 467)


Since times immemorial, spiritually minded people have faced an existential problem: The great thoughts, the high ideals that inspire them hardly survive in the material world. Pericles once complained:


Why does what you touch become small when it was so great when you thought about it? Everyday life eats us up.


When leaving the theatre, the temple, or scientific gatherings, people at once sink into the dust of everyday life. Moments before, they were enthused, or wept, or were inspired; then followed immediate forgetfulness. Most, already at the door, quickly return to their commonplace ways, and the most majestic tragedy barely touches their stony hearts. (Supermundane 646)


With the exercise “Fiery Condition”, Agni Yoga makes a new attempt to solve this problem of humanity: It shows you a way to permanently maintain the fire of enthusiasm in the midst of the cold material reality.



6. Love


Fieriness is love! We had already talked about this subject at the beginning. Therefore, there remains only little to say here:


There is no isolation in the Fiery State. You recognize your connection with everything that exists because within in it the same spirit fire burns as within you. When you feel this, you cannot regard yourself as being separate from the rest of creation. You cannot think of yourself without thinking of the entire Cosmos at the same time.


The fiery soul does not love a single human being, but all of humanity, even every creature.


Love not the man, but mankind. (Supermundane 332)


7. Life in Heaven

Nicholas Roerich "Ecstasy"


The Fiery Condition implies the life of the Fiery Body; which, as a spiritual being, can only exist in a spiritual world. Thus, fieriness means living in the Fiery World, in Heaven – and this not only after death, but already now during the incarnation on earth.


"Fantastic! How is that supposed to work? How should I live in Heaven and on earth? "


Just as man, consisting of physical, subtle and fiery body, is an inseparable unit, so the three worlds (material, subtle and fiery world) are an inseparable unit as well.


Therefore, we must not split up and think: Today I am a body that lives on earth, and tomorrow, after death, a soul that goes to Heaven. No! Of course, your Supratemporal Individuality exists already today, even during the earthly incarnation. Thus, the better view is:


As a hybrid, half-material, half-spiritual being, man lives with his body on earth and with his soul in Heaven - and that at the same time!


You are never only on earth, but always half absent - namely in spirit in your Supermundane home.


However, this is true only if your Fiery Body is already sufficiently developed.


A small soul, which has only just shaped its subtle body to some extent, does not reach in the pyramid of the worlds beyond the lower, near-earth layers of the Subtle World. A great soul, on the other hand, is a giant who has his feet on earth and his head - the Fiery Body - in the Fiery World (see Fiery World II, 12).



In the Fiery State, in ecstasy (that is the title of this painting by Nicholas Roerich) you reach into Heaven. Exactly that makes your greatness. (Nicholas Roerich "Ecstasy")


Now we understand why small, coarse souls have no access to Heaven (see Broadcasting “The Supermundane World”): Not because St. Peter refuses them entry, but because they have not yet developed the tool that enables them to dwell in this highest sphere.


Knowledge of transitoriness results in a feeling of breaking away from the Earth and impels the spirit to those planes where man verily dwells with his fiery being. (Fiery World III, 368)


Let us make this clear with the help of some pictures:


The tools, the four bodies, are on earth or in the Subtle World, the driver (the soul) is at the same time in Heaven, in the Fiery World. The whole team forms an inseparable unit.


You are the marionette which has to play a role in the material world and at the same time the puppeteer who steers his vehicle from a higher level, that is, controls its thinking, feeling, speaking and acting.


One can attain fiery equilibrium by living consciously in the earthly and the supermundane life. But one should not think that one need only immerse oneself in the Supermundane World to achieve equilibrium. On the contrary, one should actively apply all one’s forces to the earthly existence, but with the understanding that this effort is needed for supermundane achievement. (Supermundane 806)


This is what is meant when the Teaching says:


The Agni Yogi verily lives in two worlds. (Infinity I, 238)


Your life in Heaven is taking place already now, not only after death!


“Again, that's pretty abstract. How can I put that into practice? "


Watch again the Broadcasting "The Path of the Inner Temple". There we had already explained how you can live in a sanctuary, in Paradise in the middle of earthly work, regardless of the external circumstances:


“Attachment” is the magic word: You can attach any place in the material world to any place in the Spiritual World. Thus, you connect your place of residence and work with your Eternal Home. It thereby becomes a part, a settlement of your teacher's ashram on earth.


Now let us go a step further and say:


Every moment you can participate in the life of the Supratemporal Community to which you belong, in the life of your soul mates: your teacher - your spiritual father -, your classmates and your disciples. (Nicholas Roerich "Zwenigorod")


Man should strive with all his power toward the Supermundane World. He should develop such a consciousness that he feels like a participant in the life of Supermundane World at every hour. (Supermundane 738)


The New Men are immortals: Gods who live in Heaven!


You never leave your Heaven, not even while on earth. There, on the second, the higher, the subtle, the inner level of reality takes place your true existence: the life of your soul!


Our sojourns in the various strata are short, but on entering the Fiery World we can remain there. And when we come from there, we preserve the fiery solemnity wherever we are. (Fiery World I, 576)


If you are living in Heaven already now, how completely natural and easy will it be to ascend to this highest sphere after death!


"I've lost track: What does life in Heaven have to do with the Fiery Condition"?


Quite simple: Only with fieriness, in a high vibration, you can participate during your material existence in the life of the Fiery World and of the Great Souls residing there. In a state of fear, irritation, dejection or aggressiveness you are connected to the lower layers of the spiritual world and will attract the unwanted guests dwelling there.




I am not sure whether you have already grasped the full meaning of what we are talking about here:


In the Fiery Condition you are really living in Paradise!


In the highest world that you can possibly imagine! Your dreams come true. There is no greater happiness, no higher achievement! Nothing should drag you down from this height!




So far we have viewed things like this: During the day you descend from your Heaven down to hell (to the lowlands of the material world, which are alien to your soul) and return to the top in the evening (see the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”). Now let us go a step further and say:


You are living at the same time both in Heaven and in hell!


Learn to live simultaneously in both the earthly and the Supermundane Worlds. (Supermundane 900)


"Impossible! Either I am roasting in hell or enjoying the peace of Heaven. You can't do both at the same time! "


Well, look at it differently: Even in hell - particularly in hell! - you preserve the radiant splendour of your being of light! Like a lighthouse you bring light to the darkness and attract the sick souls.


You carry your portable Paradise, the temple in your heart, with you everywhere, especially to the abysses of life.


With your Inner Temple you are building a Heaven in the middle of hell - what a challenge to the dark ones! The pitiable dwellers of the underworld who approach you enter this Paradise.


How beautiful it is to be constantly aflame! There is no dungeon such that the fire of the heart cannot illumine it. Thus, be aflame with beauty! (Fiery World I, 410)


Thus Heaven and hell are connected and form an inseparable unit. Hell is only the very lowest level of the pyramid of the worlds. At least wherever you are - no matter how deep down - there prevails a heavenly atmosphere, the gate to Paradise is open.


If Jesus was able to descend to hell and to appear there with a radiant robe of light, you too can learn to solve the much simpler task of maintaining your fieriness in normal earthly everyday life. (Nicholas Roerich "Christ's Descent into Hell")




Sometimes it is beautiful with us, then Heaven and earth merge. But when things get infernal on the material level, there is an awful tension: Man, who lives in both spheres and whose mission it is to connect them, must do a tremendous split to bridge the gap, whereby he threatens to be torn apart. That is why one speaks with good reason of today's torn up man.


When the Higher World is striving upward and mankind propels itself downward, then indeed the cosmic current cannot be realized. Therefore, disharmony rules in the World. (Fiery World III, 189)



8. Connection with the Higher World

Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo "Transfiguration of Christ"


In the Fiery Condition you are firmly connected with the Heavenly Powers, your soul mates, and especially with your teacher. From this connection you draw strength, joy, consolation, knowledge and guidance.


Fieriness at daily work is like a constant meditation, a synthesis of active and contemplative life.




In a state of high vibration you are attuned to the vibrations of the Supreme World. You are receptive to the inspirations which pour down from the Fiery World onto the earth in a constant stream, give you insight and show you solutions for your everyday problems.


There may also be cases of fiery illumination. The Fiery World brings us flashes of illumination, similar to lightning flashes in the coarse manifestation of a thunderstorm. Just as thunderstorms always supply Earth with a purified store of prana, so does the Fiery World constantly pour out waves of influences. It is a pity that the receivers are few, but if one were to begin to exercise the consciousness for communion with the Fiery World, then such a receiver could naturally assert himself. (Fiery World I, 103)


Whenever your vibration is low, you move away from your Heaven and your teacher: The connection is disturbed, interrupted, and nothing invigorating or uplifting can flow down to you anymore.




Fieriness is the prerequisite for a conversation with your non-incarnated teacher. The crown (or bell) chakra at the top of your head, which is responsible for the communication with the Higher World, begins to open. Only in the Fiery State are your senses so refined and sharpened that you can communicate with beings from the Fiery World.


The Transfiguration, in which Christ spoke to Moses and Elias (Mt 17: 1-8), is a biblical example of a Fiery State. (Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo "Transfiguration of Christ")



9. Nirvana

Nicholas Roerich "Nagarjuna"


The Fiery Condition is also known as Nirvana or the highest state of our being (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 02.06.1934).


"I'm sorry, but I cannot do anything with this Eastern concept of doing nothing."


Yes, this mysterious concept of Eastern wisdom is mostly misunderstood. In fact, it means a sublime state of your being, which can roughly be described with these attributes:


Purity, power and joy; inner tranquillity and peace that nothing and nobody can disturb; resting in oneself, in one's centre; being in balance, in harmony, in accord with one's higher self; remaining the same in happiness and unhappiness; consonance with the Cosmos, with every flower, every tree and every star; serenity and desirelessness.


And all of this not in a lonely monastery far away from the world, but in the midst of the earthly battles.


Friend, if you want to see a clear reflection in a basin of water, wait until its surface becomes calm. Calmness is the garment of wisdom. (Supermundane 690)


Nirvana is not quietness in the traditional sense, especially not inactivity.


Bliss, Nirvana, Divine Nearness and all analogous terms for the higher state are usually understood in an earthly sense. Thus, Bliss is always understood as a blissful oblivion and the delight in some kind of indolent rest; but oblivion may be understood only as the oblivion of all earthly means and examples.

Truly, why such limited earthly ways, when one can already act through the higher energies? Is it possible to identify Divine Nearness with indolence and immersion in oblivion? Such a correlation is contrary to the very meaning of approach to the Highest Principle. (Fiery World I, 644)


Fieriness – Nirvana – means: In the midst of the storms of life to strain to the utmost all your spiritual powers in order to maintain all the fibres of your being in the highest vibration!


A reflection is clear on a calm surface. Each agitation distorts the clarity. Likewise, the primary energy requires calmness in order to reflect Truth. People talk much about the tranquillity of wise men, but it is really a great tension, so great that the surface of the energy becomes mirror-like. Thus, calmness must not be taken for inaction. (Brotherhood 132)


The middle, being equilibrium, increases but does not lessen the tension of the energy. Exactly that we call Nirvana. This middle is not a lower vibration, but the equilibrium of the highest tension. (AUM 480)


There is no such thing as perfect rest in a constantly moving, eternally evolving Universe.


Since the so-called state of Nirvana is not rest but rather the highest tension of energy, one might ask whether rest even exists. Indeed, how is it possible to imagine rest if everything is in motion and exists on account of motion? The very concept of rest was invented by people who wished to flee from existence. They preferred immobility, forgetting that there cannot be a moment without motion. Equilibrium is the concept needed. The seeker should think not about rest but about how to maintain equilibrium in the midst of the whirlwinds. (Heart 260)


Fiery joy, fiery enthusiasm, fiery solemnity – that is what Nirvana is!



10. Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


Pause time and again in the midst of the worldly hustle and bustle! In a brief moment of leisure, do not immediately turn on radio or television. Enjoy the moment: You are currently not exposed to any attacks. Enjoy the greatness and beauty of your being of light! In the Fiery State you can rest serenely within yourself, in your Nirvana. This is your way of having a good time!


You have reached the goal of your striving. You can be proud of the artwork you have created. Like God on the seventh day of creation, you may rest for a moment, look at what you have achieved and say to yourself:


Behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1,31; 2, 1-3)


This short exercise of elevation fits into every small break between two work steps; it may be practised on the way to work or during shopping, queuing or performing a mechanical activity – that is every time when you do not have to fulfil any duty, to solve any problem and to carry any responsibility. Despite all troubles, there are many such moments every day, all of which you may use to restore the high vibration.



Section IV: How to Establish the Fiery Condition?

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


We are now coming to the decisive step. We do not just want to theorize, but show you practically how you can put yourself in a Fiery Condition.


All fine words are of no use at all if you do not set out to walk this path. It is not enough just to listen to what I am telling you and to nod your head in agreement.


The Fiery Condition is a spiritual exercise!


If you want to make progress, you must get to work. To the inner labour on the artwork of your soul, your invisible body of light.


"What is it you want me to do?"


You create the Fiery State in meditation in the morning, at noon and in the evening. For this, you have to master the practice of meditation, which we have already described in the Broadcasting "Connection with the Higher World (Meditation)". There are several ways to carry out this exercise:



1. Exercise "Elevation"

Nicholas Roerich "Blue Mountains"


Repeat the exercise "Elevation" (Series "Spiritual Exercises of Agni Yoga"). Climb in spirit a mountain peak. Now, as after a physical ascent, you are close to Heaven. You have already experienced: Thereby you can increase the vibration of your soul and tune its strings of purity, power, joy, love, solemnity and peace of mind to a high frequency. (Nicholas Roerich "Mountain Peak")



2. Ignite the Soul by your own Fire of the Spirit


We said at the beginning of this Broadcasting:


A spark of the Divine Fire burns within you.


This fire of the spirit strives to inflame you.


Fan the tiny flame that glows within you so that it grows to a mighty fire. The greater and stronger the flame, the more its light radiates from within you, forms a bright aura around you, lights up the darkness in your surroundings and illuminates the people you meet.


One can attain fiery equilibrium by living consciously in the earthly and supermundane life. But one should not think that one need only immerse oneself in the Supermundane World to achieve equilibrium. On the contrary, one should actively apply all one’s forces to the earthly existence, but with the understanding that this effort is needed for supermundane achievement. (Supermundane 806)



3. Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


For practical purposes, imagine your soul like a candle. In the quiet of the morning retreat you hold this candle to the flame of your spirit fire and light it there until it flares up. Now you yourself, your true, inner being are on fire! You are burning brightly! You are in high spirits.


Let the fires be set aflame! Do not extinguish the sacred fire of the spirit. (Agni Yoga 640)


That must not remain abstract and theoretical! Practise that! Strive to make the living experience! You will see: there is no higher state of happiness! It is difficult to describe with words this process of inflaming your entire being. You have to experience that yourself!


Can you affirm that you are practicing Agni Yoga if you have not even realized the birth of the inner fire? (Agni Yoga 413)


The important point is: Your soul must actively meet the spirit and consciously absorb its fire.


The soul does not ignite by itself!


Apply to man the words: kindling of the spirit. For the kindling of the fire, which dwells in all the manifestations of creation, was imposed on man. One should remember that powerful energies have been entrusted to man; therefore, whoever does not kindle the spirit does not fulfill his destiny. (Fiery World II, 447)



4. Ignite the Soul with the Spirit Fire wherever it burns

Arnold Böcklin "Sacred Grove"


The fire of the spirit burns not only within you, but elsewhere as well. You may also take it over from there.


You have already experienced what ignites your being: A spectacle of nature, listening to a piece of music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven or Bruckner, love, a great speech, a book from world literature or the sight of a heroic deed. All this is not illusion, but spiritual reality:


The fire leaps over to you and puts your being in a lofty, Fiery State.


An old gnarled oak, a mystical forest give you of their power.


Amidst contacts with fiery radiances, the seed of the spirit will be kindled the more. (Fiery World I, 644)


Other people can also transfer their fire to you, especially of course your teacher.



5. Tune the Fibres of your Soul to a high Vibration


Fieriness is a state of the highest vibration. In scientific language we may say: In the morning meditation you tune the fibres or waves of your soul so that they vibrate high.


Burning, fieriness and Fiery Condition are just other words for the vibration of your being of light with a high frequency.


You attune the strings of the harp of your being to the frequency of purity, power, joy, light and love.




You ramp up the vibrations of your being of light and unfold it like a fan. You build up your Fiery Body, whereby its conscious life begins. By increasing your vibration you overcome the mere material state of your being. Here is a short video  in which this process is illustrated:


(Music: Beethoven Triple Concerto op.56)


Beethoven's music makes you feel the gigantic potential that lies hidden deep within you and is now beginning to manifest itself.




When the fibres of purity, power, joy and love of your being of spirit vibrate high, you radiate these qualities. They are reflected in your aura. Now you are pure, powerful, joyful and loving. Like a sculptor, you are creating a great, beautiful and strong soul with a golden aura.


Build well each day some part of the eternal structure! (Teachings of the Temple Vol II, Lesson “Easter Day”)


Be smart, upgrade yourself! We are artists! The work of art that we are creating is ourselves!


When you are busy with the inner work on your Eternal Individuality, you are at the same time the artist and the work of art!


The Thinker pointed out the similarity of the work of thinking to that of sculpture. Urusvati knows that, like sculptors, We chisel out the foundations for the broadening of consciousness. (Supermundane 651, 652)


We have already found out many times: This labour is possible in all, even the most terrible circumstances. It is precisely the everyday difficulties that offer the best opportunities for embellishing your true, inner self (see the Broadcasting "Rejoice at Obstacles!").




That must not remain abstract! You have to feel whether your soul is alive, your fire burning, your being of light ramped up, and your aura shining golden. You are very well in a position to determine the frequency of your own vibration!


"Tuning myself to a high frequency, ramping up, how exactly does that work?"


In order to raise the frequency of the vibration of the strings, waves or fibres "purity", "strength", "joy" and "love" of your spiritual ego, you should descend deep into your inner being, hearken to the voice of your heart and remember what we said at the beginning of this Broadcasting about these fiery qualities:


Your soul has no desire for material things and is not affected by the events on this earth. It is indestructible and with its spiritual power, psychic energy, is able to master its body and the circumstances. Your Eternal Individuality is happy about all conditions because it can only grow through them. And it loves everything that exists.


If you become aware of this, you will automatically enter a state of purity, power, joy and love.


Then you are in high spirits.


We discover a secret: Purity, power, joy and love are first states of your consciousness and then become states of your being. Your consciousness is the true reality.


When you change your consciousness, you change your being.



6. Find Purity, Power, Joy and Love within yourself


Fieriness is a state of your being of purity, power, joy and love.


In its original, immaculate nature, your soul is pure, powerful, joyful and loving. So you “only” have to penetrate in meditation through all the dirt, all the accumulations that you have gathered around your Eternal Self in the course of millions of years, and get back to this ideal state, which actually exists, but lies hidden deep within you.




You should sense this original purity and greatness of your true being with pride and shame! Then you can let these qualities slowly grow out from your inside until they gradually appear on the outside as well.


It is possible to augment fieriness by direct or indirect means. Indirect means include the rhythm of movements, of singing and of lamentations, but simpler and more natural is the bonfire of the heart. Fieriness, nurtured by the heart, is useful. (Fiery World III, 514)



7. Fill your Soul with the Spirit of Purity, Power, Joy and Love


If the picture of lighting your fire does not help you, we can also choose another idea: You fill yourself with the spirit of purity, power, joy, light and love. You may find this spirit not only within yourself. You can also absorb it from space, just like a giant telescope that takes up cosmic rays.


Even the Highest Beings must be filled with spirit in order to act. The expression be filled is quite precise, for indeed one needs to be filled. This means filling oneself with an abundance of the spirit. But does this not also mean that we must enter into contact with the Hierarchy?

Only by drawing the spirit from the Highest Source do we receive renewal and intensification of the fiery energy. That is why it is not indicated anywhere that a person should withdraw in spirit; on the contrary, seekers should be filled with the power of the spirit that leads to Light. (Heart 412)


"How do I fill myself with this spirit?"


We had already said (Broadcasting “Meditation”): It is in meditation that comfort and knowledge as well as purity, power, joy, light and love flow into you.



8. Constant Exercise


The Fiery Condition is not established once and for all in the morning and then lasting for the rest of the day. It is a constant exercise!


The instruction not to practise Agni Yoga in a monastery in the Himalayas, but in the middle of everyday life, takes on a whole new dimension: When you practise fieriness, you are constantly doubly busy:


On the outer level with your earthly work and at the same time on the inner level with safeguarding your high vibration.


While you are working in the everyday life, you are continuously asking yourself: How can I avert harm (a drop in vibration) from my soul? How can I use the situation to my advantage by promoting the growth (the increase in fieriness) of my Eternal Individuality?


Not for a single hour should one extinguish within oneself the flame of lofty thinking. The highest sage loses his power if he ceases to think about the future Abode. People will ask whether prolonged thought about the Supermundane will impede their earthly activities. Indeed, this thinking should accompany one even during the hour of most intense activity. It is beautiful if someone can always carry within himself a lofty thought. (Supermundane 651)




The exercise “establishing the Fiery State” is only successfully carried out when you really feel how you have transformed and became inflamed: How you turn into a different being, a man of spirit; how the spirit fire, the flame of enthusiasm burns within you and how your body of light radiates greatness, strength and beauty.


What an achievement! Now, you actually are a great, strong and beautiful creature with a sublime, golden emanation!


"Are you a magician or a miracle doctor that you can turn someone small, weak and ugly into a great, strong and beautiful person?"


Well, we are not talking about physical strength or beauty, but about true, inner greatness, about a beautiful soul. You can shape your Eternal Being yourself with your own strength, with spiritual means like an artist his work of art.


The secret of a great, beautiful, attractive man does not lie in the outward appearance of his person or life, but in the fieriness, the enthusiasm that radiate from him.


The New Man is a beautiful soul!


Take Socrates as an example, who was downright ugly and whose external life as a simple man in distressed circumstances with his quarrelsome wife Xanthippe had nothing sublime, great or beautiful about it. Nevertheless, he was one of the most brilliant souls of all times!


You feel the beauty of your being of light, your aura. This is not imagination, as you can see from the fact that you also sense precisely when your vibration drops and you - your emanations - actually become ugly!



Section V: What affects the Vibration?

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


In daily life you have to watch carefully: What elevates you? What drags you down? It is in particular from mistakes that you can learn!



1. What increases the Vibration?

Emperor Marc Aurel


You can feel for yourself what increases your vibration and strengthens your fieriness: Above all sublime, in other words, uplifting thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.


When performing a heroic deed, one’s vibrations are raised, awareness of physical sensations disappears, and the entire being is filled with a fiery insight. Each thought about the Supermundane raises the vibrations and fills the consciousness with fiery striving. (Supermundane 735)


The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts. Our life is the product of our thoughts. (Marc Aurel)


Furthermore, it is high ideas and great ideals which arouse your enthusiasm, and in addition nature, art (especially music), a visit to a museum, concentrated work or the solemnity of a church.


Of course, joy increases your vibration.


It should be reasoned that first of all the highest vibrations must be maintained. Joy provides such vibrations, just as does exalted striving. (Supermundane 741)


Each good joy, even the most ordinary, heightens one’s vibrations. Thus can be shown how a joyous person is made stronger. (Supermundane 823)


"Isn’t here the cat biting its own tail!? I am to create joy in order to attain the Fiery Condition, which is a state of joy? "


The solution to the riddle is: Find joy within yourself, awaken it in your own interior, then your vibration will increase.


But we do not want to assemble a long list of factors as in a textbook. Valuable is only to make your own experience of what elevates you, and then to align your daily practice with it.



2. Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


“In theory, everything you say is very good and beautiful. In practice, however, I still have great difficulties with all that. Once I am tempted or depressed, disgusted with the world, or craving for alcohol or other pleasures, I cannot find the way to raise my vibration. Then I am stuck in the swamp and simply unable to drag myself out of it like Munchausen by my own hairs. "


I tell you something: The panacea for creating and maintaining the high vibration in everyday life is the proximity of the teacher, whether physically or in spirit. With him, for example for a guest of Helena Roerich's in the Kulu Valley, there can be no boredom and certainly no oppression, but only joy and enthusiasm.


The Teacher himself must be so aglow that his approach alone passes on the fire. Such an everyday task is difficult, yet people are tested precisely in everyday life, which is the sister of Infinity. (Brotherhood 471)


That is why it is so important that you not only listen to, but above all practise what we discussed in the Broadcasting "Living in the continuous Presence of the Teacher" (Series "The Path of the Disciple").


In the heightening of the vibrations, the help of the Teacher is most significant, as He can transfigure by his mere touch a disciple who has attuned his receiver to the rhythm of the vibrations of the Teacher. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 09.07.1935)


As opposed to that, your vibration drops when you move away from your teacher through unworthy behaviour which is inappropriate in view of so high a presence.


You will experience that stepping before the teacher is a simple and safe way to restore the Fiery Condition in any situation or mood.



3. What lowers the Vibration?


You should observe, feel and experience what lowers your vibration and align your daily practice accordingly. Remorse and disgust are reliable warnings from the heart.


This is different for each individual, although there are some general rules:


Every consumption of physical food makes your being more material and thus less spiritual. The spiritual disciple therefore eats as little as possible. Eating too much or too heavily causes your vibration to drop. Alcohol extinguishes your spirit fire.


Moods such as irritation, fear, doubt, despondency, self-pity, whining and complaining are low vibrations.


Animal desires directed towards the material are not in tune with the high vibration of a being of spirit.




The everyday worries haunt you in abundance: There are your dear fellow men with their ignorance, indolence, selfishness or even violence. There are expectations relating to you yourself, or to others, or to the course of events that are disappointed. Technology does not work, trains or planes are late. Your own efforts are unsuccessful; you cannot rely on others. These are all hard tests for keeping your Fiery Condition.




Bad books, movies, music or words that do not uplift you, but address or arouse your lower self, threaten to drag you down.


"What are and how do I recognize bad books or movies?"


Yes, your intellect is as helpless as the proverbial cleaning lady who is about to destroy an installation:


Is that a work of art, or may I throw it away?


In contrast to that your heart, when you read a novel by Tolstoy or watch a thriller, feels very precisely what is valuable and elevating and what worthless and distracting.




If you cannot find any other cause for a decrease of your vibration, also consider cosmic currents or encumbrances due to negative influences from the stars.


We call these and many other factors poison for a sublime state of consciousness.


Your task is:


First identify this soul poison, this extinguisher of the fire, and then avoid it!



Section VI: Maintaining Fieriness in the World

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


It is of the utmost importance that you be aware:


The Fiery Condition is, at least at the beginning of the Spiritual Path, a temporary, transitory achievement only. The frequency of the vibration of your being is constantly changing. It switches from one minute to the other from high to low and back again.


As vapour transforms back to water or even to ice with the slightest cooling.


You are actually a fiery, eternal being in one moment, and a material, mortal one in the next.


The tender flame of the fire of your soul is most delicate. Your task is to carefully protect it every moment. (Nicholas Roerich "Guru")


When amidst the throng, carefully guard the light given unto you. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 10 [11])


You must not allow the chaos raging around you to extinguish it.


One can also notice that the fire burns low whenever there is the slightest deviation from the Hierarchy. Just as a whirlwind blows out torches, a deviation into the abyss of Chaos ruins the fires of the heart. (Heart 536)


The storms of the world must not even make your soul fire flicker. It is to burn calmly and steadily.


We do not value ephemeral flashes, but we do value the inextinguishable flame. (Supermundane 455)


Because by fieriness we do not mean passion!


There is a great misunderstanding about the idea of the fieriness of actions. People assume that fieriness is contained in impetuous outcries and movements, but, as a matter of fact, Fire is expressed completely otherwise. One may become more speedily united with highest Fire in silence than in a verbal request. Thus upon all manifestations of life one may learn how to come close to highest Fire. (Fiery World III, 436)


Even more important than establishing the Fiery State in the morning is to maintain the higher vibration of a higher being intact during the day!


In meditation you can make wonderful experiences of being a great, strong and beautiful soul. But this is of very limited value only if you do not translate it into material reality. The bright radiance of your being of light should shine especially in grey earthly everyday life.


Auch das ist Kunst,

ist Gottes Gabe,

aus ein paar sonnenhellen Tagen

sich so viel Licht ins Herz zu tragen,

dass, wenn der Sommer längst verweht,

das Leuchten immer noch besteht. (Goethe)


This too is art

is God's gift

from a few sunny days

to take so much light into your heart

that when the summer has long passed

the resplendence is still there. (Goethe)


Your sunlike nature makes its appearance in the arena of earthly life, like an artist on stage. You have to be well prepared for that. There is an examination taking place. Will you pass or will you fail? Here you have the opportunity to prove that you really are a great, beautiful and strong spirit.


Are you still dreaming or are you already living? (John Anster Fitzgerald "The stuff dreams are made of")


You alone are responsible for the vibrational state of your soul, nobody else!


If you crash, you should not blame other people or external circumstances!


People do not wish to understand that the quality of the fire borne by them depends upon themselves. (Fiery World I, 665)




You cannot forever enjoy only the quiet. All the strings of your being must be highly strained at the same time! In the world both the fibre of tranquillity and the fibre of enthusiasm are to vibrate high! The gigantic task is:


Combine Nirvana, heavenly tranquillity, with enthusiastic work in the midst of the earthly chaos!


And that even when washing dishes or cleaning the toilet. Any work necessary in the community can and must be carried out joyfully!




In the course of a day there are countless attacks against the fiery constitution of your Eternal Individuality. You must repel them all, as in the case of strikes against your physical body.


"Against whom am I fighting?"


A crucial question. We are not talking about pouncing on an assailant.


Your struggle is for keeping your own vibration high.


You go into a very special battle, namely into a fight with yourself, with your own lower self, or the state of your soul, for the preservation of your purity, power and joy, your light and your love. Go joyfully into this struggle!




Your soul has got to defend its position in Paradise! It must not allow itself to be dragged down from its higher standpoint, from its throne, to the lower levels.


Do not make yourself small, keep your head in Heaven! Do not allow anyone or anything to drive you out of your Nirvana! (Tian tan Buddha, Hong Kong)


It is so true: People around you often behave disgustingly. But do not let yourself be upset! Love your little brothers and sisters, even if they are ignorant and selfish! Fight evil! Do not allow small souls to divert you from your great Spiritual Path, the path to God! May your motto be:


The dogs are barking, but the caravan moves on.


What must never happen is that your vibration is lowered and the highly sensitive work of art, the golden radiance of your body of light damaged! Do not let them get you down – otherwise it will be you yourself who is the stupid one, and the barbarians around you would triumph!


When your joy or your love subsides, the radiant shine of your being of light will also disappear.


How stupid of you if, out of anger at the stupidity of others, you yourself destroy your own work of art!


It has got to stay that way: Your soul is invulnerable and unshakable. It overcomes disgust and smiles serenely at all that what it cannot change anyway.


No power in the world can overthrow a king of the spirit from his throne. Only he himself can give it up. (Ingres "Napoleon I on the Imperial Throne")



1. Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich „Brahmaputra“


We are coming to a key question: How often do you find yourself in the Fiery Condition? Three times a day in contemplation, or only once a week because you do not keep the meditation times? Several times a day, even when you are in the world?


Lengthening these periods of time is the vital inner work that falls on you. At the end of each day, you must give an account to yourself of how often and how long you succeeded to maintained yourself on the height.



2. Spiritual Discipline


There are no prohibitions! Agni Yoga forbids prohibitions!


Remember, We have no forbiddances. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 318 [322]


Prohibitions are not needed; even the harmful should not be prohibited. It is better instead to turn the attention simply to the more useful and the more attractive. (Community 102)


Also, you do not need any prohibitions at all!


You notice for yourself when your vibration goes down.


You feel bad when you give in to your lower self and take in soul poison or allow it to infiltrate you. You feel good when you express the divine aspect of your nature.


The Eternal Individuality, the King, the Priest within you despises everything that lowers its vibration, weakens its soul and tarnishes the radiance of its being of light!


It wants to grow greater. It disdains everything that makes it smaller.


The barely loved spiritual discipline is not a blind following of meaningless rules. It is a tool, a goal-fitting behaviour with the aim of keeping your soul in its wonderful ideal state of purity, power, joy, light and love.




Prepare yourself for typical situations which, according to your own experience, put you "out of tune"! Recognize the habits that reduce your vibration and get rid of them!


"In spite of best will and great efforts, I hardly manage to maintain myself in the state of fieriness."


Yes, every beginning is difficult. We all are all still small souls and only slowly getting greater.


If your vibration drops, you made a mistake. Responsible for this is are not adverse circumstances or nasty people, but solely your own weakness. You have allowed your lower self, the animal aspect of your being, to reveal itself.


This is not bad if you counter-steer immediately and get up again straight away.


If you learn from the mistake and make an effort not to repeat it, it will make you progress.


It is not events that matter, but the experience which you can gain through them.




Spiritual discipline must complement meditation until the proper behaviour passes into flesh and blood. We want to transform permanently into men of spirit, the elevation to the Fiery Condition is for the time being only temporary.


Of course, one cannot force oneself to direct one’s thought upward. This direction of thought becomes natural, but only after long experience. (Agni Yoga 471)


This is ultimately a matter of habit. If a baby can learn to walk, you too can learn to keep your Fiery Body alive all day.



3. Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


The mysterious waves of music belong to the Higher World. When they saturate us, they put our physical, but above all our fiery being in a state of higher vibration. Here is how we can make use of that phenomenon:


Did you already observe how often you hum a melody to yourself - mostly unconsciously, almost silently, purely within you? For example at work, when going for a walk, in the office on the way from one room to the other?




An effective tool to keep your being well tuned is to hum at every opportunity a spiritual mantram with a simple text and a simple melody, such as for example:


A hymn like “Gott ist gegenwärtig” (God is present) by Gerhard Tersteegen, the Hare Krishna Mantram or the holy word “Om”; the motet “Locus iste” by Anton Bruckner, which creates a sanctuary within you, as we saw in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”, or the Triple Concerto by Beethoven, which had just now accompanied the unfolding of your body of light.


This exercise brings the vibrations of your being into harmony. You may hum almost without tones and only give your inhalation and exhalation a certain colour, a particular tint.




I have got used to humming "Tabenisi" as often as possible. Meanwhile, I am thinking of my true existence, of my life in my eternal home, in my ashram in the spiritual world, see This mantram goes like this:


(Nicholas Roerich "Fortress of the Spirit")


Such a humming occupies the mind, which is tirelessly at work, distracts it from worldly matters and relaxes it.



4. Observation and Steering from above

Nicholas Roerich "Tsong kha-pa"


The decisive step with the "Fiery Condition" as with many other exercises is: Transfer your consciousness into the invisible part of your being, into your Supratemporal Individuality.


As a being of spirit which lives in the Spiritual World, the soul is not affected by anything that happens on the material plane.


From this higher level you look down onto all those tiny little human beings and the earthly chaos. From above, from the standpoint of eternity, you observe the drama that is taking place beneath you in the lowlands of the material world, and how your tool, the body, is faring. If it is hurt or attacked, cheated or lied to, tortured or betrayed, nevertheless your soul on the height remains unshakable. (Nicholas Roerich "Tsong kha-pa")


For each one on the path there is but one immutable Might: Hierarchy. Upon this sacred Principle one may construct; from this sacred Summit one may contemplate the world; upon this Stronghold the spirit becomes winged; upon this Summit can be built a mighty evolution. (Hierarchy 217)


You are an alien, a Heavenly being, which has briefly descended in order to fulfill a mission on earth. Apart from that, you have nothing to do with the barbaric conditions down here, and you will return to your Heavenly home as soon as possible. Above all else, you have to pay attention to maintain your dignity as “Messenger of the Gods”, that is, to preserve your high vibration! You must not sink down to the level of the primitive culture you were sent to raise. (El Greco "Annunciation; Nicholas Roerich" From Beyond ")


"Isn't it grossly exaggerated, how here a small, insignificant person is being raised to an angel?"


Well, think twice: Your immortal soul has already dwelled in highly developed civilizations such as Atlantis, Egypt or Greece. If you are a spiritual person, it is obvious, almost imperative that you have already lived in previous incarnations in a spiritual culture under a spiritual teacher or guide, and that you were a member of a spiritual community (to which you continue to belong in the Subtle World): Where else should you have developed your spirituality?


Perhaps you were once a member or disciple with the Essenes, the Sufis or the early church around Jesus, in a temple of initiates or mystics, or in the schools of Pythagoras, Plato or Buddha.


Therefore, it is a spiritual reality that you come from a Higher World, a higher culture and have descended to a lower level.




After death, in Heaven, in your teacher's ashram, you will smile at what is oppressing you today. Then you realize how vain and small it all is. The same is true if you place yourself in Heaven already now.


When anger, sadness, irritation or despondency arise, you must immediately switch to the observation mode and place yourself next to or above you.


“But what if I just feel concerned? How do I get out of this hole again? "


Take a moment and listen to the voice of your heart!


It explains you the situation on the spiritual level, in your true existence: Your soul has no reason for these moods, because nothing that happens on the material plane can affect it or obstruct its path. Your Eternal Individuality thinks differently than your perishable personality: It knows the meaning of suffering. It gratefully welcomes the apparent obstacles and adversities of the earthly sphere as steps of ascent.


Your soul goes enthusiastically into the battle with chaos, in which it serves the progress of evolution and can prove and strengthen its powers.


Your heart leads you back to your ideal state of joy and fieriness.


Indeed, one should look upon earthly things through the fire of the heart; only such inspection can foil the snares of Maya. (Fiery World II, 460)


You should defy adverse circumstances and right then and there ramp up your being of light again so that it shines great, strong and beautiful in the middle of the darkness.



5. Practical Tip: Emergency Meditation

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


In a moment of temptation or weakness, have a short emergency meditation to raise your vibration again: Close your physical eyes for a minute and watch with your inner senses. See through the veil that separates the worlds and look into the Spiritual Sphere!


One can gradually approach fiery consciousness by eradicating the barriers between the worlds. (Fiery World I, 616)


Recognize your true existence! Look at the whole picture of material and immaterial reality.


Among those labours to which one can turn, let us not forget the mental work that develops the imagination. We continually perform mental exercises. A superficial observer at times may think that We are asleep, when in the midst of Our work We close Our eyes and send out thoughts to wander in the kingdom of imagination. These moments have great significance, for such imagined images become real. We cannot judge when this realization occurs, but it does take place and is of help to mankind. (Supermundane 602)


In a flash, for a short moment take part in the life of your Eternal Homeland! There you are a great Lord, a spiritual warrior, a disciple, a teacher or a king of the spirit.


There you enjoy the peace and quiet of the place where you have been meditating for thousands of years! (Svetoslav Roerich "Damodar Kund")


You visit the community of your soul mates and can talk to them. (Bellini "Transfiguration of Christ")


Up there in Heaven evil cannot reach you. You can escape the darkness of the earth by flying up and away.


When our consciousness is completely transported into the domain where there is no fear and depression, then we are invulnerable to any filth. (Fiery World II, 72)


"Isn't that heartless?"


No, all the injustice, hardship and suffering hurts you, even if you only see them happen to others. You help wherever you can. However, if your little brothers and sisters refuse to be assisted, the terrible events must take their course, all of which have a deeper meaning (see the Broadcastings "The Meaning of Suffering" and "Rejoice at Obstacles!"). Not even the Masters of this world, the Mahatmas of Shambhala, have the power to interfere with the Karma of humanity.



6. Vigilance

Rembrandt "The Night Watch"


The most important tool for maintaining constant enthusiasm is tireless vigilance.


The greatest concern of the Stone Age people was to prevent the campfire from going out. Equally carefully you must guard your inner fire.


To attain and maintain the Fiery Condition - that is, to shape the Fiery Body and transform into a New Man - is not a trifle, but a great achievement. It requires maximum concentration.


You have to examine yourself every moment: Am I a being of spirit, an immortal or not? Am I up or am I down, have I crashed? Do I vibrate high or low? What am I radiating? Black or golden emanations, irritation and dejection or joy, strength and love?


The moment enthusiasm is gone, the earthly impediments return. One’s mental ardour can become continuous, and like wings will carry one to the Guide. We can work best where there is fire burning, and therefore warn against fear, depression, and despair, which, like damp coals, cannot produce the needed fire. (Supermundane 223)


You may doubt the existence of the soul, the Fiery Body. Nevertheless you feel the state of your own vibration.


You learn to sense when you have reached the Fiery Condition – but also when you have lost it.


When his vibration drops, the man of spirit must immediately take countermeasures. Like a violinist in a concert, you have to retune individual strings of your being over and over again during the day. Under the pressure of the hostile to the spirit conditions the tension slackens, for example that of the fibre of love when you are angry with other people.


You notice immediately when your physical body is doing badly. Likewise, you have to perceive whether your body of light, in any given moment, is radiating greatness, power and beauty or smallness, weakness and ugliness.


What do you always ask yourself:


"Am I glowing? Am I burning?"


Do I shine? (Fiery World I, 615)


It is not evil or obstacles that lead to a decline of your vibration, but your own thoughts and feelings!


Constantly monitor your thoughts and feelings!


It is not easy to maintain this highest tension all the time! The temptation is huge to lean back and relax according to the motto “You have got to spoil yourself sometimes”. But that implies loss of fieriness, which is the highest, that is to say the most strained vibration. Entertainment and distraction are the opposite of tension and concentration.


The gigantic task is: Be focused every moment!


Concentrate every single second on the goal of maintaining your high vibration, your fieriness – otherwise you will not achieve it.


Now you know why it is said: Nirvana or the highest happiness requires constant tension.



7. Practical Tip: Take a Break every Hour

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


Every hour, pause for a moment in order to make sure that your radiation is still intact.


And make it radiate again if necessary.


Create your ideal, the higher the better. Concentrate your energies upon the working out of that ideal; then work as though every hour held all your hope, your only opportunity. (Teachings of the Temple Vol III, Lesson “One pointer”)




The being of light that you create in the Fiery State is great, beautiful and strong, but at the same time an infinitely sensitive and extremely fragile work of art, like a Chinese vase.  


It consists only of vibrations! The slightest knock can destroy it.


Treat it with extreme care like a valuable treasure and protect it with the utmost vigilance against all harmful impacts!



8. Practical Tip: Keep Vibration high for one Day

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


Another important exercise: Make an effort to stay in a state of high vibration for at least one day.


Choose a specific, trouble-free day (preferably a Sunday) and concentrate solely on establishing and defending the Fiery Condition. This should be your only goal that day. Nothing else matters today!


Observe what brings you out of this state: other people, the circumstances, your own habits. Learn to get up again immediately.



Section VII: The Fiery Condition as Service

Nicholas Roerich „Glory of the Himalayas“


It is not a selfish pursuit to maintain the Fiery Condition. The frequency of your vibration is of immense importance not only for you yourself, but also for your entire environment.


A benevolent thinker is surrounded by a rainbow, and through his light brings healing. (AUM 143)


By elevating yourself, you also help others to rise. Your presence alone, your mere existence as a radiant being encourages them to imitate you.


My life is my message. (Gandhi)


Man as the highest creature living here is responsible for the vibrational state of the earth as a whole.


This is made up of the vibrations of all the individual human beings and of the places where they come together. Therefore, each and every one of us has to take care that his own and the vibration of his surroundings are high. If the condition of the earth as a whole improves, we will, according to the law of correspondence, attract again higher vibrations and thus a better fate.


Improvement of the planetary vibrations can take place only through the tension of humanity. The centre of all manifestations is mankind. Vibrations are so disharmonious that it is difficult to establish a connection with the Higher Worlds. Therefore the lower strata can admit the infiltration of low vibrations, while higher radiations do not reach the Earth. The permeation of space with vibrations which assist the establishment of higher radiations is the task on the path to the Fiery World. (Fiery World III, 331)



1. The 4 Heroic Deeds of an Agni Yogi

Heracles‘ Fight with the Nemean Lion, Hofburg, Vienna


Your personal Great Service consists of four labours, which, to finish this Broadcasting, we are now going to discuss:


1. You establish and maintain your own Fiery Condition. Thereby you create the New immortal Man of spirit from the untreated raw material of your soul, as we had already discussed in the Broadcasting “Bring your Soul to Life”.


2. You raise the vibration of every human being you meet by setting him aflame with the fire of your spirit. This is how you spread the New Man.


3. You turn your place of residence and work into a room of high vibration, as described in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”. Thereby you create there where you are living a stronghold of the New World.


4. You raise the vibration of every room you enter and turn it into a sanctuary. This is how you spread the New World.


Just like Heracles his 12, you have to accomplish these 4 labours in order to achieve immortality and to be accepted into the circle of the Gods. (Heracles‘ Fight with the Hydra, Hofburg, Vienna)


These are your personal heroic deeds, which you can accomplish any moment and in any situation of everyday life.


The Service is so great that each step already constitutes a heroic deed. Each day, with each thought, something great is done. (Fiery World II, 465)



2. Preserve your own Fire

Botticelli "St. Augustine"


For this Great Service you must first guard your own fire and be aflame yourself. When your own vibration is low, when you are offended, hurt, depressed or sad, you cannot inspire your fellow men either.


No matter how gloomy the darkness, your golden aura must shine undiminished and give light to your surroundings.


What you want to ignite in others must burn within you. (St. Augustine)


Sincere striving for self-perfection is not egoism, but has universal significance. The thought about improvement does not concern oneself alone. Such a thought carries within itself the flame needed for many kindlings of hearts. (Fiery World I, 81)


Being a candle is not easy. In order to give light, one must first burn. (Rumi)


When, however, your own vibration is low, you are putting out other people's fire.


Here is a particularly beautiful instruction from the Master:


Each teacher should teach the Higher World as a higher joy. No one will condemn him who brings true joy. Yet how much enthusiasm must one develop in oneself in order to be a harbinger of joy! If a teacher has attained such a degree, he merits all reverence. (AUM 127)



3. Ignite others

Nicholas Roerich "Flowers of Timur (Fires of Victory)"


We said at the beginning of this Broadcasting: You kindle your soul with the fire of your spirit. Now we go one step further: When your spirit fire burns, you can also kindle other people with whom you come into contact.


There was one flame, now it has become two. (Fiery World I, 192)


It is possible to create, saturating the surroundings, only when the heart energies have been kindled. Without these sacred fires it is impossible to realize the Higher Ethics. The action of the fiery heart evokes and sets alight fires in surrounding hearts. Thus creates the true Agni Yogi. (Fiery World III, 164)


Just as you arouse your own fire in meditation, you can also ignite with your fieriness the soul fire which glows as a small flame inside someone else. You transmit your own enthusiasm to those around you. The flame of your candle lights someone else's candle. You pass on your fire!


One lone fire can kindle a multitude of torches without being exhausted. (Supermundane 814)


I came to send a fire on the earth, and what would I rather than that it is already kindled! (Luke 12, 49)


Fieriness means high vibration. Your own high vibration seizes by itself everyone who approaches you.


It is impossible for anyone to either raise or lower his own individual vibration without raising or lowering everything connected with him. (Teachings of the Temple Vol III, Lesson “To Templars”)


When you are burning, you also inflame your surroundings.


One should note not only the achievements of apparent heroism, but also the great path of kingliness of the spirit amidst daily life. We know these great spiritual warriors who saturate the space and all surroundings with their fire and inspire others to heroic deeds. Thus, it is necessary in life to watch the subtle actions of the kingly spirit. (Fiery World III, 41)


The emanations of a pure earthly teacher raise the vibrations all around him, sometimes over a tremendous area. Thus, not only is space purified, but sometimes even the fires of the individuals who surround him are kindled. That is why, in ancient times, it was considered a great privilege to live near a Teacher and serve Him. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 09.07.1935)


If you come across the low vibration of a fellow human being, you must not allow yourself to be dragged down, on the contrary: you have to elevate him!


Everyone you meet should part from you in a vibrational state higher than before the encounter.



4. Practical Tip: Love ignites the Fire

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


The fire in others can only be kindled through your love for them.


"Why is that so? What has lighting a fire to do with love?"


Fieriness is born in the heart!


The fire of the soul is the fire of the heart!


If you want to inflame someone, you will not succeed by persuasion or reason and certainly not by compulsion. You have to reach his heart!


Denn es muss von Herzen gehen,

Was auf Herzen wirken soll.

Because that what is to work on the heart

Has to come from the heart. (Goethe, Faust II, 3rd act)


Your neighbour will only open his heart to you when he feels your love for him.


The heart will not be aflame without love. (Heart 243)


It was said long ago, “He who knows how to love has a fiery heart.” For strengthening the energy, a fiery impulse is needed. No form of reasoning produces that fire which is kindled by a spark of the feeling of love. (AUM 516)


This is confirmed by the eternal words of the St. Paul:


Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am nothing. (1 Corinthians 13, 1, 2)


A cold, hard-hearted ascetic will not be able to touch the hearts of his fellow men.


Only the flame of the heart can warm when the clothes have been torn up by the storm. (Supermundane 232)


Mothers caution their children—don’t go near a cold man. One who has been warmed by the sun carries warmth with him. People wish to warm themselves in proximity to him. Is it not the same with the flaming heart which is attached to the Fiery World? People hasten to the glowing heart to warm themselves, and avoid the deadly cold—thus it is in all Existence. (Fiery World III, 478)


"Sometimes I find it difficult to love these ignorant, coarse, selfish barbarians around me!"


You should regard them as little children and yourself as a father, a mother or a doctor who lovingly furthers their growth. The proper attitude is: You do not curse, you are not disappointed, you are not offended - these are low vibrations, a decline of your ideal, Fiery State; and most important:


You do not condemn any of your little brothers and sisters!


It is wrong to rebuke the ignorant in anger, for such abuse is only harmful. But there will be benefit if one bends down and finds convincing words. It is not easy to go to the level of the ignorant, but a thoughtful person will understand that when a passage is low, one must stoop to proceed. Condemnation is a deadly principle. It can easily be avoided if one remembers that destruction is not equal to construction. (Supermundane 847)


You wish to help a certain fellow human being to kindle his fire. You do this out of love for him, not because of some abstract idea of the common good.



5. New Man created through Transmission of Spirit Fire


It is of the utmost importance that you realize: The New Man of the 6th Race will not be born physically. He emerges when the Brotherhood or its emissaries ignite the soul fire of individual, receptive people with the flame of their spirit.


The New Man spreads through the transmission of fieriness!


In the gathering of a new race, the Adept who lives among men turns out to be a great spiritual warrior. Thus is the creation of the nucleus of the new race realized. The fire of the ordained spiritual warrior kindles the spirits of the chosen ones. When the spirit of the spiritual warrior transmutes his fires, he kindles simultaneously the torches of others. (Infinity I, 190)


Many ask, as soon as they have read the first pages of the Teaching:


“I am completely thrilled! What can I do to spread Agni Yoga?"


Of course, you should first recommend the books. But that alone is not enough, because when proposing to read thousands of pages, you do not reach most people at all. Which Christian has read the Bible?


Better let your spirit fire shine. As any light, it attracts like a magnet! Do not think so much about spreading Agni Yoga, but rather:


Spread fieriness!


Transmit your fire to others! Infect them with your enthusiasm for the New Construction, for the works of art of the New Man and the New World!


The spark of the spirit kindles the heart, hence Our Teaching is in need of spreading through the fire of the heart. How can one kindle the torches of spirit without the fire of the heart? Only fire uplifts creativeness and imbues each action. (Hierarchy 100)


The New Man is a creature of a higher vibration. Raise the vibration of everyone you meet! This is how you spread the New Man.


Address the Eternal within your fellow men! Strengthen, inflame their souls with your fire!


Know how to ignite and inspire your neighbour. (Supermundane 756)


May many great, strong and beautiful souls blossom around you!



6. New World created through increasing the Vibration of every Place


The New World is a place of higher vibration.


Saturate the room where you are living and working with an aura of purity, subtlety, spirituality, dignity and solemnity. In this way you make your home - or at least your meditation room - a stronghold of the New World, an extension of Heaven to earth.


Then go out into the world, raise the vibration of every room you enter and make of it a sanctuary! We have already discussed how this can be achieved in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”. This is how you spread the New World. Thereby you contribute your stone to the earth’s as a whole becoming over time a temple, a planet with a high radiation.


The world is regenerated upon the principle of Fire. The fire of the centres, the fire of the spirit, the fire of the heart, the fire of heroism, the fire of attainment, the fire of Hierarchy, the fire of Service—these constitute the principles of the New World. (Hierarchy 375)


“That is once again too pretentious for me. In my everyday environment I can neither create New Men nor build the World of the Future."


Well then let us put it more simply. When you are in the Fiery Condition, you can uplift the grieving and the downcast. You can create a pure atmosphere around you, settle disputes, suppress coarse words and deeds and establish harmony. This is how you elevate your surroundings.


That is not as high-flying as it may sound at first. For a mother in her family, for a doctor in his practice, a craftsman in his workshop, a lawyer or architect in his office, for a teacher in her school class and everyone else, increasing the surrounding vibration is a task of the completely normal, everyday earthly life.


Following the example of St. John of Capistrano, about whom we have already spoken (Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”), who turned an entire military camp into a sanctuary.


Fieriness means: Taking every step in beauty and dignity, thereby radiating beauty and dignity into one's surroundings and thus creating a world of beauty and dignity.


A pure, clear, childlike, merry soul like the "Little Lord" brightens up the darkness around him and transfigures his whole environment.


The greatest benefit that we can contribute consists in the broadening of consciousness, and the improvement and enrichment of our thinking, together with the purification of the heart, in order to strengthen our emanations; and by thus raising our vibrations, we restore the health of all that surrounds us. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 25.10.1936) 



7. Key to Happiness - Key to Service


At the end let us summarize briefly:


The exercise “Fiery Condition” is the key to your personal happiness.


What can there be greater and more beautiful than to walk across this earth any moment as a being of spirit of a higher vibration (according to your ideal as the disciple of a great teacher or as a king of the spirit, a healer or spiritual warrior), and everywhere and at all times to live in your personal Paradise (according to your ideal in a sanctuary or a royal castle)?




But the high-minded among you strive for even more: They want to pass on their happiness. To them applies:


The exercise “Fiery Condition” is the key to your personal service.


Through your fieriness you raise the vibration of the people and places with which you come into contact. You cannot do anything greater or more valuable!


How, then, does a Hierarch create on Earth? By uplifting all the surroundings. (Agni Yoga 663)


When you leave your room and go out into the world, may your motto be:


Onward to heroic deed!


How sad when there is no heroic deed in sight! If you want to go with us and fight with us, join joyfully in the battle cry of the Mahatmas:


Onward to battle! Onward to battle! Onward to battle! I hear the call and bow my head before the Command of the Blessed Master. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 181)


The quintessence of this Broadcasting and of the exercise "The Fiery Condition" is:


The New Man is a high vibrating being among low vibrating creatures.





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