We are building the World of the Future



Dear Agni Yogis,


each of you perceives:


Our life on earth cannot go on as before!


Everywhere we look there is chaos, indolence, ignorance, malice, violence and war.


We humans ruin the world. We are destroying the natural foundations of life, the animal and the plant kingdom, the climate, the resources of the planet, ourselves and in the end the whole earth. Are we not ashamed when we are watching the news in the evening of the terrible sight that our homeland presents to the rest of Cosmos?


Agni Yoga is a call! The Mahatmas appeal to save the world!


The disciple asks: “How can I help?” (Gudrun Stiasny “The Wanderer through the Zodiac”)


I am glad that you ask. The Brotherhood is urgently looking for volunteers willing to cooperate with them on the Great Plan for the renewal of the World.


The time to talk is over. Now it is time to act! We are starting today with a gigantic project:


We are building the world of the future!


On the ruins of the old we are building the New World.


We can replace a pit with a true temple. Step by step we must fill the abyss with strongholds of Light. We must put together the stones of good, over and above any personal moods. (Fiery World I, 592)


I can already see your doubting faces. You ask:


"How can we few, insignificant little humans build a New World?"


You will see: The Mahatmas have a plan for this project with very specific instructions on how to proceed. This plan is published in the books of Agni Yoga and given to mankind for execution. The goal of Agni Yoga is:


All over the world New Men are to rise and to form germ cells of the New World!


There are many events, but you must learn to discern amidst this multitude of dissenting voices the one plan for achieving the New World. (Fiery World I, 492)


How you can transform into the New, immortal Man, we have already discussed in the Broadcastings of the Series “Experiment Immortality”.


The exercise "The Path of the Inner Temple" shows you how you can create your own personal Heaven. Today we shall be talking about how we can serve the common good and transform this earth as a whole into a paradise.




“We are building the world of the future” - that is meant exactly as it sounds like: I do not intend to give a lecture here and tell you how it works. Let us get down to work right away, today, here and now.


Let us actually start building the New World today!


Are you ready?


"Yes, we are ready!"


Then let us set off together! Wherever each and every one of us lives and stands, let us unite our efforts and direct them towards the New Construction!


We shall first discuss the basics (1st chapter), then the path of the individual (2nd chapter) and finally the path of the community (3rd chapter) towards the New World. At the end of the Broadcasting, you will be invited to visit a stronghold of the world of the future in Tabenisi.




Nicholas Roerich "Glory of the Himalayas"


First, let us clarify the basics. Our common path necessarily consists not only of steps of action, but also of steps of cognition.


Watch again the Broadcastings of the Series “The New World” and the Broadcasting “The Hierarchy”. There is described in detail what the world of the future will look like. Today, we must take for granted that you know the ideal to the realization of which we are striving.



Section I: World Government of the Mahatmas


In order to move forward successfully, we require a goal, a path, and a plan.



1. The 7 Principles of the New World


"What exactly is the goal we want to achieve?"


We want to build an ideal world, paradise, the Kingdom of God, Heaven on earth. Or in scientific language:


We intend to create a world in which the Cosmic Order prevails.


In practice that means: We establish the rule of


The 7 principles of the New World:

Truth, justice, beauty and love,

selflessness, service to the common good and hierarchy


These are universal principles that claim to apply everywhere: In the family, in the state, on the whole earth, on higher planets like Venus, in our solar system and in the entire Universe. Where they rule there are higher civilizations. Where untruth or ugliness prevails, we find a lower culture.


The establishment of these 7 principles brings about:


In our New World there is no suffering, need, selfishness, greed, violence, destruction or exploitation of nature and fellow men, no war, no poverty and no unemployment.



2. Rule of the Mahatmas


"What do we have to do in order to establish the Cosmic Order everywhere on earth?"


We have to set up a World Government!


It is clear: An order that applies in every corner of the earth can only be created by a global central government.


“Who can form such a government? I don't see anyone who is suitable for that."


Watch again the Broadcasting "The Brotherhood of Shambhala". There we had already said: There is a responsible representative of the Cosmic Hierarchy on our planet: The Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.


They are destined to take control of the entire earth. Only they are in a position to enforce the Cosmic Order on a worldwide scale.


The Brotherhood of Shambhala is the International World Government installed from even higher Above.


The earth of the future is a world community governed by the Mahatmas.


"How does this dream become true?"


Every single human being has to submit to the World Government, to the rule of the Mahatmas.


Just like thousands of years ago an entire country, namely Egypt, so in the future the whole earth will be ruled by the initiates.


"What do we have to do?"


Very simple:


We recognize the World Government instituted from Above.


At least we who have come together here are following the Highest Beings that exist on earth! Let us stick to the laws they gave! Let us fulfill their instructions! Let us work together with them on their Great Cause: On the creation of the next evolutionary stage, the transformation of the earth into a paradise!


Our Path leads to the transformation of Earth into a palace. There are no poor. Who is unwilling to accept riches? (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 95)


Each and every one of you must join the community of those led by the Brotherhood. If you do not merely want to speak about practising Agni Yoga, but actually apply it in life, you cannot get round this step.



3. Creation of a World State

Nicholas Roerich "Potala"


In order to make the rule of the initiates a practical reality, our task is:


We shall be creating a World State under a World Government based in Shambhala.


That is the vision of Agni Yoga! The previous individual states merge into the new World State. Then, the heads of state will become mere district governors who are appointed and led by the Mahatmas.


Help to build My Country! (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 231, 266 [269])


"A gigantic project!"


Indeed! But there is no other way. Only like this can we establish the Cosmic Order everywhere on earth, ensure the rule of truth, justice, beauty and love and worldwide eradicate violence and war, need and misery.




"Why don’t we give the coming World State a name?"


Yes of course. How should we call a place where people are living together in accordance with the Higher Will, where the word of God is not only heard but actually carried out?


"A sanctuary!"


How do we name a place where people are dwelling in harmony with the Cosmic Order in purity, calm, peace, beauty and solemnity?


"A temple!"


Yes! Therefore, let us call the World State of the future, universally understandable, based on a term coined by Mahatma Hilarion (see also Heart 339):


Federation Temple of Humanity.


Which, in German at least, can be understood both as “Temple of Mankind” and as “Temple of Humaneness”. Thereby we express:


We want to turn the earth into a sanctuary.


Not only your body is a "Pharaoh", a "House of God". It is actually the destiny of the earth as a whole to become a temple!


You know the great symbol of driving the moneychangers out of the Temple; but is not Earth itself a Temple? (Fiery World I, 83)


The term "Federation" expresses: The new World State is a union of many smaller and larger communities and institutions, which is open for others to join.



4. The Path


We are not dreaming! We continue our path towards a better future!


"How can we small, insignificant men in our grey everyday life contribute to the creation of this World State?"


This is easier than you think. The territory of the Federation Temple of Humanity is for the time being limited to Shambhala. We have got to expand it step by step.


We must gradually conquer the world, that is, bring it under the rule of the Mahatmas.


All we have to do is to perform two very simple acts:


1. Each and every one of you becomes a citizen of the new World State

2. Each and every one of you declares his home to be part of the national territory of the State Temple of Humanity


From now on, your place of residence and work is an exclave that is governed from Shambhala: an area in the middle of a foreign state, far  away from home and without physical connection to the seat of government.


"That sounds incredible!?"


It is not that unusual though. There are many such exclaves: Gibraltar is ruled from London, Hawaii from Washington and Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) from Moscow.


"So what shall I do?"


At least in your home you establish the Cosmic Order. At least here the principles, laws, customs and traditions of the Shambhala apply. At least here, the Mahatmas rule.


In this way, the ideal of the Temple of Humanity becomes a materially embodied reality in the place where you are living and working.


When over time more and more individuals, then communities and institutions and later entire villages, landscapes and states join the Federation Temple of Humanity, the World State will arise quite naturally and without coercion by itself.




Now, we have already successfully completed the first step of our common path:


We have exactly defined our goal: It is a World State led by the Mahatmas of Shambhala called "Temple of Humanity". And we clearly see the path that leads to this lofty ideal.


Each of you is in possession of a roadmap, a plan to get you on your way.


Now let us discuss the details: What does the new World State look like? What can and must each individual and what a community do to make it a reality?



Section II: The Federation Temple of Humanity


The Temple of Humanity is a new civilization, a higher culture that arises wherever people choose to become members of this Federation. This idea can be implemented at any time, at any place, and under any external conditions.


Just as the Jewish culture has always flourished and continues to flourish wherever Jews are living, in various countries all over the world.



1. Example: The British Empire


We are founding an empire which is governed by the ruler of Shambhala. That means:


Anyone who wants to join us, wherever he lives, must become a subject of this great king.




"How are the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood supposed to rule us when they are so distant, physically not appearing, and we have never seen them?"


Let us look at an example:


At the height of the British Empire, the King of England ruled over all of Canada, large parts of today's USA, all of India, Australia and New Zealand as well as large parts of Africa and the Middle East. The vast majority of these overseas subjects have never been to England and never met their ruler. Nevertheless, they were citizens of an empire and ruled from London. Even in the smallest settlement in the Wild West, in the last village in South Africa, in India or in the outback of Australia, English law and British customs and habits prevailed. The king ruled through his viceroys, these through their provincial governors, and so on down to the last mayor. Queen Victoria was loved and adored even by those who had never seen her. (Lord Curzon, Queen Victoria)


In exactly the same sense, you too can regard yourself as a citizen of the Kingdom of Shambhala and submit to the World Government led by the Mahatmas. You know they exist. You do not have to see or to speak to them. Through the books of Agni Yoga and through their authorized representatives, their spirit can rule even in the remotest corner of this earth.



2. Code of the World State: The Agni Yoga


A government governs above all by making laws. Its rule is achieved by the citizens obeying these laws.


“Are there such norms? Has the Brotherhood enacted a code of law? "




The orders of the International World Government are laid down in the books of Agni Yoga.


Agni Yoga forms the basic law, the constitution of the New State we wish to create. These higher laws, as they rule in Shambhala, as of now also apply to you if you want to be a citizen of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


If you are satisfied to evolve with the masses, well and good; if you would pass beyond the masses, you must be subject to higher laws than those which govern material substance. (Teachings of the Temple Vol I, Lesson 21 “Prayer”)


As for the Jews the Torah, for the Muslims the Koran, for the Christians the Bible, for the Hindus the Bhagavad Gita and for the Buddhists Buddha's testament, so for the New Man the Agni Yoga is the set of rules which govern both his private and his public life.




Our goal, the rule of the Mahatmas on earth, will become reality when we who are gathered together here, and with us more and more other people, begin to live according to the rules and customs proclaimed by the Brotherhood. The occult law is:


Somebody has to start the New Construction somewhere. Then the world of the future will arise over time by itself.


Because others will inevitably join us when they see from our living example: The New World in which we are living is better than the old one in which they are stuck.



3. Government of the World State: Earthly Hierarchy


A government does not rule by laws alone. It also needs an executive force: State officials who ensure that the laws are actually observed and implemented locally on all levels.


Laws cannot regulate every conceivable individual case of daily life. Nor can the Mahatmas themselves watch over and decide about the treatment of the last school or kindergarten child, nor can they give specific instructions for it.


"How then can the Mahatmas rule us?"


In order to create the World State Temple of Humanity, we have to establish an earthly Hierarchy.


This Hierarchy, beginning at the very top with the World Government in Shambhala, extends down to all large and small human communities and institutions: States, regions, cities, villages, administrative authorities, courts, commercial enterprises, churches, kindergartens, schools, universities, families, and so on. Only in this way can we make sure that the Cosmic Order rules everywhere on earth and that the Higher Will is passed on from the very top and actually carried out at the very bottom.


Everywhere, at all levels we ask:


How would the World Government act? How would Mahatma M. decide?


Everywhere we are thinking and acting in His Spirit. This is how we actually make possible the government of the earth by the Brotherhood of Shambhala. We had already discussed this concept in the Broadcasting "The Hierarchy".




In order to achieve this, we need to educate and train suitable leaders - Hierarchs! -, who are able to recognize, to convey and to enforce the will of the Mahatmas in their area of responsibility. Furthermore, we have to awaken people's willingness to submit to these Hierarchs. We shall talk about that in a moment.




The Mahatmas of course demand obedience, otherwise a government cannot govern. But they also grant protection and help to those who submit to them.


A true government provides guidance, protection, and assistance.


This of course also applies to the Brotherhood. We have decided to entrust ourselves to their leadership. In return they give us their support. Then the higher powers are behind us, stand by our side. You can rely on it: If they perceive that a future-oriented construction is being started here, they will certainly see to it that interested parties and suitable co-workers will find us.


If the world's greatest need – a higher type of humanity – is perceived by the present human race and the evidence of the existence of such a type is procurable, it stands to reason that those who have any interest in the evolution of the present race will lose no opportunity for securing the proof. They will follow up any and all methods which would naturally lead to placing at least a few, prepared pupils under the direction and instruction of those who constitute that typical grouping. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lessons “Unity – spiritual and material” and “The World’s Struggle”)





Let us now inquire what each individual little man can and must do to build the world of the future.



Section I: Establishing a Stronghold of the New World


The New Construction begins in the personal sphere, at home and at your workplace.



1. New Construction along the Personal Channel


"Aren't politicians responsible for building a better world?"


No! Certainly it is not a parliamentary resolution or a presidential decree that will bring about the world of the future! It is not to be expected that such a step will be ordered from above. Obviously our politicians, business leaders and church dignitaries are neither willing nor able nor do they have the knowledge to create the New World. Agni Yoga teaches:


There is only one way to build the New World: Starting from the bottom, along the personal channel.


Humanity needs to purify its existence, so reconstruction must begin from the hearth, from everyday life. The life principle will undergo a worldwide reformation following the personal channel. (Heart 173)


We are a grass roots movement. We have to start the New Construction from the very bottom, each where he is, separately and individually, all by himself.


Hermann Hesse's novel “The Glass Bead Game” beautifully depicts how, in the midst of a materialistic society, the first seeds of a new, spiritual culture blossom slowly and with great effort. This is also our path.


The New World begins in the personal sphere of each individual.


That means: In your home and at your workplace. From there, from below, from house to house, the Cosmic Order will spread naturally with time over the whole earth.


Every single person can and must contribute his stone to save the world!


A great many people prefer not to realize that they can take part in world construction. Let them carry stones for the Invisible Temple. (Fiery World I, 492)


You recognize the opportunity, but also the responsibility:


It is you who causes the world to change!


As a next step, several such isolated supporters of the Temple of Humanity will come together to form small communities. From such core groups which others can join, the New Construction will emerge over time.



2. Transformation into an immortal Being of Spirit

Nicholas Roerich "Higher than Mountains"


We take it for granted that you have watched the Broadcastings of the Series “Experiment Immortality” and already made some good progress on the path of transforming into immortal beings of spirits. After all, we had already said several times:


Only New Men can create the New World.


With the old, mortal, materially and egotistically minded people, there is no state to be made, certainly not the world of the future.


The New World is a community of beings of spirit. (Nicholas Roerich "Zwenigorod")


Whoever wants to belong to us has to become an immortal. If you want to help building the New World, you must first of all become a New Man yourself! The first and inevitable step before you can think about changing the world is: Cchange yourself!


You yourself must be the change you wish to see in the world. (Gandhi)


A new banner requires new people. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 375 [440])




We are now coming to a very important step of cognition: The New World consists of two components:


Firstly, it has a social aspect: The 7 principles of truth, justice, beauty and love, selflessness, service to the common good and hierarchy that regulate our living together.


Second, the New World also has a personal aspect. The best system cannot make the earth a sanctuary if the people who inhabit it are aggressive, selfish, greedy, violent, irritable, enslaved by base passions or haunted by doubts.


The New World, the next evolutionary stage that we are talking about, is the home of the coming 6th race. That means, of the New Man who has already developed his Eternal Individuality, his Fiery Body to a certain extent; who practises the exercise "Fiery Condition" and learns to keep his soul in a state of high vibration in all, even the most terrible conditions.


Only when such people come together, they can create around them an atmosphere of high vibration, such as that prevailing in a temple: A world of calm, peace, joy and solemnity - a paradise.




We gain a surprising insight:


We save the world by climbing the next level of evolution!


If you become the New, immortal spirit Man of the sixth race, keep growing, overcome your egotism, this greatest obstacle to the well-being of the earth, and develop the spiritual potential hidden within you more and more - then at the same time you are saving the world!


It is not only true: only the New Man can create a New, better World. The reverse also applies:


As soon as the New Man appears, the New World begins. (Nicholas Roerich "Lama")


The reason for this is: Today's humanity, like the dinosaurs, the Indians or the Aborigines, is stuck in a dead end. With our outdated thinking and old methods, we are simply unable to progress. We therefore threaten to be eliminated from evolution or at least to lose touch with the development hurrying forward, which in the long term will also end in doom.


What is the way out of a dead end? There is only one: striving upwards! Advance to the next level!


The earthly world is like an impasse—either ascent or destruction. (Fiery World I, 157)



3. Every place a Temple


“Paradise on earth, reign of the Mahatmas, Temple of Humanity – well and good. These are dreams, impossible to realize in today’s world. And anyway: I am a small man. I have no power and no influence. I cannot contribute anything to the realization of this ideal. I am up to my neck in the worries that my normal everyday life with family and work gives me. I can't look after saving the world in addition to all that!"


Your objection is understandable - but not justified!


We have once again reached a crucial point and come to a further step of cognition of the utmost importance: If the whole earth is to become a sanctuary, that means concretely:


Every single place between North Pole and South Pole, between Rome and Tokyo must become a temple! The Confederation Temple of Humanity is made of many individual small temples!


Therefore, we require the cooperation precisely of every single human being, right into the last corner of the earth - no matter how big or small, powerful or weak, influential or (apparently) meaningless he is!


Think every day about the tasks that the New World poses. Strive to the New World as if it were something standing right on the other side of the door. Nobody should just leave it to others to take care of the New World, since every one of us has to grasp what it means. (Heart 132)


Until every single person on this earth has become a citizen of the World State and lives in a temple, our project is not yet fully realized.


Now we understand why Agni Yoga insists again and again: Do not withdraw from life! Do not go to the Himalayas! Do not leave the usual sphere of life in which Karma has placed you!


Everyone must learn to build the temple of the New World in his place!


Otherwise the world of the future cannot become a reality.



4. Become Points of Light!


To members of a higher civilization approaching in a spaceship, our earth shows a dreadful sight: Egotism, strife and violence predominate. We urgently need to present ourselves better to Cosmos!


Seen from space, the map of the world of the future is still white and empty. Hardly any places can be entered in it yet. With your temple, a first point of light appears on this map. When other people follow, a network of points of light emerges over time: the earth becomes strewn with sanctuaries, and the Temple of Humanity arises by itself.


Become a point of light!


Every single point of light is a stone for the construction of the Temple of Humanity. It attracts attention. The Mahatmas will recognize your efforts and send their help.


Like the light in the sombre valley seen by the mountaineer from his peaks, every bright thought in your mind, my Brother, will sparkle and attract the attention of your distant friend. Thus we discover our natural allies in the Shadow-world, and it is our law to approach every such an one if even there be but the feeblest glimmer of the true 'Tathagata' [Buddha] light within him. (Mahatma Letter No. 45 of February 1882).


Other people perceive like a lighthouse the wonderful world emerging around you and will follow the path that you are showing them.


But also the dark forces will not fail to notice the delicate little plant of the New Construction and will try everything in their might to nip it in the bud. Therefore, be prepared for attacks!



5. The Path of the Inner Temple

Monopteros, English Garden, Munich


"Should I now proceed as a craftsman and build a temple out of bricks and marble columns?"


No of course not. When we say: Every place in the world shall become a temple, that means: Everything, from the hut to the palace, has to be transformed. But that is not achieved by physically demolishing the buildings and rebuilding them. That is of no use. We have to do something completely different:


The spirit of the New World, namely the Cosmic Order, must move into every house – how ever it is built outwardly.


The temple is in spirit. (Heart 80)


The creation of the world of the future is a spiritual, an internal process.


Living in the New World, in a sanctuary, is a state of the consciousness!


The New World is born everywhere, but beyond boundaries and conditions. The old world and the New World are distinguished through consciousness, not by outer evidence. Age and circumstance bear no importance. (Agni Yoga 55)


You establish your Inner Sanctuary wherever you live. We already talked about this concept in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”. This is the next indispensable basis of our great project: If you are unable to build and fill with life the temple of the New World within you yourself, you certainly will not succeed to erect it on the material level either.


Establishing the temple in the heart is the first step in creating the New World.


Of course, in the material world you will fail over and over again. Every day you do what you can. More is not required. The main thing is: You must never give up the foundation on which you stand: the sanctuary in your heart!


The New World is within you!


There it is to be built and to be defended. Only if you yourself are constantly living in your Inner Temple can you take the next step and transform your surroundings into a sanctuary. You must first put your own life in order before you can proceed to establish a higher order in the world!



6. Establishment of a Stronghold of the New World

Banner "Community of Maitreya"


We now come to the decisive step: Your personal contribution to building the world of the future is:


You transform your home into a stronghold of the New World.


"How do I have to proceed practically?"


You join our movement and enlist as another confederate in the Federation Temple of Humanity.


This is how you become part of the Great Plan! However, with us, there are no passive, merely supporting members and no non-voting preference shares. Only those can participate who make an active and practical contribution to the New Construction. That means:


The world of the future will become a material reality when more and more individuals set up there where they live a settlement, an outpost of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


The Temple of Humanity, the Kingdom of Shambhala, is for the time being an ideal which for the most part exists on the Subtle Plane only. Like everything subtle, like every idea, it strives to be embodied on earth as a material reality.


The Kingdom of Shambhala remains unfinished as long as its lowest, the physical level is not fully established, as long as it does not have a broad material base.


You cause Shambhala to become a material reality at least in one place in the world: in your home.


Do you realize at all what a gigantic task that is? Your house becomes a place where, as in Shambhala, the conditions of all three worlds prevail. You realize the unity of the worlds and thus Heaven on earth in your home!


Shambhala is the indispensable site where the spiritual world unites with the material one. In the Mountain Dwelling, the gates to the spiritual world are open. But to work there where the spirit has descended into matter, the conditions of both planes must be met. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 88, 91)


The plan of Agni Yoga is:


There where you are living and working, you establish your own Higher World.


Each spirit creates his own world, and the beauty or ugliness of the created world depends upon the quality of consciousness. (Infinity II, 719 [319])


This is the beginning of a New Era, the world of the future - even if initially only with you and a few others!




“How do I set up such a stronghold? I have written “Little Shambhala” on my door sign. How do I fill this ideal with life?"


You submit to the rule of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.


You become a citizen of Shambhala, of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


The world of the future gains a new citizen. You are sworn in on the constitution and promise to abide by the laws of the state to which you belong from now on.


You change your citizenship - at least in spirit. Your loyalty to your former state, people, nation and family largely ends. It now relates first and foremost to the Mahatmas.


Once children of many races, now men of one race – the race of the Universal Brotherhood; once subjects to many kings, citizens of many countries, now subjects of One King; citizens of one country – the Kingly Hierophant and the country of the Great White Lodge. (From the Mountain Top II, Lesson “Many in One”)


Your home becomes a part of the national territory of Shambhala, of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


From now on it will be ruled from Shambhala. Here reigns as the highest head of government Mahatma M.


By your accession, the territory of the World State of the future is expanded!


"What exactly should I do?"


You introduce at your home the 7 principles of the New World: Truth, justice, beauty and love, selflessness, service to the common good and hierarchy.


These few, dry words are in reality the program for a peaceful revolution! You overcome the terrible relativism which prevails everywhere today: Which knows nothing for sure, does not firmly believe in anything, drags everything down into the mud and for which nothing is sacred; which claims that there are as many truths and justices as there are people; which no longer dares to make any distinction and presents even the ugliest fabrications as art.


In your house, there is only one truth and only one justice, and you enforce them. In your place you fight for beauty and harmony (see the Broadcastings “Expansion of Consciousness” and “The New World: Administration of Justice, Property Ownership, Art, etc.”), that is, for conformity with the Cosmic Order.




We want to form communities that submit to the World Government of the Brotherhood. If you wish to take part and apply for admission, you must first prove that you alone can live according to the commandments of the Mahatmas! If you do not even manage to achieve that in your own private rooms, you will certainly not succeed under the much more difficult conditions of a larger group of people, let alone of the world community.


Your home is a place of purity and solemnity in the midst of a depraved world. (Nicholas Roerich "Holy City")


At least here, if nowhere else, the Cosmic Order, the law of the Hierarchy, the Higher, Divine Will reigns.


You do not admit anything unclean. You do not allow anything low, such as quarrel and desires, egotism, irritability, coarse or ugly thoughts, words or deeds.


As in Heaven, so on earth: That what is not allowed in Heaven (for example alcohol) is not allowed with you either. That what applies in Heaven applies at your place as well.




Every visitor who enters your realm must adapt to the customs that are in force here. As the English say so nicely:


My home is my castle.


Thereby they express: At least in your private sphere you are the unrestricted ruler. Here, nobody else but you has to decide. In this realm you are the king and enforce the rules and customs of Shambhala. You watch over compliance with the higher laws and do not tolerate any deviations. You do not allow your sanctuary to be desecrated by unworthy behaviour.


In your house you are the representative of the Hierarchy who is responsible for the observance of the Cosmic Order.




In earlier, better days, there were many strongholds of the Brotherhood scattered all over the world, including in India, Egypt, Russia, England, France, Italy and Germany. When the situation deteriorated, the Masters were forced to dissolve all these ashrams and withdraw the few remaining co-workers to the main bulwark in the Himalayas.


Many Ashrams were transferred to the Himalayas because the atmosphere of other locations had become intolerable. The last Egyptian Ashram was transferred to the Himalayas because of the well-known events in Egypt and the adjoining regions. At the beginning of Armageddon all the Ashrams had to be gathered together in the Abode in the Himalayas. (Supermundane 19)


We must gradually reverse this ill-fated development!


To do this, we have to start all over again and build new settlements in many places. You contribute to this by turning your home and workplace into an outpost of Shambhala.


“I still don't quite understand: What exactly is changing in my life? Which laws and customs am I to introduce?"


A crucial question. The order which you establish in your home is shaped by the 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga, namely above all by selflessness, service to the common good and integration into the Hierarchy. We shall go into more details later in this Broadcasting.



Practical Tip

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


Every morning you pronounce seven times the words "Morya Maitreya" (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 332 [388]), as a sign of your submission to the rule of the Mahatmas


You raise the banner of the Federation every morning. Yes, really, I am serious: Roll it up in the evening, unfold it in the morning and put it on your desk or hang it on the wall. (Banner "Community of Maitreya")


You put a picture with the portrait of Mahatma Morya in a prominent position, just as a photograph of the head of state hangs in every government office around the world. There can be no unworthy behaviour under His image, before His face.


Living and working under the picture, in the presence and in the spirit of the Brotherhood is the foundation of the New World!



Section II: Your Daily Program of Work


“That is still too general and too abstract for me. I have internalized the earlier Broadcastings. I have made progress with the exercises of transforming into a being of spirit and living in my Inner Temple. What concrete and practical should I do now to set up a New World base here with me? "


Well, here we are at the heart of this Broadcasting: Let us go through the work program of the individual who wants to build the New World in his place.


We repeat: What is our goal?


We want to build a world that is a temple. In which the Cosmic Order, the 7 principles of the New World (truth, justice, beauty and love, selflessness, service to the common good and hierarchy) actually apply, and in which beings of high vibration create around them an atmosphere of calm, peace, joy and solemnity.


Your great, wonderful task, the first, indispensable step towards this paradise is:


Create such a world at your home and at work!


"How should I start?"



1. Meditation Room


Your work on creating Heaven on earth begins at home: First you make the room in which you live a sanctuary. We already discussed how to do this in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”.


You create through meditation within yourself and then through your radiance in your room a solemn atmosphere, and thus a sacred place is being produced.




You have to drive the enemies of the New World, namely low vibrations such as selfishness, envy, greed, irritation, rudeness, wrath, anger, hatred, indolence, doubt, fear and dejection from your own heart before you can think about eradicating them on the material plane. You must keep your own vibration high; only thereby can you elevate your surroundings.


It is not a child’s play and no trifle, but a gigantic achievement when the New World becomes a reality in your meditation room!


Thereby, you are doing a great service to humanity! This is the beginning of a New Time!



Practical Tip


Do not forget: The New World does not appear physically in your room! You do not tear down your house and build a new one for it. Externally, the room in which you are living and working remains almost unchanged!


You build the world of the future by filling this room with a new spirit.


The New World is a superstructure, a spiritual order, a Subtle Reality that is being erected over your whereabouts.


Like the state Federal Republic over the part of the globe called "Germany".


You vault the Cosmic Order, the way of life of Shambhala over your place of residence. You are building a spiritual reality that rises above the material plane.


When you have created this spiritual paradise around you in the morning meditation, you can take it with you wherever you go. We remember Yogananda:


Practise meditation, and you will find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise.


This is how you bring the realm of the future into the world. Anyone who visits you enters your sanctuary anyway. When you visit someone else, you carry it with you. Thus, the temple in the heart is the basis for the temple in your room, and this in turn is the basis for the world temple.




Your main task is to defend this spiritual reality, this thought structure during the day in the storms of earthly life.


A stone house will last for centuries once you have built it. The fragile spiritual order of the New World, on the other hand, you must rebuild every single morning and maintain in the course of the worldly day.


From now on, most important of all is: You actually are a New Man and you actually live in Heaven.


Not until this Subtle Reality is established do you take care of your tasks on the material level.


Your work on the spiritual plane is paramount, that in the material world is subordinate.



2. Family


It will be more difficult to expand the New World to the whole apartment in which you live with your family, partner and children. Do not give yourself to illusions: this is a gigantic challenge, a tough fight.


“My family does not share my ideal at all. They don't want to know anything about Agni Yoga, the Mahatmas and the creation of a New World. "


Yes, it is indeed a general experience: A spiritually minded person usually finds no understanding, no response and no following among his own family. You must not close your eyes to the sad realization: Often the strangeness, chaos, the evil world begins in your own house, right behind the door of your meditation room.


It can often be observed that as one member of a family strives for enlightenment, the other members will aggressively mock his aspirations. Indeed, this one member needs all his courage to oppose the rude attacks of the others. It rarely happens that an entire family strives toward the Light in a united effort against darkness. (Supermundane 266)


Now you should not behave like a missionary. It is a wasted effort to try to convert unwilling ones. Rather, proceed practically in two steps:


First step: Prevent by your mere presence, your radiation, your authority, your spiritual help, that low vibrations, ugly thoughts, feelings, words or deeds come up in your family; that selfishness, envy, greed, dejection, insult, hurt, irritation, doubt, quarrel or aggressiveness arise which desecrate the sanctuary.


After driving these enemies of the New World out of yourself, you now set about driving them out of your home, like Jesus the merchants from the temple. (El Greco "Christ driving the Traders from the Temple")


Instead, bring about high vibrations, elevating, uplifting, helpful and useful thoughts, feelings, words and deeds which promote the ideal of Shambhala. Expand your Inner Temple! Fight against screaming, emotions and quarreling, encourage self-control, the rule of the spirit. Create the dignified and solemn atmosphere of a temple in your home!


May all family members help one another to keep the vibration of the individual high and to raise it again immediately in the event of a crash.


In truth, this is not aloof or esoteric, on the contrary: Isn’t it the dream of every family to create an oasis of purity, peace, tranquillity, joy, harmony and love in the middle of the storms of the world?!


A thorough purification of the atmosphere of the whole earth is necessary. Agni Yoga speaks of "cleaning space". This has to start in the personal sphere of every single human being.


Second step: Vault the superstructure of the laws and customs of Shambhala over your entire family so that your home becomes part of the national territory of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


Work together with your partner and your children to realize the 7 Principles of the New World (truth, justice, beauty and love, selflessness, service to the common good and hierarchy)! At least in your home, overcome hardship, suffering, egotism, war, poverty and unemployment.


Even the children can and must make their contribution, especially to the work necessary in this small community. With your example, teach them to stand up for the principles of the Higher World.


Man must develop within himself a persistent striving toward the Highest and practise it in the smallest examples of daily life. (Supermundane 431)




The family is the nucleus, the laboratory of the community of the future.


In all Teachings the family is decreed to be a pillar of the entire future. The family should be regarded as the hearth of awareness and cooperation. (Heart 549)


In the family, everything can and must be tried out, practised and realized which later is to become reality in the world community!


How do you want to live with your family in an Agni Yoga village or state one day when you are not even able to keep the customs and rules that apply there among yourselves?


The true family is the prototype of communal life. It can personify cooperation and Hierarchy and all the conditions of Brotherhood. But such families are extremely rare. It is impossible to think about building the state without building the home. What conception of Brotherhood can the people have who do not understand the dignity of state and home? No specific decree can restore the feeling of dignity if it has been obliterated. (Brotherhood 57)


The main responsibility of the family is, of course, to raise our children to become New Men. We shall talk more about this task later in this Broadcasting




The family is a huge training ground for you future builders of Higher Worlds! Here you can practise, under all circumstances, in the midst of all the unreasonableness and emotions, to preserve unshakable calm and serenity, to maintain the Fiery State of the highest vibration and to enforce the 7 Principles of the New World.


Just think of Socrates and his proverbial quarrelsome wife Xanthippe: It was certainly not a coincidence, but rather karmically determined that one of the greatest spiritual teachers of mankind had to undergo in his home such an examination and above all teaching.



Practical Tip


Solve the normal everyday problems in the spirit of the New World. For this, you do not even have to use the words Agni Yoga, Mahatmas, or next evolutionary stage. Based on your ideal, you lovingly make practical suggestions for improving life.


With your knowledge and your position as a being of spirit, may you be like a big brother who helps his little siblings. (Titian "Tobias and the Angel")



3. Place of Work

Georges de La Tour "Saint Joseph as a carpenter"


You continue to move forward by turning your workplace into a sanctuary, a branch of Shambhala. That also is a gigantic challenge!


Let us first assume: You are self-employed, for example as a craftsman, retailer, lawyer, farmer, architect or in a medical profession. Then it is up to you to organize your business in such a way that the principles of the Temple of Humanity apply, which we will discuss in more detail later: Selfless professional work on an ethical basis without exploitation of nature or fellow human beings, not for personal enrichment, but as a service to the common good.


You are realizing a dream: your work is now divine service!


In your work room there is a picture of Buddha, Jesus or one of the Mahatmas on the wall or on your desk. Thereby you explain to those who come to seek your help: I am selflessly serving the common good in the name of the Hierarchy.


Let these co-workers be assured that an invisible thread is stretched from their worktable to Us. We shall help them invisibly. (Supermundane 27)


That is not easy in a materialistic environment. With such an attitude, you will have to do without many orders or customers.




“I am not self-employed, but employed in a capitalist company. I am in no position to enforce compliance with the work ethics of Shambhala."


You have to make a living in the world as it is. There, too, you can do a lot: First of all, you must be careful not to take part in criminal practices.


Then, just like in your family, you can fight the enemies of the New World in your work environment, namely low vibrations such as selfishness, envy, greed, irritation, rudeness, wrath, anger, hatred, indolence, doubt, fear and dejection, and ensure that that there is calm, peace, harmony and joy.


You can also vault your virtual sanctuary above your workplace and ban words and deeds that are not in accordance with the dignity of such a place.


Wherever possible, you can raise the awareness that ethical business practices will be more successful in the long run. And in the interest of everyone, you can increase the quality of the work in small steps, starting at your own workplace. Real improvements will eventually find the approval of your superiors as well.


Searching for higher quality is already a striving into a better future. (Supermundane 839)


If you cannot find a way to serve the common good in your job, you can do voluntary, unsalaried work at the Red Cross, in the church or in one of the many other charitable institutions.



4. The Meaning of Everyday Life


"The everyday odds and ends in family and work and the grandeur of the world of the future – isn't that mutually exclusive?"


No! We are here at one of the key messages of Agni Yoga! You must not under any circumstances disdain everyday life!


In German, the word for “everyday life” is “Alltag”: “Cosmos-day”.


People loathe especially the routine of daily life; for them it is the symbol of weariness and descent, whereas for Us the daily routine is perfectment and ascent; it opens the gates to Infinity. One can learn to love this daily routine, because it tempers the spirit and gives one courage. (Hierarchy 176)


We can make a lot of lofty words about the world of the future and the descent of the ideal of Shambhala to the material level - in the end it all comes down to one thing only:


We are to realize the New World in everyday life: in every family and at every workplace – where else?


If you want to be an Agni Yogi, you have to start building the New World in your home and in your profession - where else? Heaven on earth means Heaven in everyday life - where else?


The New Era begins in our everyday life, in our All-tag!


Only then will the movement be permanent and solid.


In the most everyday life are laid the foundations of the world’s grandeur. (Fiery World II, 97)


May one be able to say about our efforts:


A new epoch in world history is starting here and today, and you may say you took part. (Goethe on September 20, 1792 in view of the cannonade of Valmy, the unexpected success of the troops of the French Revolution)


How do we want to set about building the realm of the future worldwide if we do not even succeed to achieve this at home?


The great skill is: Let the sublime become reality – and that particularly in everyday life.


To give just one example: If you cannot manage now, here and today, at your home, to dispense with alcohol, meat, tobacco and sweets, with irritation, dejection and envy, you will certainly not be able to do so in a larger community either. The same is true of all other rules that apply in Shambhala.


We see again (Broadcasting “The Supermundane World”): The question is not: Are you going to Heaven? But: Do you already live in Heaven, or are you driving yourself out of it?


May every hour in family and profession be filled with work to build the New World!


Instead of retreating to a monastery, as was suggested to spiritual people in earlier times, you build your temple at your home and thus sanctify everyday life.


An experiment of worldwide importance is taking place in your rooms!


Intellectuals experiment with ideas, while monks experiment with their lives. (Raimondo Panik-kar)


This striving transfigures your whole life, as it gives each moment a higher meaning!


Earthly man should remember his responsibility in the task of world construction. (Supermundane 838)


This is the wonderful thing about Agni Yoga: There is nothing abstract. Only that counts what improves your everyday life.


Everything you think and feel, say and do, even what you do not say and do not do, either builds up the work of art of the New World or tears down the construction erected with so much effort.


An unworthy desire, even a very slight one, can destroy an already finished construction. (Heart 207)



5. Rule of the Spirit

Emperor Augustus


You have to be strong and build up spiritual power (psychic energy) if you want to enforce your ideals, your idea of a paradise on this depraved earth.


You must first control yourself and then the surrounding circumstances.


You have to feel immediately and take countermeasures if you yourself or the situation slips out of control.


Both things are related: As soon as you let yourself go, as soon as you are no longer under the rule of the spirit, if only for a moment, you lose your spiritual power and are unable to establish the rule of the spirit in your surroundings either. We see again: Power over circumstances flows from power over yourself.


If you do not master yourself, you cannot master the situation either.



6. The Desert Princess


You may regard yourself as a missionary, a development worker or a being from a Higher World, from a more spiritual sphere, who is establishing a centre of a higher culture among uncivilized barbarians.


"Can you give an example from daily life?"


In 1870 the French lady Aurélie Picard met an Arab prince, married him and followed him to his homeland, the Sahara. There she encounters primitive conditions and cannot help but introduce her French civilization: the house is thoroughly cleaned, sand and vermin are removed; the family eats no longer on the floor with their fingers, but at the table with knife and fork. The desert princess ensures that in the village no more rubbish is being dumped onto the streets. She heals the sick and sets up a school for the children. Around the newly built Kourdane Palace, Mrs. Picard makes the desert arable and transforms it into a blooming garden. The bestseller “The Desert Princess” by Roger Frison-Roche (title of the French original: “Djebel Amour”) tells about her adventurous life there.


You should look at your work in a similar way: Practically oriented towards improving, embellishing and elevating everyday life.


You are a Creator, a Builder of New Worlds! What can there be greater?



Section III: Your Relationship with the Environment


“I am not alone on this earth. What is the relationship between my temple and my surroundings?"



1. Your Home: An Outpost of the Temple of Humanity


We are pioneers building a New Land in the wilderness.


You live in the diaspora. Your home is an outpost and stronghold of a higher civilization in the midst of a hostile environment, similar to the forts of the white settlers on the land of the Indians.


Your home and your place of work are part of the world of the future. The people who come to you must feel:


Here is the New World!


They enter your temple and should leave it elevated.


How, then, does a Hierarch create on Earth? By uplifting all the surroundings. (Agni Yoga 663)


Missioning is not the path of Agni Yoga. We do not stand screaming on the market square, praising the high wisdom like sour beer.


One cannot view without contempt the selling of the Teaching in the bazaar at a discount. Learn to understand that the Teaching, conscious of its knowledge, will not expose itself in the bazaar. (Community 129)


Better convince your fellow men with your shining example. Show them a more beautiful, more liveable world in a clearly visible way.


May your temple be a “monastery for the salvation of the world”: a magnet, the centre of a movement that others can join.


Most of the people are not bad and well aware that things cannot go on as before. They are full of the best intentions and looking for opportunities to participate in a New Construction, but cannot find them.


At the gates of the New World the crowds gather, yet they do not perceive the access. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 237 [271]


Many pure spirits are ready to join in conscious labour, but they seek for the right approach. (Fiery World I, 489)



2. Fight

Nicholas Roerich "Holy City"


However, your relationship to your environment must also be described with the word “fight”.


Right outside your door begins the jungle, hell, the realm of the monsters which try to flood your world and to tear it into the abyss. (Nicholas Roerich "Holy City")


Around your temple need and suffering prevail, the primitive conditions of a backward civilization. Your national territory with its higher culture must stand firmly and securely like an island of the blessed, like a lighthouse in the dark, and give people hope.


As the Indians the forts of the white men, the surrounding chaos regards your sanctuary as an enemy, which it wants to destroy, absorb or tear down to its level. You must be prepared to face constant attacks and to defend your fortress by all means. You absolutely have got to preserve the purity of the place and your personal dignity.


The New Construction can begin nowhere else but at the very lowest level. We are building our temple in the middle of the deepest swamp, in the hell of the terrible hostile to the spirit worldly conditions.



3. Elevation of the Environment

Nicholas Roerich "From Beyond"


When you leave your temple and go into the world, you are like a king who climbs down from his castle into the village, among the people, to his children, in order to clear the chaos prevailing there and to restore order (truth, justice, beauty and love).


It is important that this concept does not just remain an abstract idea.


You really have to identify with the figure in the white robe and act as a representative of a higher culture who descends into a world of darkness, ignorance and barbarism in order to help and to improve life there. (Nicholas Roerich "From Beyond")


Your task is to raise your surroundings (in our example the Indians) as much as possible to the level of the higher civilization of the New World.


He knows how hard it is, when surrounded by tigers, to rise up and carry others on into the higher spheres. But this is the labour that must be performed by those who are launching the New World. Yes, even the very beginning must be tangible. (Heart 292)


“That is still a bit unclear. Are there examples from everyday life? "


A modern saint is the Japanese Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki healing method. He went to the slums of Kyoto to donate Reiki, that is, spiritual energy (in the language of Agni Yoga: psychic energy). In this way he restored to the poor and the sick their vitality and joy of being, which also improved their physical and spiritual condition.


Likewise, you too may pass on your own fieriness to other people (whereby you spread the New, immortal Man). Likewise, through your own high vibration, you can raise the vibration of your surroundings (whereby you spread the New World). As we said in the Broadcasting “Exercise The Fiery Condition”, this is the heroic deed of an Agni Yogi, which he performs on each day of his normal everyday life.


Unlike Mikao Usui, you do not even have to go looking for people in distress. The moment you leave your meditation room in a fiery state of high vibration, you are already descending into a world full of hardship, misery and suffering. In no time, you will inevitably meet in your family, at your workplace or anywhere else in your environment low-vibrating fellow men in urgent need to be uplifted.


This is the way for us, nowadays, to imitate in everyday life the great spiritual warriors of all times and to lead a holy life in the middle of the world!



Practical Tip: Highness and Love

Nicholas Roerich "Brahmaputra"


You must learn to keep a certain distance from the people and the situation and not to let anyone or anything get too close to you. Act like a lawyer or a doctor: You yourself are not affected by the disputes of your clients or the ailments of your patients, and you do not allow them to infect you.


You belong to the rulers!


But do not despise anyone! Smile indulgently at your little brothers and sisters with their primitive habits! Help them improve their lives! Your motto is:


Highness and Love.


When the savages, to thank you for your troubles and worries, put stones in your way, annoy, mock, insult, cheat, slander or humiliate you, or even tie you to the torture stake, you do not scream and rage, but keep the composure of Jesus on the cross:


Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. (Luke 23, 34)



4. Conquest, Expansion

Saint John of Capistran


That what does not grow and gets greater is dead.


Like any other living organism, the Federation Temple of Humanity and your personal temple as well are geared towards growth.


Our goal is: To bring the whole world around us under the rule of the Mahatmas - exclusively by peaceful means, of course, without any kind of physical or psychical coercion. Their national territory must constantly expand.


Conquering the world for the Mahatmas: this is the adventure of our time! (Nicholas Roerich "Tibetan Stronghold")


"That sounds a bit martial and like colonialism."


No, basically it is about one thing only:


To win people for the New World!


Under My Banners will I assemble new men. Dedicate yourselves to the task of gathering the people and, with them, erecting My Temple. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 143 [160])


We want to inspire people to live according to the same higher laws, manners, customs and traditions as they exist in Shambhala. Here again, "succession" is the magic word!


“Isn't that completely unrealistic? In my multi-storey building are the statutes to be introduced that apply in the highest earthly sanctuary?"


No! The Mahatmas expressly urge us to imitate them. This is the only way to create a higher order on earth!


People can imitate Us, for each one can apply in life the principles of Brotherhood. Only dark deniers speak about the absolute inapplicability of Brotherhood on Earth. (Supermundane 47)


By imitating the basic labours of the Brotherhood people may become united in useful cooperation. The Brotherhood is not a myth, and treading in its steps will be a decisive construction. It is not forbidden to copy anything lofty. Placing before oneself a lofty task, it is possible to attain no small results. (Brotherhood 434)



Practical Tip: Elevate every Room


"Conquering the world, expanding the national territory of Shambhala - these are again high-flying ideas that have nothing to do with my everyday life!"


Well, let us start further below and put it differently: You can transform other rooms in the same way as you have transformed your own apartment.


You can fill every room you enter (when visiting acquaintances, friends or relatives, entering office rooms, government offices, etc.) with the pure, solemn atmosphere of your sanctuary. Thereby you take possession of it for Shambhala. Thereby you expand the national territory of the Temple of Humanity in daily life. Thereby you realize the goal of making every place a temple.


This is a real conquest!


The external conditions in foreign places you can influence to a limited extent only. But the subtle atmosphere or backdrop, the background against which material life takes place, you can shape considerably everywhere and under all circumstances.


You set up everywhere the superstructure, the spiritual order of the New World.


Like St. John of Capistrano, who with his spiritual strength managed to transform an entire military camp into a sanctuary, as we have already discussed in the Broadcasting “The Path of the Inner Temple”.


Success depends on the power of your spirit, which has to assert itself against the unspiritual influences of other people in the room.


Wherever you appear, you take over the spiritual guidance, and the New World grows real!


You are a representative of the Hierarchy and the New World. You know the world of the future and the way to get there, the others don't.


This certainty, this self-confidence is based on the fact that you are already living in the New World. What you can and should pass on is not grey theory, but your own practical living experience of how to improve life and raise it to a higher level.



5. Conquer Institutions


It is of crucial importance that not only individual rooms become cornerstones of the Temple of Humanity; we also have to conquer society’s institutions.


What is the real help for Our Work? Of course, in cooperating to build our institutions. (Agni Yoga 246)


All governmental and other institutions: Authorities, courts, commercial enterprises, craft businesses, law firms, hospitals, doctor’s practices and other medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, universities, families and churches can and must become members of the Federation Temple of Humanity, come under the leadership of a Hierarch and work in the spirit of the New Age.





So far we have talked about the path of the individual. The key, the magic word for the creation of the New World however is: "Community". It is not by accident that one of the books of Agni Yoga bears this title.


The world of the future can only be imagined as a community of New Men.


Isolated Agni Yogis, left to their own, cannot establish the world of the future, however many they and however great their efforts may be. We will conquer the world not as individuals, but only as a community.


Only in unity is strength. The small, isolated efforts at saving the planet are very weak. (Fiery World III, 426)


Truth, justice, beauty and love are to rule among all people, in human society as a whole.


The community stands as the only door to progress. Pushing off from the old shore, humanity inevitably will reach the indicated, evolutional, upright cliff of the New World. (Community 265)



Forming Communities


"So how shall we build the world of the future?"


By joining forces with like-minded people, forming communities and placing them under the rule of the Mahatmas.


We start with small core groups that others can join. Thus larger communities arise. Soon a village, several cities and finally an entire country will come under the rule of the Mahatmas. In the end, through natural development, the world community emerges.


Thus, even in small core groups one can thrust forward the prototype of world progress. (Fiery World I, 288)


In governmental and social construction one should have in mind the workings of cosmic laws. Two harmonized auras can create a New World. (Fiery World III, 66)


A group of twelve, systematically united, truly can master even cosmic events. It must be understood that the enlarging of such a group can weaken it, undermining the dynamic of the construction. Therefore you notice that Our construction consists of small groups. (Agni Yoga 137)


The World State Temple of Humanity is created through merging many small, medium, larger and largest communities.


Thus, beginning with the seed, the construction of a community can result in the Community of the World. (Infinity II, 683 [283]


One of the most beautiful statements of Agni Yoga is:


Let new communities arise as new springs in the desert. Around each spring tender grass will become green and the streams from the springs will eventually flow together in one current. (Community 226)


The picture of an oasis might seem perhaps a little worn out today, but here it is completely justified:


We need to set up lighthouses, points of light, living, shining examples of a more spiritual way of life in the midst of the spiritual desert of today’s time.


Like the Christians in the declining Roman Empire, we are laying the foundation for a higher culture.


Furthermore, we must create homesteads in which spiritual people, the first representatives of the coming 6th race, can find refuge.



Section I: Study Evenings and Schools


“How are we going to proceed practically? What are the first steps?"


1. Study Evenings


Let us start very practically, very simply, very small and from bottom up: The first, most obvious, most natural and most necessary step in forming a community is:


We meet once a week to study and discuss the books of Agni Yoga.


This does not require any material means, no rooms other than the apartment of a participant and no living together.


If these “study evenings” not only theorize, but actually advance the spiritual development of the individual members, you are already doing extremely valuable, fruitful work.


The books of Agni Yoga are the basis for all of our endeavours.


They are still new to all of us. Studying them thoroughly, really internalizing them and putting their instructions into practice is therefore an indispensable prerequisite for the New Construction.




You will see: It turns out already here who is suitable to work in a more ambitious community and who is not. Soon, after just a few weeks, the wheat separates from the chaff:


There are those who simply do not manage to attend regularly or to show up on time. There are those who, with their undisciplined nature, bring nothing but chaos into the group, be it because they lack the necessary seriousness, be it because their technology never works. Or those who are not interested in Agni Yoga at all, but wish to present their own worldview. There are others who are so deeply stuck in their personal problems that they are not yet mentally free to really focus on Agni Yoga.




When discussing the paragraphs it quickly transpires who is a spiritual person: Some understand quite well what the Master wants to tell us, contribute valuable examples to the explanation of a passage, help other members to understand and give suggestions on how the Teaching can be put into practice in daily life.


Others, on the other hand, gain no access, neither to the books nor to the explanations given by the group, do not want to listen, talk too much or persistently past the matter, ask questions or make contributions that have nothing to do with the topic, and so on.




Even in such a small group of the very first level it soon becomes apparent: "where humans are, they are human": sympathies and antipathies come to light, there is irritation, offence or even aggressiveness.


One of you, observing what is taking place, becomes a self-appointed overseer and sinks into the pettiest irritation. The fabric of the communion is torn and an unworthy mending is begun. (Community 125)


Not unlike later in a larger, physical community, we must find a way to deal with the manifold, inevitable human weaknesses in a dignified and goal-fitting manner.


When studying the books of Agni Yoga together, not only the individual learns and develops, but also the community.




Even by the comparatively simple test of “study evenings” it quickly becomes clear: Who is eligible for secular and spiritual leadership of the group? Who promises to become a good co-worker and disciple? Who only goes along passively with the others, and who will even have to be excluded?




According to the law of correspondence, when valuable work is being done in the group, we can expect to attract like-minded spirits.


Of course, any new construction attracts the consciousnesses most akin to it. (Agni Yoga 254)


Those who are committed to our work will perhaps be able to inspire family members or friends to take part in such an evening. This is how the community grows naturally.




When such a core group is established - but only then! - you may dare to go public: Offer introductory evenings to Agni Yoga for outsiders! Thereby you are making a first contribution to anchoring Agni Yoga in society.


However, such a step needs to be carefully considered: The group must already present a worthy sight. Nothing is more harmful than when newcomers encounter disagreement, strife, quarrelling or trivial coffee table gossip with everyday chatter. That turns against not only the group, but also against Agni Yoga as a whole.


My young friends, again you have been gathered in the name of the Teaching and again you have had an evening with guests. Whereas, it has been said and repeated that the hour of discourse about the Teaching must be devoid of ordinary gossip. Even though this hour may be more infrequent, yet its quality must be upheld.

We urge you, even if for only an hour, to be consciously responsible people. If an hour a week is difficult for you, then better meet only every fortnight. Learn how to exclude at that time all troublesome beastly habits: smoking, drinking, eating, shallow gossip, the turnover of your small affairs, censure, anger. Surely for one hour one can dismiss personal ventures. (Community 125)


You may also place advertising for such an offer.


"Isn't it unworthy to publicly extoll such a high teaching?"


No, not if it is done in an appropriate place and in an adequate, dignified form. It is not forbidden to draw public attention to a public event. When Nicholas Roerich organized an exhibition of his paintings, it was of course also advertised. Failing this you cannot expect people to pour in.



Practical Tip: Virtual Study Evenings


Of course, it is best to meet in person. However, the disciples do not necessarily have to live in the same place and come together physically. With today's technical possibilities, we can hold study evenings across national borders, beyond the restrictions of time and space, for example via Skype or Zoom.


Study evenings are the nucleus of the New Construction in all countries all over the world.



2. Agni Yoga Schools

Buddha Memorial Park, Nakhon Nayok, Thailand


Whoever wants to become a member of a community of the New World must learn, as when converting to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, as in a Torah or Koran school or in confirmation classes, not only the worldview of Agni Yoga, but also its customs and practices as well as their application in daily life.


So let us take another step of paramount importance towards the building of a community:


Above all else, we need schools that systematically teach both the theory and the practice of Agni Yoga.


He who wants to participate in the construction of the world of the future must know a lot: the laws of existence such as karma, rebirth, evolution and hierarchy.


He has to transform into an immortal being of spirit. For this he needs help from those who have already climbed this level.


Finally, we have to teach him in theory the rules of living together that Agni Yoga establishes, and train them with him in practice.


To achieve this, we have to extract from the thousands of pages of the Agni Yoga books a complete study and exercise program.


This program must encompass all the knowledge of Agni Yoga and all aspects of daily practice. Working out something like this is a gigantic challenge! For this we need teachers, who in addition must be able to convey this crystallized knowledge to newcomers simply and clearly.


“How can I help? I am not a teacher. I haven't even read all the books of Agni Yoga yet."


It is important that you realize: Creating a complete and systematic program of learning and practice is not a matter for one single teacher alone. The result will be of high quality only if it is not thought out theoretically but has been tried and tested many times over in practice. Its suitability is proved only in everyday use. Based on the experiences we all are making with this program, it must be constantly revised and refined. You can make a valuable contribution to this by sharing the experiences you have made.




The Agni Yoga schools are intended for members and outsiders, newcomers, beginners and advanced learners of all ages. Establishing them is very important and extremely valuable, regardless of whether we later actually come to the formation of a physical community or not.


A school like Plato's academy still today exerts an influence on mankind through its writings, even if the ideal republic devised by Plato has not yet become a reality on the material level. (Raphael "The School of Athens")


At all times, in all cultures, religions and world views, schools where higher knowledge was taught have been centres for spreading a new, higher civilization - because parents entrusted their children to them hoping that they would learn a better, superior way of life there.


The teachers in these schools will be the future leaders of the community.



Section II: Communities in Spirit


Once our small community has consolidated through study evenings and a school, we can take the next step. We repeat once more: Our goal is:


We want to establish in one place in the world, for example in a multigenerational house in the city, on a farm or in an entire village, a physical Agni Yoga community of men, women and children, of several families, who submit to the rule of the Mahatmas and form part of the Federation Temple of Humanity.


This is a great, never realized project. It requires thorough preparation and extremely careful implementation in small steps if it is not to fail shortly.


The experiences of Agni Yogis over the last few decades in various countries all over the world teach: The time may not be ripe yet to form physical communities. Most of these projects were only short-lived.


"Why is that so?"


The majority of people is not yet fit for living in a community. They cannot or do not want to subordinate themselves selflessly. They are not yet ready to be ruled by the Mahatmas or their representatives as in ancient Egypt.


A yogi reveres Hierarchy. He knows that there are many Hierarchs above him. But ordinary man faces a difficult step in achieving an understanding of Hierarchy. People do not like such a submission. They are self-opinionated, and in their egoism abandon all thoughts of Infinity. In refusing to learn to love the beauty of Infinity they cannot love Hierarchy. (Supermundane 911)


We see again how the New Construction advances along the personal channel: Before we can think of establishing physical communities, we must first sift through and train the candidates to such an extent that they are suitable to become members. Therefore, the next step on our path is:


We create communities in spirit.


We must strive for the formation of collectives of the spirit. (Fiery World I, 231)


Or in the terminology of the digital age: of virtual communities. These do not yet require living together physically, but they prepare for that.


"What is a community in spirit?"


A true community arises independently of the external circumstances through the connection of related consciousnesses.


Life can be transfigured under any and all conditions. A community of the spirit is the highest transfiguration of life. Many of the ignorant do not wish to understand that a community of the spirit does not depend upon an external form. It is created there where the concept of the broadening of consciousness is alive. (AUM 167)


The only true unity, unity in spirit and in consciousness becomes stronger and more powerfully realized. Brotherhood can be realized only in unity of the consciousnesses. The Teacher works for this unity of consciousness with the closest disciples, but physical unity is not taken into consideration. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II; letter of 10.09.1938)


We unite in the heart wherever we live.


The heart stands as the Temple of humanity. One cannot conceive of the unification of humanity by means of the brain or the Kundalini, but the radiance of the heart can bring together the most seemingly diverse organisms, and that even over great distances. This experiment of bringing together hearts over long distances is waiting for workers to carry it out. (Heart 339)


Spiritual communities can form beyond the boundaries of matter, time and space, of countries, states and peoples.


Spiritual cooperation will grow, unlimited by space. (Agni Yoga 273)


Community of the spirit is possible where there exists a living magnet; then it is possible across all earthly boundaries to closely join each cooperative or community. When a community lives in the sole service of Truth there exist no obstacles. (AUM 168)


We need a very broad understanding of the concept of community in order to arrive at a spiritual world community.


One should understand community, not in the narrow sense, but in a very broad one—precisely as cooperation with all humanity, with all worlds, with all that exists. People suffer greatly from lack of a friendly attitude toward each other, therefore, to lock them up in closed communities will only strengthen their alienation from the world community, which contains all humanity and all planes of Be-ness. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 10.09.1938)



1. Community through a new Spiritual Order


"How does a spiritual community form?"


We already quoted Wittgenstein, who aptly says:


Culture is the rule of a monastic order.


A higher culture, the New World, arises through our living together according to new, higher rules, in an advanced order of society.


We immortals get to a higher way of life not because it is prescribed from above, but because it corresponds better than the old one to the eternity of our nature. One of the most important quotes of Agni Yoga is:


People are ready to suffer the discomfort of any night-lodging for the sake of tomorrow’s festival, but they are unwilling to lead an earthly life which is commensurate with Infinity. (AUM 284)


"What does that mean exactly? How do we get to such a new way of life? "


Let us give an example:


Imagine the white settlers and trappers in the Wild West setting out to settle among the Indians in enemy territory.


It will not be much different when a community of Agni Yogis comes together at the foot of the Altai Mountains to found a village or even their own state, as Nicholas Roerich tried to do.


How do they proceed? They must do physical labour on the outer plane: Building houses and a church, temple or ashram as the centre of the community, cultivating and tilling the land, and so on.


Much more important for the formation and cohesion of the community however is the spiritual work that all have to do together on the inner level:


You have to determine the manners and customs according to which your community of the future wants to live.


Especially today it is essential for people to find agreement regarding how to live and make their way into the future. (Heart 295)


We certainly want to live differently than the old men in the old world.


Just like the emigrants from Europe wanted to create a New World in America.


If we want to build the world of the future together, we first have to agree on the new spiritual order that is to rule there.


Which rules and laws shall apply? Who lays them down? Who monitors compliance? By what means, if necessary by force? We need a rhythm of the day for common worship, training, and service. How do we want to dress? Who runs the community and its institutions? Who appoints these leaders, and by which procedure?




We have to fix and define all this and much more among ourselves in such a way that everyone agrees! And that before we start our journey to the place in prospect and break the first sod there! It is a tremendous mental achievement, an enormous amount of work that will take many months to unite the various members with their different levels of consciousness under one common spiritual roof.


This is how we form a spiritual community:


1. We are committed to a common worldview: Agni Yoga

2. We follow the higher customs, traditions, rules and laws of the Brotherhood

3. We all practise the same spiritual exercises

4. We work together towards a common goal: the establishment of a stronghold of the New World

5. and we submit to a common leader: the Mahatmas of Shambhala.


Whoever subscribes to these 5 principles belongs to us wherever he lives. You will see: A common philosophy, common customs, common exercises, a common goal and a common leadership weld us together more firmly and securely than living together physically in a certain place.


Collaboration takes place on the plane of unified consciousness, and because such co-workers are approximately similar in their thinking, the unification forms a true community. (Supermundane 131)


Spiritual communion is indestructible and distance has no meaning. (Supermundane 141)


These 5 foundations are the indispensable basis that we must first firmly anchor before we unite to form a physical community.



2. The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga


"Now let us get more specific: What are these customs and laws on the basis of which we are to establish our spiritual community?"


The order that we give our spiritual community is determined by the 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga. These are the customs that apply in the Brotherhood of Shambhala, and if we want our construction to follow this example, we too must adopt them.


We had already talked about these 10 Pillars in a Series of its own. Watch it again, if necessary, and make sure that you have not forgotten anything. Today, we have to limit ourselves to a few words about what these principles mean for the establishment of a community of the future:




The first Pillar is a higher consciousness. The New Man and the New World arise independently of the external circumstances in the consciousness and must be defended there. Therefore, a higher consciousness is indeed the indispensable basis of our New Construction.


We can also put it this way: If you want to enter a community of the future, you must have previously learned to maintain the Fiery State of your being under all circumstances (see the Broadcasting “Exercise Fiery Condition”).




The second Pillar is the rhythm of the day. It allows us to give each of the 4 spheres of life (connection with the higher world or meditation, service to the common good, service to the neighbour and self-perfection) the appropriate room.


Many of you have mocked this Pillar and said: I do what I want, whenever I want, and do not let myself be forced into a corset. I want to leave it open whether this attitude is promising for the individual.


At least in a community, however, we cannot avoid deciding when we want to do what, if we want to do it together: We have to agree when to visit the temple, take our meals, do the necessary work, practise our exercises together, and so on.




Third, there are the rules regarding nourishment based on spiritual principles. They are of the utmost importance. New eating habits form an essential part of the New World.


In the Temple of Humanity, there is of course no alcohol, no meat, no tobacco, no sweets and no gluttony.


You may be convinced: wherever people eat out of appetite and not because of necessity, the old world still prevails!




On the fourth Pillar: You do not seem to particularly like the concept of obedience. Our Broadcastings on this topic achieve but low viewing figures. However, this tenet is of fundamental importance for the establishment of the World State of the future. It is about the paramount principle of Hierarchy, of which we will talk in detail shortly.




We realize the fifth Pillar, “Living in two worlds”, by vaulting the spiritual order of the Federation Temple of Humanity over the material place in which our community exists. Thus, we live in Heaven already on earth. With us, the conditions of both levels apply.




In the following we are going to speak in detail about the sixth Pillar “Selflessness”, the seventh Pillar “Connection with the Higher World - Meditation”, the eighth Pillar “Service to the Common Good” and the tenth and last Pillar, “Education or Self-perfection”.




The ninth Pillar, “Service to the Neighbour”, is realized naturally and as a matter of course in a living community in which all members help one another.




You can find further rules for communities of the New Age in the Broadcasting “The Hierarchy” and in the Series “The New World”.


There are also a number of lesser customs: The people of the future will wear white clothes that do not emphasize the physical. They renounce the coarse handshake in favour of the Gandhi greeting: "My immortal soul greets your immortal soul". (Nicholas Roerich "Burning the Darkness" and "Signs of Christ [Jesus and Morya]". Arnold Böcklin "Holy Grove")



3. Spiritual Community as preliminary Stage to physical Community


Before we actually set up a settlement, each individual should first practise these rules in his Inner Temple. We have to make sure that they are really appropriate and also practicable. May we gain experiences, share experiences and help one another to reach the necessary level before we take the big step towards living together physically.


Some will say to you, “We are prepared to understand the Fundamentals of Brotherhood. We are ready to build up cooperation, but we are surrounded by such intolerable conditions that it is impossible to manifest greater readiness.” In truth, there may be conditions that do not permit putting into practice that for which the heart is ready.

Let us not expose innocent workers to danger; they can apply their abilities under other conditions. For a time let them construct Brotherhood in their thoughts. With such construction they can purify the surrounding space, and such thoughts will be salutary. But let them not fall into conceit, believing that it is sufficient to build mentally. No, the wayfarer will affirm the manifestation of achievement by human feet and human hands. (Brotherhood 582)


The natural way is:


First, the community arises as an ideal in spirit – in the Subtle World –, and only then on the material level.


One may read in ancient Covenants about Heavenly Cities; in fact, they are being constructed in reality upon different spheres, and thus a magnetic attraction is created. Can it not be that certain cities already do exist, and named people live in them? One may walk into the future as assuredly as if the delineations of the city were before the earthly eyesight. (Fiery World II, 403)


One can realize only with difficulty how greatly needed for the earthly plane is subtle construction. But many structures of the Subtle World are, as it were, actual teraphim for the future of Earth. Often the completion of such subtle teraphim is even more essential than the earthly structures. In them is laid, as it were, the root of constructive thinking. Therefore We rejoice when the prototype is already completed. (Fiery World I, 536)


With the spiritual community we create a Subtle Reality, which, as we have often noticed, is just as real as a material one. Only in the end the complete incarnation of the idea requires the final step of realization on the physical level.


High in the heavens unfurled God’s temple plan hangs for eyes unclouded, clarified of self, to see. Blest indeed is he, who seeing, builds upon the screen of mind a replica of that great plan which is eternal in the soul of time. Thrice blest is he who lays a stone upon the breast of earth and lays so true to line that other hands may build upon it and so may raise a simulacrum of that first, most wondrous plan of all. A Temple made by human hands indeed shall man yet build; a Temple worthy of the presence and the peace of God. (From the Mountain Top I, Lesson "The Temple Plan")


To start with, we do not need a village of our own in order to live according to our habits. The Federation Temple of Humanity begins as a higher culture independent of a people, a country or a state.


The advanced civilization of the New World is independent of external conditions.


In the meantime, we are living in the diaspora. As there is a Jewish culture in almost every country in the world, as there are German, Russian and American Jews. Their Holy Scriptures, laws, rules, customs and traditions unite them to a living community at all times - even if the temple in Jerusalem and the Jewish state were destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago and only recently rebuilt.




Of course we are dreaming, like the Jews for two millennia (!), of our own Agni Yoga state, or of an autonomous republic like that of the monks of Mount Athos. As long as this is not yet possible, we must be content with preparing for this lofty goal. We trust:


If only we work tirelessly, our dream will come true when we ourselves are ready and when the time has come.


"When will that be? How long do we still have to wait?"


Let us not be impatient. Do not worry. We have the whole eternity at our disposal! We are working for the future! Perhaps only a future generation is destined to physically realize the ideal.



Practical Tip: Network of Temples


The Federation Temple of Humanity begins as a network of temples.


"Is there a historical example of such a New Construction?"


Yes. Study the history of the Cistercian order. In the Middle Ages, under a great spiritual teacher, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, it spread across Europe within only one generation and built hundreds of monasteries in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden as focal points of a new, higher culture.


The widely dispersed members were closely connected in spirit by their common way of life based on a uniform rule applicable to all.



4. Association, Cooperative, Order


Studying and teaching Agni Yoga are indispensable basics, but of course not enough. They will allow you to address only certain people. The task of the community as a germ cell of the New World goes far beyond that.


When you have established a spiritual order of living together and the members have successfully practised this virtual community for a while in their Inner Temple, you may proceed to take the next step.


At least eight Agni Yogis (one teacher and seven disciples) form an association, a cooperative or an order.


“That again is typically German. If they want to put up a ladder for picking apples from the trees, the Germans first found an association! "


Well, if we want to build a spiritual centre or a village, things are a little different.


If we wish to establish a stronghold of the New World at a certain place, we require an institution that is supra-personal, that means independent of the ever changing members!


Only an association or an order provides the high level of commitment and the permanent organizational and legal framework necessary for our project.


If we want to rent or buy land, houses or rooms, the beneficiary should be the community and not individual members who may be gone tomorrow. For this we need financial resources (for example a bank account) that belong to the community and not to individual members.


The creation of such a legal institution is a further step towards gradually embodying the idea of a spiritual centre, which for the time being only exists as a thought building in the Subtle World.




The work of the group to found an association is initially of a spiritual nature, but nevertheless of the utmost importance:


We need to draw up a constitution and a mission statement in which we define the goals we want to pursue and the paths we will take. For each field of activity, a person in charge is appointed. Of course, according to the hierarchic principle, we need a chairman. We have to fix the membership fees, and so on.


Precisely outlined are the statutes of the Community of Knowledge. (Agni Yoga 93)


The association already appears in the outside world as part of social life. It is entered in the register of associations or cooperatives. You may even be able to get it recognized as a charitable institution.



Section III: The Agni Yoga Temple


With a teacher and seven disciples who have demonstrated that they are ready, we can now embark on the great adventure and dare to build a physical ashram.



1. Physical Community


“What should we start with? Rent a house, a farm in the country where we all move in?"


No, that is for a later stage. Though it is true:


A community is formed primarily through us working together.


Labour welds us together. With it we act in and change the world. Successful service attracts new co-workers. It is only at work that we really get to know each other and find out which members are suitable for the world of the future and which are not.


For that, however, we do not have to live together. It is enough and a much better start if we meet during the day for service and apart from that live in our families like all other working persons.


It is never and nowhere suggested that all should live in crowded communal quarters. This must be understood in a broader way. Assuredly, not in all working communities do people live together. They gather for common labour, but their personal lives and daily routine go on separately. The idea of common labour does not necessarily mean physical proximity. Precisely, there is no need to jostle one another physically. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 17.01.1936)


The living together of whole families, then of course including children, presents us with further, major challenges that we can only face at a later stage.


Nowhere does the Teaching of Living Ethics, or of New Life, insist upon living closely together. On the contrary, it even warns against bodily jostling. It constantly repeats that cooperation must be revealed in daily life, in all conditions in which we are placed by life. Bodily crowding and all kinds of petty things in life create a heavy atmosphere in which, instead of unity, a malicious disunity is sustained. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 10.09.1938)


In order to further strengthen and develop the community, we may begin with living together for a few weeks during the holidays.


In fact, communities are possible only where the auras of the members are fully harmonized, but this is so rarely achieved. After all, in many instances the co-operative principle could be applied without insisting upon living together. It would be much easier to experiment with communal living for a short period of several weeks during the summer months. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 17.01.1936)


The next step in building a physical community is to create a centre where members are working together during the day.


For every firm construction, first of all, it is necessary to have a powerful centre. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 02.06.1934)


That usually means renting rooms.


Centres of this kind are supposed to form all over the earth as germ cells of the New World, not only in the country, but also in the big cities.


"Don't we want to give them a name?"


Yes, as the basic institution of the Federation Temple of Humanity, we propose to call them “Agni Yoga Temple”. You see their logo here:



May this symbol become worldwide a seal of quality for a first institution of the world of the future.


The Agni Yoga Temple is the centre of every community of the New World.


This is how the first nucleus of the world of the future is created: A teacher and a few disciples build such a temple in a town or village. That is exactly what we shall be doing now! If only we are attractive, in time more and more people will settle around us in order to participate in the better life we are leading here.


Let us now take a closer look at what is going on in such an Agni Yoga Temple: We repeat: What are the four spheres of life of an Agni Yogi?


"Connection with the Higher World or meditation, service to the common good, service to the neighbour and education or self-improvement."


Exactly. Accordingly, an Agni Yoga Temple serves four purposes: Here the members of the community meet regularly to connect with the Higher World (what used to be called divine service), to serve the common good and the neighbour, and to participate in education and self-perfection.



2. The Agni Yoga Temple as a Business Enterprise


The Agni Yoga Temple is first of all a commercial enterprise. Here we earn our daily bread. It offers a field of activity for all possible professions. Everyone finds a place according to his education and skills: craftsmen, artists, the various health professions, psychologists, astrologers, lawyers, judges, farmers, architects, and so on.


The distant goal must be:


The Agni Yoga Temple is a place where we offer people everything they need for survival – physically and spiritually.


Isn't that a wonderful dream and Agni Yoga truly practised: People come to the temple not only on Sundays for worship, but every day in order to look out for what they need for the maintenance and growth of their body and soul. May the Agni Yoga Temple be a place where the people from the surrounding area find strength, joy, light, love, support, consolation and guidance.


A beautiful example are the sanctuaries of the ancient Greeks called Asclepeion (namely dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing). There, in the pure, sublime atmosphere of a temple complex, the sick were cared for, spiritually and physically elevated as well as healed. May the Agni Yoga Temple reach a similar spiritual height and salutary effect. (Asclepeion of Kos)


"My dear Tsong, this is once again quite high-flying and not feasible for us normal people!"


Yes, you are right, we are still far away from a temple district on a holy mountain. Let us start small and simple and according to our limited possibilities:


For example, we can sell bread, other food or clothing that we have produced ourselves, provide all kinds of craftsmanship services, take care of the physical and mental health of our fellow men, offer legal advice or dispute resolution, astrological advice, pastoral care or help with life’s problems in all kinds of ways. In addition, every Agni Yoga Temple should have a bookshop and a small publishing house which offer respectively produce valuable spiritual literature. All this is feasible everywhere with simple means in any rented rooms.


"Isn't that then a normal business like any other in town?"


No. The business enterprise Agni Yoga Temple differs from the companies and service providers of the old economic system in two decisive points:


First: Our professional work is service to the common good, divine service!


We do not put ourselves at the service of the egotism of the individual. We do not primarily act in order to make profit. We are content with low prices that only ensure a modest livelihood. We do not participate in the omnipresent mutual cheating and exploiting. We offer our employees a fair, surplus-oriented remuneration.


Our proud motto, like that of the Prince of Wales, is: “Ich dien” – "I serve".


Second: We provide our professional services strictly according to ethical standards.


People do not want to be complicit in the exploitation and destruction of their fellow men, of the bases of life, of the climate and ultimately of the entire planet, or in the violence against flora and fauna.


Consumers are urgently looking for products and services on the ethical purity, compatibility, sustainability and harmlessness of which for people and nature they can absolutely rely.


They must be able to find these in the Agni Yoga Temple. Here the economic order of the future is practised, which we talked about in detail in the Broadcasting "The New World: New Order of Economy and Labour". These dry words really mean a peaceful revolution, namely the overcoming of capitalism through a higher form of economy.


"What if the Temple's income is insufficient to support all of the staff?"


Then some or all have to take a “normal” job outside the Temple and temporarily do temple work part-time or unsalaried in their free time. In the long run it must be possible to earn a living from high quality work.



Practical Tip


Only Agni Yogis can provide services in the Agni Yoga Temple. To all professions without exception applies:


Only on the basis of Agni Yoga are you in a position to effectively render assistance to your fellow men!


We are therefore forced to make a strict selection in order to ensure the highest quality. A single "black sheep", a single bad teacher or doctor who disappoints the legitimate expectations of the customers, discredits the whole community.


The relentless law of the material plane reads: The Agni Yoga Temple must have better doctors, craftsmen and lawyers who offer better services than the competitors - and that even at lower prices!



3. The Agni Yoga Temple as a Place of Education

Raphael "The School of Athens"


At all times, a sanctuary has also been a place of education. In the Agni Yoga Temple are located the study evenings and the school, which we have already talked about.




Newcomers to our community must first begin an education. Only when they transform into immortal spirits can they become members. They go through the program of exercises that is described in the previous Broadcastings of the Series "Experiment Immortality".


We have already said: So far, most Agni Yoga communities worldwide have failed after a short time. That means: We first have to make the people who come to us and want to work together with us fit for community life. Inter alia the exercises "Fiery Condition", "The Path of the Inner Temple" and "Living in the Ashram of the Teacher" serve this purpose.




An Agni Yoga community urgently needs to educate Hierarchs who are able to enforce the Cosmic Order in their area of responsibility. A huge and completely new field of activity opens up here: The old world has no concept for selecting teachers and leaders and training them not only intellectually, but above all in terms of character and spirit. We have to develop it.


The education never ends. Every member must strive to keep growing and become more and more capable so that we can fill every position with a suitable spiritual ruler. The dream of the high-minded among us is to climb ever upwards in this Hierarchy.


We are not working for us. We are working for the future!


Therefore, a careful education of our children is of paramount importance for the prosperity of our community. We depend on them to continue our work one day! What we implant into them today, they will return to us tomorrow!


He who receives today will give tomorrow. (Infinity I, 308)


We do not want to raise another generation of ignorants. Therefore, we must by no means rely on the education of the schools and churches of the old world.


It is a gigantic task to free our children from the burden of the atavism of the past and to really elevate them a higher level than the old generation.


We educate the young earthlings to New Men, to beings of spirit of the 6th race. We teach them from an early age love for the Mahatmas, admiration and respect for their earthly representatives, selflessness and service. We impart to them the basic knowledge and practical skills they need in order to become valuable members of the community of the future.


We make the children fit for the future in the truest sense of the word – especially mentally.


How easily a child understands our values! How naturally it adopts their realization!


What a mistake to think that one must give a child its own things! A child can easily understand that things may be held in common. (Community 102)


On the other hand, how difficult will it be for an adult to integrate into the world of the future if he has grown up as a child under the application of principles exactly to the contrary!



4. The Agni Yoga Temple as a Church


"Do you really want to introduce an old type of divine service with liturgy, psalm singing and sermon?"


No, that is antiquated. We have already talked about the great spiritual and practical importance of stepping before the teacher (see the Broadcasting “Become a Disciple!”). The "divine service" of the New Era looks like this: In the morning, at noon and in the evening, in the Agni Yoga Temple, we are stepping before the Higher World, our Masters, the rulers of the earth, the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala, not only individually, but in common.


This is how we affirm our community, the connection with our leaders, and our incorporation into the Hierarchy.


Together we report for education and service.


We receive for the upcoming day tasks for our personal development and assignments for service on earth.


It is of the utmost importance that we give at fixed times the necessary room to the cultivation of this spiritual foundation of our community.


The New Man and the communities of the New World are being guided from Above.


We New differ from the old men in that we are in constant connection with the Higher World. Without that we would not be able to act in accordance with the Cosmic Order and the will of the Brotherhood.


The word "religion" comes from Latin "religare" "to attach".


The “divine service” of the New Age is designed in such a way that we actually establish and keep alive the attachment of the community to the spiritual world of Shambhala.


This does not require many words or great ceremonies. Together, we raise our vibration and tune in to the Shambhala vibration.




The Agni Yoga Temple is also the seat of the teacher. Here all matters of the spiritual and worldly government of the community are being discussed and decided.



5. First Basis of the Community: Selflessness


There are two fundamental foundations for all communities of the future:


1. Selfless service and selfless sharing

2. The hierarchic principle


When building an Agni Yoga Temple, both are now becoming very concrete. Let us start with the principle of selflessness. Everything, the entire functioning of the community is based on the principle of sharing:


We share the necessary work fairly among all members.

We share the proceeds we generate together fairly among ourselves.


This is precisely where we differ from the old world with its greed, and from the old, materially minded, selfish men who do not want to know anything about sharing. Anyone who wishes to become a member with us must acquire a completely new attitude:


I contribute as much as I can to the prosperity of the community.

I claim as little as possible for myself.


The old men’s competitive thinking revolves around amassing as much as possible for themselves.


We New Men compete with one another to get along with as little as possible!


It is not our aim to extort the highest possible prices for our services, but on the contrary to offer them as favourably as we can. That is only feasible if we are content with a modest standard of living.




All work that is necessary in the Temple (from shopping and preparing the meals via cleaning the house and raising children up to professional offers to customers) is shared fairly between all members. Everyone has to make a contribution according to his abilities. If you do not want to work, you cannot be a member.


If any would not work, neither should he eat. (2 Thessalonians 3, 10)


In return, all the proceeds we generate from the sale of our services go to a common fund, which means that they are jointly owned and only then distributed fairly among the co-workers.


You see: A comparatively modest project like a small temple offers a huge field of experimentation. Here, the New World is tried out: No unemployment through sharing the labour; no poverty through sharing the income.




The main cause for the catastrophic state of our earth, for the destruction of the bases of life, for misery, suffering, violence, war, poverty and unemployment is the egotism of the people.


The main contribution of the Agni Yoga Temple to the salvation of the world is the formation of a model community in which this selfishness is overcome.




If you just start, you will soon notice how the principle of sharing is theoretically good, beautiful and simple, but in practice extremely difficult to realize.


A harrowing example of the practical problems involved in sharing labour is Halcyon, the seat of the Temple of the People. Here the head of the community (!) and chief physician of the clinic operated there(!), William H. Dower, often had to do the milking of the cows himself because the assigned staff had failed to carry out this task. (Paul E. Ivey, Radiance from Halcyon, Minneapolis 2013, p. 137)




“What does “justice” mean with regard to the sharing of money? Is the same amount allocated to all? Do those who do more or “higher quality” work get a larger share? Or those who need more, for example because they have children?"


Yes, we see: The application of a principle in everyday practice raises many questions. Each community will have to sort out all that for itself. There is no harm if there are different solutions depending on the level of consciousness. We are all still on the way.




Let us cite as an example another particularly difficult case, taken from real life: A member has an adult child that does not belong to the community. The child becomes sick and needs an extremely expensive therapy. The member feels obliged to support his child. His share is not big enough for that. So he would have to leave the community in order to earn the necessary money somewhere else. Shall we increase his share?


"How do you think about the case?"


It is hard to decide without knowing the individuals involved. The first question is: What can the community afford at all? If we are speaking of increasing the member’s share by 10 or 20 %, it will be easier to accommodate him than if we had to double, triple, or quintuple his share in order to cover the costs of the treatment.


Furthermore, the community must also ask itself: Is the member so irreplaceable that we cannot afford to lose him?


In general, however, we must realize: As long as someone still has such a heavy Karma to bear, he is not ready to be a member of a spiritual project. He should actually recognize for himself that he first has to solve his personal problems and must not burden the community with something for which it is not responsible.



6. Second Basis of the Community: Hierarchy


The hierarchic principle is the second fundamental foundation of the world of the future. I cannot stress enough:


A New Construction according to the principles of Agni Yoga is not possible without the establishment of a hierarchy.


In an Agni Yoga community, the hierarchic principle applies. Above must lead and below follow, otherwise there will be chaos. Not the majority, but only the wise, the spiritually most advanced members guarantee that the right solution for all questions of everyday life is found.


An Agni Yoga community that is part of the Federation Temple of Humanity is under the leadership of the Mahatmas.


That we must always bear in mind. It is the very purpose of our foundation to contribute a small stone to the building of the coming World State, which will be ruled from Shambhala. In practical terms this means:


Down to the smallest questions of everyday life, what counts is not what the individual or the majority thinks is right, but what the Mahatmas advise.


Our group is of course not yet mature enough to be personally led by a member of the Brotherhood. Also, the Masters cannot decide on and execute the solution of every small question of everyday life.


Therefore, we have to build up an earthly hierarchy which ensures that in all our affairs the Higher Will is firstly recognized and secondly actually implemented in practice.




Behind these few, dry words is in truth a task of gigantic proportions: You will soon discover: There is a lack of resources everywhere: Where can we find suitable teachers and guides who, according to their spiritual development, are capable to recognize the will of the Mahatmas in each individual case of everyday life? And who in addition have the authority to enforce it in the community?


Where are the co-workers who are able to recognize the Hierarch as someone spiritually superior to them, and who are also prepared to subordinate themselves to him? Unfortunately, the consciousness of most is so little developed that they follow all sorts of false prophets or unqualified teachers.


Hence the paramount importance of the education which we had already discussed.


"Then do we have a dictatorship?"


No, a Hierarch is not a dictator. The community and its government will of course consult. However, it will not always be possible to find unanimity. Also, we do not always have months to debate. In some cases, a decision has to be made within hours! Therefore, there is no other way than that at the end of the day someone, namely the teacher, assumes responsibility, sums up the discussion and makes a decision.


A true, wise leader is characterized by the fact that he not only sticks to his own opinion but is able to weigh the many divergent contributions of his colleagues, filter out the best suggestions and unite them to a synthesis.




At this point the suitable co-workers are separated from the unsuitable ones. It has to be stated thus clearly: The many esoterics who still indulge in their sweet but unrealistic dreams of a community without hierarchy, without leadership, have no place with us. They have not understood yet and must still go through the bitter experience that:


A community without leadership means nothing but chaos.


Most spiritual communities have failed because there were either no Hierarchy or no suitable Hierarchs.


"The Prussian spirit of command and obedience is not exactly what I hope to find in a spiritual community!" (Olaf Gulbransson, Militarism)


That is not the point! The concept of hierarchy must not be a nightmare for you. On the contrary, you will experience: It is a bliss when you are being led by someone who is greater than you. When you can integrate yourself into a community and feel safe there. When you find exactly the place you deserve according to your spiritual development, with truly greater souls above and smaller brothers and sisters below you. And when you may serve the Hierarchy exactly there where you can contribute the greatest benefit!



7. Virtual Agni Yoga Temple


The goal must of course be to make available physical rooms in as many cities and villages as possible where co-workers can meet and provide services. However, if that is not possible, we can also build a virtual Agni Yoga Temple:


Our business operations can also be carried out by using an online platform for ethically pure services. Most of our services, especially the particularly important spiritual help, can nowadays be provided via the Internet and Skype or Zoom.


One can cooperate successfully while being in different cities and even in different countries. With every new scientific discovery and invention distances become of less and less consequence. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 10.09.1938)


The education as well can be done via the internet, for example on the basis of the Broadcastings of Agni Yoga Web TV.


We realize the church online as the members of the community connect in spirit and meet in a temple of the Subtle World, the picture of which I will show you at the end of this Broadcasting. There we can step before the Mahatmas together in spirit beyond the limits of matter, time and space.



8. Ethics Network


Finally, another promising possibility to work together in spirit is: Build an ethics network online from providers who undertake to do their professional work according to ethical standards.


Anyone who has converted his business to ethically pure work, as we have just discussed, can offer his services here.


With the help of the ethics network, a consumer who is looking for a baker, farmer, doctor, craftsman or lawyer who regards himself as a servant of the common good, will be able to discover what he is after in his vicinity. This is where providers find those customers and customers those providers which they are looking for and suit their demands.




We are living in a time in which the best that people have to offer, their work, is being misused in an unprecedented scale for selfish and destructive ends. An ethics network shows a way out of this vicious circle: It enables providers to earn a living with valuable, ethically pure work. Consumers can get everything they need in terms of food, goods and services from an ethically pure source.


In such a network, suppliers and buyers do not have opposing interests, as in the capitalist economy, but common ones!




This is how you can lay an essential foundation of the world of the future without even having to mention the terms Agni Yoga, Temple, New Man or New World. We are already a big step closer to our dream of a community with schools, doctors, courts and business enterprises of our own, if there are such ethically working institutions in our vicinity, for the benefit of us and of all other people.



Section IV: Larger Communities


The Agni Yoga Temple as well is only a preliminary stage. We have dealt with it so thoroughly because, in the current world situation, it seems to be the only realistic way of building communities of the New World.


But we want more. The new World State, the Federation Temple of Humanity, is a union of villages, cities, regions and ultimately entire states. Therefore, at the end of this Broadcasting we want to take at least a quick look at the next level: A settlement of 20 or 30 families which is ruled from Shambhala.



1. New World Settlements

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France  


Isn't this the dream of every spiritual community: Acquiring land and erecting buildings there in order to live, to work and to manage a business enterprise together in a self-determined and as far as possible self-sufficient manner according to ethical principles. Well-known examples are Findhorn, Auroville, Taizé, Halcyon (the seat of the community Temple of the People, which lives according to the Teachings of the Temple) and the ashrams of many other spiritual teachers around whom followers have settled.


Another prominent and, with its successes and failures, highly instructive example is the Israeli kibbutz, which has attracted many young people from all over the world and represents a significant attempt to bring about a more humane society.


However, I have to pour a little water into the wine of your enthusiasm: Agriculture means hard physical work such as digging out potatoes and pricking beets. That is not necessarily the job of a spiritual person. For him, the spiritual help that is given in an Agni Yoga Temple in a city might be a more appropriate field of activity.


Our settlement can of course offer both: agricultural products as well as spiritual services.


"Why do we need a village at all?"


We have already said (Broadcasting “The New World: Form of Government: Hierarchy”): Ultimately, the New Man cannot develop his potential to the full when he is forced to live among old men: When he is ruled by the ignorant, has an ignorant boss and his children are raised by ignorant teachers. Ignorant or selfish politicians elected by the ignorant masses lead the people into misery or even to war; every single individual will have to bear the consequences of this misguided system, and karmically even a part of the responsibility.


Therefore, in the long run, it is an inevitable necessity which life itself enforces, that several immortals, several New Men come together and establish their own institutions: Kindergartens, schools, universities, government authorities, courts, business enterprises, army, police, etc. which are all working according to the principles of the Living Ethics.


Only with new institutions will the world of the future really emerge!


That requires, however, that several families live together in one place.




The only way to convince our fellow men of the greatness, beauty and superiority of the social system of the future is visibility:  


Let us show them a concrete, living, world-wide visible example of a really functioning community, a sanctuary of the New World, which they can visit and inspect. (Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France)


Watch again the movie "One Million Years B. C.". Not because it pictures humans grappling with dinosaurs, but because a coarse, primitive tribe is contrasted with a community of higher, finer customs. We have to create such a higher culture that is visible to everyone at first glance.


Let us set up a model settlement where anyone interested can live and work together with us for a few days or weeks and make the practical, lively experience of how much better things are in the New World.


All men are longing for a better life! As soon as they see and experience it, they will imitate it, whether they are living in Siberia or on the Amazon. How marvelous when we can call out to them:


We have built a wonderful world for you! Join in!


Come, naked ones, and we will clothe you; come, little ones, and we will raise you; come, mute ones, and we will give you speech; come, blind ones, for you shall see the destined realm. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 146)



2. Village and Ashram

Nicholas Roerich "Castle of Ladakh"


You should imagine the settlements of the world of the future according to the image of a medieval town: The castle towers above everything. The citizens are under the protection of the lord of the castle and are led and governed by him. Their whole life takes place within sight of the castle. (Homberg (Efze), Stolberg/Harz, Süllberg, Hamburg-Blankenese)


The first strongholds of the New World are structured in exactly the same way: There is the Ashram, in which the teacher, the spiritual and worldly leader of the community, lives with his disciples, and below a village where the "ordinary" people, co-workers and newcomers dwell. (Nicholas Roerich "Island of Rest")


This twofold structure of the community is of the utmost importance and applies accordingly to the preliminary stages of study evenings, Agni Yoga school, spiritual community and Agni Yoga Temple: We must not offer the same to all, and we cannot ask the same from everyone:


On the one hand, we are to enable real disciples to lead a spiritual life according to higher principles. On the other hand, we must not scare off "ordinary" people who simply want to make their contribution without taking over the obligations of a spiritual disciple. We need both for the New Construction! This is why the Mahatmas advise:


The community, being a fellowship first of all, sets as a condition for entrance two conscious decisions: labour without limit and acceptance of tasks without rejection. It is possible to eliminate faint-heartedness by means of a two-fold organization. As a result of unlimited labour there may be a broadening of consciousness. But many people, not bad otherwise, do not envision the results, being frightened by incessant labour and enormous tasks. And yet they have accepted basically the idea of the community.

It would be harmful to include these yet weak people in the community; but in order not to extinguish their striving one should not cast them out. For this it is useful to have a second organization: the friends of the community. Herein, without forsaking the customary order of life, these newcomers can become more deeply conscious of the community.

Such a two-fold organization permits the preservation of a far more concentrated sincerity in the work. The friends of the community provide the possibility of having a reservoir without danger of betraying the bases of the Teaching. The friends of the community do not conceal their weaknesses, and this gives the possibility of successfully strengthening them. (Community 133)


"Who belongs to the community and who to the friends?"


Here is the Master's answer:


Now We assemble the spirits of the sixth race, and Agni Yoga is the Call! (Infinity I, 188)


Anyone who has not yet heard this call, who is not an Agni Yogi, who has not yet transformed into an immortal or has fallen back into the mortal state, does not belong to the upper, the leadership level of the community. Of course, he can belong to the friends of the community and be a co-worker.


Agni Yoga emphasizes again and again: When starting the New Construction, we must make a strict selection and have no choice but to regularly exclude unsuitable candidates.


If, however, a formal entrance into the community itself be allowed, one will be obliged periodically to eject the unfit ones. In other words, otherwise the community will cease to exist altogether. (Community 133)


"Isn't that heartless? Don't we want to offer everyone a place? "


No, that is required by the necessity of life itself. A few unsuitable participants ruin the whole construction.


The multi-level structure of the community gives us the opportunity to put everyone in the place where they belong. Someone who proves to be unsuitable as a doctor should work as a nurse. He who is not a cook can help in the kitchen, those who fail as teachers can work in the garden, and so on. So we offer everyone, including the very young and the very old, the opportunity for cooperation. Everyone of goodwill can contribute something!


The complete exclusion from the community will only be the very last resort against someone who disturbs community life so persistently that he becomes unbearable.



3. Examples from History

Ruins of the Jesuit Reduction Sao Miguel das Missoes


"Are there other historical examples besides Egypt for priestly kingship, for a theocracy, the rule of Hierarchs in the name of God and according to the commandments of the Holy Scriptures?”


Yes, countless! The most outstanding is Mohammed, the only great teacher, philosopher, pro-phet and founder of a religion who became a people's leader, spiritual ruler and statesman; who established a vast empire, a State of God, in which the directives of the Koran are actually put into practice from the governance of the state down to the smallest questions of everyday life. (Nicholas Roerich "Mohammed")


Other examples are Israel under king Solomon (Tiepolo "Solomon and the Queen of Sheba"); the rule of the Council of Sages under Pythagoras in Kroton; India under Emperor Akbar the Great; the states of the monks of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John, the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Order in the Holy Land, on Rhodes, on Malta and in East Prussia (Order of St. John Castle Krak des Chevaliers, Templar Fortress Montfort, Order of St. John Grand Master's palace Rhodes, Order of St. John Fortress La Valetta, Malta, Teutonic Order Fortress Marienburg); the rule of Emperor Frederick II in Sicily (Hermann Wislicenus "Emperor Frederick II") and the states of the Jesuits in South America, which made do without private property and without money, the much admired "Holy Experiment", depicted in the valuable movie “Mission” (Ruins of the Jesuit Reduction Sao Miguel das Missoes).



4. Become a Citizen of Tabenisi

Nicholas Roerich "Holy City"


“What exactly can I do here and now to help save the earth and build a better world, not just me alone, but in community with others? With whom can I associate myself?"


Join a community of the New World!


In this Broadcasting we have described the New Construction according to the example of the Tabenisi community. If find like that appealing, come to us and become a citizen of Tabenisi!


For this, you do not have to leave your place of residence. Tabenisi is a supra-local community, a network of members from all over the world. In order to form a nucleus of the state of the future, we do not have to live together in the same place.


We are united by a common spirit!


Tabenisi is a supra-temporal community: It also exists in the World Beyond. Thus, you can continue to remain a citizen there even after your death. Who knows, maybe you were already one of us before you were born?


Here you can see my wonderful world:


The village:


Nicholas Roerich „Tibet Himalayas“


The Ashram of the teacher:


Nicholas Roerich „Stronghold of the Spirit“


The church:


Nicholas Roerich „Hermitage of St. Sergius


And here is the teacher's meditation place, where he also meets his disciples:


Swetoslaw Roerich „Damodar Kund


I invite you all!


Why don't you visit us for a few hours or days and have a look at Tabenisi? Participate in our life and try out our customs and laws? Connect with the Higher World, learn, practise and serve together with us?


You will find out:


As a member of our community, you lead a better, happier, more beautiful and more dignified life!


If you want to live in paradise already now, you find us here:


If you have any questions, please write to:


Live your dream! Come and see:


Here is the New World!




“After so many Broadcastings with so much advice, I am about to lose track. Can't you give me simple instructions for use that I can easily remember and follow in everyday life?"


Well, let us summarize: The simple formula for building the New World consists of 3 steps:


First: You take a moment in the morning to raise your vibration, establish the Fiery State and transform into a being of spirit: Here is the New Man!


Second: You take a moment in the morning to establish there where you are the spiritual order of the Temple of Humanity: Here is the New World!


Third: In the course of everyday life on earth you defend your high vibration and the higher culture.


What is the greatest happiness of a human being?


When the dream of a better future comes true. In Tabenisi, we are working on that every day! (Breughel "The Tower of Babel")