Broadcasting  5


The  new  Identity




Ladies and Gentlemen,


welcome to Broadcasting 5 of our Series "Experiment Immortality".


In Broadcasting 4, we had considered the most important features of the new, immortal man, such as: Invulnerability, fearlessness, freedom, power and joy.


Today we want to continue our common practice and talk about what exactly it means to adopt the new identity of an immortal.



1. The supertemporal, supermundane Individuality


The aim of "Experiment Immortality" is that you actually transform yourselves into another being - like a pupa into a butterfly. Your old identity ends and a new one begins.


Your new identity is an eternal creature that already lived millions of years ago. It will continue to live for eons to come. This creature walks an infinite path through a wide variety of material and spiritual worlds, states, cultures, times, and planes of existence; through far-off spheres of such a strangeness that we, down here on earth, cannot even imagine. Your current stay on earth is only a tiny section of your eternal pilgrim’s journey.


You need an interplanetary, supertemporal and supermaterial plan for your life! If you limit yourselves to projects that you can pursue on this earth only, you will wander around aimlessly and unemployed in all other worlds - especially after death in the spiritual world.


What does it mean to be a spiritual creature that one can neither see nor touch? Here we come almost to the limits of human imagination. Let us look at some features of your new identity:



2. New Family: Soul mates


Your eternal self, too, has a - spiritual - father, a - spiritual – mother, - spiritual – brothers and sisters, relatives and friends: Namely those other souls with whom you are truly spiritually related, to whom you belong beyond the border of times. For them, there is the beautiful term "soul mate".


You meet these spiritual brothers and sisters again at the latest after death in the other world.


It is most important to realize: Your earthly family (father, mother, brothers and sisters, spouse, children), your blood relatives are not necessarily your true soul mates. There can even be – spiritual - enemies among the family members, with whom you have been brought together to bring old bills to terms.


This explains the tensions which unfortunately often exist in families: Sometimes people live together who actually do not belong together spiritually and will separate after this life in order to never see each other again.


The fact remains that the obligations within the family are sacred. However, the higher point of view makes that what you cannot change better tolerable.


It is quite possible that in this earthly life you do not meet any of your true relatives. The certainty of being at least in the afterlife secure in a community of like-minded people helps to better endure a few years of earthly loneliness.


You should develop your eternal individuality by learning to distinguish: Who of the people with whom you are dealing in family, friends and surroundings is really related with you spiritually?


Search also in history for people, places and times that seem familiar to you: You probably lived there in a previous life together with your soul mates. If you gradually develop your fine senses, you will bring to light surprising insights!



3. New Sex


If you want to go ahead and define your new, timeless identity, you must detach yourself from the categories of “male” and “female”:


Your higher, spiritual ego, like an angel, has no sex. It appears on the material plane sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman. It carries the characteristics of both sexes in itself. It is a synthesis of both.


So do not put down the opposite sex, but on the contrary, strive to have the best of both these basic principles.



4. New Nation


In truth, you are not a German, a Russian, an American or an Indian: Your immortal soul is born on its eternal way into many different nations. You are a citizen of the world - or even better, because your existence is not limited to this planet, a citizen of the universe.


What a madness when Palestinians and Israelis think that they have to hate each other and wage war against each other: Who was born in this life as an Israeli, may be in the next life a Palestinian, or he might have been a Palestinian in a previous life. The hatred is directed against one's own (past or future) people! How much suffering arises from ignorance!


The new, immortal man will of course defend the people with whom he is currently connected against attacks. But he will rise above the borders between nations and contribute to the attainment of the global community of all peoples.



5. New Religion


It is the same with religion: Most of it is predetermined by our surroundings. You – your real self - once lived in the Muslim, now lives in the Christian and will live perhaps in a later life in the Jewish culture. If you put one religion above another, you put down automatically your own (past or future) religion.


So what a madness it is when people fight each other on the ground of religion: They fight in truth against themselves! It is nothing but ignorance that causes so much suffering.


The religion of the immortal is a synthesis of all world religions - which is not surprising, since all religions originate from one and the same source. They differ only slightly. The reason for this is: It was possible to disclose only that what people at a certain time in a certain place with a certain level of education could understand. 


The new immortal man will stand up for uniting all confessions to a world-religion.


6. New Age


For a being living eternally, time is meaningless. You have to form a very different concept of your age. The number of years that your earthly tool, the body, has already behind him becomes irrelevant in view of the eternal existence of your soul.

It is important that you retain youth, agility and freshness of the soul - that does not depend upon the age of the body.


"Old soul" is a title of honour for someone who did not spoil the occasions on his way, but used them to collect a great treasure of experiences; someone who is greater than others because he has learned more.



7. New Food


As a spiritual being, you have a different attitude to physical food. You have perhaps already felt: Every food actually burdens the spirit. So you will train yourselves to supply only as much food as the body really needs.


Your eternal individuality is in need of spiritual food, for Man shall not live by bread alone (Matthew 4, 4).


Such spiritual food is especially great thoughts, good ideas and high ideals, as contained in the Holy Scriptures of mankind.



8. New Profession


The man of today defines himself primarily through his profession. Here, too, you must acquire a different attitude if you want to become an immortal.


Your higher self has to practice and to prove himself on his infinite path in various secular professions: as king or shoemaker, monk or father of a family, military leader or ordinary soldier, workman or entrepreneur, scientist, craftsman or artist. In every position he develops just a part of the large bouquet of skills that make up a completely developed human being.


But these are all only temporary functions. Jesus, for example, was a carpenter. This describes only a tiny part of his true nature (in the sense that his soul had amassed among many others also technical skills - such as Mozart's soul has collected musical skills). Much more important than Jesus’ earthly profession is his cosmic office: The one of a Christ!


You need to look for a position which you can fill out in all worlds, on all levels of existence. If you choose something that can be executed only on earth, you shall wander around unemployed in the afterlife.



9. New Pleasures


We have already said: Material pleasures do not satisfy a spiritual being like the soul. If you want to learn to become an immortal, you may well continue to be a “man of pleasure”. You must not be an ascetic. But you will adjust yourselves to spiritual pleasures that do good to your soul.


He who limits himself to material pleasures will wander around cheerlessly in the immaterial world of the afterlife, because these do not exist there.


The highest spiritual joy is meditation: The communication with our supermundane homeland and the conversation with our soul mates there.



10. New Identity


Let us now become concrete: Create yourself anew! You have the complete freedom of choice: Who or what do you want to be?


Agni Yoga shows you how you can start anew your life from one day to the other, how you can redefine yourself - wherever you stand, whoever you are today!


Our earthly personality is largely predetermined by the physical body, by inheritance and by the circumstances into which we are born. Our eternal individuality, however, remains featureless, if we do not shape it ourselves - like Michelangelo shaped his "David" from a block of marble.


Form yourself a picture of how your spiritual being should look like. Say to yourself: „I am a being that ....“ (and here you put in what you want most, for example: a being who masters his body and the circumstances perfectly; who meets other people only with love; who always radiates with joy, etc.).


How this can be done in detail, we shall discuss later. But I will give you an example for better understanding: An identity choice that suggests itself for someone who embarks on the spiritual path is to be a disciple: A disciple of a great teacher, for example of Jesus, Buddha, Plato, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, Aurobindo, Gandhi, etc.


This is an identity that is possible in all countries, at all times, under all circumstances and in all material and spiritual worlds. This is an ideal into which you can shape yourselves - your higher self.


Each of you can be a supreme being of this type, regardless of the outward conditions. Whether you can keep this new role in the game of life, depends solely on the power of your spirit.



11. New Homeland


Schopenhauer rightly says: „Even within the same environment, everyone lives in a different world.“


Where, in what kind of a world would you like to live? Again, you have the free choice!


Agni Yoga shows you how you can live from one day to the next in the highest world you can imagine, in your personal paradise – regardless of how the external conditions may look like into which you have been exiled.


You need to make yourself an idea as concrete as possible of your true, supertemporal homeland - of the world from which your soul came and into which you want to return after the death of the body.


A homeland is always a community of beings, of soul mates. Where do you feel comfortable and at home, to which environment, to which other souls are you related? There will be your heaven!


The one who once was enthusiastic in Rome for contests of gladiators and who frequents the arena as a football fan today, will find himself in the afterlife in a heaven, in a community consisting of such like-minded people.


Here, too, we will talk about details later. However, I want to give you at least an example for a possible choice of your eternal homeland:


The one who has decided to take the timeless identity of a disciple will want to be near to his teacher. The great saints will not live in the afterlife much differently than on earth – that means in a place that is best described as a school, a sanctuary, a temple, a monastery or an ashram.


Therefore, imagine a community consisting of a wise teacher and his disciples, in white robes, in a temple on a mountain top, in an atmosphere of purity, spiritual discipline, meditation, training and selfless service - that is the paradise of a spiritual disciple!


The image of such a heaven you can see here:



12. Living in the World of the Soul


If you want to transform yourself into a soul, you have to learn to live in the world of the soul - at least temporarily.


What does it mean to live in the world of the soul? Imagine a German soldier in Afghanistan:


He leaves his homeland in order to do a job in a distant country. He is a stranger there. He longs to return as soon as possible to Germany. He keeps in touch with home and his relatives and friends there. He might imitate one or the other custom of his surroundings to make life easier in the unfamiliar environment, but yet he continues to live by the - higher - laws, customs, and habits that apply at home.


The same way feels a soul that has temporarily descended to earth. It also longs to maintain the connection to its homeland, the heaven, and its relatives there. How can we implement this practically?


Start the day in the morning a little earlier than usual. Put yourself in spirit into your supermundane homeland, in the community of your soul mates. For the one who has assumed the new identity of a disciple, this means: You enter the ashram of your teacher. You listen to what the teacher has to tell you. You read a passage from a Holy Scripture. You receive the teacher’s instructions for the day.


Then you descend into the world in order to act there, but only upon higher orders. Even if you cannot appear in white robes, be sure to preserve your dignity as a spiritual disciple and to make honour to your teacher.


In the evening, you will return - as at death! – back to your heaven (to the ashram). You will have to account - as at death! - for what you have done or omitted to do during the day. You mend the damage which your armour has suffered in combat in the world. You consult with your Master, how you can do better tomorrow.


This is a practice by which every one of you may lead a higher life, in his own world, in any circumstances. We come back to the details later.



13. New Path: The Path of the Soul


The path of the soul is completely different from the path of the mortals:


The immortal feels within him the accumulations of millions of years: The soul takes with it to the next level of existence and for its further infinite path all achievements or defects, all good or bad qualities that it has accumulated during its earthly stay (and in other worlds). These accumulations from previous existences adhere to you when you incarnate on earth. Your timeless individuality is made of these accumulations.


This is the only reason why people are so different at birth. You may already have observed that small children of gentle parents can be true little devils. What a relief will it be for many plagued parents to know that they are not responsible for what their child brings with it! Ends the ignorance ends the suffering.


We immortals do not believe in the old wives' tale that man is lavished at birth indiscriminately with good and bad qualities from some hidden treasure or horn of plenty. Should a genius like Mozart be a coincidence, a caprice of nature? That would be miserable to imagine. Everything is the fruit of work and experience, the result of earlier efforts.


What is real? The material world is passing away. The past is just a memory already at the end of the day. The future is not yet reality. The present is but a tiny, insignificant, transitory moment. But your higher self, your achievements, the treasure which your immortal soul has stored up for all eternity - that is reality, because it is imperishable.


An immortal seeks to improve the accumulations of his true, eternal self: To amass spiritual wealth that is not lost with death, but kept for the further infinite path: To get rid of bad habits, to acquire good qualities and climb higher and higher on the spiritual path to mastery.


His wealth is not outwardly, but inwardly: It clings inseparably to one’s own (eternal) individuality. We call really rich a person who is himself pure, wise and powerful, inviolable, in any circumstances dignified, proud, fearless, joyful and free. This inner greatness raises one's self and is of incomparably greater value than all perishable material possessions. It really belongs to us and is not permanently exposed to the danger of being stolen by thieves or eaten by moths.


The greatest treasure that you can own is not money or goods, but a sublime higher nature, which is reflected in a royal aura, visible to the outside. The radiation of a great being scatters even the densest darkness and gives light to his whole environment. You can be a king in your very nature - in which ever constraints the current incarnation has put you into. The New Man differs from the old not outwardly as a two-legged being from a four-legged one, but by his spiritual radiation, the magnet of his aura.


A great soul like Mahatma Gandhi needs no material means - it acts solely by the power of its spirit.



14. New Name


To confirm all this, you should one day adopt a new name in order to identify your true self, your eternal individuality. Mr. Miller and Mrs. Smith are temporary personalities that will cease to exist very soon. You should demonstrate to the outside world that you have broken with this illusion.


The adoption of a new, eternal identity is like a second birth. This was affirmed in spiritual communities at all times by the award of a new name, e.g. the name bestowed by religious orders.


Prepare for yourself a new „identity card“. Wear it with you at all times to be sure of your self – of your true everlasting self.


Place on this identity card the picture according to which you wish to form yourself. Enter as the place of residence the name of the community in the other world to which you want to belong. Name as date of birth the day of your second birth, of the adoption of your new, eternal identity. Let it become concrete what we are talking about!



15. Let the eternal Individuality grow


We come to the end of a section. Let us sum up we have learned in the first five Broadcastings of the Series „Experiment immortality“:


You have an earthly personality (Mr. Miller, Mrs. Smith), which is of little significance, because it is perishable and ends with the death of the body.


You have a supertemporal spiritual being, called by religion the soul, which we can call - for those who prefer scientific language - the „eternal individuality“.


We started with the desire to achieve immortality. We have continued with the realization: We are already immortal. Then we have seen: In order to transform ourselves into immortals, in order to become what we are, we need to first recognize and then nurture, care for, heal, train, strengthen and let grow our eternal individuality.


You - your real self - are still a baby: Small, weak, unprotected and vulnerable. We must educate our eternal individuality, we must raise it like a child, so that it may become big and strong and eventually a Mahatma (a great soul).



16. Living Practice


I repeat once again: We do not limit ourselves to theory. We walk together on a common path. For this reason it is important that you not only listen to my words, but start practicing and actually turn into immortals.


Our Broadcastings contain a large variety of exercises and spiritual practices that will help you to get closer to this goal if you apply them in everyday life:


Train yourself to think and to act not as a mortal, physical personality, but as your eternal individuality, e.g. when it comes to food. Begin step by step to acquire the properties of an immortal, such as fearlessness, freedom, dignity, power and joy. Take time to nourish, to care for, to heal and to strengthen your soul. Appear in earthly life under your new identity (new family, new sex, new nation, new religion, new profession, new name, new homeland, new lifepath) and herewith embody not your perishable personality, but your eternal individuality. Return every day for some time to the world of the soul.


This is a training program with which can keep you employed for many years to come.



17. Continuation of the Series


With today's Broadcasting, we have come to a first cut: So far, no specific knowledge was required. However, what I can show you of the path to immortality without any previous knowledge, has now been essentially exhausted.


If you want to go on further, you first have to acquire some more knowledge: On the meaning and the expansion of consciousness, on the cosmic laws of karma, reincarnation, evolution and hierarchy, on the conditions that prevail in the spiritual world (on this, Agni Yoga provides detailed information!), about the meaning of life, about our lifepath and about the goal of our life.


We therefore recommend that you first watch the respective programs of the Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga" and only afterwards proceed with the other Broadcastings of the Series "Experiment Immortality".






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