1. Introduction


Ladies and Gentlemen,


welcome to Broadcasting 4 of our Series "Experiment Immortality".


We had finished Broadcasting 3 with the formula: "I am a soul." Today we want to look at the individual attributes which characterize a spiritual being - an immortal -, and which distinguish him from the old man.



2 Indestructibility


This is the most important achievement of the New Man: He is really indestructible. Try to imagine what that means! Do you grasp the size of the treasure which is hidden within you?


You are a soul – not a material, but a spiritual being. No power on earth can do any harm to such a spiritual being: It is eternal and imperishable.


All attacks against the existence, the health or the integrity of your temporal tool, the body, miss their target: They do not touch your true nature. A shot through the jacket does not hit the body. A slap on the donkey does not reach the rider. Likewise, any injury to your body does not affect your soul. You are really inviolable!


The immortal is like a god: invulnerable and invincible!


Even the death (of the body) cannot scare you: Your real self continues to go on living. In view of the eternal existence of the soul, it is irrelevant whether a single earthly life of the body takes a little longer or shorter. What are 10, 50 or even 100 years for a creature living endlessly? Not more than a twinkle of the eye!


As long as you are a small soul, you feel hurt again and again, ignoring that you are inviolable. We need to strengthen the soul, we need to let it grow bigger, in order to defeat the suffering.



3. No Death


Our true, spiritual being is a non-material, timeless personality that already existed before the birth of the body and will continue to live on after its death. It is a form of life of the spiritual world, which is not bound to the limitations of matter, time and space.


Our soul is as little affected by the death of the body as the rider by the death of his donkey.


You already lived long before the earth came into existence, and you will continue to live on when this minor clump of matter has long disintegrated.


There is no death in the sense of the complete obliteration of your existence. There is only the transition of your spiritual being into the world beyond, accompanied by the abandoning of the physical body, which is thrown away like a worn-out coat. The soul continues its infinite path through the various material and non-material planes of existence.


Being sure of eternal life, you have no reason whatsoever to fear death. Fear of death is nothing but ignorance! How many people suffer from lack of knowledge! Ends the ignorance, ends the suffering.


There is only one true consolation for the sick, for the dying and for their families: The real ego is not touched by the transition, it only moves from one world to the other.


For the one who knows, death is a joy: He is allowed to leave the earthly vale of tears. He takes off his worn-out body, which has become to him more and more of a burden towards the end of his life. He returns to his true homeland, to a far more pleasant environment, where his true spiritual relatives are already waiting for him.


In the past, the philosopher had a ghastly skull continually before his eyes. He muttered darkly to himself: "Memento mori - remember that you must die." Today we rejoice powerfully and joyfully: "Remember that you are immortal!"



4. Fearlessness


Make the best of this talent! Throw your immortality in the balance! Do not allow this wonderful treasure to remain unused! The first application will be to acquire complete fearlessness:


If you are an immortal, invulnerable being, you have to fear nothing and no one, for nothing and no one can do you any harm. Even the death (of the body) does not affect the eternal life of your soul.


Fear is nothing but ignorance. It disappears as soon as you realize the indestructibility of your true nature.


The fears of men are many: They fear the loss of family members, of their jobs, of property, of health and of many other things. By transforming yourself into a soul, you overcome this weakness: A spiritual being does not need all that, neither for his survival nor for his welfare.


Fear is the main cause of the weakness of modern man. What is the power of dictators and other oppressors built on? On fear! Ends the fear, ends the submission. The generation of the future is so strong because it has conquered death, and with it fear.



5. Freedom


As long as you view yourself as a mortal, you are corruptible: You must engage in compromise when you are threatened and assume that you have to fear for your existence. Fearing for his life (or that of his family), the old man becomes a follower of all sorts of unscrupulous undertakings and does things for which he should be ashamed.


As an immortal, however, you can pursue your higher goals under all circumstances. You gain complete freedom of action. You gain complete independence. You can seal your commitment for your ideals, if necessary, with the death (of the body) - your existence (the life of your soul) is not at risk.


Do you see the unworthy manoeuvering of the non-believers (the mortals) who act according to the motto of Bert Brecht: “First comes food, then morals”? In truth, they put ethics aside - just when it gets serious. Principles that apply only in good weather are, however, worthless.


The New Man asserts his immortality. If you play this trump card, you can lead a life according to the highest ethical principles and free from any false considerations.


The new generation is so strong, because it has overcome fear and thus won freedom.



6. Dignity


The dignity of man is not based on his physical existence: The body will inevitably be the victim of countless humiliations by the rudeness and ignorance of the others. It is always vulnerable, inferior and helpless in the face of the physical force and the large number of the others - as the example of the condemnation, mockery and crucifixion of Jesus shows.


Our honour is based on our spiritual, god-like nature. By expressing it, we preserve the majesty of our being. Only he who yields to his animal ego, first loses his dignity and then his self-respect.


Human dignity must not depend on the changing conditions. It must prove itself just in need and in the face of attacks. Everyone can live in dignity, even under the most terrible circumstances. The pride of the soul is to unswervingly proceed on its higher path.


Are you among the downtrodden and oppressed, for whom an escape from the everyday toil is, for the time being, not to be found? Even you can rise from one day to the next and lead a life of dignity and pride:


You only need to keep your soul clean. You only need to listen to its voice and follow its instructions. You just have to start the life of your soul. You only need to assert your freedom and indestructibility. You just have to learn to think, to feel, to speak and to act as proposed by your divine nature. And you must, whatever happens, be guided by the highest ideals.


This can only be achieved by an eternal being. Only thus you can live in dignity.


If you always express not the animal, but the royal side of your nature, then you are indeed a majestic being. No external situation, as terrible as it may be, can possibly change that. Nothing - except yourself! - can prevent you from being a king of the spirit!


Agni Yoga gives back to people their pride and their dignity.



7. Power


Immortality contains a tremendous power: Since nothing and nobody can do you any harm, you are actually invincible.


As a being, appearing on the stage of life fearless, free, dignified and proud, as a new man belonging to a higher evolutionary stage, the immortal is far superior to the mortals around him - as a two-legged creature is superior to a four-legged one.


A large, strong soul masters its lower material self and does not allow to be subjugated by its animal desires.


Thus you gain a spiritual power that you can assert also in the world:


A great soul proves to be stronger than the conditions into which it has been cast. It is not a slave, driven back and forth by the outer circumstances like a leaf in the wind. It is a king of the spirit who sits sovereign on his throne, proceeds on his way unperturbed by all external matters, and who even grows stronger by overcoming resistance.


An attribute of the new, immortal man is the power to establish the rule of the spirit - on the one hand over the body, and on the other hand over the outside conditions.



8. Overcome earthly Worries


You mortals are eaten up by the worries of everyday life, by the constant struggle for survival, and by the odds of the material plane.


As a spiritual being, you stand above the countless attacks, difficulties and imperfections, the suffering and the plight of the earthly world. From the point of view of eternity, they are all, without exception, void and small. Your higher self is not affected by all this.


The soul has come down to earth in order to learn, to grow, to prove itself and to fulfill its mission. How its tool - the body - fares, whether it lives, during the few years of his earthly stay, in poverty or wealth, in health or illness, in happiness or unhappiness, is of no importance.



9. Joy


The synthesis of all the attributes of an immortal is - joy!


True love of life is independent of external circumstances. It is a quality of the soul! Joy of living comes from the spirit, it is a mental attitude. It lives in the heart, as the saying goes: “If you do not set up heaven within your own heart, you will not be able to find it anywhere else.”


As an immortal, you look at all the ugliness and obstacles of everyday life from a completely different point of view: You regard these adversities as opportunities! As opportunities which allow the higher, the eternal self - the soul -, to continue to climb up the steps of the spiritual path! Without struggle with opposing forces there is no possibility to grow.


A king is not a king because he never gets into trouble, on the contrary: He is a king because he masters smoothly even the biggest problems.


The soul, therefore, is actually glad about obstacles, on which it can try, practice and strengthen its power! An easy life offers the soul no opportunity to grow greater. The challenge, which is just in front of you, is the next step of your ascent! If you have climbed this step, the soul stands stronger and higher than before.


We shall discuss this in later broadcastings in more detail, but I can already now summarize with the decisive sentence: As a healthy body does not hurt, so a great, strong soul does not suffer! The sign showing health of the spirit is - joy!


We see again: We need to strengthen the soul, we need to let it grow greater, if we want to overcome suffering and transform it into joy. Alone with the power of your spirit you can turn the thorns on your way into roses.



10. Realization


Thus we close our survey of the most important attributes of an immortal.


But let us make no mistake: All these qualities, from fearlessness to joy, must be achieved by laborious exercise in daily life. They do not fall into our lap. As the body, we can and we must train our spirit, so that it grows great and strong. We are immortal - but the possibilities that follow from this property, we can only realize by hard work.


We shall deal with the mental exercises that are required for this in later broadcastings.



11. Let the Soul grow


You see, the question has changed again:


We started our journey with the intention to become immortal.


We then found that we are already immortal - just to see next, that we still need to become what we are.


Now it is clear: To become an immortal means to acquire a number of attributes, in particular: Invulnerability, fearlessness (you are not really an immortal if you still suffer from fear of death!), freedom, dignity, power and joy.


In other words: We have seen that we are all still quite small – namely vulnerable, scary, suffering - souls. With the expansion of consciousness, with the realization that we are spiritual beings, the conscious life of our soul has just begun. We are today only a few days after our second, spiritual birth.


We are not yet like riders who impose their will on the donkey (the body) with strength and skill. Our higher self is, for the time being, still an infant, which, although in the saddle, does not steer the donkey, but is pushed around by it at will.


The new issue, the actual task on our further spiritual path is: Our true, spiritual self has to grow great and strong; it has to develop from a baby to an adult, from a small to a great spirit (or to a Mahatma, a great soul). We must educate ourselves - our higher self – in the same way as we raise our children.


This is a gigantic undertaking. Our further common path will mean hard work. But did I promise you easy achievements? Such a lofty goal as to gain immortality and to climb the next step of evolution, cannot be reached without considerable efforts.


How this can be done, we shall see in the following broadcastings.



12. Mantram


At the end of this broadcasting, too, there is a mantram, this time a longer one, which is worthwhile being learned by heart and repeated regularly:





The Immortal Man


"My real self is a spiritual being.


As a spiritual being, my higher self is immortal and imperishable.


Everlasting, my soul is indestructible and invulnerable.


Invulnerable, I am invincible.


Invincible, I am afraid of nothing and nobody.


Fearless, I am completely free.


Free, I am dignified and proud.


Immortal, invulnerable, invincible, fearless, free and dignified


I am in any moment full of


power and joy. "





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