1. Introduction


Ladies and gentlemen,


I am glad to welcome you to broadcasting No. 3 of our series „Experiment Immortality“.


In broadcasting 1, we had given you an overview of our project to attain immortality.


In broadcasting 2, we followed the advice of the wise men „Know thyself“ and discovered our higher, everlasting being.


Today, we want to invite you to join us to make the first steps to really transform ourselves: Into spiritual beings, into immortals.



2. Become who you are


Let us listen once again to the wise old men. They further say: „Become who you are.“


This sounds paradoxical. You probably think: „An immortal is somebody who is immortal.“ But this is wrong, as wrong as „A rich man is somebody who has a treasure in his cellar.“


The one who does not know about the treasure and does not use it, behaves like a poor man and, hence, is only poor for the time being. The one who does not know about his immortality and who thinks, feels and acts like a mortal, is only just a mortal.


An example: You have learnt in the last broadcastings that your true self is unviolable and imperishable. And what happens if all of a sudden a terrorist storms the room, threatens you with a bomb and demands your life? – You are afraid!


That shows: It is a long way from the mere intellectual knowledge that nothing can hurt your soul, up to becoming a being which is really unafraid in any situation.


The wise old men are right: Although you – your true self - are immortal, you must still make considerable efforts in order to become a creature which really exhibits the qualities of an immortal. 



3. New Consciousness


The first practical step on the way to immortality is to adapt our consciousness to the new knowledge. Our whole thinking must change. We must see ourselves with quite different eyes and form a new picture of man.


Keep in mind, do not forget for a moment: „I am not a body, but a soul. I am not a material, but a spiritual being.“ If you appear in the world with this attitude, your life will be completely transformed.


So strange as it sounds, so true it is, nevertheless: Immortality begins in your consciousness!



4. The Eagle in the Henhouse


To give you an example:


Fancy a young eagle who grows up in a henhouse. His "parents" who bring him up, his surroundings which influence him - all chickens. There is no mirror, so he does not recognize that he is different from all the others. He imitates his stable comrades, behaves like a chicken and offers a sad sight.


To realize his true nature, to really become who he is, the eagle must first recognize that he is not a chicken, but a much greater, mightier and superior creature. As long as he thinks that he is a chicken, he will behave like a chicken and give away his higher potential.


We see here for the first time and will find over and over again: The consciousness is the proper reality: He who has the consciousness of a chicken, is just a chicken (because he behaves in every regard like one), even if he looks like an eagle from the outside.


Also today's mankind does not recognize its true essence and behaves like creatures of a lower order, namely like mortals. If you knew that you are immortals, you would live quite differently.


The sensitive, the noble among you feel darkly that you are greater than it seems; that you do not exhaust your possibilities by far; that you are determined for a higher destiny than to scratch in the dung, to argue about worms and to waste your forces for the everyday, small-minded "chicken junk" about which the world cares in which you happen to be exiled. But you find no way out of the dungeon, and thus you daze your higher self with alcohol, excesses or the hunt for material things.


To realize your true nature, to really become who you are, you must first recognize that you are not a mortal, but a much greater, mightier and superior creature. As long as you think that you are mortal, you will behave like a mortal and deliver a sad picture, because you allow to lie idle the infinite possibilities of an everlasting creature.



5. Man is what he thinks


For thousands of years, man is so conditioned since birth that he keeps himself for mortal and thinks, feels, speaks and acts accordingly. We must overcome this moulding step by step in arduous work.


As soon as you have actually realized that you are immortal, you will live completely differently, strive for other things, hold up other values, and pursue other aims than the mortals around you.


The decisive transformation occurs in the thinking of the people: New man distinguishes himself from the old man above all by the consciousness of his immortality.


We can say: Man is what he thinks! If we change our consciousness, we can transform ourselves – then the chicken, which already looks like an eagle from the outside, can really become an eagle.


6. New Identity


The key to immortality is to adopt a new identity:


See through the illusionary character of your old identity, the body! The body is only a cover: A "brother donkey", a tool which allows your spiritual self to work on the material level.


It decays after death. It will be eaten by worms. The "resurrection" of this unappealing corpse, worn out by long use, is a fairy tale which is not compatible with the laws of reason and the natural sciences. No one could reasonably wish the immortality of his frail body!


Up to now you have backed the wrong horse: The mortal identifies himself with his body. This is hardly reasonable: You should not choose the donkey, when you can be the rider, the master!


The immortal identifies himself with his soul. In it he finds his real self. Since that what is everlasting is certainly more real than that what passes. You are: That what remains, after your body has died.


We immortals emphasize:


„You are deceived like the eagle! Leave the illusionary world of the henhouse! You are incarcerated in the prison of a wrong world view; in a ‘matrix’ which makes you believe in a value of material things which are meaningless in truth! Free yourself!


Do not be limited like a day fly which laughs unbelievingly at the concept of "month"! Rise up! You are much greater than you think:


You are not your body. You are the spirit which inspires matter!


You are not the varying dress, but the everlasting bearer!


You are not the form with head, body and limbs which you see in the mirror - this is only appearance, short-lived cover.


You are not a physical, but a spiritual being which one cannot be seen and cannot be touched.


The body is like a marionette which plays a role, which is led to and fro on the stage of life by the will of an invisible player – you are the player, not the puppet!



7. New Attitude


The new identity must lead to a new appearance in the world: In order to become immortals, we must train ourselves to a new attitude. Some examples:


You mortals think: „I say something“ or „I do this or that“ or „I go here or there“ or „I eat and drink.“


However, this is wrong: Your new identity, your true self, your soul, a spiritual being, cannot say anything in the material world, it cannot do anything here, it can go nowhere and it has no need of material food.


You must learn to think like immortals, which goes like this:


„I - namely my true, higher self -, in order to accomplish my mission, make my earthly tool, the body, pronounce this word or that, or I let it do something, or I make it go here or there, or I lead him to a watering place.“


When the body hurts, you should not think any more: „I suffer“, but: „My temporal instrument seems to be damaged.“


When the stomach growls, do not think: „I am hungry, I would like something to eat “, but: „Is it really absolutely necessary to supply my vehicle again with fuel? Does not the last ‘tank filling’ still reach for a while?“


This is like when you drive a car: If the petrol is too expensive at the filling station which you are just passing, you go on, and the car still has to go for a while with that petrol what he has. In the same way you must treat your body: The spirit decides whether, when, what and how much the body gets to eat.


If you manage to enforce this new attitude in your everyday life, you will be transforming bit by bit your entire being and actually change from a material to a spiritual creature.


This is the next spiritual practice which you must carry out regularly if you want to advance on the way to immortality: Train yourselves to think like a spiritual being and to appear accordingly in the material world.



8. Warrior of the Spirit


We find confirmed: Man is what he thinks! He who thinks like a chicken, is just a chicken. Who thinks like an eagle, a saint, a king or an immortal - and takes in the world the corresponding attitude - is an eagle, a saint, a king or an immortal - even if he is exiled in chickenlike, unholy, unroyal or materially limited circumstances. Our consciousness is the proper reality.


Think at every moment, never forget, make sure constantly: „I am a soul.“ This is the key for everything else. Then you will draw the necessary conclusions in any given situation by yourself. Do not listen to your body, but do what your soul wants you to do. Then your life changes bit by bit by itself.


This is not so easy as it sounds at first. This is on the contrary the most difficult task which we can set to ourselves: It is about enforcing our divine self against our animal being, about the rider ruling the donkey.


The opposition of the body against its control by the spirit is tremendous. A true battle is raging between the higher and the lower self.


The New Man is a spiritual warrior according to the example of archangel Michael, who establishes the rule of the spirit everywhere and who overcomes the low and the nasty with spiritual means – first in himself and then in the world.


We shall discuss the details later.



9. Move of the Consciousness into the Higher Self



We do not want to talk only. We go together on a common path. Therefore, I would like to show you another practice which will help you to advance:


Occult research has proved that our spiritual being is a little bit bigger than the body. Fancy your soul as a kind of – spiritual – cover which surrounds the body on all sides. You must fill this cover with your consciousness, otherwise it remains dead and empty.


Guidance is always given from above. Therefore, pull your consciousness out of the body and move it into that part of your spiritual cover which is right above your head – as shown in the following sketch:


Look from up there down to yourselves – namely to your body. Thus you learn to wake up to life the being different from your body – the spirit (or the soul).


Furthermore, train yourselves to steer your body from up there: Order the body to fulfil the will of the spirit. Observe from above, in complete silence, unexcitedly, as if it were a stranger, what your body demands. Then you decide what it gets. Establish with this practice the rule of the spirit – of your higher self – over the body.


This practice refers not only to the purely material side of your being, but also to thoughts and feelings: From Theosophy comes the helpful concept that there is, besides the physical body, a body of feelings and a body of thoughts. These bodies must also be controlled by your higher self, exactly like the physical body! You should identify yourselves neither with your physical body nor with your thoughts nor with your feelings.


Learn to observe your thoughts and feelings, like those of strangers, from above, from the position of your true, everlasting self. Practise then to decide from the standpoint of eternity which thoughts and feelings you wish to admit and which to reject, which ones you want to follow and which not.


Begin to reject negative thoughts or feelings straight away. Try to remain just one day without negative thoughts – do you have any idea how difficult this is?


With this I hand over to you a practice programme which will occupy you for years. The distant aim is: Let only your divine self think within, speak out of, and act with your earthly tool.


Further details of this exercise we shall discuss in later broadcastings.




At the end of this broadcasting, too, I want to give you a Mantram to take along on your way. If you recite it over and over again in your mind, it will remind you of who you really are, and of how you must think in order to become who you are:





„I am a soul!“




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