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Ladies and gentlemen,


welcome to Agni Yoga Web TV!


Today, we would like to present to you an experiment which is actually taking place in these days in this country: The Experiment Immortality.


We are aiming high: We really endeavour to learn how to attain immortality! Agni Yoga shows us the way.




What is the greatest adventure of our time?


To transform ourselves: Today, we are insignificant tiny little beings – so small, because we are mortal. Tomorrow we can be giants - so great, because we live eternally.




Who of you wishes to become immortal? Do you want, together with us, to conquer death?


Then you are cordially invited to participate in our experiment!



1. From Four-legged Being to Two-legged Being


Let me explain with an example what we are talking about:


Millions of years ago, one of our ancestors left the animal kingdom. He rose up onto two legs. He climbed a new step of evolution. He transformed himself from a being with four legs into a being with two legs.


Really, an heroic deed! A big leap in the development of life! A gigantic progress for all mankind!




Upright walk: What an achievement! What a new dignity! It opened up immeasurable possibilities for the human race!


Just imagine, how this higher being distinguished itself from the four-legged creatures around him:


How it wandered around in the savannah, detached from earth, proud, with head erect - looking into far distance, to the future, to the heights, to the light.


Indeed – a God for all the wild hordes around him, who were still crawling on four legs.



2. From Mortal to Immortal Being


Today, we stand on the threshold to a leap just as big:


Time has come for humanity to gain immortality.


Thus, we can initiate an entirely new development – offering possibilities, so gigantic, that we are unable today to even imagine them.




Immortal man – this is the next step of evolution! He will distinguish himself from us in the same way as we distinguish ourselves from the apes.


Immortal man – this is an expression of life much higher, much worthier and much more beautiful than anything else that has populated this planet up to today.



3. What is Agni Yoga?


Ladies and gentlemen, what is Agni Yoga?


Agni Yoga is a godsend present.


A present aiming at enriching your life, at rendering it more beautiful, more worthy and, above all, more joyful!


Take your time to look at this gift, which we are presenting to you here.


Whether you wish to accept it, whether you want to use is – this is entirely up to you to decide.



4. The Greatest Present


Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the greatest present you can imagine? A trip around the world? A new car? A house of your own? No, aim higher, there is something far greater to be gained:


The greatest present which can be given to you, is – immortality! To live eternally – is that not the highest goal that a human being can achieve?


When you no longer have to fear death, when unlimited time is given to you – this will be a real improvement and embellishment of your life!




An age-old dream of humanity comes true – to become like the Gods.


We extend our potential into infinity: Eternal life means a development without limits.


Man transforms from a mayfly to a cosmic giant!


You can realize yourself in an entirely new way. You can aim much higher, because you need no longer press everything which you wish to carry out into one single and much too short earthly life.



5. Prometheus


You all know the legend of Prometheus: He stole the fire from the Gods and gave it as a gift to humanity.


Today, Agni Yoga brings the chalice of immortality from heaven to earth, which so far had been reserved for the Gods alone.



6. Immortal Man


Let us see, how your life will change:


Being immortal, you no longer need to have any fear: Nobody and nothing is able to do you any harm. Not even the death of the body may threaten you: Your true, spiritual being continues to live in eternity.


Being immortal, you no longer know any troubles: Your existence cannot be endangered by anything.


Being immortal, you enjoy complete freedom, as you do no longer have to give any undue regard to the survival of your body.




Yours is a tremendous power: As a two-legged being stands far above a four-legged one, so an immortal being is far superior to the old mortal man, who continuously fears for his existence.


With this consciousness, with this attitude, the immortal goes through life joyfully and confidently at each and every moment.



7. The Meaning of Life

Drawing: Selvarajan Yesudian


You will be able to find a satisfactory meaning for your life only if you recognize the continuation of your existence after the death of your body.


The existentialistic philosophers are quite right: If we had only one single short life on earth, our existence would indeed be absurd. If everything which we acquire, if all achievements which we have gained by hard struggle, will be annihilated soon and completely, why should we then bother to take any pains at all?




When you know, however, that your soul takes all achievements with it on its further eternal journey; when you know, that nothing will be lost of that what you have acquired – only then you can lead a life that makes sense.


Then you can make projects. Then you can, as Jesus said, lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven – which means: for your eternal path. Such treasures will neither be corrupted by rust nor stolen by thieves (Matthew 6, 19-21).  




If you only have one single earthly life, you cannot reach the goals you are aiming at.


If you only have one single earthly life, you cannot even nearly realize the gigantic potential which lies hidden within you!



8. Experiment Immortality


„Experiment Immortality“ – this is how we call our project to transform the old man: From a mortal to an eternal being;


- and to build a higher civilization, which reflects this new dignity better than the existing one.


How can we realize this gigantic project? Only very slowly, with many small steps.




Today, I would like to give you a survey of the path which we may go together, if you wish. In the following broadcastings we shall then move forward step by step to the great goal:


To become a New Man who lives in a New World.


The „Experiment Immortality” consists of 3 steps: „Know thyself“, „Transform yourself“ and „Transform the world“.



9. Know thyself


Let us start with the first step: „Know thyself.“


This advice comes from the wise men of the past – it is indeed the very basis of all higher knowledge.


What do we find when we follow this advice?


We see: Man is more than merely a material being.


Within our visible physical body there is hidden an invisible, spiritual creature – as a deep sea diver is hidden in the diving bell.



10. The Soul


Religion calls this being “soul”.


This creature is not material. Therefore, it is not bound to the limitations of matter, space and time. Accordingly, it is not mortal.


How can you convince yourself of the existence of your eternal ego? We shall talk about that in detail in the next Broadcasting. Today only so much:




All religions, all nations know about the soul and the continuation of its life after the death of the body: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Germans; Christians, Jews, Hindus and Moslems – they all have their realm of the dead, their heaven and their hell.


They all know: It is an individual being that passes over to the other world. A being that has acquired on earth certain merits; and that has burdened itself with personal guilt.


All cultures know that we have to provide for our existence in the spiritual world: for example through things laid into the grave or through a virtuous life on earth.



11. Common Basis of all Religions


There is a common basis of all religions. This is not the faith in God - the Gods of the people are very different.


The common basis of all confessions is: The knowledge that a part of us continues to live on after the death of the body.


If all people of all times shared this knowledge – then we, too, can use it today as a firm fundament for our project.



12. Transform Yourself


Now we come to the second step towards immortality: „Transform yourself“.


Agni Yoga says: If you want to become a new man, an immortal, you have to learn to identify yourself with your soul – not with your body. How is this to be understood?


If you consist of two parts, one mortal and one eternal: Which of them would you like to regard as your true self?


Obviously, the eternal one! Why should you select that part which will no longer exist already in a few years from now, when you have the possibility to be an everlasting being?




The transformation takes place through the shifting of your consciousness: The old man thinks: „I have a soul.“ The new man knows better: „I am a soul.“  


Earlier you believed that you are a body; to be sure, you also had a soul, but you did not really know what to do with it. Today, you should change your mind and say: „I am a soul. I also have a body – but it is of little importance, because it will perish very soon.“


We have to form a completely new picture of ourselves: Man is not a visible, but an invisible; not a material, but a spiritual; and not a perishable, but an everlasting creature.



13. Brother Donkey


The body is only an instrument, a „brother donkey“. The spirit needs this vehicle, he would be unable to act in the material world without it.


The picture of the rider and the donkey is an old symbol of the twofold nature of man. You, however, should not be the donkey, you should be the rider!


The body is only a case, a cover – like the diving bell! Without it, the spirit could not descend from the spiritual world, its homeland, down to the lower physical sphere.


See through the illusion of matter! As often, the essential is not that which is externally visible, but that which is to be found – invisible to the eye - within.




What is death? Upon death, the soul takes off its cover like a worn out coat. It returns to its homeland, to the other, the spiritual world. There, it does not need a physical body.


You – your true self– move from one world into the other. That is all. That is nothing to be worried about. That is an occasion to be glad!




How should we treat our physical being? Obviously, we should preserve our body as a reliable instrument through a little training. However, more care is not worthwhile for something that will fall apart before long.


Is it not ridiculous when a master cultivates and decorates his donkey, instead of himself?


It is much more important that you cultivate, heal, train and let grow great and strong your real immortal self, your soul.


When you learn to think and to act like this – then your transformation into an immortal being is about to begin.



14. The Treasure


You see: The statement of the problem has changed:


Believe it or not – you are already immortal!


You do not need our present at all!


The treasure is within yourself!


All Agni Yoga can do is to help you to discover it, to raise it and to use it.




Agni Yoga is something like instructions for use for the application and the development of our higher potential. Of such instructions, we are in urgent need:


Scarcely anyone of you has the slightest idea of the gigantic potential that lies dormant within him.


Scarcely anyone of you really makes use of his infinite possibilities.


For the time being, you are like the rich man who suffers from hunger, because he does not know that there is a treasure in his cellar: He is not really rich, as long as he does not discover his potential and does not make use of it.



15. Transform the World


Let us finally look at the third and last step of our “Experiment Immortality”: „Transform the world“.


The scourges of our time, which render life on this beautiful planet nearly unbearable, are:


Selfishness, greediness, the chase for money, power and pleasure, the battle of everyone against everyone. If you look at it more deeply, you will find: The cause of nearly all evils is the egotism of man.




In order to transform the world, we have to conquer the all-present selfishness. Only immortal beings can succeed in this, for only they can act in a truly unselfish way. We ourselves must change, if the world is to become a better place.



16. The old Man


As long as you remain the old, mortal man, you are continuously concerned with the survival, the welfare and the spoiling of your body.


You feel that you have to fight with your brothers and sister in order to grasp a share as big as possible of the limited goods of this world.


You believe that the complete extinction of your existence through death is closely before you. You therefore feel entitled to think only of yourself. You fancy that you have to enjoy to the full the time, much too short, which remains for you to live.



17. The New Man

Painting: Nicholas Roerich „Lama“


As soon as you have become an immortal being, you will think completely differently: As a spiritual creature, you are not in need of material things – which you will have to leave behind upon death anyway -, neither for your survival nor for your wellbeing.


Material pleasures do not satisfy your soul.


You will no longer be concerned with the fate of your perishable personality: Whether it lives in poverty or prosperity, in health or illness, whether the short time of its existence on earth lasts a few years more or less – all this is entirely insignificant in view of the eternal life of your real self, the soul.




For an immortal, the so called „struggle for existence“ is a concept deprived of any sense: In a situation where there is really not enough for everyone, he would gladly renounce his share in favour of his fellow men:


A soul grows, when it gives, not when it takes!


A soul longs for giving itself completely away in the service to the common good. It longs for sacrificing itself for ideals like truth, justice, beauty and love.



18. Communities of New Men

Painting: Nicholas Roerich „Zwenigorod“


The society of the future, communities of immortals, will be organized in a way very different from ours:


We replace egotism by unselfishness.


We replace the chase for profit, power and pleasure by the service to the common good.


We replace competition and mutual cheating by cooperation.


We replace consumption and greediness by frugality and needlessness.


And we replace unscrupulousness, lack of dignity and lack of honour by applied ethics.



19. No Poverty


For practical purposes, this means for example:


In the New World which is being built by the New Man, there will be no poverty:


All we have to do is to share fairly what we have produced collectively - then there will be more than enough wealth for everyone.




The unworthy struggles for participation will come to an end: Spiritual creatures compete in managing to make do with as few material goods as possible!


The real cause for poverty is the egotism of men who are unwilling to share.


We see: The spiritual principle of justice alone can solve our material, earthly everyday problems.



20. No Unemployment


In the society of the future, there will be no unemployment:


Here, too, „sharing“ is the magic formula: All we have to do is to share fairly the work which is necessary in a community - then there will be more than enough to do for everyone.


The real cause for unemployment is the egotism of men who are unwilling to share.




„Unemployment“ is a grotesque notion: Everyone sees that around us there is an infinite need of work. The general imperfection, misery and suffering can be overcome through work only. In reality, there is much more need for urgent work than we have workers, time and capacity at hand.


We see again: The realization of an ideal like justice is the answer to the pressing questions of our time.


We shall look at the details of the New Culture, which is being erected by communities of immortals, in later broadcastings.



21. Summary


At the end of the first Broadcasting, we sum up as follows:


Agni Yoga offers a complete program for the renewal of the individual as well as of human society as a whole.

A new life in the spirit of immortality is the way out of the misery of our time, the basis on which we can completely transform ourselves and human society.

The eternal existence of man is the starting point from where we can outgrow our whole outdated thinking and the old world, and from where we can abolish ignorance, imperfection, misery and suffering.


In conclusion, I would like to offer to you the following mantram to accompany you on your way:



I know myself!

I transform myself!

I transform the world!





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