„Experiment  Immortality“



Broadcasting 1: The Treasure



If a very simple man should ask you the purpose of the Teaching, say, "That you may live happily." He should not be overwhelmed by too complicated considerations. Let his entire being be filled with the realization that the whole Teaching is concerned with improving his life. The understanding of responsibility will come later. First — proclaim the joy and betterment of life. (Agni Yoga 65)


Immortal humanity — is this idea not worthy of the future? (Agni Yoga 553)


We are not temporary, but infinite beings. (Heart 515)


With the "visible" one we have nothing to do. He is to us only a veil that hides from profane eyes that other ego with whose evolution we are concerned. Our greatest trouble is to teach pupils not to be befooled by appearances. (Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, No. 43, February 1882)


In order to recognize reality, do not think that you have a soul, but that the soul has you. (Teachings of the Temple, Book V, No. 261 –German Edition-)


It is not the man who has the soul, but the Soul who has the man. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. III, Lesson "Center of Light")


Sometime he will become fully conscious of his own real identity, whereas he is now only conscious of a body and mind, which he mistakenly terms Self. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. II, Lesson "Reincarnation")


For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Matthew 16:26)


But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? (Luke 12:20)


Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones; similarly, the spirit acquires new bodies after casting away the old bodies. (Bhagavad Gita II, 22)


Man should believe in immortality, he is entitled to it, it is in accordance with his nature. (Goethe to Eckermann, 04.02.1829)



Broadcasting 2: How can I recognize my Soul?


It must be understood that it is not Our custom to demand blind faith. What would be the use of such a demand, since observation and attentiveness yield better results? (Brotherhood 256)


It is terrible to think that some people are compelled to believe blindly, and that learning is forbidden to them! (Supermundane II, 376)



Humanity's conception of the world is quite far from the truth. (Infinity II, 787 [387])


Only a minor part of reality is cognized by humanity. Humanity dwells in a restricted reality; in the human conception reality is limited to that which is visible. (Infinity II, 437 [37])


What perfection can be achieved upon cognizing reality! Once reality is brought to the foreground and affirmed as a completely valid concept, the surroundings will change beyond recognition. The most precise and objective observation of reality will broaden the consciousness. (Agni Yoga 590)



We want the Supermundane to be cognized in a scientific way, through research and observation. For this man must deepen his consciousness and elevate his thought. (Supermundane III, 592)


The Divine Science will exist. The Supermundane will become visible to us, but then, earthly life too will become Supermundane. (Supermundane III, 591)


Nothing can transmit an understanding of the Invisible World save the very sensation of it. (Heart 298)



The eyes and ears can be deceived, but nothing can delude the heart. I see with the heart, I hear with the heart, and nothing impure will touch the heart. (Agni Yoga 520)


One sees clearly only with the heart; what is essential is invisible to the eye. (Saint-Exupéry, “The little Prince”)



Broadcasting 3: Transformation into a Spiritual Being


Ask yourself, "What does the spirit wish?" (Leaves Of Morya's Garden II – Illumination –, 120 [Part Two III 13])


The personal man is ephemeral, incidental to the real man or soul who is an evolving, persisting entity, "eternal in the heavens," who never had a beginning and to whose life there can be no end. With the growth of the idea of the soul as being the important part comes the perception of the unity of all life. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. III, Lifes Efflorescence)


It is not the man who has the soul, but the Soul who has the man. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. III, Center of Light)


The student has to learn the means of shifting gradually his sense of individuality from his corruptible material body to the incorruptible and eternal Non-Being represented by his seventh principle. Please consider this as the real aim of Occult Science. (Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, No. 131, 26.06.1882)


Draw your consciousness within, and look out on life from your own vantage ground, your own center. See with the eyes of the soul. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. III, Center of Light)



Broadcasting 4: Immortal Man


Absence of fear is the first condition to halt any evil whatsoever. But let us be honest with ourselves, in order to determine where there is fear and where it has been driven out. Fear is a weapon of the dark ones. (FW II, 172)


Victory over fear will be the threshold of the new consciousness. (AY 538)


One must know the complete immutability and eternity of life in order to proceed without fear. One must understand the indestructibility of our essential nature in order to place this value upon the scales. (FW I, 202)


Let man understand that no one can deprive him of life. Courage is strengthened by the realization that life is indestructible. Certainty about this is the way to fearlessness, and the certainty must be complete to be effective. (Supermundane 751)


Careful thought will show that fear is born of ignorance. Fear weakens the will and thus renders one defenseless. But the most essential aspect is that man himself invites fear, by not understanding the Supermundane World. The courageous researcher knows that the human essence is indestructible, and that the strongest paroxysm of vibrations can be overcome by the will. No one can be protected from fear if he does not wish to overcome it himself. (Supermundane 830)


In knowledge is the end of fear. (Community 194)


Think about the meaning of danger. So-called danger is nothing but fear for one's present condition. But if we know that every condition is created by the consciousness, which is inalienable, then there can be no fear for one’s well-being. The dangers that one customarily fears are dispelled by a broadened consciousness. Therefore, the growth of consciousness is the essential foundation for progress. Then there will be no dangers, there will be only obstacles. Overcoming obstacles is a means for the developing of energy. Assure yourself, therefore, that dangers do not exist.

Invulnerability is Our Shield. Each speck of fear is a target for an enemy's arrow. After washing away these shameful specks, we become as invulnerable as are the bodies of the far-off worlds. The development of an Agni Yogi becomes a shield of thought. (AY 406)


You know how to leap across the abyss. Dangers are joys to you. (AY 393)


Exactly so do there exist spirits of high intensity who have fully charged their accumulators in past incarnations. Their characteristic feature will be a firm consciousness of the indissolubility of their inner ego, whence is born the concept of the higher freedom. (Leaves Of Morya's Garden II –Illumination -, 289 [Part Three, III 2])


He who adheres to the Teaching of Infinity gains freedom of action first of all. (Hierarchy 29)


Whoever is in contact in consciousness with the Higher World is steadfast and invincible; he has given freedom to his spirit, indestructible and reaching out into Infinity. (AUM 204)


And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10, 28)



Broadcasting 5: The new Identity


We care not only about the earthly life, but even more about the supermundane existence. (Supermundane 795)


One can observe that there are appearing whole groups of people formerly connected with each other. (Fiery World 3, 550)


Jesus said: Who is my mother? And who are my brethren? And he stretched forth his hand toward his disciples, and said: Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. (Matthew 12, 48-50)


The first great reality that dawns upon the awakening consciousness of the Chela is a recognition of his kinship to – his oneness with – that Master; and having once recognized, he cannot repudiate Him; his duty, his pleasure, his very life, is bound up with that of the Master. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Nr. 32)


The Master is not only acting as the Father of a family, he IS that Father to the chela if both are parts of the one Group Soul, and no more than the child can supplant his own physical father by delegating the functions of a father to some other man, can the disciple, even temporarily and unconsciously, supplant the Master by delegating the functions of that Master-Father to another, by accepting the admonition, directions or advice of that other. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Nr. 232)


If the reactions of the Subtle World are so frequent, deep and lengthy relations should be established between co-workers of the two worlds. And so it is. Besides, the relationships are not so much a matter of blood kinship as of spiritual kinship. Often such co-workers meet also on the earthly plane; though they may be separated by differences of nationality and circumstance, yet an inner feeling will draw them together. Between them a confidence will be established very easily. (AUM 156)


When we search for true friends, we will find them in the Subtle World. (Heart 564)


An Agni Yogi must renounce the conventional in all national cultures, although temporarily he belongs to one of them. (Agni Yoga 171)


The heart demands constant nourishment; without it, the heart is deprived of the highest link and begins to decompose. (Heart 9)


Consciously must the spirit be nurtured. (Agni Yoga 27)


The people of the world are starving for want of the spiritual sustenance. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Nr. 64)


Daily we partake of food, and without it regard the day as miserable. But our spirit also requires nourishment of thought, and it is a crime to pass one's day without it. Let us think of the fundamentals of Yoga as our bread and milk. (Agni Yoga 357)


The fact that the soul of man requires nourishment no less than the body, and also requires it at stated intervals of time, and in sufficient quantities, is not always recognized or accepted, consequently in the majority of cases that nourishment is very inadequately and intermittently supplied, and the result of such neglect is to a close observer evident in the faces and forms of the people he meets. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Nr. 59)


It is pointed out that on this divine plan each one is the builder of his soul, and the architect of his own immortality. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. II, „True Knowledge“)


The first task you should set yourself is the forming an ideal of what you wish to be and clothing it in garments of Faith and Hope sufficiently strong to bear the strain which will be put upon them. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Nr. 206)


Each spirit creates his own world, and the beauty or ugliness of the created world depends upon the quality of consciousness. (Infinity II, 719 [319])


The name thou now bearest will die with thee, but thine own name, thy true name, is graven on the hands and in the heart of thy Father in Heaven. (Teachings of the Temple, From the Mountain Top, Volume I, „My Father“)




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