The Law of Correspondence



Ladies and gentlemen,


Welcome, how nice of you to visit us again. We shall be dealing today with another great law that determines your life: correspondence - the law of attraction and repulsion.


What is this all about? As so often, Goethe has expressed the heart of the matter:


Wie sich Verdienst und Glück verketten, das fällt den Toren niemals ein.

Wenn sie den Stein der Weisen hätten, der Weise mangelte dem Stein.


How merit and fortune are intertwined, does not occur to the fools.

If they had the philosopher's stone, the stone would lack the philosopher.


Likewise, the Living Ethics teach: It has been noted as an astonishing fact that fortune is being enforced. (Fiery World II, 349)


Then there is the popular saying: Fortune favours the capable.


Or the Far Eastern wisdom: Everything comes to him who can wait.


All this means: The capable attracts and enforces fortune. The ignorant, the unworthy knows as little how to make use even of the greatest treasure as swine know how to use pearls. Even a million prize in the lottery is of no benefit to the one who does not know how to properly handle money.


Agni Yoga provides a scientific basis for this knowledge of the heart: The law of correspondence operates on the spiritual level as immutably and incorruptibly as a law of physics in the material world.


You can firmly rely on this law, if you want to move forward.



1. Conformity


The laws of the spiritual plane govern the physical world. They ensure that the external forms correspond to the inner nature. The spiritual forces determine our destiny. All outward circumstances are only reflections of the inner world.


As gravity in the material world attracts bodies, so, on the spiritual level, the cosmic law of correspondence, the law of attraction and repulsion, works to the effect that all that which is in its essence related is being drawn towards one another.


This law provides that you encounter those people, objects, situations and energies that correspond to your inner being. Affinity, spiritual kinship is a real attracting force.


2. Attraction through Striving


Everyone obtains exactly that for which he strives, because strong striving develops an attracting force of its own. By this means, fortune is enforced.


However, success will come only when you unfold the highest, tightest efforts. If you unswervingly follow your path, you will attract corresponding energies that will help you on and open up new opportunities.


You must not listen to esotericmiracle workerswho promise you (for example, in the popular movie "The Secret") great results without any effort. From nothing, nothing can ensue. Although even a wish may unfold a certain attraction, this alone will not be sufficient to ensure success.


You actually have to get down to work to put your project into practice. Only to those actions that you carry out yourself, the Higher Powers can add Their energy. You must try the extreme of what is possible for you - then and only then, over time, the desired success must appear.



3. Attraction through Moods


The law of correspondence says further: Each of us attracts at every moment that which corresponds to his state of mind, his moods, his thoughts.


This is so, inevitably, with the precision of a law: If you are happy, you attract joy. If you radiate sorrow, you provide yourself with sad situations or gloomy people.


Let us hear two paragraphs from Agni Yoga:


If people would only understand that the sending of sorrow returns as sorrow, but joy sent is joy increased. (Agni Yoga 618)


Joy can attract with a magnetic current the joy from space. But the thought of darkness gives birth to layers of heavy clouds. We vouch for the reality of the gravitation of thought. (Infinity I, 7)


The same applies to fear: The Cosmic Law ensures that you are being confronted with exactly that what you dread mostuntil you have overcome your fear.


Here are two further quotations:


Fear and terror form a peculiar magnet. One may suspect what is attracted by such a dark magnet! Each instant man is evoking Light or darkness. (AUM 145)


Be assured that he who fears death attracts it to himself. (Supermundane, 61)


That is why it is so important that you develop the ability to transform, in any situation, sorrow into joy. Only then you can obtain an improvement. Only then you will attract help. As long as you are complaining, you will make things even worse.


Once again, Agni Yoga says:


The moment a man exclaims, “Oh, how unhappy I am!” he immediately increases his trouble. But he who declares, “I am happy!” opens the gates to happiness. As soon as he has expressed a mood, it is intensified in spacethus we invoke the Higher Forces. (Supermundane 218)



4. Attraction through Aura


It is the power of your own nature, your spiritual emanations, your aura that exercise an attracting or repulsing impact. Good and bad radiations attract the according effects.


You cannot rate highly enough the importance of this principle: Your destiny is entirely in your own hands! If you improve your own nature, your emanations, you must necessarily and lawfully attract more favourable situations, greater opportunities and better people!


Let us hear again Agni Yoga:


The aura may be either a powerful magnet or an object of loathing. Thus, all the sooner should people think about the quality of their radiations. (Supermundane, 812)


Thus, the lowest attracts the lowest and the highest attracts the highest. (Infinity II, 819 [419])


The inner reason for this attraction is that spiritual relationship, conformity of nature, mutual affection and, ultimately, love are real forces, which are acting on the spiritual level.


Only love can create the highest attraction. This magnet is laid in the heart of man. People too rarely realize the cosmic law of attraction and its foundation, Love. (Supermundane, 769)


That law is the divine code of Love, whatever the appellation bestowed upon it by man. Scientifically, it is the law of attraction; the law which tends to draw together all men or objects of nature for the accomplishment of like purposes. (Teachings of the Temple, Vol. I, Lesson 223)


So do not wait for Prince Charming! Do work on yourself if you are not happy with that what you are currently attracting. Helena Roerich explains:


The law of correspondence is a basic cosmic law. Therefore, each acquired energy will attract an identical energy from space and also will evoke a corresponding reaction from the people one contacts. Here is an explanation of sympathies and antipathies, and also the reason why one person can find contact with many people while another, in spite of all his efforts, creates only antagonism. (Letter of 03.12.1930)



5. Temptations


The law of correspondence works yet in another way: We only succumb to those temptations, which find a resonance within ourselves.


An example: Someone can have an open bottle of whiskey on his table for months, without touching or even noticing it. He is rather repelled by it.


However, he is attracted so powerfully by an opened bar of chocolate that he is unable to walk past it without eating it within a few days (or even within minutes!). With somebody else, it works just the other way round.


That shows: It is not the chocolate or the alcohol that is the problem, but we ourselves: Does our nature still resound on this or that vice? Or did we succeed to really eradicate the desire from our innermost being? Have we starved the dragon within ourselves, or is he yet alive? What do we attract? What is rejected by our nature?


You see: In the end it is not dogmas, laws or prohibitions which count. We must purify our being. An elephant does not eat meat; that is his nature; constraint is not required.



6. Worthiness


The Christians torture themselves with the question: What is the relationship between merit and grace? Is the divine grace bestowed indiscriminately on anyone? Or do we receive according to our merits? This uncertainty shows that our time has lost the natural yardstick.


The proper relationship between merit and grace is described by Dante: The Divine Light is bestowed upon the Universe to the extent as this is worthy of it. (Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto 31)


Truly it is said: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This means: For something high only the one is receptive who has risen to a corresponding height. He who is at the bottom, can only grasp the low, but nothing of high quality. A coarse consciousness does not resound on the highest vibrations. Only that comes to us for which we are prepared.


The law of correspondence says: Everyone receives according to his state of development. The higher your inner nature is, the holier, the purer, the worthier you are, the higher is the divine energy that you can absorb from Above and radiate yourself back into the world.


If you walk on the spiritual path, you will receive, to the extent that you are progressing, redemption, salvation and blessing, enlightenment, help, guidance and elevation from Above.



7. Who hath shall be given


This is the meaning of the biblical parable of the pounds, which seems to contradict, at first glance, our sense of justice:


Unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him. (Luke 19, 26)


The words of Jesus show the relentlessness of the cosmic law of correspondence: He who has already accumulated a lot of skills during his past lives, who is already well advanced on the spiritual path, will acquire, in this life, too, the best pounds.


How can we assume that a great good will squandered on the unworthy? It would simply be unwise to give to someone something that he cannot appreciate and for which he is not yet ripe: What use will swine make of pearls?


He, however, who is less developed and standing spiritually on a lower level, and thus in a lower environment, will be exposed to lower experiences. This puts him in danger to lose even what little he has.


Accordingly, there is only one way to receive more pounds: Grow and become purer and more worthy. But no one can purify and elevate you than you yourself with your own inner work. Not even God can let fall into your lap something which can be acquired, in an evolving world, only through natural growth.


In the Teachings of the Temple it says:


Foolish children – do ye yet think that even a God can supply that which can only manifest by process of labor and growth? The law of growth is the primal law of the Universe which none may break or alter. (Teachings of the Temple. Vol. I, Lesson 6)



8. No Redeemer


In a fatal mistake, Christianity imagines man as discarded, weak and hopelessly sinful: In a position from which he can be redeemed only by the grace of God, conveyed by the church.


As opposed to that, Agni Yoga teaches: We redeem ourselves! But not through faith in Christ or through His death on the cross, but by following Him and working us up to His level.


Thus, humanity must strive limitlessly to redeem itself. (Infinity II, 897)


That does not mean that we can ascend alone on our own without the Higher Worlds coming to meet us. Of course we are in need of the divine grace in the sense of enlightenment and help from Above. But this grace is not bestowed without distinction on the worthy and the unworthy, the prepared and the unprepared, on the striving and the indifferent. The extent of the receipt depends upon the readiness of the recipient.


Grace is always there. Like truth and love, it is constantly available in space. Everyone can participate in it at any time. However, only he can call it up, absorb and use it who tunes his life, his character in to it; he who refines himself to such an extent that grace becomes accessible to him.



9. Attraction of Possibilities and Opportunities


The law of correspondence governs our earthly possibilities. It makes sure that ultimately - from the point of view of eternityit is the inner justification which determines progress and decline, success or failure on earth.


You will be given those opportunities for which you are ripe. The emanations of your piled up accumulations act as a magnet. They attract those worldly possibilities which correspond to the nature of your individuality. To a Great Soul, great opportunities are available, to a small soul only smaller ones.


Each task requires a corresponding strength. (Hierarchy 130)


The law of correspondence ensures that you meet with those situations not only which you deserve, but also with those which you need to climb the next level.


You will be given the tasks for which you are ripe. The magnitude of your spirit is proven by the size of the missions that are entrusted to you. The more you develop, the higher you climb, the greater will be your tasks. On no one will be imposed more than he can bear.


Each task of a servant of humanity reflects the quality of his spirit. (FW III, 71)


The law of correspondence is an expression of the cosmic principle of goalfitness: Success can only be achieved when the skills correspond to the size of the task. Little people collapse under heavy loads. Great Souls must lawfully be called sooner or later to a great work.


This law should induce you to first deal with the circumstances into which you have been placed. He who does not know how to cope with the normal, everyday life, cannot think of a higher mission.


If you are not satisfied with the circumstances in which you are caught up, improve your inner magnet in order to attract better opportunities!



10. Approach to the Higher World


Since ancient times, people know that it depends on ourselves whether we find heaven open or closed. Knowing the law of correspondence, we understand: If we approach God, that is, if we become purer and worthier, more and more similar to Him, then He, too, will approach us.


So the Bible says: Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you. (James 4, 8)


But we need to do the first step. Without our own striving, nothing will be given to us.


The same wisdom as in the Bible: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Luke 11, 9)


is also expressed in the Bhagavad Gita: All who in whatever way approach me, I reward them accordingly. (Bhagavad Gita IV, 11)


and in Agni Yoga: I shall call into My House those whom I see approaching. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 23 [Part One VI 14])


We cannot expect God to reveal Himself and His secrets to the remote and the unworthy.


A living connection with the higher world, from which we receive comfort, strength, support, joy, guidance and knowledge, can be established only by a pure heart. The higher you stand, that is, the closer you get to the higher spheres, the more you will be granted from there.


Therefore, highest revelations like the Ten Commandments, the Koran or the Agni Yoga were entrusted only to human beings standing particularly high, such as Moses, Mohammed or Helena Roerich.


As Agni Yoga says so aptly: A great message cannot penetrate a small ear. (Supermundane, 176)



To conclude this Broadcasting, let us summarize: The law correspondence operates like a physical law of nature. This gives you the certainty that all your strivings must sooner or later bear fruit. None of your efforts is ever in vain! Selfless elevation will bring you closer to the Higher Spheres, to higher skills, higher possibilities, higher joys and higher tasks.





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