The Brotherhood  of Shambhala



Ladies and gentlemen,


I am pleased to welcome you to Broadcasting 6 of our series "Introduction to Agni Yoga"!


In Broadcasting 5, we had talked about the hierarchy of souls, ranging from the blade of grass via Christ up to God.


Today we want to be more specific. Today we turn to the representatives of this hierarchy on our earth, to the next level of evolution above mankind, to the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.



1. Real Existence of the Brotherhood


We had already worked out in the previous two Broadcastings: From the law of evolution and the principle of hierarchy follows: As there are beings who stand on the evolutionary ladder below man (animals, plants), so there are also those who are above us.


These higher beings have made themselves known in the last about 150 years as the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala:


We had talked in Broadcasting 1 "Basics of Agni Yoga" already about the three essential initiatives of the Brotherhood during this time. They are connected with the names Helena Blavatsky, Theosophical Society and Mahatma Letters, Francia LaDue and the Teachings of the Temple, and Helena Roerich and the Agni Yoga.


During these initiatives, the Mahatmas have established contact in many ways - physically, by letter and through thought transmission - with a large number of people. Their aim was to transfer knowledge to mankind and to advance the evolution on earth. Their superhuman powers, abilities and wisdom have clearly come to light.


Of course, we cannot prevent anyone of you to continue doubting and to refuse the numerous testimonies about the Mahatmas as lies or products of an overwrought imagination. But when you open your heart, you will see:


Their writings (Mahatma Letters, Teachings of the Temple, Agni Yoga) are of such a high wisdom that they may not possibly come from human beings. If this is the case, you must admit: If the Higher Teaching exists, then there must also be the Higher Teacher, the author of these writings.



2. Communion of Saints


You should not believe that there is only one single "Son of God". There are no isolated beings in the universe. Every creature is associated with a particular stage and the corresponding level of the hierarchy. Of course, of the billions of immortal souls that belong to our planet, in the course of the millennia, already several ones have reached the next higher stage above us.


These higher beings do not live separated from each other. They naturally form a community – in view of their common responsibility for all those who stand below them.


With the existence of the Brotherhood of Shambhala, the "communion of saints" becomes concrete. It is a timeless community in which the three great founders of religions, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed, and their disciples, apostles, saints, successors and closest associates, from Platon to Mahatma Gandhi, are united together in order to fulfill their common responsibility for the earth.


To which nation or religion ever you belong, you may be sure: Your hero and preferred saint is also a member of this illustrious company!


You understand again how grotesque it is, when fanatics wage war against each other in the name of religion: They thereby betray the ideals of those whom they pretend to worship.



3. Earthly Seat


This community has its task on our planet. Therefore, its seat is not situated somewhere in heaven, but down here on our earth - namely in Shambhala, a remote, inaccessible place in the Himalayas. This is the place where heaven and earth, spiritual and material world meet.


Since ancient times, many legends tell us about this sacred place, including, in the West, the novel "Lost Horizon" of James Hilton on Shangri-La.


The Mahatmas earlier had Ashrams in various countries around the world. The terrible conditions of the present time, however, forced them, to the detriment of mankind, to abandon the other bases.


Why is a bulwark of the hierarchy on earth necessary? Because the earth can be saved only by earthly means, with human hands and human feet. This law applies to the masters of the higher levels as well. Although they have long since earned the right to live in higher worlds under better conditions, they, too must adapt themselves to the earthly conditions, if they want to help down here.


So they need for example money as any other man, in order to procure what is necessary for their lives and work. They can even become ill when they are exposed for too long a time to the bad emanations of the earthly world.



4. Leaders of the Evolution


The Brotherhood works tirelessly for the good of the world. Corresponding to the size and the difficulty of this task, their work proceeds in the highest tension and with unimaginable toiling, truly in the sweat of their brow. The image of angels, sitting on clouds and singing to the harp, that people like to form about the higher levels, could not be more inaccurate.


The Brotherhood is a community of warriors of light who are committed to the fight for progress and against ignorance, unbelief and lack of spirituality.


The Brotherhood has been directing human evolution for thousands of years. If they would not have guided us, we would still be at the level of the Stone Age. It can be described as a world government, to which we should submit for our own benefit.


The Brotherhood has sent its members, disciples or agents as messengers, philosophers, kings, scientists, inventors, military leaders or prophets to the focal points of history to promote the development of mankind.


Unfortunately, most of their instructions were neglected. We humans did not thank our Elder Brothers for their efforts, but instead nailed them to the cross.



5. Admission of new Members


We now come to a point that is crucial for the new understanding of the world: We said in the last Broadcasting: Your spiritual path becomes concrete and practical only if you decide to look for a teacher and follow him.


You should recognize: If you decide for the succession of a teacher, you must be willing and able to enter one day as a successor into his cosmic office!


In order to remain a living community, the Brotherhood of Shambhala must regularly regenerate itself by fresh forces. The existing members do not die. But they have a right that we do not require for too long a time their sacrifice to remain on earth; that we allow them – for what it is long time according to their development – to emigrate to higher planets to continue their ascent there. But this is only possible if some of us one day take their place in the world government.


The Mahatmas, therefore, are looking urgently to receive new members into their circle. Those must be prepared to be trained and then to take their share in the Great Work. Who of you is ready to take up this gigantic task?



6. Historical Evidence of the Appearance of the Brotherhood


In Booklet 6 "The Brotherhood of Shambhala" of the Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga" (see we have compiled, from a multitude of examples, some testimonies for the appearance of the Brotherhood in human history, for example vis-à-vis the Swedish king Charles XII, the French queen Mary Antoinette, Napoleon and George Washington.


We cannot describe all these incidents here in this Broadcasting, and therefore ask you to read them up in the Booklet.


Let us hear only one case, described by Helena Roerich:


At the time of America's Declaration of Independence, when preparing to separate from England, a remarkable incident took place. During the proceedings at this historic convention there came a moment of hesitation and uncertainty. Suddenly, a tall stranger stepped out from amid the Assembly and delivered a fiery speech, which he ended with the words "Let America be free!" The enthusiasm of the Assembly was kindled, and the Declaration of Independence was signed. But when the delegates sought to greet the person who had helped them to make the great decision, the stranger had disappeared.

Thus, through the whole of history is seen the Helping Hand of the Great Community of Light. (Helena Roerich, Letter of 25.03.1935; Supermundane, 6)



7. Encounters with Mahatmas


There is an abundance of reports of personal, physical meetings with one of the Mahatmas, inter alia by Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich.


Here, too, we can only cite as example one event of which Henry S. Olcott tells us. He was the co-founder of the Theosophical Society and Madame Blavatsky's closest collaborator. As a lawyer and a colonel in the US Army he should certainly not be suspected of being a mystical fool.


Let us hear an excerpt from Olcott's diaries:


I was quietly reading, with all my attention centered on my book. Nothing in the evening’s incidents had prepared me for seeing an adept in his astral body; I had not wished for it, tried to conjure it up in my fancy, nor in the least expected it.

All at once, as I read with my shoulder a little turned from the door, there came a gleam of something white in the right-hand corner of my right eye; I turned my head, dropped my book in astonishment, and saw towering above me in his great stature an Oriental clad in white garments, and wearing a head-cloth or turban of amber-striped fabric, hand-embroidered in yellow floss-silk. Long raven hair hung from under his turban to the shoulders; his black beard, parted vertically on the chin in the Rajput fashion, was twisted up at the ends and carried over the ears; his eyes were alive with soul-fire; eyes which were at once benignant and piercing in glance; the eyes of a mentor and a judge, but softened by the love of a father who gazes on a son needing counsel and guidance.

He was so grand a man, so imbued with the majesty of moral strength, so luminously spiritual, so evidently above average humanity, that I felt abashed in his presence, and bowed my head and bent my knee as one does before a god or a god-like personage.

A hand was lightly laid on my head, a sweet though strong voice bade me be seated, and when I raised my eyes, the Presence was seated in the other chair beyond the table.

He told me he had come at the crisis when I needed him; that my actions had brought me to this point; that it lay with me alone whether he and I should meet often in this life as co-workers for the good of mankind; that a great work was to be done for humanity, and I had the right to share in it if I wished; that a mysterious tie, not now to be explained to me, had drawn my colleague and myself together; a tie which could not be broken, however strained it might be at times. He told me things about H. P. B. that I may not repeat, as well as things about myself, that do not concern third parties.

How long he was there I cannot tell: it might have been a half-hour or an hour; it seemed but a minute, so little did I take note of the flight of time.

At last he rose, I wondering at his great height and observing the sort of splendour in his countenance—not an external shining, but the soft gleam, as it were, of an inner light—that of the spirit.

Suddenly the thought came into my mind: “What if this be but hallucination; what if H. P. B. has cast a hypnotic glamour over me? I wish I had some tangible object to prove to me that he has really been here; something that I might handle after he is gone!”

The Master smiled kindly as if reading my thought, untwisted the fehtâ from his head, benignantly saluted me in farewell and—was gone: his chair was empty; I was alone with my emotions! Not quite alone, though, for on the table lay the embroidered head-cloth; a tangible and enduring proof that I had not been “overlooked,” or psychically befooled, but had been face to face with one of the Elder Brothers of Humanity, one of the Masters of our dull pupil-race.

I have been blessed with meetings with this Master and others since then, but little profit is to be reaped in repeating tales of experiences of which the foregoing is a sufficient example. However others less fortunate may doubt, I KNOW.

(Henry S. Olcott, Old Diary Leaves, Vol. 1, p. 379-381) 


So far Olcott in his diary. The turban of the Mahatma is up to today preserved and exhibited in the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India.



8. The Path to Shambhala


Only in very rare cases, far advanced people were allowed to visit Shambhala in their physical body, such as Apollonius of Tyana, Paracelsus, Helena Blavatsky and Helena and Nicholas Roerich. They received there a training, higher knowledge and orders for execution after their return among men.


No unauthorized person will ever be able to find this place or to enter it. It is well protected against intruders.


It is not our task to search for this high place uncalled. Our way is to approach the Brotherhood in spirit by imitating the ideal of their life. The ascent to the heights of Tibet has to start on the spiritual plane.



9. Cooperation with the Brotherhood


Advanced men of all times, of all peoples and of all faiths have worked as co-workers, delegates or incarnate members of the Brotherhood on earth: Hermes, Orpheus and Krishna, Confucius, Lao Tze and Milarepa, Moses, Salomon and David, Zarathustra, Pythagoras, Pericles, Platon, Apollonius of Tyana, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, Akbar the Great, Origen, the Saints Anthony the Great, Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Sergius of Radonezh and Catherine of Siena, Leonardo da Vinci, Paracelsus, Jacob Boehme and St. Germain, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and many others.


We may assume that the heroes of faith of our days, such as Albert Schweitzer, Maximilian Kolbe, Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa, were close to the Brotherhood as well. Even if they should not have known it, they were its unconscious co-workers by serving the one Spirit and the one Truth.


If masters of such a high order are actually existing and living here on this earth, there can be only one desire for the high-minded among you: Enter the path leading towards them, put yourself completely in their service, carry out their instructions, prove worthy of their attention and contribute to the goals which they pursue.


Read the legend of St. Christopher: He was too proud to serve anyone other than the highest master. We should take that as an example. Is it not shameful, to what vain, selfish interests - our own and those of others - we are dedicating our precious time and energy?


The ultimate goal and the highest office that a man can ever achieve is: First to become a disciple and then a co-worker of the Brotherhood, and to be allowed to support them according to his abilities. This is the greatest adventure of our time.


The Mahatmas expect our collaboration in their Great Work. Without the participation of men they cannot advance the earth. The best humans are obliged to relieve them at least of a small part of their enormous work load.



10. Help only as long as Progress is possible


The Mahatmas remain on earth to support us. They continue to share our life on this underdeveloped planet, although they have long since earned the right to live in higher, more comfortable worlds.


However, there applies everywhere in the universe the principle of goalfitness. That means: As we ourselves give up the hope of improvement of a reluctant horse or stubborn dog one day, so the Brotherhood, too, would turn away from us, if they should not see the chance any longer that we shall learn our lesson in the foreseeable future. In the interest of a more effective use of their limited forces, they would then have to turn to other civilisations on other planets, which are more receptive to their teachings and objectives.


Humanity would then fall back for a long time into darkness - until it has earned, through purified behaviour, a new opportunity to be taught and guided by higher beings.


Let us see to it that this does not happen! Let us not behave like stubborn donkeys! Let us accept the principle of hierarchy! We should submit confidently to the world government, which was established by even higher levels! This is just for our own immeasurable benefit!





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