The Brotherhood of Shambhala



Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am glad to welcome you to Broadcasting 6 of our Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga"!


In Broadcasting 5 we had spoken about the hierarchy of souls, which reaches from the blade of grass via the Christ up to God.


Today we want to be more specific. Let us turn to the representatives of this Hierarchy on our earth: to the next higher level above man, the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.



Section I: Actual Existence of the Brotherhood


1. The Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Schambhala


We had already worked out in the two previous Broadcastings: From the laws of evolution and of hierarchy follows: Just as there are beings on the evolutionary ladder below us humans, like animals and plants, there are also those standing above us.


The beings of the next higher level of evolution have revealed themselves over the past about 150 years as the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.


In the Broadcasting "Basics" (Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga") we had already spoken about the three main initiatives of the Brotherhood during this time. They are associated with three women: Helena Blavatsky, Theosophical Society and Mahatma Letters, Francia LaDue and the Teachings of the Temple, as well as Helena Roerich and Agni Yoga.


Here the Mahatmas have come into contact with a large number of people in a variety of ways – physically, by letter and purely in terms of thought transmission – with the aim of imparting new knowledge and promoting the evolution on earth. Thereby, their superhuman powers, abilities and knowledge came to light clearly and visibly to everyone.




Of course, we cannot prevent anyone from continuing to doubt and rejecting the numerous testimonies about the Mahatmas as lies or products of an overexcited imagination. But when you open your heart, you will see:


One should not forget that the most diverse peoples have beheld the Higher Beings in identical Images. Is this not a sign of the oneness of Light and of the Hierarchy of Good? (Fiery World I, 604)


The disciple asks: "Do you have any proof for this?"


Yes, indeed, we will give a lot of evidence in this Broadcasting.


The best proof of the existence of the Mahatmas is the existence of the Agni Yoga Teaching.


In search of the meaning of life, I have been busy studying philosophy as of my youth. From Plato and Seneca via Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche to Sartre, Camus and others, I am quite familiar with the most important concepts. Therefore, I can assure you from my own experience:


The recent messages of the Brotherhood, Agni Yoga and the Teachings of the Temple, are indeed Holy Scriptures!


They stand on the same level as the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and the Koran. They are of a wisdom towering high over everything that humanity has ever produced. Here, spirits of a higher sphere are speaking to us little earthlings. We may therefore conclude:


If there is a Teaching of supermundane wisdom, teachers of supermundane wisdom must necessarily exist, the authors of these Scriptures.


Look, they do actually exist, the Great Souls, the Elder Brothers of Humanity, the wise teachers and representatives of the Supreme Powers who are responsible for this planet, guide its fortunes and support humanity in its evolution.


It is high time that we take note of this reality and recognize our Masters.


Amidst millennia how can one discover the Founder of the Brotherhood? Nations name Rama, Osiris, Orpheus, and many of the best whose memory has been preserved by peoples. Let us not argue with them as to whom to give primacy. All these were tormented and torn to pieces. Contemporaries do not forgive concern over the Common Good. (Brotherhood 575)


Not one in ten thousand would recognize a Master if he met him. When man succeeds in erasing the varied images of his own lower personality from the reflector or mirror of his soul, he will have no difficulty in convincing himself of the reality and existence of the Lodge of Masters. If man would behold God, he must first destroy the image of self. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 32)


The wisdom of all cultures and of all times knows these guardian angels who teach individual human beings and entire peoples.


All nations knew about Guardian Angels and have preserved these traditions for millenniums. All Teachings knew about the Mighty Protectors of humanity who guided nations. Why, then, has our time denied the Highest Leaders? When has the world existed without Protectors? And how can humanity be affirmed in the concept that there is no Leader? Hence, each spirit must understand the Hierarchy as Protectors of humanity. (Hierarchy 234, 235)


The archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are well known in the West. (Francesco Botticini "The three archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel lead Tobias")


Every belief reveals the Guardian Angels, Guides, and Comforters; under the various names lies the same concept of Hierarchy. (AUM 60)


Let us not close our eyes to this universal knowledge – so many people of all times cannot have been wrong!


Throughout the history of humanity can be traced a recognition of the Higher Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Such testimony of all ages and peoples must compel even the ignorant to reflect. All mankind cannot be mistaken! Under varying conditions people have sensed the same supreme, ineffable Origin. (AUM 86)


People forget about Our existence, though they were aware of Us in the Subtle World. (Supermundane 131)


"Are you talking about a mystical society of miracle workers?"


No, there is nothing mysterious or miraculous about the existence of the Brotherhood of Shambhala. It follows necessarily from the law of evolution and the principle of Hierarchy. According to that, there must exist leaders of the earth. According to that, the pyramid of the earthly hierarchy must have a top.


If we will take the trouble to study the laws of nature and the consensus of knowledge gained and transmitted by the races which have preceded ours, we will find that in all cases there must have been a central point, a combination of forces or beings in advance of any then existent family, tribe, or nation to make possible the birth and evolution of a higher race or family. Once accepting this fact, the Lodge of the Masters is a logical necessity. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Unity–spiritual and material”)


According to the hierarchic principle, there must be a head within their ranks, too:


The Mahatma Morya, identical to the Archangel Michael, is leading the Brotherhood in our times.


The Archangel Michael is now guarding the destiny of our planet. He is destined to fight the last Battle with the Prince of this World. (This is also stated in the Bible.) (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 12.12.1934)


The Ruler of Shambhala is the Crest of the Banner and the Summit of Life. (Hierarchy 5)



2. Community of Saints

Nicholas Roerich “Zvenigorod“


It is contrary to nature to believe that there is only one “Son of God”. There are no isolated beings in the Universe. Everyone belongs to a certain stage and to the corresponding level of the Hierarchy. Of course, after millions of years of development, out of the billions and billions of immortal souls belonging to our planet, several have already reached the next higher level.




Of course, these higher beings do not live their eternal existence past each other or separated from one another. They quite naturally form a community – if only because of their common responsibility for those standing beneath them.


Why is it so difficult to accept that a group that has acquired knowledge by the path of tenacious labour can be united in the name of the Common Good? Surely you have heard the accounts of travellers about discovering unknown Yogis in caves. If you extend this fact in the direction of vast actual knowledge, you will easily arrive at the perception of the group of Teachers of Knowledge. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 335 [339])


With the existence of the Brotherhood of Shambhala, the "Community of Saints", of which all religions and also the Apostles’ Creed speak, becomes a concrete and living reality.


The Brotherhood is the supratemporal community of those higher beings who are leading humanity for eons.


In it, the great founders of religions such as Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed as well as their disciples, apostles, saints, martyrs, successors and closest collaborators, from Moses via Plato to Mahatma Gandhi, are united across the boundaries of matter, time and space, to assume their common responsibility for the earth.


In Our Abode personalities come together who are separated by many centuries. (Supermundane 22)


Cooperation can have beginning and end, but Brotherhood, once established, is inviolable. Therefore, let us not be light-minded toward this fundamental concept. During all existences Brothers will meet together and realize labour in common. One should rejoice at such a possibility, which will not be exhausted throughout the ages. (Brotherhood 267)


Whichever nation or religion you belong to, be assured: Your favourite saint as well is a member of this illustrious circle!


People think that their heroes have no connection with Us, little realizing that among the most revered and worshipped giants of mankind were the very Founders of Our Brotherhood. (Supermundane 125)


The Stronghold of the Great Knowledge has existed since the remotest days and guards tirelessly the evolution of humanity, observing and directing the current of the world’s events into a salutary channel. All the Great Teachers are connected with this Abode. All of Them are its members. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


We do not intend to put new gods in the place of the old, familiar ones. However, we expand human understanding considerably by uniting the goddesses and gods, the sons and daughters of God of all peoples and all times to a living community. Of course, its members do not fight each other, but work together to advance the evolution on this planet and to impart to mankind that higher knowledge for which it is currently ripe.


It is interesting to note how the finest spirits are brought together, so that later they may meet on the field of labour. (Supermundane 165)


You see: It is completely grotesque when fanatics wage war against each other in the name of religion: Thereby, they are betraying the very ideals of those whom they claim to worship.



3. New, tangible “Gods”


The New Gods, the Great Souls with names like Morya, Kuthumi, Hilarion or Serapis are the disciples and successors, the spiritual sons of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Through tireless striving, they have grown so far and so high that they have stepped into the position of their teachers and taken over from them the responsibility for the earth.


Agni Yoga describes these “Gods” in human terms: They are not living aloof on a cloud in Heaven.


The Mahatmas are doing their job in the very middle of humanity.


Three of them, Morya, Kuthumi and St. Germain can be seen in this photo.


They are close to us and accessible. They are living in person on this earth. They speak to us and teach us in a simple way understandable to everyone. They are concerned about promoting our development and ready to lead anyone on the right path and help him. The Mahatmas appear on the scene of the earth:


As helpful as a big brother or a best friend, lovingly caring like a mother and, if necessary, strict like a father.


In revealing Our human side to you, I am strengthening Our bond with humanity. We certainly do not want to appear as “Beings beyond the clouds”! On the contrary, We want to be close co-workers with humanity. Therefore, let a closeness be created that will be the threshold of cooperation. It is especially needed. (Supermundane 89)


Remember that on the far-off mountains you have Friends who care for you and labour for you. (Supermundane 110)


Never in history have the “Gods” shown themselves so close and revealed so much from their lives.


"Where can I learn more about the work of these human gods?"


Read again the Mahatma Letters and the book “Supermundane” of Agni Yoga! From them you can learn a lot about the everyday life, the way of thinking and the work of the Brotherhood.  


Be aware: By acknowledging the reality of the Brotherhood of Shambhala, we are taking a step of cognition of enormous importance! The Higher World, the connection of the earth and of the people with, as well as their guidance through the Higher Powers becomes all of a sudden a tangible fact.


We wish to establish as many conditions as possible that will facilitate a natural communion with Us. There was a time when We preferred not to tell people how easy it is to communicate with Us, but now We find it necessary to remind people that We are ready to help them when conditions are appropriate for such a communion.

Those who study the Teaching attentively can easily understand the way of communion with Us. You know how easy it is to communicate with Us when the fires of the heart are kindled, and the spirit rejoices in exaltation. Seek nearby, seek in the small things, seek in everyday life. We are talking about the ways that lead to the far-off worlds. (Supermundane 90, 91)


The “Gods” are no longer other-worldly, nebulous, abstract, unscientific, for some even ridiculous creatures – at least their lowest level, which is next to earth, becomes a normal part of our everyday reality.


Each one should rejoice that during his lifetime here on Earth the Teachers do exist, and that the path to Them is not forbidden. Each one must find inspiration in knowing that he can be in communication with a Guide. (Supermundane 47)


What an opportunity for a completely new, scientific and practical religiousness!


A dream of mankind comes true! The Heavenly Powers are moving closer to earth – within reach of us! With the discovery of the next higher level, religious belief which is being mocked by many is suddenly simple and concrete.


Is not the existence of the great White Brotherhood on our Earth the fulfillment of the highest ideal accessible to human imagination? We are much richer than we think, and only our blindness prevents us from seeing many splendours of life. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 08.03.1935)


The Brotherhood will always be the dream of humanity. (Brotherhood 549)


May the knowledge about their proximity and help give us strength and courage!


People should turn to Us in times of suffering and calamity. Let these co-workers be assured that an invisible thread is stretched from their worktable to Us. Let them draw strength from their realization of the existence of the Brotherhood. We shall help them invisibly. (Supermundane 27)


Your shield is in recognizing Our existence. (Agni Yoga 644)  


The thought alone about the existence of such a Brotherhood fills a man with courage. (Brotherhood 549)



4. The International World Government


From the hierarchic principle and from the necessities of life itself follows:


We are in need of a World Government!


Only in this way can we establish the Cosmic Order everywhere on earth and actually enforce the rule of truth, justice, beauty and love. This is the only way to eradicate war and violence, need and misery, poverty and unemployment anywhere.


"Who is qualified to take over this gigantic task?"


The Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala were installed by an even higher instance to form this World Government. They are the legitimate Masters of the earth!


We are called the World Government. Many fear such terms, yet pray willingly to the Highest and readily accept His Guiding Hand. If we can imagine the Highest and have a living faith in Him, why can we not accept a World Government? (Supermundane 64)


Urusvati has explained to many why We are called the World Government. Truly, everyone to some degree feels that there is somewhere a focus of knowledge. Where there is knowledge there is also power. Not without reason do some people dream about Us, although others hate Us and want to destroy Our Abode. (Supermundane 25)


A dream of mankind can become reality in a simple and natural way: If only we recognize this World Government and submit to it!



5. Seat on Earth

Nicholas Roerich “Shambhala”


"Where can I find this World Government?"


Its mission is on our planet. Therefore, its seat is not somewhere in Heaven, but down here on earth – namely in Shambhala, a remote, inaccessible bulwark in the Himalayas.


The geographer can be set at ease. We do occupy a definite place on the Earth. (Community 232)


Since the most ancient times, all peoples know and many legends tell of this sacred place.


Including in the West the novel of James Hilton about Shangri-La ("The Lost Horizon").


Lamas speak about the Abode of the Great Rishis. Each one describes Shambhala according to his own understanding. Even ancient Mexico knew about the Sacred Mountain where the Chosen People live. It is not surprising that all Asian nations preserve legends about the Sacred Mountain. It is described almost correctly. (Supermundane 16)


Shambhala is a very special place, namely in the spiritual sense the highest one on our planet.


Here Heaven touches earth.


Just as We share in the destiny of the planet, so We also partake of the beauty of the Infinite. (Infinity II, 402 [2])


At this point, the material and the spiritual world merge. The beings dwelling here are living partly in the one, partly in the other sphere: Some of them are physically incarnated, others act in the subtle body.


Our Abode is at the borderline between the physical and the Subtle worlds. (Supermundane 128)


The Tower of Chung is the center of the three worlds. This unity is possible because some of the Masters, although still in their physical bodies, can manifest in their subtle bodies, whereas others, in their subtle bodies, have the power to approach the physical world. (Supermundane 448)


In this sacred place, the conditions, the laws of both levels prevail. Here, in fact, Heaven, the Kingdom of God, has become a reality on earth.


Shambhala is the indispensable site where the spiritual world unites with the material one. The gates of the spiritual world open into the Mountain Dwelling. But to work there where the spirit has descended into matter, the conditions of both planes must be met. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 88, 91)


Some consider Us to be Hermits of Kailas, while others think that We are Beings of the Subtle World. Such distinctions destroy the synthesis of Our Existence. If Our Center exists as the link between the worlds, in it must be expressed the conditions of both worlds, physical and subtle. (Supermundane 96)


A symbol of the World Government is the Potala Palace in Lhasa, which was before the Dalai Lama escaped the seat of the secular and spiritual government of Tibet. About like this you may imagine the main bulwark from which the Brotherhood with numerous co-workers exerts the spiritual and secular guidance of the earth. (Nicholas Roerich "Potala")


The Mahatmas had at all times branches and ashrams in the most diverse countries of the world.


In addition to Our Eastern Ashrams, We have had Our Abodes in Western cities—in Lyon, in Nuremberg, in places near London, near St. Petersburg, and in Italy. Besides the Oriental and Egyptian Ashrams, it was necessary to have Strongholds in some big cities. (Supermundane 49)


Unfortunately, to the great detriment of humanity, the terrible conditions of today’s time forced the Masters to give up all the other bases.


Many Ashrams were transferred to the Himalayas because the atmosphere of other locations had become intolerable. The last Egyptian Ashram was transferred to the Himalayas because of the well-known events in Egypt and the adjoining regions. At the beginning of Armageddon all the Ashrams had to be gathered together in the Abode in the Himalayas. (Supermundane 19)




"Why is a seat of the Hierarchy on Earth necessary?"


Because you can advance the earth only by earthly means, with human hands and feet. No stranger, no alien can take over the government of humanity. Whoever wants to lead us must know our everyday needs, worries and hardships and has to participate in our work.


History shows: A government that became estranged from the people has as yet always failed.




This law also applies to the Masters of the higher levels. They too, who have long since earned the right to live in higher worlds under better conditions, have no choice but to adapt to the miserable earthly situation if they want to render assistance down here.


For Earth, all must be accomplished upon the earthly plane. Therein is the chief reason for the existence of the Brotherhood here. Therefore, upon Earth one must reach Us, discover Us, as silver ore—the best beneath the earthly crust. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 91)


Those who fulfill an earthly mission do so under earthly conditions. (Supermundane 37)


Everyone, when clad in an earthly sheath, is subject to the conditions of the physical world. (Supermundane 149)




Contrary to the allegations of some ignorants or impostors who pretend to have met a Mahatma on the street, the Brothers almost never leave Shambhala.


It should be known that at present We do not leave Our Abode, and We go to distant places only in Our subtle bodies. (Supermundane 19)


The Masters are far too advanced to appear in the terrible conditions of today's cities. They must therefore leave the work among the people largely to their disciples and closest co-workers.


The Mahatmas of the Himalayas are unable to contact the auras of Earth-dwellers for long. They cannot even remain in the atmosphere of the valleys, owing to the lack of correspondence in vibrations. Neither Buddha nor Christ were able to remain for long in the cities and amidst people and often had to retire into the desert. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 07.12. 1935)


If we are honest we have to admit: We do not recognize today any people or communities mature enough to be personally led by a Mahatma; and no places either which offer conditions pure enough so that he could be physically living there.




You should imagine a Mahatma like a great teacher in his ashram, like the proverbial "old man on the mountain". He does not descend to the lowlands of the world. Disciples and the people must go to him if they are looking for instructions or guidance.




The connection is not established physically, but in spirit. The model for this are the hour-long conversations that Helena Roerich had with her non-incarnated teacher almost daily for many years.


Few people know that the books of Agni Yoga are just a small selection from a much larger number of messages published under the title “Diaries of Helena Roerich” (Russian original:, English translation:


There, the Master gave not only instructions intended for the whole of mankind, but also advice, help and guidance to members of the Roerich family in very practical, personal, everyday matters.


Spiritual communication with the Lords of this planet – this is the way in which mankind will be led in the future.


"Isn't that pure fantasy?"


No, many people have used this means at all times. Not only the great saints have submitted to higher guidance. Philosophers like Socrates and Plato or statesmen like Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon have also been led by their genius. Our task on the path to the New Man is: To consciously develop the ability to receive inspiration from the spiritual leaders of mankind.



6. Earthly Life

Nicholas Roerich „Treasure of the Mountain“


"It is difficult to imagine ‘Gods’ who are dwelling, living and working like humans on our earth."


Yes, in all cultures over the centuries the traditional churches have done a lot of harm by glorifying "Sons of God" such as Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed, moving them far away from people to inaccessible heights and lifting them up into Heaven. For this reason, approaching them, let alone cooperating with them is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Thus, we now find ourselves deprived of the connection with the Heavenly Spheres and Powers.


Alas, people have too often pictured Us as celestial beings, but nothing good can be derived from such an idea, for it appears to isolate Us from Earth. (Supermundane 366)


In contrast, Agni Yoga describes a very natural way of life of the Rulers of this world, completely adapted to the earthly conditions.


In Shambhala, the Sisters, Brothers and their co-workers are engaged in a wide variety of activities in all areas of earthly life: They are not only teachers and educators, but also philosophers, statesmen, warriors, healers, priests, artists, craftsmen, technicians, scientists and researchers. Each of them strives to advance humanity in his field.


Let us cite the example of Our Community. Our Friend, the chemist V., wishes to occupy himself with a new analysis of rays—no one prevents him. Our Friend K. wishes to improve the radio by applying new light waves—no one hinders him. Our Sister P. is occupied with the social problem of a neighbouring country—no one interferes with her. Our Sister U. is occupied with agriculture and introduces many adaptations—no one hinders her.

Sister O. loves medicinal plants and problems of education—no one hampers her. Brother H. has devised a remarkable loom, and also works on the reorganization of communities. Brother M. is occupied with historical researches. Our shoemaker writes remarkable philosophical treatises. Each one decisively finds work to suit Himself and can change it at will. (Community 202)


The Brotherhood operates libraries and laboratories where it conducts scientific experiments using a variety of highly sophisticated devices. It also maintains archives for the storage of the treasures of mankind threatened by destruction.


The Brotherhood has preserved invaluable memorials of the most ancient times. There are people who have seen these many-storied repositories. (Brotherhood 434)


We have saved many works of art. Our repositories are filled with objects that people considered lost. (Supermundane 122)


Exactly like we humans, the “Gods” in Shambhala require food, housing and clothing. In addition, of course, books, kitchens, sanitary facilities, technical equipment, craftsmen for repairs, and much more of the like.


"How do the Mahatmas procure all that?"


Well , they need money and, like we ordinary people, have to buy a lot of things which they do not manufacture themselves.


Our apparatuses may require supplies from the cities. Sometimes buyers obtain certain things whose use is unknown even to them, and send such purchases to Us through Nepal. I can tell you this because there is no danger that the route will be discovered. (Supermundane 49)


Urusvati has asked about the means of material support for Our abodes. Remember that many streams are filled with gold, silver and sapphires can be found in Our mountains, and We know about many hidden treasures. (Supermundane 50)


They may even fall ill when they are exposed to the bad radiation of the earthly sphere for too long a time.


Brother K. fell ill while fulfilling His mission on the earthly plane. (Supermundane 132)


When My Brother sojourned in the earthly spheres, He paid heavily. (Infinity I, 210)



7. Encounters with Mahatmas  


“It is not easy for me to believe all this. Are there any eyewitnesses? Has anyone ever seen a Mahatma? "


Yes, yes, unfortunately today's human beings are not much more developed than the incredulous Thomas 2000 years ago. They only want to recognize as reality that what they can see and touch. (Caravaggio "The incredulous Thomas")


Jesus speaks: Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; but blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. (John 20, 29)


But I can reassure you: The reality of the existence of the Brotherhood is evidenced by a wealth of credible accounts of personal, physical encounters with a Mahatma. Let us look at three examples:


First, let us listen to an excerpt from the diaries of Henry Steel Olcott. As co-founder of the Theosophical Society, he was Madame Blavatsky's closest co-worker. As a lawyer and colonel in the United States Army, he is certainly not suspicious of being a mystical crank.  


I was quietly reading, with all my attention centered on my book. Nothing in the evening’s incidents had prepared me for seeing an adept in his astral body; I had not wished for it, tried to conjure it up in my fancy, nor in the least expected it.  

All at once, as I read with my shoulder a little turned from the door, there came a gleam of something white in the right-hand corner of my right eye; I turned my head, dropped my book in astonishment, and saw towering above me in his great stature an Oriental clad in white garments, and wearing a head-cloth or turban of amber-striped fabric, hand-embroidered in yellow floss-silk.

Long raven hair hung from under his turban to the shoulders; his black beard, parted vertically on the chin in the Rajput fashion, was twisted up at the ends and carried over the ears; his eyes were alive with soul-fire; eyes which were at once benignant and piercing in glance; the eyes of a mentor and a judge, but softened by the love of a father who gazes on a son needing counsel and guidance.

He was so grand a man, so imbued with the majesty of moral strength, so luminously spiritual, so evidently above average humanity, that I felt abashed in his presence, and bowed my head and bent my knee as one does before a god or a god-like personage. (Mahatma Morya)  

A hand was lightly laid on my head, a sweet though strong voice bade me be seated, and when I raised my eyes, the Presence was seated in the other chair beyond the table.

He told me he had come at the crisis when I needed him; that my actions had brought me to this point; that it lay with me alone whether he and I should meet often in this life as co-workers for the good of mankind; that a great work was to be done for humanity, and I had the right to share in it if I wished; that a mysterious tie, not now to be explained to me, had drawn my colleague and myself together; a tie which could not be broken, however strained it might be at times. He told me things about H. P. B. [Helena P. Blavatsky] that I may not repeat, as well as things about myself, that do not concern third parties.

How long he was there I cannot tell: it might have been a half-hour or an hour; it seemed but a minute, so little did I take note of the flight of time.

At last he rose, I wondering at his great height and observing the sort of splendour in his countenance—not an external shining, but the soft gleam, as it were, of an inner light—that of the spirit. (Nicholas Roerich „Fiat Rex“)

Suddenly the thought came into my mind: “What if this be but hallucination; what if H. P. B. has cast a hypnotic glamour over me? I wish I had some tangible object to prove to me that he has really been here; something that I might handle after he is gone!”  

The Master smiled kindly as if reading my thought, untwisted the fehtâ from his head, benignantly saluted me in farewell and—was gone: his chair was empty; I was alone with my emotions! Not quite alone, though, for on the table lay the embroidered head-cloth; a tangible and enduring proof that I had not been “overlooked,” or psychically befooled, but had been face to face with one of the Elder Brothers of Humanity, one of the Masters of our dull pupil-race.  

I have been blessed with meetings with this Master and others since then, but little profit is to be reaped in repeating tales of experiences of which the foregoing is a sufficient example. However others less fortunate may doubt, I KNOW! (Henry S. Olcott, Old Diary Leaves, Volume 1, 379-381)  


So much for Olcott in his diary. The turban may still be examined at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in Adyar, India.




S. Ramaswamier, a member of the Theosophical Society and disciple of the Brotherhood, reports about an encounter with Mahatma Morya in 1882 on the Tibetan border after an adventurous journey:


I looked at and recognised him instantly. I was in the awful presence of him, of the same Mahatma, my own revered Guru whom I had seen before in his astral body, on the balcony of the Theosophical Headquarters! The very same instant saw me prostrated on the ground at his feet. I arose at his command and, leisurely looking into his face, I forgot myself entirely in the contemplation of the image I knew so well, having seen his portrait (the one in Colonel Olcott’s possession) a number of times.  

I knew not what to say: joy and reverence tied my tongue. The majesty of his countenance, which seemed to me to be the impersonation of power and thought, held me rapt in awe. I was at last face to face with “the Mahatma of the Himavat” and he was no myth, no “creation of the imagination of a medium” as some sceptics suggested. It was no night dream; it is between nine and ten o'clock of the forenoon. There is the sun shining and silently witnessing the scene from above. (Djual Khool „A Ravine in Tibet“ [Mahatma M. on horseback])

I see HIM before me in flesh and blood; and he speaks to me in accents of kindness and gentleness. His complexion is not as fair as that of Mahatma Koot Hoomi; but never have I seen a countenance so handsome, a statue so tall and so majestic. As in his portrait, he wears a short black beard, and long black hair hanging down to his breast; only his dress was different. Instead of a white, loose robe he wore a yellow mantle lined with fur, and on his head, instead of a pagri, a yellow Tibetan felt cap, as I have seen some Bhootanese wear in this country.

When the first moments of rapture and surprise were over and I calmly comprehended the situation, I had a long talk with him. He said I should wait patiently if I wanted to become an accepted Chela; that many were those who offered themselves as candidates, but that only a very few were found worthy; none were rejected, but all of them tried, and most found to fail signally, especially … and … Some, instead of being accepted and pledged this year, were now thrown off for a year. (S. Ramaswamier, How a “Chela“ found his “Guru“ in Jinarajadasa „Letters to the Masters of the Wisdom“, Second Series, Appendix A)


Let us finally listen to a report on the first meeting of Helena Blavatsky with her Master on August 12, 1851 – her 20th birthday – in London:


When she was in London in 1851, she took a walk one day and was amazed to see a large Hindu on the street with some Indian princes. She immediately recognized him as the same person she had seen in the astral body. Her first impulse was to rush off and speak to him, but he made a sign to her not to move and she stood there spellbound as he walked on.

Next day, she went to the Hyde Park to stroll and be alone to think about her extraordinary adventure. Looking up, she saw the same figure approaching her, and then the Master said to her that he had come to London with the Indian princes on an important mission and wished to meet her personally because he needed her cooperation for a work that he was about to undertake.

He then told her how the Theosophical Society should be founded and that he wanted her to be the founder. He gave her a rough outline of all the confusion she would have to go through and also told her that she had to spend three years in Tibet to prepare for her important task.

After three days of serious consideration, Ms. Blavatsky decided to accept the offer that had been made to her and shortly thereafter travelled from London to India. (Mary K. Neff, Personal Memoirs of H. P. Blavatsky, Chapter 8)


From one here and one there, comes the cry, “If the Initiates are facts in Nature and in Life, why do They not appear to me? Why do They not come out from their concealment and prove themselves to me?” – evidently without a suspicion of the fact that the daily lives they lead would make it impossible for such a one to exist in their vicinity.

Would They be justified in taking their vehicle, which is so perfectly attuned to the key of every spiritual impulse or force that it responds to all vibrations in its environment, as an æolian harp responds to waves of air, into vibrations of hatred, murder, selfishness, such as now prevail in the environment of many of the people of this earth, for the sole purpose of satisfying mere curiosity?

For Them to enter such lower vibrations, even momentarily, means intense suffering. To go into them to remain, means dissolution of form, namely, loss of the vehicles They have been centuries in building. But notwithstanding the truth of the above statement, They do go, and are almost invariably killed by the ignorance and ingratitude of those They went to serve. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 32 “How long, o Lord!“  



Section II: Actions of the Mahatmas on Earth


1. Work for the Common Good


Unlike James Hilton or Hermann Hesse tell us, the Mahatmas are not engaged in absurd scientific work or in playing the glass bead game.


Our Community cannot be accused of scholasticism. Rather, the inexperienced may be stunned by the intensity of tempo and by apparent suddenness. Life itself gives agility to the Community. New combinations are engendered, requiring immediate departure or hurried return. (Community 210)


The picture of angels sitting on clouds singing to the harp, which people so much like to form about the Heavenly Powers, could not be more inaccurate.


Ignoramuses think that hymns and harps are the lot of Heavenly Dwellers. Such error must be dispersed. (Fiery World II, 30)


It is a mistake to picture Our Community as sitting in the shade, singing praises to an invisible Creator. Each construction must be commensurate with the conditions of the step of evolution. We realize what a tensed rhythm the present requires. (Community 210)


The Mahatmas are, more than anything else, hard workers.


They will ask: “What kind of heaven is yours?” Answer: “A heaven of toil and struggle.” (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 269 [272])


They are the first servants of humanity.


One should not understand the Brotherhood as something abstract. It is here present for the happiness of humanity. (Brotherhood 109)


"What are these sages doing all day long? Resting? Meditating? Preaching?"


We have a lot of worries. I must emphasize this, for some people have strong ideas about Us and think of Us as beautiful angels, dwelling in the clouds and playing harps! May the true description of Our concerns and labours be given to the people. (Supermundane 101)


From Our Community We sow seeds of the Common Good throughout all parts of the world. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 337 [341])


The Brotherhood is working tirelessly for the welfare of mankind.


The Brotherhood is not a shelter, but a Watchtower. As a Beacon on a lofty peak, the Brotherhood applies its knowledge for the salvation of humanity. (Brotherhood 461)


Our work is devoted to direct ways of help to people. Our Inner Life can be expressed simply: We help. This labour is most difficult because people reject Our help in so many ways. (Supermundane 566)


Their main concern is: To show mankind the way on which conditions on earth are to be improved.


The work of the Brotherhood  is divided into three sections; first, search for means to ameliorate the conditions of the earthly plane; second, search for ways to convey to people the results obtained; third, search for means to communicate with the distant worlds. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 17.01.1936)


Our solicitude for people far exceeds their thought about Us. (Heart 490)


Due to the immense size and the gigantic difficulties of their task, the work of our Elder Brothers is being carried out in the highest tension and with unimaginable toil.


Let us give you a picture of Our Community. Our resources are intensified for the Common Good. Everyone works in full readiness. Our wireless communication has brought an urgent appeal—personal action is needed. The Elect Council designates an executive agent. Sometimes the agent knows the whole process of the task, but sometimes he is given only an intermediate action. Often there is time enough only for choosing the necessary clothing, and perhaps a book which has just been started goes into the library unread. Often the duration of the commission is indeterminate. Often the results of the errand are not to be seen. (Community 155)


Our Brothers are applying all efforts to conciliate the peoples. They are ready to carry on the heavy service of forewarning in time the persons upon whom the national destiny depends. They do not spare their forces in hastening to bring tidings. At the cost of disagreeable methods, They bear the Light, which the forces of darkness are trying to extinguish. (Brotherhood 190)


The Mahatmas are literally labouring in the sweat of their faces!


Humanity is ailing with these horrible ulcers and We are obliged to exude bloody sweat in corrective measures. This is the state of tension in which the Hierarchy of Light works. Verily, bloody sweat covers Our brow. (Fiery World III, 412)


In tremendous tension, on eternal vigil, in great patience, and at the cost of terrible strain, They direct the course of the ship of humanity. They sacrifice Their lives for Their fellow men; They straighten the heeling of the ship and steer it along the right channel. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 31.05.1935)


The Brotherhood is a community of warriors of light dedicated to struggling for progress and against ignorance, malice, unbelief and lack if spirituality. The romantic picture of the sweet little child Jesus is outdated. Rather imagine a Mahatma as a powerful fighter!


What more nearly compares with Our Community—a choir of psalm-singers or an armed camp? Rather the second. One can imagine how it must conform to the rules of military organization and leadership. (Community 183)



2. Leaders of the Evolution

Nicholas Roerich „Stone Age“


The possession of the knowledge of higher laws confirms the Brothers of Humanity as the Leaders of evolution. Thus, let us regard the Brothers of Humanity as the link binding us with the universal manifestations. (Infinity I, 303)


The Mahatmas of Schambhala have been guiding human evolution for millennia.


To bring about the advance of evolution, to bestow affirmed truth and knowledge, and to link humanity with the currents of evolution—this stimulus inspires each move of an Arhat. Yes, yes, yes! Thus We serve the progress of humanity. (Hierarchy 22)


The Brothers of Humanity outline the plan for human evolution and reveal all the chosen ways of progress. Thus, the Brothers of Humanity are the propellers of evolution. (Infinity I, 303)


Not we humans ourselves, but our leaders, the Hierarchy have brought about the most important progress in history. We alone could never have reached the current level.


Where can one find a leading ray, if not in Hierarchy? Humanity has been drawing its power, not from within itself, but from the power of the great Hierarchy. Thus through centuries Our creativeness has guided humanity. Thus man can be directed only by the Higher Power of Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 420)


The best steps of humanity were built by Hierarchy. The best achievements were realized by Hierarchy. Thus one can attain the goal only through Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 430)


The Mahatmas have led us out of barbarism. If they had not given us guidance, we would still be at the Stone Age level today.


If it were not for the great self-sacrifice of a small group of the Highest Spirits who, through aeons, have incarnated among the people at the great turning points in the history of the planet in order to give a new impulse to the human consciousness, and if their efforts had not been continued on by a small number of their disciples and the co-workers of these disciples, our humanity would even now be on the level of the cave dwellers! (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 20.12.1934)


Very concretely and in an entirely earthly manner, the Brothers are constantly intervening and physically helping on earth.


Can Our Community intervene in the affairs of the world and render active assistance? In the name of the Common Good it is concerned with the solution of world affairs. There can be traced in scientific literature a series of psychic and physical influences. There are well-known cases of the sending of objects of great significance.

There are known dispatches of sums of money. There are known forewarnings of danger. There are known letters about the solution of affairs. We have had steamship tickets and costumes of different countries. We have had different names and have appeared when circumstances imperatively required it.

Already I see that someone is indignant and calls the above “fairy tales.” Whereas, before his eyes a university received a donation from an unknown person, and also to an acquaintance of his there was brought a valuable bust from someone unknown. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 340 [344])


Shambhala has sent its members, disciples and representatives as messengers, philosophers, kings, scientists, inventors, military leaders or prophets to the focal points of history in order to advance the development of humanity.


One may investigate in history how systematically powerful helpers are sent from the Fiery World who take upon themselves the burdens of the World, and who plant magnets for the future. (Fiery World II, 449)


Precisely, the great Archangels, the Seven Kumaras came from the higher worlds, and They made the greatest sacrifice by incarnating as the great Founders of religions, kingdoms and philosophies, during all the turning points in the history of the planet, in order to quicken the evolution of humanity. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 12.12.1934)


The study of history proves: Again and again, men were acting relying on warnings and instructions from Above. The observance of the advices and warnings was decisive for the fate of the peoples concerned.


All over the world one can find established landmarks of Our Guidance. Some enlightened people accepted it, but some poor parodies of monarchs rejected Our Counsel and thereby plunged their countries into calamity. (Supermundane 25)


The history of all times and peoples has witnessed this help, which for each country is always given at the turning point in its history. The acceptance or the refusal was invariably followed by either the flowering or the downfall of the country. This help was manifested in the form of warnings or advice or even complete Teachings. Such warnings run through history like a red thread. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


"Why are the conditions on earth nevertheless so terrible?"


Because, unfortunately, most of the instructions were ignored.


With a few exceptions, all such warnings remained unaccepted. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


Here are some examples:


People do not understand Our appeal to Queen Victoria, yet history has shown how right We were. Our warning was rejected; nevertheless, it is Our duty to warn the nations. Similarly, Our warning to Moscow was not understood. One can mention events from the history of various countries—recall Napoleon and the manifestation in Sweden.

Remember that ten years ago the ruin of Spain was foretold. The sign of salvation had been given, but, as usual, it was not accepted. We hasten to send help everywhere and rejoice when it is accepted. We are sorrow to see what destiny nations prepare for themselves. (Supermundane 6)


One may recall an arrogant monarch who, before the Great War [World War I.], received Our warnings, but preferred to lose his throne by rejecting Our Advice. Likewise, another head of state did not want to listen to Our Ambassador and preferred to plunge his country into confusion. It cannot be said that in ancient times Indications were given more often. Now also many such Counsels are given, but as usual the ear of humanity is deaf. We stand vigil the world over. (Supermundane 25)


To our own greatest detriment, we humans did not thank our Elder Brothers for their efforts, but rather chose to crucify them. (Tintoretto "Crucifixion of Christ")


Truly, one is amazed at the inexhaustible patience of the Great Teachers, who through incalculable aeons have accepted the most oppressive, the most difficult incarnations for Themselves, in order to move and raise the consciousness of ungrateful humanity, which constantly and in every way has persecuted and crucified its Liberators and Saviours. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 15.03.1938)


I once saw on the beach a dog looking for a master and people ridiculing him by throwing stones into the sea for him to retrieve. Today's masterless humanity offers a similarly distressing and very sad picture.



3. Creatures from higher Planets


While the vast majority of human monads came to earth from a lower planet, namely the moon (see the Broadcasting "The Law of Evolution"), the Mahatmas come from higher worlds such as Venus or Jupiter.


Verily, compared to us Earth-dwellers, Christ and Buddha are indeed far-off stars of the Spirit. Let us remember that They, and also the Lord Maitreya, came from Venus at the dawn of the formation of physical man, therefore They are our Divine Forefathers and Masters. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 24.09.1935)


The Elder Brothers of mankind establish the connection between the earth and their homelands, those planets which are so much further advanced in spiritual development than we.


The Higher Ones send Us Bliss. We transmit it to you. (Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 218 [249])


One of those High spirits returned to his own planet in order to establish an exchange of communications with the earthly Stronghold of the Brotherhood and to find conditions for transmissions of thought and for sending new elements which are not yet to be found in the atmosphere of our planet, but which would help to discharge the accumulated darkness. All such possibilities are achieved by persistent experiments and research, and collaboration between the Greatest Spirits on both planets. Verily, infinite are the possibilities and discoveries! (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 17.03.1936)


"Isn't that just fantastic illusion?"




According to the law of Hierarchy, there must be higher beings than even the Mahatmas and also a living connection between these two levels.


The Mahatmas are the Sons of the Sun or Sons of God, of whom the Bible speaks in the book Genesis (Genesis 6: 1-4), who descended from higher worlds in order to accelerate the evolution of humanity.


The Solar ancestors, the Sons of Light came from the higher worlds (Venus and Jupiter) to our planet at the end of the Third Race of our Round for the hastening of the evolution of humanity. Since that time, They have continuously incarnated on the threshold of all Races and all great events, so that each time They could give a new impulse to the consciousness of humanity. Verily, Their lives are paved with self-sacrificing, heroic achievements. Verily, They have drained many chalices of poison. Thus, in the time of Atlantis they were the Founders of the Great Brotherhood on the Sacred Island. So also they are the Guardians of the Trans-Himalayan Stronghold during our Race. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 07.12.1935)


They produced offspring of a higher level, and thereby ennobled the race living here.


Intellect began its development on the physical plane during the fourth root-race of our fourth cycle, when complete immersion into matter took place. But the impetus for its development was given by the Great Spirits, the Sons and Daughters of Wisdom (Elohims) who came from the higher worlds and were incarnated at the end of the third race. Precisely, through their incarnations and their direct progeny They transmitted to humanity an organism far more refined, capable of responding to higher vibrations. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 18.06. 1935)


"Are out Elder Brothers still busy seducing young girls for the purpose of breeding a higher race?"


No! The New Man of the 6th race will not be born physically. He will appear through the Mahatmas using the fire of their spirit to ignite the fire of the soul of some receptive individuals. This will put them in a state of higher vibration, of higher spirituality, which actually makes them higher beings.


Likewise, contact with Their high fiery auras kindled the fires in those who were near Them. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 18.06.1935)


No physical contact is required for this. You may kindle your fire through spiritual communion with your teacher in meditation, or simply by studying the messages of the Masters, the writings of Agni Yoga.



4. Historical Evidence of the Acting of the Brotherhood

John Trumbull “Declaration of Independence“


"What does history tell us? Is there any historical evidence of the acting of the Brotherhood on earth? "


Historical examples, supported by biographies, would seem to prove the existence of the Brotherhood in different ages. (Brotherhood 567)


There are countless examples of this. Let us start with three which have been common good of mankind since the most ancient times:


The Ten Commandments were given to Moses. The archangel Gabriel announced the birth of Christ to Mary and gave the Koran to Mohammed. (Rembrandt "Moses"; Nicholas Roerich "Moses"; Botticelli "Annunciation"; Nicholas Roerich "Mohammed")


For immemorial ages the Divine son has spoken from time to time to those who have evolved to the point where they were capable of hearing His voice and interpreting His language. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “A Certainty”)


Lesser spirits than these highest ones have received messages from Schambhala in the form of prophecies: Only think of the prophets of the Old Testament or of Nostradamus.


Since time immemorial prophecies have been issued from Our Community as benevolent signs for humanity. The paths of prophecies are diverse: either they are suggested to special people, or they may be writings left by some unknown hands. (Community 25)


There are certain personalities who can foresee the direction of evolution. Such co-workers of Ours can be found in different countries and ages. We use them as channels through which We transmit the varying degrees of aspiration that correspond to the needs of evolution. (Supermundane 369)


Others, for example many saints, were honoured with visions – however not from God, but from the World Government!


Historic acts of great significance were often carried out in accordance with directions given in visions. The Invisible Government has pronounced its decisions more often than people suspect. The Higher Beings or departed relatives bring the message of imminent dates.

You yourselves already know of an entire succession of historic events which were based on warnings and indications. Thus, one can note a series of events from antiquity to our days which were seemingly links of one guiding thought.

It is right to collect these fiery revelations; in them will be disclosed an entire interworld system. One must probe historical facts deeply, in order still more consciously to understand the wisdom of the construction. I advise the recording of all known historic events that took place under the influence or were associated with higher visions. (Fiery World I, 487)


The International World Government itself regularly intervenes in human history insofar as the law allows.


The International Government has proclaimed itself, not in manifestos but in actions that were recorded even in official history. One can cite cases from the French and Russian Revolutions, as well as from the history of Anglo-Russian and Anglo-Indian relations, when an independent outside Hand altered the course of events. The existence of this Government has entered the consciousness of humanity repeatedly, under various names. (Agni Yoga 32)


Our envoy once urged a queen to act more in accord with the laws of the time. Our envoy has counseled a young inventor. Our envoy guided a promising scholar. A list can be shown of persons who have received monetary sendings. These are all facts, attested by physical documents. Why does this seem mystical and mysterious to some, when everyone has done the same thing in a lesser measure? (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 340 [344])


Schambhala was familiar already to antiquity. Messages were sent to the Roman emperor Constantine the great, to the Byzantine emperor Manuel and to Genghis Khan.


One can also find obscure hints concerning Shambhala in Western literature. After all, the legend of the Grail also originated in the East, and is actually one of the numerous versions of the very same Shambhala. The chronicles of the West have also recorded the receipt of news from “The Mysterious Abode” by Constantine the Great and also by the Byzantine Emperor Manuel. Likewise, Genghis Khan received messages from the Sage of the Great Mountain. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 30.03.1936)


In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church received warnings and admonitions from the legendary priest-king John.


In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the Western Christian Church, through its Popes, was also aware of the existence of a Mysterious Spiritual Abode and Brotherhood in the heart of Asia, headed by the then famous Prester John, as this Great Spirit called himself. This Prester John, from time to time, sent admonishing and warning notes to the Popes and other heads of the Church.

According to historical records, one of the Popes sent an embassy to Prester John in Central Asia. One can well imagine the purpose of such an embassy, and, of course, after divers misfortunes and vicissitudes, this embassy returned, unable to find the Spiritual Citadel. Yet Prester John continued to send his admonishing notes. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 30.03.1936)


More recently, messages have been sent to the Swedish king Charles XII, (David von Krafft "Karl XII")


Let us recall the Swedish King Charles XII, who received a strong warning not to start war with Russia. But he did, and that ended for long the development of his country. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935),


and before the French Revolution to the French Queen Marie Antoinette. (Joseph Ducreux "Marie Antoinette")


The publishing of the diary of the Countess d’Adhemar, a lady-in-waiting to the unfortunate Marie Antoinette, revealed the fact that many warnings had been given to the Queen. The warnings were transmitted either by letter or through personal meetings arranged by this same countess. The messages always emphasized that the country, the royal family and many friends were in danger. And every one of these warnings came from Count Saint-Germain, an envoy of the Himalayan Brotherhood. But all his salutary admonitions and advices were considered insulting and fraudulent. Saint-Germain was persecuted, and more than once was in danger of the Bastille. The tragic consequences of these rejections are quite well known. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


Instructions also went to Napoleon (Jacques-Louis David "Napoleon")


We warned Napoleon more than once, and he admitted that he “heard voices,” yet he continued on his path of error. (Supermundane 133)


We may also recall Napoleon, who, in the first years of his glory, loved to speak of his Guiding Star. But his mind became clouded by too much success, and in his pride he did not accept the whole Advice and violated one primary condition by invading Russia. The collapse of his armies and his sad end are also well known. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


and to George Washington. (Gilbert Stuart "George Washington")


We also know that Washington was advised by a mysterious professor, whose counsel he applied in life with historic success. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


A particularly striking example is the support of the representatives of 13 American colonies declaring their independence from England in 1776:


At the time of America’s Declaration of Independence, when preparing to separate from England, a remarkable incident took place. During the proceedings at this historic convention there came a moment of hesitation and uncertainty. Suddenly, a tall stranger stepped out from amid the Assembly and delivered a fiery speech, which he ended with the words “Let America be free!” The enthusiasm of the Assembly was kindled, and the Declaration of Independence was signed. But when the delegates sought to greet the person who had helped them to make the great decision, the stranger had disappeared. Thus, through the whole of history is seen the Helping Hand of the Great Community of Light. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter dated 25.03.1935; see also Supermundane 6) (John Trumbull "Declaration of Independence")  


In our days, Helena Roerich gave advice to the great American President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Letters from Helena I. Roerich to the President of the USA Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1934 - 1936), who, by the way, had his country seat, today's Camp David, named Shangri-La!



5. Initiatives of the Brotherhood in recent Times


Finally, let us take a closer look at the three major initiatives of the Brotherhood over the past 150 years. At the turning point from the Pisces to the Aquarian Age, the Mahatmas appeared more forcefully and more conspicuously than ever before and laid the spiritual foundations for a new era, for the next 2000 years of human development.



Helena P. Blavatsky


At the end of the 19th century, the Masters attempted to convey to mankind through the Russian Helena P. Blavatsky new knowledge which had previously been imparted to her in an ashram in Tibet.


Sometimes the Mahatmas call their disciples into one of their Ashrams for a certain period; here They prepare their organisms for the sacred assimilation of subtle energies and give them instructions. So it was with Helena Blavatsky, who spent three years in Their Ashram before giving the world The Secret Doctrine. Then she returned to the world with great knowledge and resplendent evidence regarding the Mahatmas. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 07.12.1935. Vol I, letter of 25.03.1935)


On the basis of these instructions, Madame Blavatsky wrote works such as "The Secret Doctrine", "Isis Unveiled" and "The Voice of Silence". Whoever reads these books realizes: Here, knowledge from a higher source is being revealed. She founded the Theosophical Society and laboured until her death tirelessly but under constant heavy attacks on the work of the Brotherhood.


Definitely, of all the Theosophists, only H. P. Blavatsky had the privilege of receiving the Teaching directly from the Great Teachers in one of their Ashrams in Tibet. She was the great spirit who accepted the bitter task of giving to humanity, lost in dead dogma and on its way to atheism, the impulse to study the great sacred Doctrines of the East. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 08.09.1934)


At that time, almost all people overlooked in their self-conceit to their own detriment:


Precisely, only through H. P. Blavatsky was it possible to approach the White Brotherhood, as she was the link in the Hierarchic Chain. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 08.09.1934)


The writings of Madame Blavatsky represent a preliminary stage to the Agni Yoga Teaching which was handed down from 1920 onwards.


It may be asked in what relation Our Teaching stands to the one already given by Us through Blavatsky. Answer that each century, after the manifestation of a detailed exposition, a conclusive culmination is given, which actually moves the world, along the line of humaneness. Thus, Our Teaching includes the Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky. Similarly, Christianity was the culmination of the world wisdom of the classic epoch, and the Commandments of Moses were the culmination of the wisdom of ancient Egypt and Babylon. (Fiery World I, 79)


In 1924 Madame Blavatsky herself was received into the Brotherhood of the Masters of Wisdom of Shambhala.


No more than one or two in a century join the White Brotherhood while still in their physical bodies. Thus, in 1924, our compatriot, H. P. Blavatsky, joined them (in a male body of Hungarian nationality). Ridiculed, slandered, persecuted, she has taken her place among the Saviours of Humanity. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 20.04.1935)  



Mahatma Letters


Classical documents of the activities of our Elder Brothers are their so-called Mahatma Letters to Alfred Percy Sinnett and other members of the Theosophical Society in India at the end of the 19th century.


By this means, Mahatma Kuthumi in particular tried to exert influence on the work of this society, unfortunately mostly without being listened to or obeyed.


In the letters of the Mahatmas now being translated, you can see how Our Guidance, which was undertaken in accordance with the higher plan, was quite remote from all earthly activities. (Heart 578)


Anyone can still today inspect the originals of these letters at the British Museum in London. They and their scientifically well documented surrounding circumstances give a vivid and illuminating insight into the way of life, the work and the higher powers of the Brotherhood.


Urusvati knows the many warnings and instructions that have been sent to humanity. Compare the teachings of Pythagoras, the letters of Prester John, the activities of St. Germain, and the letters of the Mahatmas. You will find in all of them a concern for the healing of humanity. (Supermundane 539)


The Mahatma Letters as well are a preliminary stage to the Teachings of Agni Yoga.


Some people will ask why the letters We wrote fifty years ago are so unlike the writings now being transmitted. But even [the book] The Call does not resemble the book Heart, for when The Call was being transmitted there was no Armageddon. Let the inquirers understand that Armageddon changes many of life’s circumstances. (Heart 531)


The Mahatma Letters are online available here:



Teachings of the Temple


The Holy Scripture of the Teachings of the Temple was handed over to the American Francia LaDue by Mahatma Hilarion in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is also a preliminary stage to Agni Yoga (Teachings of the Temple, foreword to Vol. II “The Temple of the New Age”). The community Temple of the People, based on it, is still in existence today.


There is no doubt that at the due time the Great Brotherhood selects one or two persons for the renewal of the human consciousness and for introducing a new degree of the Teaching. This was the case with Blavatsky and, after her death, with Francia la Due, through whom the Master Hilarion gave his Teaching. Unfortunately, Francia la Due died in 1923. She was the founder of a society in California and the editor of the magazine Temple Artisan, in which the Messages [the Teachings of the Temple] were published. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 17.02.1934)


The Teachings of the Temple are online available here:



Agni Yoga


Of all these recent revelations, the books of Agni Yoga are by far the most comprehensive, the most profound, and at the same time the easiest to understand. The Mahatmas communicated them to the Russian Helena Roerich, the wife of the great painter Nicholas Roerich, in the first half of the 20th century.


He who does not close his heart will recognize: Here are speaking to us beings of a higher evolutionary level. As the Bible has guided mankind spiritually for the past 2000 years, Agni Yoga will do so for the next 2000 years.


The Sources of the Teaching are beyond human limits. (Brotherhood 283)


The books of Agni Yoga are online available here:



Section III: Cooperation with the Mahatmas


1. Co-workers of the Brotherhood


You should not think that the Mahatmas have remained without followers. The World Government in Schambhala is just the top of a global organization which has many middle and lower levels as well.


Advanced human beings of all times, of all peoples and of all faiths have laboured as co-workers, emissaries or incarnated members of the Brotherhood on earth.


For example Hermes, Orpheus and Krishna, Confucius, Lao-tse and Milarepa, Moses, Salomon and David, Zarathustra, Pythagoras, Pericles, Plato, Apollonius of Tyana, Origen, Seneca and Marc Aurel, Akbar the great, the saints Antony the great., Francis of Assisi, Sergius of Radonesh, Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena and Joan of Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, Paracelsus, Jakob Boehme and St. Germain, Ramakrischna, Vivekananda and many others more.


Commemorate the many who have toiled for the Brotherhood. (Brotherhood 575)


In addition to the inhabitants of the Stronghold of the Brotherhood, there are others living on Earth who carry out Our missions. One can trace how in different countries, throughout history, people appeared whose tasks and methods of accomplishing them had much in common. (Supermundane 17)


"How is it in our time?"


We may assume that the heroes of faith of our days such as Albert Schweitzer, Maximilian Kolbe, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa were also close to the Brotherhood. Even if they might not have known the Mahatmas, they were unconsciously their collaborators in serving their goals.


Is it so difficult to imagine that Our friends can be found in different parts of the world and that, using the local languages, they try to restrain human madness? They may not even know about each other, but will nevertheless act for the same General Good. (Supermundane 67)


These examples show: The Brotherhood cannot be claimed by a single nation, religion or confession. It has always served all humanity in the name of the one truth.



2. Serve the highest Lord

Dieric Bouts “Christophorus“


If such great Masters actually exist and dwell on this earth, for the high-minded among you there can only be one aspiration:


Get on the way to them, enter their service, carry out their instructions, prove worthy of their attention and participate in their great work!


How, then, can one fail to join the Highest Might, which guides the planet? (Infinity I, 382 [Infinity II, 382])


A certain inner independence and high-spiritedness demanded that Knecht only serve the highest Lord. (Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game)


The highest goal and most important position a man can achieve is: To act first as co-worker and then as disciple of the Mahatmas and to support them to the best of his ability.


The existence of the Hierarchy is the foundation of the entire life. There is no task more successful than Service to Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 212)


Think, therefore, about the complexity of Our Labour and try to apply your forces in the same direction. Everyone can do something useful. Each consciousness can perceive the necessary path. Cooperation is predestined for all. (Supermundane 311)


You come into contact with the leaders of this planet and labour together with them on their Great Work! This is the most exciting adventure of our time!


Without heroic deed life is straitened and impossible. (Fiery World I, 96)


"Is there any example of such a high service?"


Let us hear the beautiful legend of St. Christopher: Once upon a time there was a man named Reprobus (that is, the damned one) who was too proud to serve anyone else but the highest Lord. (Dieric Bouts "Christophorus")

He first tried a king who was said to be the most powerful in the world. However, when one day the devil was mentioned, the king made the sign of the cross in order to deprive Satan of all power over him. (K. Kupfer "King with drinking cup")

Reprobus concluded that the devil must be more powerful than the king and entered his service. (Engelbert Seibertz "Faust and Mephisto", Hieronymus Bosch "Hell")

On their way they came to a crucifix. Satan made a detour because he feared the cross. Reprobus, realizing that Christ was stronger than even the devil, went in search of him.

He asked a hermit, "What should I do to serve Jesus Christ?" The hermit recommended fasting and other pious exercises. "Impossible," said Reprobus, "I am unable to do all these things." (Konrad Witz "Christophorus")

The hermit advised: "Do you see the dangerous river down there? People who want to cross it often lose their lives in the process. With your tremendous strength you might carry the travellers from one bank to the other. By helping your fellow human beings, you will serve the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.“ (Adam Elsheimer “Christophorus ”)

So it happened that after long years of serving many, one day Reprobus was allowed to carry the infant Jesus across the river. Since then he has been called Christophorus, the carrier of Christ. (Hieronymus Bosch "Christophorus")


Let us take this high-spirited attitude as an example. Is it not shameful to which vain, selfish interests – our own and others' – we are still devoting our time and strength?


Why, in servility to the ‘petty people’, dost thou conceal the sacred seed bestowed upon thee?” (Infinity I, 36)


Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men. (1 Cor 7, 23)


It will not be dishonourable if on the deathbed you look back on your life and find out: "I always behaved as a decent man and helped to sell coffee beans." But you will be more proud if you can say:


I was serving as a co-worker of the Brotherhood!


Or if, like with Alfred Heydok, a disciple of Nicholas Roerich, on your tombstone can be read: "He was a disciple of the Brotherhood".



3. Mahatmas are looking for Co-workers


The Mahatmas expect, need and seek your cooperation in their Great Work.


“Is not that aiming too high and demanding too much? After all, I am not a saint! How is a little man like me supposed to help the rulers of this earth? "


This means thinking wrongly! You have to realize: Without our active participation, the Brothers cannot advance the earth at all. Unlike with the animals, our own evolution also requires our own conscious collaboration with the Grand Plan.


What We expect is human, conscious cooperation. (Supermundane 717)


You can imagine Our joy in finding workers worthy of Our trust. (Supermundane 27)


Would it not be the greatest honour and satisfaction for you if the king or the president of your country appointed you to his staff? Now the rulers of this earth are calling you!


The best candidates are obliged to relieve the Mahatmas at least of a small part of their immense work load.


Thus, We take into account each effort to remove the burden from the Hierarchy; as in the great, so in the small. (Hierarchy 295)


Thus, the best people are under obligation to ease Their unbearable burden. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 31.05.1935)


Let yourself be asked:


And thou, what doest thou for me? (From the Mountain Top I, Lesson “What doest thou for me?”)


Unfortunately, only a few are willing to actively support the efforts of the World Government.


We wait for the few who would be able to carry out our instructions and assist in performing the great mission entrusted to us. Yet must we “possess our souls in patience” knowing that here and there one will turn aside from the crowd to seek out the waiting shepherd. In days to come we shall gather these enlightened ones together and the great mission will then be accomplished. (From the Mountain Top II, Lesson “Shepherdless Sheep”)


The mantram of the disciple is:


Teacher, let me become Thy helper! (Supermundane 717)


Can I be so fortunate as to have the privilege of helping my Teachers? (Supermundane 257)



4. Reception of new Members

Nicholas Roerich “Stronghold of the Spirit“


As below so above: In order to remain a living community, the Brotherhood of Shambhala has to renew itself regularly with fresh forces. An organism that does not constantly regenerate dies.


The Mahatmas require fresh blood from below.


Today's members do not die. They have a right, however, that we should not ask for the sacrifice of their dwelling on earth for too long a time; that we allow them to move on to higher planets in order to continue their ascent there – for which it is high time according to their stage of development.


A divine law forbids any one unit of a race to progress much further than the race to which he belongs. In other words, there is a certain minimum state of development which must be reached by all the normal units of the race before the single units can reach the highest state of that cycle. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 182 Some Mysteries of Light”)


This is how Mahatma Hilarion speaks:


I have told you that there is a present limit to my own evolution; that I must bring you to a certain point before I could go forward. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Dissention”)


This is only possible if some of us take their place.


In order to allow older members to leave, the Mahatmas are urgently looking to include new candidates in their ranks. These must be willing and above all able to be trained in order to continue the Great Work. Who of you is up to this gigantic task?


In every ashram there is always some disciple who is trained to eventually take the place of the master and thereby set him free for higher and more important work. (A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age I, 994)


Future Arhats, completing their earthly accounts on the planet, are co-workers with Us, the Arhats. When Hierarchy is enriched, there is a cosmic festival. (Hierarchy 4)


However, Schambhala has the greatest difficulty in finding faithful, obedient and sufficiently advanced co-workers to fill vacant positions.


Truly there would be but little encouragement for those who must weigh and sift the wheat from the chaff or must select the stones for the building of a Temple from among a group of disciples. Were it not for the one here and there among said groups whose fidelity, humility, obedience, and courage, like jewels set in a crown, shine out vividly we would be most hopeless when the memory of the tremendous task is set for us in those periods in which we are forced to review the varied remnants of our scattered flocks, those periods sometimes referred to as eras of selection, when empty places are to be filled or broken lines are to be reformed. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Ingratitude”)


There is a story about a devil encountering an Angel. The Angel said, “Thy servants are bitter.” But the devil replied, “Mine are bitter, Thine are sour; we both must look for sweet ones.” And the Angel was crestfallen for He could not prove that they had not turned sour. (Fiery World II, 193)



5. Succession in Office


We are now coming to a point that is crucial for a new understanding of the world: We had said in the Broadcasting "How do you find your Teacher?": The Spiritual Path only becomes concrete if you decide to look for a teacher and follow him.


If you think more deeply and take the term “succession” really seriously, you understand that one day you have to reach the level at which you can take over as “successor” the position of your teacher.


To be a Christian or a Buddhist means: To walk the path that leads to the Cosmic Office of a Christ or a Buddha.


Every holder of an office in politics, business and society at some point in time naturally looks for a successor. If you want to be a co-worker of the Brotherhood, you, too, one day have to become qualified and ready to take over an office in the International World Government. Just like Conway in the novel "The Lost Horizon", we as well must to set about to take over the legacy of Schambhala.


When Jesus will pass on to take up a higher mission, perhaps upon some other planet, its labours will fall upon the Ego which comes next in development. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 71 “The Glory of the Lord”)


"That seems to me once again very soaring and far away from the concept of life of an ordinary person like me!?"


Yes, this is a complete revolution in the old thinking! Who of the faithful has ever considered regarding himself as a coming Buddha or Christ? The New, immortal Man, however, is on the path to God (see the Broadcasting "The Law of Evolution")! Thereon, the position of a world leader is only an intermediary stage!




But let us start from scratch: First, assume an office at the bottom. Everywhere in everyday life you can take over and fill out in the spirit of the Hierarchy a position which simply has to be occupied so that life on this planet can go on.


Imagine: In your spiritual world you have your workplace in room no. 313 on the 3rd floor (that means quite far down) of the headquarters of the World Government. Your brothers and sisters in spirit, your co-workers, superiors and subordinates are working next to, above and below you. For the time being you are only a small cogwheel in the global mechanism of the Hierarchy. (United Nations Headquarters, New York; Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet)


But you hold an office there, even if you are “only” working in a kindergarten in the material world. You are embedded in the Supratemporal Community of those who are responsible for this planet. You implement their goals at your place. You participate in the dignity of the World Government and can rise to higher positions over the years.



6. Help as long as Progress is possible


The Mahatmas remain on earth for our support. They continue to share our life on this underdeveloped planet.


Many workers remain in the earthly spheres so that they can continue working amidst all calamities. (Supermundane 420)


Although they have long since earned the right to live in higher, more pleasant worlds.


The Teacher has earned the right to separate Himself from Earth, but He chooses not to do so. (Supermundane 157)


We have not left, but have voluntarily remained on Earth. We have consciously accepted earthly life. We could be far away, but choose to remain with the suffering ones. (Supermundane 44)


Every Teacher in his past lives had to decide whether he wished to depart to the far-off worlds or remain with long suffering Earth. No little co-measurement was required for this decision, and each chose to remain with those who suffer. (Supermundane 47)


However, our Elder Brothers will only continue to work together with us as long as they can hope that the evolution on earth will actually advance.


The Great Helpers of humanity do not abandon the Earth so long as sufferings go unhealed. (Community 272)


Everywhere in Cosmos the principle of goal-fitness applies.


This means: Just as we ourselves give up the hope of improving a mischievous donkey or a stubborn dog one day, the Brotherhood would turn away from us if there were no longer any chance that we learn our lesson in the foreseeable future.


Their powers are limited too! In the interest of a more rewarding application of their efforts, they would then have to turn to other civilizations on other planets that are more receptive to their instructions and goals.


The Great Teachers will accept the voluntary rejection by humanity of the higher knowledge, in which case they would apply their knowledge and energies for the benefit of other humanities on other planets. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 04.06.1937)


Like a builder, We summon co-workers. But We leave him, who is not in need of Our boat, to cross the ocean even if it be on a bamboo stick. (Hierarchy 410)


"And what then will happen to us?"


Humanity would fall back into darkness for a long time – until, one day, through refined behaviour, we deserve a new opportunity to be taught and guided by beings of a higher order.


Decades may pass before the process of self-devouring becomes evident, but it grows from the very hour that Hierarchy is denied. (Fiery World I, 554)


One must point out that if the Guiding Hand is not accepted catastrophe is inevitable. (Infinity II, 488 [88])


Cosmic magnetism combats the diverting force. Those races which have strayed from the path of evolution were thus drawn into dissipation. The course taken by a race is determined by the correlation with the Cosmic Magnet—the acceptance of or resistance to the destined. (Infinity I, 128)


Let us see to it that it does not come to that! Let us not behave like stubborn donkeys! Let us recognize the hierarchic principle! Let us confidently submit to the World Government! Let us carry out their instructions and put our lives at their service. This is only to our own, immeasurable benefit!


At certain definite periods such knowledge as is requisite for the races in manifestation during said periods, is given out by the Initiates. If the race will not accept and heed the information given, it must bear the results of its indifference or wilfulness. A perfect stream of such knowledge and information has been poured out on the humanity of this age within the last half century.

In isolated cases it is appreciated and utilized, but the world-wide enthusiasm and effort, the impulse, the wave of ardent endeavour which should rise and swell to such a height as to overwhelm the error, supineness and self-satisfaction of those to whom that knowledge has been given, have hardly started, and time is flying. Where is the man who will speak the word or write the treatise that will lift the life wave of enthusiastic effort into motion? (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 137 “Preparedness”)



Section IV: The Path to Shambhala

Nicholas Roerich “The Path to Shambhala“


When the Teaching has found its way from the Teachers down to us humans, there must also exist a path going from us up to the Teachers.


"Has anyone already visited Shambhala?"


Only in very rare cases highly were advanced humans allowed to visit Shambhala in the physical body. For example, in addition to Helena Blavatsky and Helena and Nicholas Roerich


Apollonius of Tyana and Paracelsus.


They received training there, higher knowledge and orders to be carried out after their return among the people.


History knows a number of outstanding persons whose destiny it was to play an important role in the advancement of human evolution, who had previously visited this Stronghold of Great Knowledge. Thus, Paracelsus spent a certain period of time in one of the Ashrams of the Trans-Himalayan Stronghold, obtaining great knowledge. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. I, letter of 25.03.1935)


However, this only applies to no more than one or two people – not per day, not per year, but per century!


The Himalayan Mahatmas live in complete solitude and admit into their Stronghold one or, at the most, two candidates in a century. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 07.12.1935)


No unbidden person will ever be able to locate, let alone to enter this place.


How then to find the way to Our Laboratories? Without a summons, no one will reach Us. Without a Guide no one will pass! At the same time there is necessary an indomitable personal striving and readiness for the hardships of the way. According to custom the wayfarer must traverse a certain portion of the way alone. Just before arrival, even those who have been in direct communication with Us do not sense Our tidings. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 335 [339])


"Didn't even the Nazis launch an expedition to find Shambhala? How can this be prevented, given today's technical possibilities? "


With Our knowledge We can guard the Center against unbidden guests. (Community 72)


The Teaching lists up as an example only a few protective measures:


Urusvati knows the Tower of Chung, and remembers how the exterior of the Tower resembles a natural cliff. It is not difficult to prevent access to this Tower. A small landslide can conceal the structure from those below. A small dam can change a mountain stream into a lake, and in time of dire need the entire district can be immediately transformed.

People may smile, thinking that organized expeditions could sooner or later penetrate into all the passes. But even before the physical transformation of the area, the power of thought would already have diverted the caravan! In addition, chemical effects can be utilized to prevent the approach of the curious.

Thus do We guard the Brotherhood. Even the most advanced aircraft cannot discover Our Abode. Hermits living in nearby caves are watchful guards. One should not doubt the existence of an inviolable Abode. (Supermundane 1)


You have already heard from reliable travellers how guides refuse to lead them in certain directions. They would rather let themselves be killed than to lead you forward. But if a reckless traveller nevertheless goes forward, a mountain landslide begins to rumble before him. If the traveller surmounts this obstacle, then a shower of stones will carry him away. (Community 203)


Furthermore, it is not our task at all to visit this high place without being called. The ignorant and impostors every now and then try to physically make their way to Schambhala. This is a big mistake.


It is not by going to Ladak that one shall find us. (Mahatma Letters No. 65 of 27.03.1885)


The right path is:


Let us approach the Brotherhood in spirit by imitating the ideal of their way of life.


The ascent to the heights of Tibet takes place on the spiritual level.


Many strive to find Us, but it is right to hold back these travellers. We must be found not geographically, but first of all in spirit. It is said, “The Kingdom of God is taken by force,” but by force of the spirit and not by fists. (Supermundane 16)


Only through a spiritual approach can one come closer to Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 239)


The way to Shambhala is the Spiritual Path.


People are drawn toward the Brotherhood by their feelings, and bodily, but primarily in the spirit. And only in the spirit, in the heart, lies the true path. (Brotherhood 545)


It is immeasurably encouraging to know Our Abode. Even those who do not know the exact location of the Abode can turn in its direction, and this direction is given by the striving thought. (Supermundane 60)


"What does that mean specifically?"


Is it possible that people believe they will attain the Community of Shambhala through invasion or through fasting? To him who is aware of the path to Us, let us say, “Walk by the path of love. Walk by the path of labour. Walk by the path of the shield of faith!” To him who has found Our Image in his heart, We shall say, “Walk by the way of the heart and the Chalice will affirm the path!” (Hierarchy 24)


Which path is the most affirmed one on the way to Us? The most unfailing way is the path of self-sacrificing achievement. (Hierarchy 352)


A lot of trials are required for you to prove your suitability to be admitted.


A man or woman who persists in being true to the Higher Self, who cannot be deceived by the specious tales of others, that one takes his or her place with the Initiates of the White Lodge when his trial is over as surely as tomorrows sun will rise in the east. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 94 “The Soul Redeemed”)


It needs a particularly high degree of spirituality, of fieriness, to be able to live in such a holy place. To Shambhala, to this Heaven on earth, nobody can be admitted – and nobody would feel comfortable there either (see the Broadcasting "The Supermundane World")! – who, by his inner nature, his level of development, his position on the ladder of the Hierarchy, has not yet risen high enough.


As long as the vibration of your being is low, you would only disturb the high vibration of Shambhala, and you could not endure it either.


I must say that I have not yet met anybody who, after learning something about the great White Brotherhood, has not attempted the search for it. But rarely, almost never, does one question himself as to whether he is ready spiritually and physically to endure that tension. Can his physical shell stand the awful tension of the atmosphere that surrounds this Stronghold?

Only he can approach it who, here on Earth amidst the struggles and surmounting all possible difficulties, has overcome all habits and attachments and in self-sacrificing achievement has fierily transmuted his energies. Without going through the earthly purgatory it is impossible to enter Paradise. The Fires of the Higher Energies would burn the overloaded aura. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 24.05.1936)


Elisabeth Haich vividly describes her path to the Order in her book “Initiation”.  


A true disciple, following the example of Helena Roerich, will strive to build up a spiritual connection to the Hierarchy.


There comes a period in the life of every human being when, in some incarnation, he consciously chooses either the right or the left-hand paths of development; a time when he chooses between a life of active, self-conscious effort to reach the heights of development and a passive drifting with the tides of experience.

If he chooses the former, he bares his breast to the storms of life and pushes on through every obstacle, with his eyes fixed on the heights. He develops every part of his nature. He comes into contact with the great Souls on all the other planes of life and humbly asks their guidance and obeys their instructions. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Reality” [“Devachan or Reality”]


Then physical closeness is not required at all.


Some will bemoan the need to physically leave the vicinity of Our Towers. They forget that spiritual contact is indestructible and that distance has no meaning. (Supermundane 141)


Spiritual kinship, equal level of consciousness, tireless striving for growth and service to the Great Work of the evolution connects souls beyond the borders of space, time and matter much closer and more securely than physical proximity.


Brotherhood can be realized only in unity of consciousnesses. (Letters of Helena Roerich Vol. II, letter of 10.09.1938)


Affinity is evidenced as the consequence of cooperation. We call to such cooperation, which binds forever. (Hierarchy 384)


The right, the natural, but also the hard way to Schambhala is:


First: You yourself have to grow! You must have made quite some progress on the way to a Great Soul if you want to be received into in a community of Mahatmas, be it only as a disciple on trial. Therefore, enter the path of self-improvement, the path to God – it will also lead you to Shambhala.


Second: Take up a position and a task in the World Government! Work in your place for the progress of evolution! If you execute what you are told to do to the satisfaction of the Masters, you will inevitably move up in the Hierarchy over time – step by step, from one rung of the ladder to the next, from a lower position to a higher one:


Until the top of the pyramid comes within your reach.


On the way to Us one may reach the goal only through the Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 84)