The Hierarchy



Ladies and Gentlemen,


welcome to Broadcasting 5 of our Series “Introduction to Agni Yoga”! In Broadcasting 4 we had talked about the law of evolution. From this follows the principle of Hierarchy, which we shall be addressing today.




I would like to remind you: We are not presenting any private knowledge here. Our Broadcastings are rather a summary and utmost condensation of the main teachings of the 15 books of Agni Yoga.


The disciple asks: "May I ask a question beforehand? There are already more than 100 videos. Are so many really necessary? Is there any meaning behind this huge number, a common thread, a system or a concept that underlies everything?"


Yes, it is good that you ask. In all the abundance of details, we must never lose sight of the overall direction, of the guiding thought, which reads with one single term: New Construction.


All over the world, the New Man – the immortal, the 6th race – is to rise up and to establish germ cells of the New World.


"Who says that?"


Agni Yoga says that. The rulers of this earth, the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Schambhala say that. I say that. Above all, however, you, too feel very clearly: Life itself, the necessity of the time, the progress of evolution demand imperatively that the old, mortal man and the outdated old order disappear and make way for a New Man and a New World.


All our videos are cornerstones for this New Construction! Appropriate them! Put them into practice in your everyday life! Then you do participate in the Great Work of the Mahatmas!


"Much of what you teach, though, is theory!?"


Yes, there are cornerstones of knowledge and cornerstones of action. You must first acquire a lot of knowledge before you can set about creating the New Man and the New World. As long as people do not understand the foundations of existence such as "Evolution" and "Hierarchy", we will not get very far with the practical implementation of our great project.


Thus, let us place upon the scales the most urgent concepts of the great approaching Age — Infinity and Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 345)


Agni Yoga is linked inseparably with Infinity and Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 401)


"Hierarchy" is a key concept of the Teaching of Living Ethics and the very basis for the New Construction.


Without acknowledging the Hierarchic Principle, we will be able to create neither the New Man nor the New World.




"What do you mean by ‘Hierarchy’?"


The term "Hierarchy" has three meanings:


First, there is a hierarchy of souls, the biblical Jacob's Ladder which ranges from the blade of grass via the Christ up to the Supreme Being which we call "God."


Second, the term "Hierarchy" refers to a principle which runs: "Above leads and below follows". This maxim applies throughout the entire Universe and governs the relationship between the different worlds and their inhabitants.


Thirdly, "Hierarchy" is an expression for the government of our planet ("earthly hierarchy") and of the Universe as a whole ("Cosmic Hierarchy"). This government ensures the enforcement of the Supreme Will, the Cosmic Laws, the Cosmic Order in all worlds and on all levels, from the highest down to the lowest.



Section I: The Hierarchy of Souls 


Let us now discuss the first meaning of the term "Hierarchy": The hierarchy of souls, the Jacob's Ladder.


The Hierarchy is a string of pearls which loses itself in Infinity. (Fiery World I, 612)



1. There is Life everywhere in the Universe


In the last Broadcasting on the law of evolution we had said: Everything, from the tiniest atom up to the mightiest sun, lives, is animated and filled with a more or less high consciousness. That means:


Everywhere in the Universe, even beyond earth, there is life.


Today, we are smiling indulgently about the belief of the Middle Ages that considered the earth to be the very centre of the Universe around which everything else revolves.


People are so imbued with earthly measures that they attempt to subject to them even the immeasurable. One should guard against improper conclusions such as those that represent Earth as the center of the Universe. Such conceit is not befitting an enlightened scientist. (Brotherhood 534)


The idea, however, that in the whole infinite Universe life is to be found only on earth is just as childish and self-centred. It is also completely unscientific, because in reality there is not the slightest indication for this assumption. On the contrary, you must admit: If life has developed here, then the same must be possible elsewhere as well.


One must imagine all the stormy, violent cosmic turbulence in order to understand the humble position of our Earth. Some still believe that Earth is stationary, that it is the center of the Universe, and that human life exists only here. Such misconceptions are absurd and harmful for evolution. (Supermundane 280)


Only a limited imagination is unwilling to envision that the most diverse forms of life, some similar to the human ones and others quite different, can and must exist elsewhere than on our planet as well.


There is even egoism on a planetary scale. You often hear scientists declare that life exists only on Earth. They claim that Earth has an exclusive position. There are scientists who boldly insist that in all Infinity there is no life except on Earth! It is not enough to call such a claim impertinence: only the crudest egoism can bring forth such an ignorant concept. These scientists make no effort to examine the conditions that exist in Infinity, but on the basis of their most limited observations they judge all Infinity! (Supermundane 273)


Of course, the myriads of all the other heavenly bodies are inhabited as well.


As an unoccupied house rapidly disintegrates, a celestial body cannot exist in the long run without inhabitants either. A planet without life on it, such as the moon, is dead.


The inhabitance of heavenly bodies remains under doubt to this day. The reason lies chiefly in the conceit of man. He does not wish to admit incarnation in any conditions other than earthly. Fear before Infinity is also a hindrance. Meanwhile, people should think of distant worlds as being inhabited.

Thus let us diligently direct our thought to the distant friends, co-workers and Protectors. The thought that distant worlds are populated is not a supernatural fantasy. Man will firmly tread the earthly path when knowing about the surrounding magnitude. (AUM 137).


Man looks up into the heavens some starlight night with the thought of the immensities of the spaces between those uncountable points of light and of those millions of worlds, doubtless inhabited as is his own world with innumerable races of beings. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “A Certainty”)


The search of the scientists for extraterrestrial life should be considerably expanded. We must not limit it to forms of life like the earthly ones.


The Great Teacher often directed the gaze of His disciples to the planets, saying, “Many are the homes, and there is life everywhere.” (Supermundane 176)


We need more imagination! There is an often-heard phrase: "On this or that planet there might be water and thus life." This shows the whole inadequacy of today's thinking: There may be alien, for example, more spiritual creatures which do not require any water at all!


People stipulate that the inhabitants of other worlds must exist in earthly bodies and dwell in earthly conditions. Only an undeveloped imagination can limit the Universe to such a degree. Therefore I so greatly emphasize the development of imagination as the basis of striving toward the higher worlds. (Fiery World I, 644)



2. There is Evolution everywhere in the Universe


When there is life everywhere in the Universe, we are bound to conclude:


There is evolution in the entire Cosmos, not only on earth.


Evolution is a universal principle. It is not limited to our planet. It reigns on the countless other heavenly bodies in space as well. There, too, takes place involution and evolution of the spirit, development from apparently unanimated to ever more spiritual matter. Everywhere, lower forms of life are working their way up to ever higher ones.


People are hopelessly unaware of Infinity, but if they continue to believe that Earth is the center of the Universe, and that they are the only crown of creation, there will be a new convulsion of ignorance. Conceit is the grave of evolution. The planet Earth should not be belittled, but her true place amidst the grandeur of the Infinite should be realized. (Supermundane 280)



3. Man is not the highest Being


When there is evolution everywhere, it is again childish and egocentric to assume that man of all things is the highest being that the Cosmos has ever produced in the billions and billions of years of its existence on all the myriads of celestial bodies.


Nothing but complacency justifies this assumption. On sober, scientific judgment, we can rule it out. When there is evolving life everywhere in the boundless Universe, we must needs admit:


There must be innumerable lower and higher forms of existence and of life, lower and higher worlds and living beings, than man and the earth.


Apart from excessive vanity, there is no reason for the illusion that it is precisely on our planet that the universal evolution has advanced the furthest. Those who think rationally and do not shun their common sense must concede that this is certainly wrong.


One should observe oneself, but without making oneself the center of the Universe. (Supermundane 577)


There are many planets older than the earth. There, the development will surely be ahead of us.


It is impossible to understand how such a separation between the worlds came about, since it is not necessary for evolution, unless people have created a prideful concept of Earth. Thus, people regard the destiny of this planet as the alpha and omega of the entire Universe. (Fiery World I, 616)


On the contrary, when you look at the conditions on our earth without bias, at all the injustice, violence and selfishness, you inevitably come to a different conclusion:


Humanity is actually on a fairly low level of development!


The Universe shudders from the manifestations produced by man. (Infinity I, 198) 


"Is that not exaggerated? Our technology has made tremendous progress! "


Yes, but here exactly is the very proof of how right I am: Technical development has advanced further than man himself. We have external, material means at our disposal, for the application of which we are not yet mature enough inwardly, by the spiritual status we have reached – just think of nuclear energy and what we use it for!


Half a century ago We were already concerned about the excessive increase of physical knowledge. Verily, much has been attained in this direction, but at the same time the spiritual consciousness was lagging behind the physical. Ethics were lost amidst accumulations of formulas. Machines attracted man away from the art of thinking. Now they are content to be robots! (Fiery World II, 262)


We are living in the age of nuclear giants and ethical dwarfs. (Omar Bradley, US General)


The Universe would be in a bad shape indeed if the earthly humanity of all things were the peak and the role model for all other worlds.


According to Agni Yoga, man even lags behind the general development. In actual fact, we have as yet failed to reach the stage that is scheduled for our planet for the present age.


In the last half-century, science, despite its speedy growth, has not accomplished a tenth of what was ordained for it. (AUM 309)


Thus, we ascertain:


As there exist lower beings than humans, for example plants and animals, there are higher ones as well.


"Who is it that stands higher on the Ladder of Hierarchy? And why? Is a human being worth more than an animal? "


An important question that the confused minds of our time are unable to answer. A soul is greater than another when it reveals the grain of spirit, the divine within it to a larger extent. That is the proper yardstick, even for measuring the size of people.


That does not mean animals are worth less. They are just smaller, like children. They are on the way to man, on which we can and must help them.



4. The higher Levels


We had already said (Broadcasting "The Law of Evolution"): When we look at the many different levels of life and of consciousness on earth below us humans, the conclusion is compelling that this line of development continues beyond man.


Can you say Nature has belied herself, broken her law of continuity when man as he is now constituted came into existence, that no higher order of life exists on the earth, and that therefore the Masters are non-existent? Go even further: take the races of the earth, the conditions, intelligence, and attainments of humanity.

Is not the gradation as perfect as in all lower forms of life? Is not the probability of the existence of a more highly developed class of human beings than are the people of any class known to you a reasonable proposition? Would they not, by their greater power and ability, naturally function on the astral or etheric plane as well as on the aerial or material plane of life? (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Winning of Mastery”)


On the infinite ladder of evolution we have not only smaller, but also greater brothers and sisters. Already the Bible mentions in the book Genesis visits of higher beings on earth.


When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves from those who were pleasing to them. And when the sons of God had connection with the daughters of men, they bare children to them, these became the giants on earth. (Genesis 6, 1-4)


Earth is not the highest planet in our solar system. The High Spirits come to our planet from a higher planet for the acceleration of the evolution of our humanity. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 20.04.1935)


On more developed planets, there are more developed forms of life, even in our solar system.


It is said that on the higher planets there are fewer animals, and they are far more perfect. Thus there are no insects and beasts of prey on Venus. There exists a veritable kingdom of flights. People fly, birds fly, and even fish. And the birds understand human speech. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 13.08.1938)


Is it possible to speak about stock exchange speculations on Jupiter, or about brothels on Venus? The concept is simply unthinkable. (Community 36)


It is said ironically that on Venus the grass is more intelligent than the earthly man.


It is clear that creatures who live on Venus at temperatures of around 450 ° C, must be built quite differently than man: More fiery, that is, less physical and more spiritual.


Human evolution is regarded as the crown of the Universe, but we know that the earthly man is still very crude in his form and tissues when compared with, let us say, the dwellers of Jupiter and Venus. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 29.01.1938)


On other far off worlds there are still higher beings, so great that we cannot even imagine them: Rulers of solar systems, galaxies and Universes.




The transition from the lower to the higher levels is fluent. What entity is still a plant and what already an animal, is not exactly ascertainable.


The next higher beings develop from man just as naturally as we have worked our way up step by step from predecessors looking like monkeys.


We cannot determine precisely where the old man ends and where the next stage of evolution, the immortal man of spirit begins.


"Is not that pure theory? Where then is the much-invoked New Man? "


This development is in full swing. We can already perceive the New Man in his outlines.


The first beings of the new evolutionary stage are already living in our midst.


It is wrong to think that our solar system is entirely isolated. On the contrary, all the worlds are subtly interrelated. Individuals of much older stages of evolution coexist on Earth with the people of the sixth race. (Supermundane 279)


Creatures who embody the divine spirit to a higher degree than the average man are, for example, "Sons of God" such as Buddha, Jesus and Morya; great spiritual leaders and world teachers like Moses, Krishna, Zarathustra, Elias, Confucius, Lao-tse, Pythagoras, Plato, Apollonius of Tyana, St. Paul, Seneca and Mohammed; the saints, martyrs and spiritual warriors of all times and cultures, such as Saints Francis of Assisi, Benedict, Dominic, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, Sergius of Radonesh, Gerhard Tersteegen, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Milarepa, Ramakrischna, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Tolstoy, Don Bosco, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and countless others.


There is a natural instinct or tendency toward hero worship in the heart of every normal human being. The soul of man intuitively recognizes that there are beings of a higher order of life than are the men and women of the present race of the earth. Men believe that honour and love are due to those higher beings, and expect that men will benefit individually and collectively from their greater knowledge and power. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 228 “Hero Worship”)


We recognize: Jesus, Buddha, and all the other Great Masters whose work on earth still determines our lives today, were nothing else than highly advanced beings with higher but entirely natural abilities. This is how the so-called "miracles" of Christ can be convincingly explained.




It is unscientific to believe that above man there is nothing, and contrary to nature to place there only God. Since Aristotle we know:


Natura non facit saltus. Nature does not make leaps.


A better concept is to recognize intermediary stages, mediators between man and God, as the Middle Ages did with their hierarchy of saints and angels.




The recognition of the higher levels is crucial for the proper understanding of evolution, for the scientific identification of the status and the destiny of man in this process, and for a new spirituality that no longer contradicts reason.


Let us keep in mind the following first guiding principle, which abolishes our old worldview and gives rise to a new, better one:


The actual existence of higher beings is the scientific basis of each religion.



5. Jacob’s Ladder: The spiritual Hierarchy

Michael Lukas Leopold Willmann „The Angels Ladder“


From that what we have discussed so far follows: Evolution brings forth a spiritual hierarchy known not only to esoterics but also to the churches for millennia. Its biblical symbol is the Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28, 10 et seqq).


Jacob’s Ladder is the symbol of Our Abode. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 88)


This ladder consists of an uninterruptedly ascending chain of souls.


It starts at the bottom with small souls incarnated in minerals, plants and animals. It reaches man and continues via ever greater souls, which appear as Mahatmas, angels and archangels, up to rulers over planets, solar systems, galaxies and Universes.


Every diamond, every crystal, every plant and star has its own individual soul, besides man and animal, and there is a hierarchy of souls from the lowest forms of matter up to the World-Soul. (Mahatma Letters No. 9 of 08.07.1881)


Why is it so difficult for people to imagine an endless chain of Creators from the lowest to the Highest, up to the Inaccessible? Thus, from the smallest to the Greatest, proceed by steps, each link being visible and tangible. (Hierarchy 68)


This ladder reaches up to the highest being that we call God; which, however, is so far removed from us humans that we cannot yet perceive it for the time being. However, the concept of Hierarchy allows us to form a scientific idea of God. We are dealing with this topic more specifically in the Broadcasting "Who (or what) is God?" (Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga").


Verily, the ladder reaches Heaven. (Hierarchy 101)


The ladder rests on the earth and loses itself in the heavenly spheres. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 115)


Huxley wrote that it was reasonable to think that beings existed in the scale of life, as much advanced beyond man, as man is beyond the evolutionary status of a black beetle. All the great religions and philosophies of the world have taught this truth, and ancient wisdom confirms it fully. Jesus said in effect: even these stones shall be raised to gods. It is literally true that from stone to arch-angel, grade upon grade of life arises – all of which the evolving soul must contact, before it can gain the perfection of divine consciousness – or become one with the "Father in Heaven." (Teachings of the Temple Vol. III, Lesson “A Single Sun”)


"Jacob's Ladder – that sounds very esoteric. How can you prove that?"


The reality of the Ladder of Hierarchy cannot be grasped by the intellect, but only by the heart. Your natural feeling tells you: That is how it should be. Only like this is the Cosmos constructed beautifully, justly and meaningfully. With the heart you can sense the existence of your greater brothers and sisters.


Now one should concentrate on the heart as the channel to the Hierarchy. That way nobody can say that the Hierarchy is not a reality because there is no path to approach it. Indeed, there is the most substantial approach, that in which the heart acts as an intercessor. (Heart 340)


We had already said following Nietzsche (Broadcasting "The Law of Evolution"): In the infinite chain of the Hierarchy, man is only a link between lower and higher beings, a transition to the next stage of evolution: the "overman" or man of spirit.




The Jacob's Ladder of the Hierarchy embraces all peoples, cultures, religions, teachings of wisdom, and worldviews. All the great teachers, saints and spiritual warriors of humanity have their place there. Be sure: Your teacher as well is a member of the Hierarchy – provided he is a true one.


Anyone can join it. To each one of us is assigned a place in this order.


Everyone is connected to a chain link that stands above him on the ladder. To each one clings a chain link below him.


We climb the rungs of this ladder step by step (we had already said in the last Broadcasting about the law of evolution: Man is on the path to God!). Or we fall down like Lucifer, who had already risen to the state of an angel, only to fall even at this height and to succumb again to the earthly, the material (cf. Matthew 25, 41; 2 Peter 2, 4; Jude 6; Revelation 12, 5).


As you go upward you are more and more united with all who have gone that path before, who lend you strength and help. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Spiritual Triumph”)


He who isolates and places himself outside the Hierarchy will not find the true path and be unable to live up to his destiny. It is sad to see how thus many well-meant efforts remain without effect.


When the understanding is not founded upon Hierarchy, the focus cannot be so vitally displayed; and each one who isolates himself cannot find his way to Us. Thus, there are so many roaming shadows who cannot turn the affirmed key. Thus, so many strivings are lost in space. (Hierarchy 171) 



6. Connection with the Higher Levels

Filippino Lippi „Maria appears to St. Bernard of Clairvaux“


We now come to a point that is of crucial importance for the worldview of the future:


When there are higher levels of evolution, more developed creatures, you should not assume that humanity lives apart and separated from them. Nature does not make leaps. On earth, the various stages, minerals and plants, animals and humans, are living side by side and in manifold connections with each other.


One can observe the extent to which there simultaneously dwell on Earth living beings of the most diverse status. (AUM 280)


The lower levels seek to establish contact with the higher ones, as far as they can.


Thus, the animals are craving for the guide assigned to them, man. Therefore, it is entirely natural that man as well is looking for his Lord and Master.


As the connection between man and the lower beings is evident, so does there exist a connection to the higher spheres. (Infinity I, 316)


This longing for connection with Above is the essence, the core of every religion.


Trust in this:


Evolution gives every living being, man no other than animal, the opportunity to find its Lord, to establish contact with Him and to place himself under His guidance.


For your dog or your horse, you are a God! They strive to approach you and are happy to serve you, because thereby they learn, grow, and fulfill their mission.


It is quite in the order of nature that you, too, find the beings above you, approach them, establish contact and cooperate with them in their Great Work.


Animals receive fiery sparks particularly through contact with man. Likewise does man nourish his own fiery body through communion with Hierarchy. One’s consciousness must accept the realization of the logic of Jacob’s ladder; all creatures can find access to it when they are imbued with right striving. (Fiery World II, 186)


Be very sure that the Power that has built up and sustained this universe has never left Itself without witnesses. Find those witnesses if it cost a life. There is no lasting peace, happiness or divine usefulness for you until you do find them and lead others to the Source of the same. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Recognition of the Avatar”)


It would be absurd, contrary to nature and unscientific to assume that evolution had erected above man of all things an insurmountable barrier that excludes any contact with the next higher level.


Do not think that Our Community is hidden from humanity by impregnable walls. The snows of Himalaya that hide Us are not obstacles for true seekers, but only for the curious ones. (Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 269 [313])


The worlds are not only in contact but even overlap one another. The law of consecutiveness is firmly expressed in all nature. (AUM 133)


"This is beyond of my scope of experience. How can I establish contact with higher beings? "


You can achieve this especially in meditation. The further you develop this practice and the more sensitive you become, the more reliably you may actually lead a conversation with a higher, non-incarnated being, in particular with your spiritual father, your teacher. How you can draw strength, joy, comfort, knowledge and guidance from this connection is described in our Broadcasting on "Meditation" (Series "The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga").


We now come to a second most important motto:


The actual connection at least of sensitive people with the higher levels is the scientific basis of every religion.


The bridge between the life of each Servant of Light and the succeeding step reveals a saturated striving of the heart. (Fiery World III, 116) 



7. Guidance by the Higher Levels


We humans assist the beings who stand below us on the evolutionary ladder, our younger brothers, the animals in a friendly and compassionate way – as far as they are close to us and willing to be guided. We train and use them for our higher purposes as co-workers; for example oxen, donkeys or horses as pack, riding or draft animals, and dogs as tracker, shepherd, guide or avalanche dogs. Thereby we also advance their evolution.




According to the age-old principle "as below, so above", you may be sure: Our own Elder Brothers, who stand above us on the Ladder of Hierarchy, act in the same way: They are watching us humans and our efforts partly with smiling, partly with weeping eyes, but always benevolent. They assist and promote the development of those of good will as often as they can and the law permits.


Could you not imagine how a love for each one of these conscious lives would obtain in you, and how each action, each effort of the lesser lives to help and sustain another life or organ would fill you with appreciation, tenderness and love for the "little ones" so bravely fighting on without hope of special reward?

If this were the case with you, can you not see how naturally your own heart would plead for the love of those unselfish, beautiful lives in return for your own love? Could you imagine yourself indifferent to the cry for help or to any appeal from the least of those little lives?

Can you imagine anything happening between any two of them that would not attract your attention and make you strive to modify wrong conditions and create better ones, so that they could go on their happy, useful, loving work? What you would be to those little lives in your body; such is God, your Higher Self, to you, my child. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “A Certainty”)


We only await the right time and opportunity to express our gratification and extend a helping hand to "our little ones" on a lower step of the ladder of life. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, lesson 14 “Dangers of the Astral Plane”)


What a wonderful certainty: They do exist, the comforters and guardian angels who are close to us, to whom we may confidently turn and who oversee our evolution. All you have to do is to trust in their guidance, then you will always walk the right path.


Every belief reveals the Guardian Angels, Guides, and Comforters; under the various names lies the same concept of Hierarchy. Verily, let each one understand in his own way, but let each heart strive upwards. In this alone is the path to perfection. (AUM 60)


Upon all steps of Hierarchy there is the same transmission and communion. And how majestic is this Ladder of Immeasurable Help. (Fiery World II, 94)


But few love the one who helps them. It means that ignorance is great. (Fiery World II, 98)  


As you begin to regard yourself as a child of God, you may confidently expect to receive from your Father in Heaven everything that parents grant their children everywhere in nature.


In endeavouring to show the right of Man to all things, as well as the probable care for His offspring by what we know as God, by means of the action of Divine will on the evolutionary forces of life, perhaps we can do so in no more intelligible manner than by considering the probable action of a normal father and mother toward their children; for here we find one of the most perfect correspondences to the action of the Godhead in and with His or Its creatures. Such a father and mother will never think of their possessions as belonging solely to themselves; all that they are, all that they have, is at the disposal of their children, if those children will make a proper use of it; all just demands are complied with, as a matter of course. It would never occur to such parents to deny their children the right to food, shelter, clothing and education, until such time as those children were perfectly capable of providing for themselves. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 41 ”Our natural Birthright”)


Great Masters, leaders of the earthly evolution like Jesus or Buddha assist us on our way to the heights. But they are also constantly on the lookout for suitable co-workers whom they can employ for their higher purposes in the same way as we make use of the animals.


Just as We watch over you, so do We watch over your development and over the children throughout the world from the cradle on, weighing their best thoughts. Of course, the spirit does not often reach its best development, and the number of deserting ones is great, but We rejoice at a pure thought as at a beautiful garden. (Leaves of Morya's Garden II, 129)


Our solicitude for people far exceeds their thoughts about Us. (Heart 490)


"Is this higher help for all and everyone, great and small, good and bad alike?"


Well, here, too applies: "As below, so above": You have to be ready to serve and to learn. If you do not carry out what your Master advises and instructs you to do, he will someday stop taking care of you; just as you cease to employ and promote an overly stubborn donkey or dog.


Let us memorize a third key phrase:


The actual guidance of mankind by the beings of the higher stages of evolution is the scientific basis of every religion.


In the following Broadcasting on "The Brotherhood of Shambhala," we will cite a variety of examples of the Mahatmas' intervention into human history.



8. Teacher and Disciple

Swetoslaw Roerich “Sacred Words“


The mysterious concept of teacher and disciple, guru and chela, so alien to the West, is naturally explained on the basis of the principle of Hierarchy: Your teacher is your spiritual father, the next rung above you on the Jacob's Ladder.


Important for the understanding of the Hierarchic Principle is to realize: You are at the same time both a disciple and a teacher!


The chain of Hierarchy is formed exactly because you are fastened both to a link above and to a link below you.


Everyone is on the ascending line the disciple of a higher one and on the descending line the teacher of a lower one.


It is necessary to point out the chain of Teachers, each of whom is the disciple of a higher one. (Agni Yoga 333)


The succession of Teachers glows as a string of interplanetary pearls. Add also your own pearl! (Agni Yoga 83)


It follows:


There is no absolute, but only relative teachership.


Each one of Us has His Teacher, and the steps of this ladder are countless. Even standing at the head of a planet is not a consummation. (Supermundane 29)


Even Mahatmas like Jesus and Buddha are for their part still disciples of a greater one! The Father in Heaven of whom Jesus speaks is not God, but the next level above him, his spiritual father, his teacher.


Each Teacher remains also a disciple, for amid Hierarchy he will be a link in the Chain of Eternity. Likewise in the descending line, each disciple will also be a teacher. It is a mistake to think that certain initiations elevate one to the step of absolute Teachership. (AUM 492)


We are talking in more detail about teachership and discipleship in the Series "The Path of the Disciple".



Section II: The Cosmic Principle “Above leads, below follows


We are now addressing the second meaning of the term "Hierarchy".


Hierarchy, like truth, justice, beauty and love, is a fundamental principle that applies throughout the Universe.


The principle of Hierarchy underlies all vital manifestations. The principle of Hierarchy leads the entire Cosmos. (Hierarchy 457)  


Thus, the law of Hierarchy is the leading principle. (Hierarchy 420)


If you wish to capture the beauty, goal-fitness and justice of the Cosmic Order, you must understand the Hierarchic Principle.


For a deepening of the understanding of the Cosmic structure one should become affirmed by the recognition of the manifested law of Hierarchy. (Fiery World III, 100)


Above all, it is of the utmost importance that you recognize:


Evolution advances according to the Hierarchic Principle.


What that means exactly, we shall now discuss.



1. Above takes the lead, below follows


The Hierarchic Principle says:


Above takes the lead, below follows.


Whoever is higher up on the Ladder of Hierarchy, who has advanced further on the path to God, takes the lead and indicates the direction. The lower beings follow after the advancing one on the same path he has paved. Only thus can evolution take place.




The recognition of the Hierarchic Principle is a characteristic feature of the New Man. He is constantly connected with his teacher, with the next level of Hierarchy. He acts in earthly everyday life upon Higher Order and according to Higher Instruction.


Verily, the sign of belonging to the Sixth Race will be the acceptance of the law of the Highest Leadership, the acceptance of Hierarchy in all its magnitude. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 31.07.1937)


Without realizing the principle "above leads, below follows" there will be no progress.


As we shall be discussing instantly, this applies to the evolution of both the individual and the human society as a whole.



2. New Man created by following the Hierarchic Principle


The principle "above leads, below follows" first applies to the evolution of the individual. An order is perfect, natural and may be called Cosmic, when it makes sure that:


The smaller beings follow the greater ones who stand higher on the Ladder of Hierarchy.


A donkey does what the rider says. The spirit directs the body. And we humans follow the beings of the higher levels: The saints and spiritual heroes, "Sons of God" like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, and the Mahatmas.


When the rider subordinates himself to the will of the donkey, or the spirit to the body, the Cosmic Order is turned upside down and both miss their mission.


The subjection of the lower to the higher lies at the foundation of Cosmos. But that which should be dominant, humanity subjects to the lower. (Infinity I, 115)


Only the Higher can uplift the lower. (Agni Yoga 665)


Evolution according to the Hierarchic Principle means in practice: If you want to become greater, if you want to let your soul grow, you have to orientate yourself on those who stand above you, who have already reached the level that you still want to climb. It would be downright stupid if you would refuse to be guided by those who have already acquired that what you still want to learn.


To those who cannot accept the concept of the Leader, let us say: All your words presuppose the priority of something or someone. You yourself do not notice that each of your affirmations is based upon a discovery of something established by someone. There is no man who can get along without being taught. One must not become proud in one’s own heart. The understanding of Hierarchy will help to establish the manifestation of the Leader, who in relation to the Higher Ones is not a leader but a follower. (Fiery World II, 80)


If everybody had to learn by using only his personal experience, rejecting the Leading Hand, we would not have moved far from our ancestors of the Stone Age! (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 21.01.1931)


From the principle of Hierarchy follows the practice of succession.


You emulate your teacher, your spiritual guide, who himself follows a even greater one. And your own disciples, your smaller brothers and sisters follow you.


One should follow a Hierarch in full trust, just as the Hierarch follows his own Hierarch. (Fiery World I, 614)


Without real, concrete succession in the middle of everyday life, "Hierarchy" is no more than a fruitless abstraction. We are talking about this most important topic in detail in the Broadcasting "How do you find your Teacher?"


Only the realization of the Higher Will can lead the spirit toward its goal. (Agni Yoga 660)


It is a natural endeavour of every creature – not just of humans – to seek and imitate someone greater than himself.


In approaching a greater one we grow. (Hierarchy 193)


What motivates you? What awakens in you the childlike enthusiasm to develop, to grow? Surely only the knowledge, the experience, that there actually exist greater beings, who are ahead of you, who have already reached the next step, and whom you may imitate!


If you do not admit the existence of the best and the most luminous, then there is no need to safeguard and perfect your own Monad. The existence of Hierarchy is the foundation of the entire life. (Hierarchy 212)


Your personal evolution will only make progress if you set out on the path to the top, to the higher levels, ultimately to God.


Personal development means ascent on the Ladder of Hierarchy.


Only the Chain of Hierarchy will give the possibility of ascent. (Hierarchy 28) 


The illumination of the spirit is assuredly the path following the highest Hierarchy. Hence, those who search for Truth can find the significance of Be-ness only in the path of ascent toward Hierarchy, otherwise life remains a vicious circle, and for millenniums the spirit will not find its liberation. (Hierarchy 420)



3. New World created by following the Hierarchic Principle


The principle "above leads, below follows" applies not only to the individual, but also to the evolution of human society as a whole.


The Hierarchic principle appears as the basis of every construction. (Fiery World III, 100)


Hierarchy and the creation of a new consciousness are affirmed as the cornerstone of evolution. (Hierarchy 322)


The society of the future will come true when we put into effect an age-old principle:


As above, so below. (Agni Yoga 4, Fiery World I, 340, Supermundane 304)


Evolution according to the Hierarchic Principle means concretely: The laws that applyin the higher worlds, in Heaven, must apply on earth as well.


The Forces of Hierarchy are joined across two Worlds—the Guiding Principle, and the principle of fulfilling the Great Will are one Source. Worlds are built upon these two Principles. (Fiery World III, 100)


For each one on the path there is but one immutable Might—Hierarchy. Upon this sacred Principle one may construct; upon this Stronghold the spirit becomes winged; upon this Summit can be built a mighty evolution. (Hierarchy 217)


In other words:


In the New World, the Cosmic Order applies.


"What do you understand by Cosmic Order?"


The laws and principles which govern the Higher World: Above all truth, justice, beauty and love.


This planet will only recover, distress, suffering, greed, violence, selfishness, poverty and unemployment will only disappear if we actually enforce these principles down here. Then, the much-invoked and dreamt of Kingdom of God will reign on earth, too. We had already discussed this concept in detail in the Broadcastings on "The New World".


On the other hand, where untruth, injustice, ugliness and unkindness rule, the Cosmic Order is being trampled upon, from which only chaos will result.



4. The Principle of Leadership


"How can we realize this noble goal?"


It is important for you to realize: No abstract system can create the Cosmic Order on earth. Only living people can do that.


Principles as such cannot prevail. Only human beings can make them rule.


Man is the creative fulfiller of the Cosmic Will! (Hierarchy 72)


Personal desires are transformed into the all-guiding Universal Will. (Heart 68)


The realization of the Hierarchic Principle "above leads, below follows" therefore requires in practice: We establish the concept of leadership.


"What do you mean by that?"


Those who have climbed up higher on the Ladder of Hierarchy must also take the lead in society. This applies not only to large entities such as the state, but also to smaller ones like business enterprises, schools and families. Only in this way can we make sure that "above actually leads and below actually follows", whereby a higher order is established on earth.


Hierarchy and leadership are affirmed by the cosmic law. (Hierarchy 415)


When the higher dominates, then the lower, through transmutation, is regenerated into the  quality of a higher order. (Infinity I, 115)


No community, not even a band of robbers can exist without leadership.  


Otherwise it will break apart. Especially the smaller souls, who do not know the way and are hardly able to cope with the demands of everyday life on their own, are in urgent need of reliable leadership.


The Thinker [Plato] once saw a shepherd who was followed by his large flock of sheep. The Thinker smilingly asked, “By what magic do you compel the animals to follow you so obediently?” The shepherd answered, “I live with them and love them, and they feel that they are safe if they follow me.” (Supermundane 359)


Like the animals, for example the migratory birds, we humans as well seek a leader.  


Certainly nations are looking for a leader, because even an established prestige cannot sustain those people who think erroneously. Neither gold nor vulgar, glamorous names, nor piles of inapplicable counsels will save a nation. (Hierarchy 417)


What state flourishes without a great leader? What affirmed undertaking has existed without a leader? Verily one must understand that the concept of a leader is the synthesis of all the highest strivings. Thus, only the concept of Hierarchy, of an Illumined Leader, can direct the spirit. Thus We proclaim the Leader—the Hierarch! (Hierarchy 433)


This is the natural consequence and realization of the universal Hierarchic Principle.


When the people of the world come to recognize the fact of the disciple's impersonality, compassion, and desire to serve them unselfishly they will do as they have always done – "follow like sheep" that disciple who has been made their leader by the very force of his devotion to them individually and collectively. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 98 “Questions answered by the Master”)


The Leader shows the future. Each of his actions impels forward. He must bring the people to the Mount of Perfection. (Fiery World II, 48)


Today's man, who prefers to put himself at the head and even in the place of God, does not want to admit this longing.


It may be observed how furiously people are now objecting to the concept of Leader, and at the same time they are ardently awaiting him. (Fiery World II, 141)


Nations are realizing that “life is wearisome without a hero.” Everywhere one can see this longing for powerful leadership, in cultural, in social, in governmental life. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 06.06.1935)




"Being a German, it terrifies me even to hear the word ‘Führer’ ('leader'). Is not there a great danger of abuse of power? "


Yes, the dark forces have destroyed or at least discredited many indispensable foundations. In Agni Yoga, however, "leader" is a key notion.


Of course, not even the highest concept is immune against abuse. Just think of what has been committed in the name of Christendom. In order to counter this danger, we have to develop such a sensitivity of the heart that we can reliably distinguish true from false leaders.


You have to recognize a leader and an impostor when you see one.


This requires a lot of practice, refinement, and expansion of consciousness. It is not easy to sense whether someone else stands hierarchically above or below you. You have to learn that. Because if you are wrong, this will have terrible consequences: Then you will follow a wrong leader in the wrong direction – namely into the abyss.


We send messengers of truth, whose task is to repeat untiringly about the future steps of evolution. Respect those who lead others onto the right path. (Supermundane 613)


Your reservations against the introduction of the Hierarchic Principle will dissipate when you keep in mind: The leader to whom you ought to submit is someone who is greater and wiser than you; someone who knows better than you yourself, what is good and what is bad for you.


To a true Master of Life, you will voluntarily and even happily subordinate yourself.


Remember to what an extent people are in need of the concept of a Leader. They want to have someone who will be a Guarantor before the Highest. They understand how impossible it is to find the path without this link. (Fiery World II, 50)


One who has been warmed by the sun carries warmth with him. People wish to warm themselves in proximity to him. Is it not the same with the flaming heart which is in communion with the Fiery World? People hasten to the glowing heart to warm themselves. Simple and close is the presence of the Higher World. (Fiery World III, 478)



5. Without Hierarchy Chaos reigns


The conditions on earth are so terrible for one reason in particular: People do not want to know anything about hierarchy, leadership and submission to a higher will. They refuse to integrate into the Cosmic Order.


Humanity has suffered most through its severance from the Higher Will. The non-acceptance of the Higher Will complicates the entire construction. This should be remembered! Each construction is based on its focus. Hence, one must act by striving consciously toward Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 279)


Humanity grows weak to such an extent, because it evidences disunion with the Highest Will. Therefore We so powerfully affirm the focus, for without the center the Highest Will cannot be assimilated. Therefore We summon so powerfully to Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 293)


People recognize no one and nothing above themselves. Especially those who are not even able to manage their own lives refuse any guidance and prefer to abuse "those up there".


Those who reject the necessity of understanding the leading concept of the Teacher should be told that the present day predominance of all-pervading decay is the result of negation of authority in all spheres of life. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 18.02.1936)


That is why down here prevails an "order"– or better, a "disorder" – that is diametrically opposed to the Cosmic Laws, to the principles of truth, justice, beauty, and love.


True attainments are realized by the striving to cognize the Will of the Highest Reason. It is difficult to accept a cosmic direction without understanding the Will of the Highest Reason. Three-fourths of human strivings are directed against the Cosmic Ordainments. The human spirit is not penetrating beyond the boundaries of visibility, and the opposition to the Will of the Highest Reason is leading to destruction. (Infinity II, 458 [58])


That is why the earth is so far removed from Heaven.




Furthermore, people violate the Hierarchic Principle by allowing that below reigns, that the impure, the ignorant, or the weak take the lead. Then the natural order is turned upside down. The result can only be chaos.


Dresden 1945


Bringing everything down and treat it as equal with the lowest is the labour of the dark ones, and humanity is indeed subject to these tendencies. Everyone instinctively has recourse to this destructive action. (Fiery World III, 364)


We all know very well what happens when a false leader comes to the top of a state or a business enterprise: All members of this institution will have to pay for his mistakes by suffering violence, wars, poverty, unemployment or bankruptcy.


The success of a whole state depends upon the quality of the psychic energy of its leader. (Supermundane 503)


A proverb says:


The fish rots from the head.


That means, whether you admit it or not:


The destiny of every community, from the family via the nation up to the global community, depends upon the quality of leadership.


Human beings working hard for the upkeeping of themselves and their families are more or less the same in the businesses and countries all over the world. If some of them are worse off than others, this is almost entirely due to unworthy, unsuitable leaders.


Each evil in the world is generated because of resistance to the great principle of Hierarchy. Each victory is gained only by the principle of Hierarchy. Therefore, one must be so strongly based upon the affirmed Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 276)


The welfare of nations is moulded around a single personality. There are numerous examples of this throughout history, in the most diverse regions. Many will attribute this evident manifestation to the personality itself. But thus think the short-sighted; those who are far-sighted understand that such a synthesis is nothing but the manifestation of the power of Hierarchy. Actually in all manifestations the Hierarchy selects a focus upon which a current can be directed. Besides, a personality of this order possesses a realized or unrealized fire which makes the communion easy. (Fiery World I, 525)



Section III: World Government and Cosmic Hierarchy


Finally and thirdly, "Hierarchy" refers to the government of this earth and of the Cosmos as a whole.



1. Hierarchic Order


We had just said in scientific language: In the New World apply the Cosmic Order, the higher laws, principles such as truth, justice, beauty, and love. We must bring the conditions on earth closer to those in Heaven.


Evolution means: Something that already exists in the higher world as an idea, an ideal or a thought-construction strives to embody itself on the material plane.


In addition, we say in spiritual language: Evolution is the plan of God for our planet and the Universe as a whole. From this follows:


If we want to advance evolution, we must know and execute the Will of the Creator.


You do not necessarily have to think of a person (see the Broadcasting "Who (or what) is God?"). You may also understand the Higher Will as the spirit which dwells in all matter, which strives to reveal itself more and more, and which therefore drives us in a certain direction, towards further development and perfection (see the Broadcasting "The Law of Evolution").


The realization of the Hierarchic Principle therefore demands: We implement the commandment of Christ:


Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Mt 6, 10)


The words "Thy will be done" do not mean to invite cowardly submission to circumstances and conditions. They should voice the cry of the Soul for perception of the nature of the divine Will and for strength to use that Will aright. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 144 Only one Will”)


A new departure must be made, a new step taken, and that step must be in the direction of renunciation, submission to the Divine Will, regardless of the effects on the personality. In other words, the personal will must become subservient to the Divine Will. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 140 The neutral Center”)


The Will of God must prevail everywhere, in the highest as well as in the lowest spheres, even in the last corner of the material world.


Then indeed the world would be a great reflection of the Higher Will. (Fiery World III, 260)


"How can we achieve this high, almost fantastic goal?"


We have to create a new order here on earth, the goal of which is:


The Higher Will is transmitted from the very top via many intermediary stages down to the very bottom and is actually implemented in the various small dealings of everyday earthly life.


Such a form of government is called "Hierarchy".


The establishment of a Hierarchic Order is the natural and necessary consequence of the realization of the principle of leadership: Hierarchy is nothing else but leadership on all levels in all social institutions. Thus, nothing and nobody remains without connection to and guidance from Above, whoever he is and wherever he stands.



2. Rule of the Hierarchs


"What exactly does it practically mean to establish a hierarchy on earth?"


You must recognize: The Higher Will as such cannot govern. Only people imbued with it can rule.


The enforcement of the Higher Will means in practice to enforce the will of a higher one.


Therefore, if we want to create a Hierarchic Order, we have to make sure that:


Spiritual rulers take over the government.


Agni Yoga calls such spiritual rulers Hierarchs. This Greek word expresses: A truly worthy person is endowed with power because of his reliable connection with the higher levels and his particular spiritual qualities.




The task of a Hierarch is to make sure: In the area for which he is responsible – whether that be a state, a city or a kindergarten – the Higher Will is carried out and the Cosmic Order of truth, justice, beauty and love is actually enforced.


The whole governmental and social order can be set up according to the cosmic law. (Fiery World III, 65)


"Who is a Hierarch?"


The one in a community who has risen highest on the ladder of the hierarchy of souls and who is firmly attached to the next higher rung.


A Hierarch is a Link in a Chain, and One who fulfills the Will of an even Higher One. Only by knowing this is it possible to properly respond to the higher mission. (Hierarchy 35)


"What does that mean? Who stands higher than others? "


He is closer to the Higher Powers than the others and therefore able to assimilate the laws and orders transmitted from Above.


The appointment of a Hierarch is the appointment of One who fulfills the Higher Will. (Hierarchy 36)


There is nothing greater than approaching the deity more than other people and from there spreading the rays of the deity to the human race. (Beethoven)


A Hierarch possesses three main qualities:


Purity, wisdom and power,


so that he can do three things:


Recognize the Higher Will,

convey it to the people and

enforce it on this planet.


One can build only when Our Carriers of Fire carry Our Will and the disciples accept that which is sent. Each builder knows the law of Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 73)


Are ye of those fragments of Divinity who have eyes to behold the outstretched hand of the Father, those who have ears which listen for the sound of His voice, tongues which fail not to speak the word which will open the windows of Heaven to other hungry souls? (From the Mountain Top II, 136)


Such a spiritual ruler must have true authority.


Therefore I so often reiterate about authority. You yourselves see how nations progress by affirming a leader. You yourselves see that there is no other way. Thus, the link of Hierarchy must be realized. (Fiery World I, 525)


A "Hierarch" in this sense is not just a head of state, but also a teacher at a school or a mother in a family. A spiritual leader is anyone who stands higher than the others in his field and therefore can and must take the lead; anyone who joins the chain of Hierarchy as a member, in order in his place to assimilate, to implement and to pass down the Higher Will transmitted to him from Above.


The Chain of Hierarchy is built by fulfillment of the Higher Will. (Agni Yoga 661)


Since Plato we know: Hierarchy, the rule of the wise men, of the philosophers as kings is the ideal form of government. We had already talked about the details of this concept in our Broadcasting "The New World – Form of Government: Hierarchy".



3. The World Government


"What needs to be done in order to eliminate distress and misery anywhere on this planet and to build the Kingdom of God down here?"


What we need is a world government.


This is obvious and required by the very nature of things. Only in this way can we actually enforce the Cosmic Order everywhere on earth.




At the head of this world government, there can be no one else but the most advanced beings, the leaders of the evolution on this planet, the Mahatmas of the Brotherhood of Shambhala. The New Order therefore looks like this:


The Mahatmas take over worldwide leadership.


They hand down their laws, rules and instructions to the human beings standing nearest to them. These closest co-workers of the Brotherhood must first implement the orders from Above in their own area and secondly forward them further downwards.


The Higher Will is transmitted to the closest spirit. Hence, the Will of the Hierarch must thus be fully executed. (Hierarchy 178)


The Mahatmas have been directing the destiny of this earth for millennia, as we shall discuss in detail in our next Broadcasting "The Brotherhood of Shambhala". Their ability to help and to advance humanity would increase significantly if we would finally acknowledge this fact, consciously submit to their leadership, and execute their orders.


Where can one find a leading ray, if not in Hierarchy? Humanity has been drawing its power, not from within itself, but from the power of the great Hierarchy. Thus through centuries Our creation has guided humanity. Thus man can be directed only by the Higher Power of Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 420)



4. The earthly Hierarchy


The world government cannot possibly make all the necessary decisions down to the smallest detail on its own, and in addition execute or supervise them. It has to rely on a graduated order, a hierarchy of leading, middle and lesser spirits who, selflessly serving, receive the Higher Will, execute it in their place and forward it downwards for further implementation.


Those Masters are so lofty in their spiritual achievement that they are no longer able to accept the burden of purely earthly existence and of a personal, direct leadership of and contact with the masses. Therefore They use Their nearest trusted ones and disciples for the purpose of transmitting the spiritual Teaching. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 30.08.1935)


Below the Mahatmas the hierarchy of humans begins.


At its head are Hierarchs such as Moses, Salomon, Helena Blavatsky, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, as well as others who have been cooperating with the Brotherhood for eons and are in constant contact with it.


The one who better fulfills his tasks will be closer to Hierarchy. (Hierarchy 42)


We can impart Our treasures to the spirits closest to Us. (Infinity I, 72)


These highest specimens of the human race establish the connection between the normal people and the Mahatmas.


While the world waits for that one who can sway the multitude, millions go down into darkness. That one of whom I speak must be a link between two great divisions of life – the multitude and the Masters. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 177 “The Multitude”)


This discontent will continue until a body, strong, united, unselfish, and wise enough to obey the law can be formed on the outer plane of this world; a body composed of those who are physically and mentally able to catch, translate, and teach those details of the mystery language by means of which alone the beings of other and more advanced spheres can communicate with the men of earth. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 115 “The Law of Primogeniture”)


They are the authorized representatives of the Heavenly Powers on this planet.


We have on your planet Our entrusted one, who has drained the chalice of sublime experience. She is sent to you as a witness of cosmic manifestations, as a bearer of My missions, as your prophetess of the future. (Infinity I, 5)


Who will take upon himself the sacrificial labour? He who represents the Heavenly Forces on Earth; He who knows the fiery Cult of Renunciation; He who knows Cosmic Service. (Fiery World III, 59)


They replace the previous more or less unsuitable rulers.


It will be impossible to admit in the future the appearance of those arbitrary leaders who have overrun the planet. The right of leadership belongs to a spirit linked with the Forces of Light. Therefore, according to the Higher Law, there can be no accidental leaders. When the consciousness has become expanded, then will become possible the realization of the great law of Leadership. In each field there should be applied a subtle understanding of the law of Leadership. Thus, statesmanship must be manifest in the entire construction of life. (Fiery World III, 51)


They proclaim to humanity the will of the higher levels.


Moses said: Because the people come unto me to enquire of God, I do make them know the statutes of God, and his laws. And he showed them the way wherein they must walk, and the work that they must do. (Exodus 18, 15 ff)


There are personalities who can foresee the direction of evolution. Such co-workers of Ours can be found in different countries and ages. We use them as channels through which We transmit the varying degrees of aspiration that correspond to the needs of evolution. (Supermundane 369)


They receive instructions and advice from the Mahatmas.


One must possess great equilibrium to understand the wisdom of Our Guidance without crippling one’s own free will. The best leaders of nations had this balance, and it was therefore easier to send them Our decisions. The “Green Laurel” [the Russian Field Marshal Kutuzov, winner over Napoleon] about whom you have often spoken could combine leadership with sensitivity to the Counsels of the Brotherhood. (Supermundane 25)


You see how important it is to be able to lead a conversation with your non-incarnated, invisible teacher: This skill, which Helena Roerich possessed, is urgently needed for the guidance of mankind!


For immemorial ages the Divine son has spoken from time to time to those who have evolved to the point where they were capable of hearing His voice and interpreting His language. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “A Certainty”)


Many have read how David interrogated the Highest Powers. He took recourse in this Source in order to avoid unnecessary errors. There are many such instances in the history of different nations. Everyone knows about them. It is not necessary to delve into the ancient times; these signs of Communion and Great Service are apparent in recent events. (Fiery World II, 48)




Below these representatives of the Mahatmas, there must be an earthly hierarchic chain.


How does humanity expect to approach the Highest without acknowledging the entrusted earthly representatives of Hierarchy? How can a link be established if humanity does not admit the greatness of the Chain of Hierarchy? Hierarchy is affirmed as the link between the worlds! (Hierarchy 338)


The carriers of the higher thoughts of evolution realize Our Will. Thus is being established the higher cosmic cooperation. Thus, We carry the Cosmic Service together. (Infinity II, 781 [381])


We organize every single community and social institution (state, country, city, government agency, court, business enterprise, university, school, kindergarten, family, etc.) in such a way that they and all their levels and departments, from top to bottom, are headed by that spiritual ruler who has access to the next higher level.


Only contact with the Higher can give the direction. (Hierarchy 63)


Such a hierarchic order ensures that we reach the great goal which we had formulated at the beginning of this Section and which, because of its particular importance, we repeat again:


The Higher Will is transmitted from the very top, from the Mahatmas, down to the very bottom, and actually executed there.


All the way down to the treatment of the last child in family, school or kindergarten, to the instruction of the simplest worker in a factory, and to the most insignificant official act of the lowest civil servant, the entire system works in harmony with the Cosmic Order.




Precisely the small, not so much developed souls fare best when they confidently submit to the guidance of a greater one and join an order of truth, justice, beauty and love, established and run by the sages.


Of all principles, the principle of Hierarchy is the most powerful. Whither can the spirit direct itself without the Guiding Hand? (Infinity II, 548 [148])


Everyone must find his place in this hierarchic order and be embedded as a link in that infinite chain. Being a Hierarch means nothing more than to integrate oneself: Below one’s superiors and above one’s smaller brothers and sisters.


Be the most devoted, the most ardent executors of the Will of Hierarchy! (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 29.05.1931)


It does not really matter whether you are standing higher or lower on this ladder. What is important is only one thing:


In your place, the Hierarchic Chain must not be interrupted.


The Chain of Hierarchy is built by fulfillment of the Higher Will. (Agni Yoga 661)


The recognition of Hierarchy is not a formal discipline, but a conscious cooperation. The spirit realizes that it has joined an endless chain. Our own Leaders have entrusted to Us the vessel to quench the conflagrations of evil, and We relay this mission to chosen emissaries, entrusting to them the task of further transmission. Obeyance to Hierarchy facilitates progress into the Infinite. To the Builder it is not important to be the Highest One, but to fulfill the mission entrusted by the Masters. (Agni Yoga 431) 


When you place yourself outside that chain, when you refuse to obey, to follow and to pass down the Higher Will; when you block it at your level and instead pursue your own personal selfish ends; then you will lose the connection to the progress of evolution. Thereby you harm not only yourself, but also all those who are attached to you.


Only through adherence to Hierarchy and by fulfillment of the Higher Will can one be truly successful and attain everything that is affirmed. (Hierarchy 127)


What everyone can and must do to take the first steps towards creating such a New Order will be discussed in more detail in the Broadcasting "We are building a New World".


"It is not yet quite clear to me: How is this earthly hierarchy being formed? How do we choose the most suitable leader among many candidates? "


Well, we had already said (Broadcasting "The New World – Form of Government: Hierarchy"): In a collective of selfless servants, in which everyone knows everyone, it will quickly transpire who has the best connection to the top. For them, power is not an object of quarrels, but a sacrifice they do not push for and which they take upon themselves only when they are summoned to do so.


We need a completely new attitude towards governance and must recognize:


A spiritual ruler is someone who is called upon to lead!


Therefore, all we have to do is "only" to find the one who in the circumstances is destined to fill a certain vacant position.




Ideally, it works like this: A Mahatma has 7 disciples, such as Helena Blavatsky, Helena and Nicholas Roerich. Each one of them has 7 disciples as well, and each of those 49 again has 7, and so forth in infinity. Thus, a network is being formed that reaches from top to bottom, from the greatest down to the smallest souls, and through which the Brotherhood can rule the world.


In order to receive and be able to respond to the action of the energies from the center of the earth, for instance, they must pass first through the seven most highly organized and highly evolved Beings upon or within the earth. These Beings are vehicles for the transmission of attenuated forms or degrees of the energies referred to. They are sometimes erroneously termed Gods; they are in fact Masters of a very high degree.

In turn there must be seven lesser beings, and again seven times seven, through whom in constantly lowering degrees those streams or lines of energy must pass in order to safely reach and accomplish their divine mission of growth and development in the masses of less developed human beings, and thence to the heart Center of every other living creature. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 198 “The Number Seven”)


You see how important it is for everyone to take his place.


The structure is predetermined, but most positions remain vacant.


The reason for this is: Today's men do not want to recognize the Hierarchic Principle, let alone apply it in everyday life.


You see how important it is for you to regard yourself as the disciple of a teacher, the son of a spiritual father, or at least the member of a universal chain.


Upon that depends the well-being and the future of the earth!



5. Education of Hierarchs

Raphael „The School of Athens“


We underline once again: Without the New Man, there will be no New World. Without Hierarchs, there will be no Hierarchy, no world government and no Cosmic Order on this planet.


He who cannot establish the rule of the spirit over himself will not be able to enforce it in the world either.


How can we rule cities, nations, planets – rule with God – until we rule ourselves? (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “The Foundation Stones of the Spiritual Temple”)


As long as we cannot name a suitable person for each level, for each step, for every position of the earthly hierarchy, the Hierarchic Principle is not yet fully realized.


To seek to achieve political reforms before we have effected a reform in human nature, is like putting new wine into old bottles. (H. Blavatsky, The Key to Theosophy)


"Where are these Hierarchs? I cannot see them. For me, no leaders are recognizable. "


Yes, you are right. When you look around among your fellow human beings, when you review the many faces you have encountered in the course of a lifetime, there are only a few who would seem suitable. Nevertheless, let us not lose courage!


We are working for the future, for the generations to come!


No germ of the New Consciousness, of the New Creation that we place into the hearts of our fellow human beings today, is lost at their death. At some point in time, this seed must yield fruits. More and more people will continue to transform into the beings of spirit of the next evolutionary stage. One day the first small communities of New Men will emerge, which, as a precursor to others, will realize the Hierarchic Principle in their ranks.


We work to develop hard-working personalities of strong character and dynamic will. It is not easy to find people whose higher perceptions have already been developed. Entire generations must be cultivated before the ranks of new co-workers are sufficiently increased. (Supermundane 508) 


No man is born a master. This applies all the more to the New Man and certainly to a spiritual ruler. Therefore, we have to identify suitable candidates, educate, qualify and test them again and again, and then gradually entrust them first with less and then slowly with more and more power. A nation that neglects the selection and training of its teachers and leaders, inflicts the greatest harm on itself.


It is necessary to select from the very young to bring forth a new generation. (Infinity I, 192)


Create heroes—thus it is ordained! (Fiery World I, 555)


We actually need schools for Hierarchs.


However, these will be significantly different from the traditional educational institutions. Because they must not only impart intellectual knowledge and technical skills, but above all develop the aptitude of the character.


Refine, refine the co-workers! Stagnation is the greatest danger for human work. (Agni Yoga 415)


"What a gigantic project!"


Yes, there are only a few models in world history: The Egyptian Mysteries, the schools of Pythagoras, Buddha and Confucius, Plato’s Academy, the Stoa, the early Christian community under Jesus and the monasteries of St. Benedict, Bernard of Clairvaux and Francis of Assisi.


We have therefore to establish a school of the Lord’s service. (Rule of St. Benedict, Foreword, 45)


Out of such men, disciplined and trained by austere renunciation of everything personal and consequently virile and fearless, did Gotama Buddha desire to create workers for the common welfare, creators of the people’s consciousness and forerunners of the World Community. (Helena Roerich, Foundations of Buddhism, 33)


We can go on building upon this tradition, develop it further and create new schools for the training of spiritual rulers for all levels of the society of the future.


In the schools of the future the ways of spiritual growth will be taught by those who know the entire path. My chosen ones will bring My simple Word of what is due to the great nation. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 162 [180])



6. The Cosmic Hierarchy


Above the earthly there is the Cosmic Hierarchy.


The leaders of this earth, the Mahatmas of Shambhala, receive instructions and support from even higher up.


The teachers and leaders of the Brotherhood are not on earth, but on higher planets, such as Venus or Jupiter.


The Higher Ones send Us Bliss. We transmit it to you. (Leaves of Morya's Garden I, 218 [249])


Agni Yoga reports that the great Plato established contact with higher beings on higher planets in order to bring higher knowledge to earth.


People cannot approach the far-off worlds in the earthly state, yet in the subtle body the best spirits have already approached such planets and brought back remembrances about their surface structure, coloration and inhabitants. (AUM 137)


After deep and long contemplation, the Thinker [Plato] decided to bring his knowledge from a new planet. Thus he created a new communion. (Supermundane 179)


The Thinker pointed out many times that he would one day go to another world and from there establish a communication. Centuries would be needed for the fulfillment of this task. (Supermundane 206)


This example shows: There is an immense potential lying dormant within us. Higher developed humans have already unearthed it. 2500 years ago, Plato was able to communicate by thought with aliens from distant stars! But we today do not even want to acknowledge this possibility, let alone begin to use it. That means: We are lagging behind Plato for at least 2500 years!




The Hierarchic Principle links our planet to the Cosmic Order. All of a sudden, an esoteric fantasy becomes a scientific possibility: The Supreme, the Divine Will is transferred via the rulers of Universes, Cosmosses, galaxies, solar systems and higher planets down to our little earth and into its last corners. Thereby we bring the earth closer to Heaven.


The realization of the Principle of Hierarchy requires conscious cooperation with higher and highest worlds and powers.


The whole evil that we observe on earth today has one main cause: We have broken loose from the Cosmic Chain of the Hierarchy, moved away from the Higher Worlds and rejected the guidance from Above.


The salvation of the earth requires the recognition and worldwide enforcement of the Hierarchic Principle.