Expansion of Consciousness



Ladies and Gentlemen,


welcome to Broadcasting 3 of our Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga"!


In Broadcasting 2, we had spoken about the significance of consciousness. Today we are asking: How can we expand our consciousness?



Part I: New Path of Cognition: Heart Knowledge


1. Cognition of the Reality


You expand your consciousness, when you:


Open up new horizons; realize more and more of the immeasurable, not nearly captured reality; look more and more through false appearances; expand your outlook constantly beyond what is usual into the area of the unusual; look at that what you have hitherto overlooked; push the boundaries of understanding further and further off; reduce the area of the impossible and extend the area of the possible.


For a person with a rich imagination the realm of the impossible is diminished, and possibilities multiply. (Supermundane 568)


Everything unknown we call hostile. It must be recognized, conquered, and transformed into the known—properly speaking, the cognized. (Agni Yoga 303)


Thereby, you will discover completely new realities, which you have so far overlooked, although they have always existed and influenced your life.


Humanity’s conception of the world is quite far from the truth. (Infinity II, 787 [387])


Man is caught up in prejudice. He is blinded by false appearances. He refuses to recognize the truth. He perceives things not as they really are, but as he wants them to be, namely according to his consciousness.


To observe, it is necessary not to look for what one wishes to see but to search for reality. (Community 161)


Indeed, the battle is against the apparent. Reality is not the apparent. (Community 206)


Apparently the apple falls from the tree. You think: It was "above" and therefore must fall "down". However, on this constantly rotating planet, there is no "above" and no "down" (otherwise, our antipodes would indeed fall off the globe). Only Newton has looked at the situation correctly and identified gravitation, the attraction of the earth, as the force, which moves the apple.


Apparently the earth is flat; apparently the sun sets in the sea (although it is the earth that rotates); apparently the moon is sometimes full, sometimes half full, etc.




As surprising as it may sound, it is nevertheless true: The crucial step towards the expansion of consciousness is: Recognize that what is! See things as they really are, not as you think they are, or as you think they ought to be.


What perfection can be achieved upon cognizing reality! Once reality is brought to the foreground and affirmed as a completely valid concept, the surroundings will change beyond recognition. The most precise and objective observation of reality will broaden the consciousness. (Agni Yoga 590)


Your consciousness is expanded by accurate observation without prejudice!


The refinement of consciousness primarily depends on attention to the surroundings. (Fiery World II, 27)


By making observations, we ourselves will bring to light new structures that only yesterday were imperceptible or invisible. And in doing so, we will be able to accustom ourselves to things that once seemed extremely unusual. (Heart 426)



2. Realization of the Higher Reality


At the present time, the next level of cognition is: Recognize the higher, non-material, invisible, intangible aspect of reality.


The aura of a person, higher phenomena such as working with a pendulum or a dowsing rod, transmission of thoughts, the influence of the stars on our life, the reality of the higher, spiritual world, its interference with our earthly life and our connection with it: These and many others more are facts that are as real as the material world, even if we cannot touch them.


If you refuse to recognize this immaterial part of the reality, you eliminate half of that what is – and indeed even the more important half! From such an attitude, only suffering and misfortune can result.



3. No blind Faith


It is of the utmost importance that you do not blindly believe what I am telling you here!


It is not Our custom to demand blind faith. What would be the use of such a demand, since observation and attentiveness yield better results? (Brotherhood 256)


People tend to go repeatedly from the one extreme, blind faith, to the other, blind denial. (Supermundane, 591)


It is of no use to repeat dogmas like "I believe in the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting." These are dead letters; we scarcely know any more what their meaning is.


The word which does not contain the affirmation of the heart is void. (Infinity II, 737 [337])


There exists the blind faith and the seeing faith; be among those who see. (Supermundane 943)


We must penetrate again to the living reality behind these formulas.


We prefer the alertness of experience to the tear of faith. (Community 250)



4. Agni Yoga as a Science


Of course, we are unable to prove the existence of the so-called "higher phenomena" with the methods of classical physics or chemistry. Nevertheless, it is a perfectly scientific method when we are now proceeding to investigate the reality by means of observation and experience. We are not spinners, mystics or occultists – we are scientists!


We want the Supermundane to be cognized in a scientific way, through research and observation. For this man must deepen his consciousness and elevate his thought. (Supermundane 592)


Only one thing is vital: Examine without prejudice that what is – no more, but no less either.


Why are you living? In order to cognize and to perfect yourselves. Nothing misty should satisfy you. (Community 230)


To this end, we have to expand the methods of the classical natural sciences and to add to them the cognition of the heart.




We do not hesitate to call Agni Yoga a science. We explore the higher, non-material spheres by the means of observation, experiment and experience – that is, in a scientific manner!


How to reconcile the Teaching with science? If science teaches authentic knowledge, then the Teaching is science. (Community 154)


The time will come, indeed, has already come, when cognition of the Supermundane will be a very real science. (Supermundane 707)


Do not be afraid to use methods of cognition such as meditation, vision and inspiration – but with a clear, sober, scientific mind.


Let the transmission of thought at a distance be compared with the radio. Let us apply to visions the principles of television. Let us not be afraid to compare visions with scientific discoveries. Let physics confirm the very highest psychic manifestations. (AUM 487)


Even the loftiest inspiration must be confirmed by scientific investigation. (Supermundane 532)


The time is coming when even the highest concepts must be proven by science. (Supermundane 698)



5. Continuation of the classical Laws of Nature


The new spiritual science does not override the traditional laws of natural science, but carries them further – exactly like the theory of relativity, which does not contradict the laws of classical physics, but on the contrary, is built upon them and completes, expands, and refines them.


Again one has to remind the scientists that the theories of Einstein do not upset the laws of Euclid but encompass them. Just as the third dimension does not nullify the laws of the plane, but is infinitely larger than the latter, so also the laws of spiritual knowledge encompass all your laws, being infinitely broader. (Infinity II, 829 [429])


We are still moving in the area of natural laws, which we can recognize and apply to our earthly life – but we are concerned with more subtle laws than the ones known up to today.



6. Agni Yoga as a Religion


With the same justification as “science”, Agni Yoga may be called a “religion”, because we explore the other, the spiritual world and our connection with it.


However, Agni Yoga breaks with the disastrous habit to recognize only one’s own confession and to discard every other faith.


It must be noted that the primary form of a Teaching does not contain negative postulates. But superstitious followers begin to fence in the Covenants with negations, obstructing the good. There results the ruinous formula: “Our creed is the best,” or, “We are the true believers; all others are infidels.” From this point it is a single step to the Crusades, to the Inquisition, and to seas of blood in the name of Those Who condemned killing. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 330 [334])


We would like to introduce you to a better attitude: There is only one truth. But man's ability to recognize it is limited. Therefore, at different times different people have taken different approaches to this one and only truth.


The same unalterable Truth is given to humanity repeatedly, but clothed in various garments. (Agni Yoga 178)


The fundamental truths as expressed by each one of the Buddhas and Avatars of the human race have ever been the same whatever the nation or the language in which they were expressed. They may be found in the Upanishads, the Vedas, the Commandments of Moses, as well as in the Teachings of Jesus, Confucius and others. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 208 “The Momentous Question”)


The truth is always the same, but the connections are different, as they depend on the consciousness. (Heart 5)


All the great religious teachings originate from one and the same source. Therefore, they all have to be observed!


Is it possible that humanity cannot comprehend that knowledge emanates from the One Source? Therefore, the dividing line between knowledge and ignorance is the dividing line between light and darkness. We are easily able to bring together the Torah with the hymns of the Vedas, or the precepts of Buddha with the words of Christ, for We do not discern differences between Teachings emanating from the One Source. (Agni Yoga 90)


Once unfettered and delivered from their dead weight of dogmatic interpretations, personal names, anthropomorphic conceptions and salaried priests, the fundamental doctrines of all religions will be proved identical in their esoteric meaning. Osiris, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, will be shown as different names for one and the same royal highway to final bliss, Nirvana.

 (Mahatma Letters, Letter of the Maha-Chohan of 1881)


All the great Teachings issue from the One Source, and it is impossible to accept one and reject another. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 30.06.1934)


You must not reject the old knowledge: the new one is built upon it and expands it in a quite natural way.


The two signs of the authenticity of a Teaching are: first, striving for the Common Good; second, acceptance of all previous Teachings which are congruous with the first sign. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 330 [334])


Each era chooses its new, corresponding Teaching. No new Teaching ever excludes the preceding ones. Little attention is paid to this fact, for the followers of every Teaching like to build their success on the denial of the previous Teachings. (Agni Yoga 416)


If there is only one truth, it can do no harm if all of you take different, individual approaches to it: If you pursue them honestly, they will all lead, from different standpoints, steps and sides of the pyramid, to the same goal: to the top!


Poor is the method of pedagogues who ridicule each attempt at an original solution of a problem. Quests of new approaches to truth should be welcomed. If one’s conviction is steadfast that there is only one Truth, there can be no fear that some other truth will be found. (AUM 484)


By whatever Paths ye come to Me, I shall meet ye. (AUM 584)


The religions differ slightly because they were revealed in different ways at different times in different places and in different cultures to people with different levels of education; and were understood differently; and were often misrepresented.


I say as much as is necessary and possible. (Heart 513)


I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. (John 16, 12)


We, Brothers of Humanity, transmit a part of the Truth. When I say a part of the great Truth, I indeed mean that part which can be assimilated upon this planet. (Infinity I, 287)


What I have perceived and not communicated to you is far more than what I have communicated to you. (Buddha, according to Helena Roerich, Foundations of Buddhism)


The law of correspondence applies: Everything that humanity can grasp with its limited abilities of cognition will be imparted.


All that is possible will be done. (Supermundane, 439)


In all times that part of the Truth which humanity could assimilate was always given to the world. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 20.04.1935)


The same applies to each individual: The one is capable of absorbing more, the other less of the higher knowledge.


Each summoned one is offered the entire chalice. If he does not receive the messenger, he will get only a portion of what has been decreed. If he cannot assimilate this part, he will be given a still smaller particle — thus does each one determine his own allotment. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 333 [337])



7. Progress of spiritual Cognition


It is a terrible aberration, in contradiction to evolution and incompatible with scientific thinking, to believe that religious insight does not change over the millennia. It is not fundamentally different from any other knowledge.


It would be an indictment to mankind if we had made no progress in the area of religion over the ages. Why should our ability to explore the higher reality not continue to grow, as every other knowledge, with increasing age and maturity? Only fanatics reject the possibility of any further development of religious knowledge.


The Sacred Teaching cannot become congealed at one level. Truth is one, but each century, and even each decade, approaches it in its own way. New scrolls are unrolled and the human consciousness observes in a new way the manifestations of the Universe. The world lives by motion, and the issuance of the Sacred Teaching is evoked by advancing. Each decade reveals a new approach to the Sacred Teaching. One should not speak about new Teachings, since Truth is one! New data, and new perception of them, will be only the continuance of cognition. Each one who impedes this cognition performs a transgression against humanity. Sectarianism and fanaticism are out of place on the paths of knowledge. Whoever can impede cognition is no follower of Truth. Quarrel and strife is the lot of the litterers. (Brotherhood 188)


Therefore, together with the progressing expansion of its consciousness, humanity will gain higher religious insight as well – such as, for example, today the new wisdom conveyed by Agni Yoga.


A fanatic deprives himself of progress. He cannot perfect himself or succeed. A fanatic is as if dead. Fanaticism can be contagious, for weak people fear any kind of advancement; their dark existence rests upon a foundation of dogma. Regrettably, fanaticism tends to form around any teaching and does not permit the deepening of its foundations. Fanatics believe that it is precisely they who are the true guardians of the pure teaching. A fanatic insists that the teaching he adheres to cannot change. He does not acknowledge that learning is a living process. There can be no stagnation in Eternity; all is in motion — in the striving toward perfection. (Supermundane 791)


Agni Yoga is a synthesis of all previous religions. It confirms them where they proclaim the truth. It corrects them where they were distorted. Above all, Agni Yoga develops them further – to that extent which modern man is able to grasp. Thus, Agni Yoga forms the basis for a new world religion!



8. Synthesis of Science and Religion


Religion and science were in conflict with each other for centuries. Faith and knowledge seemed to exclude one another. This separation must be overcome if we wish to gain higher insight.


Take a better standpoint: In truth, science and religion are complementary ways of understanding the one and only indivisible reality. The world consists of spirit and matter. Therefore, we need science and spirituality alike in order to fully – not only in limited aspects – capture its essence.




You certainly agree with the scientist who rejects the idea of God as an old man with a white beard, and who refuses to believe in unnatural concepts. Spiritual cognition should not be separated from reason. It stands higher than reason – but it must not contradict reason!


Even faith must be well-grounded, and thus can the Teaching live. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden, 322 [326])


However, we urge the scientist to broaden his horizon and to explore the invisible reality and the often witnessed apparitions and phenomena of a higher order in a scientific manner, namely through observation, experiment and experience.


Agni Yoga is actually a synthesis of science and religion. We are working on the basis of reason. But we add to the conventional ways of scientific research the spiritual, intuitive understanding of the heart – without allowing any contradiction between the two to arise.


Religion and science must not be considered separate in their essential nature. Thus science and religion merge upon one single principle. Science cannot destroy the concept of the divinity of Fire, nor can religion impose an interdiction on the subtle analyses made by science. (Fiery World III, 60)


Knowledge without religion is lame. Religion without knowledge is blind. (Einstein)


Thus, something new is being born: A divine science or a scientific spirituality, which will raise the knowledge of mankind to a higher level.


Let priests become more scientific, and scientists more spiritual. (Fiery World I, 325)


The Divine Science will exist. The Supermundane will become visible to us, but then, earthly life too will become Supermundane. (Supermundane 591)


This synthesis was already familiar to the more spiritually minded Middle Ages. It was lost in the West following the Enlightenment.


Link as much as you can faith with reason (Boethius)


Credo ut intelligam - I believe so that I understand. (St. Anselm of Canterbury)



9. Refinement of Cognition


You cannot explore the other sphere of reality, the higher, invisible world, with your coarse five outer senses, but only with the help of your inner senses.


One must cultivate subtlety of the senses within oneself, so that through the earthly din the Supermundane manifestations can be heard. One should learn to perceive the Supermundane Light with closed eyes. (Supermundane 786)


If you want to penetrate through the material spheres into the spiritual realm, you need to refine your cognition – that is it receptive for manifestations, for parts of the reality, which are more subtle than those which you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. The finer your receptivity becomes, the higher will be the phenomena, which you are able to perceive.


When gross methods are replaced by subtle ones, the spirit will possess sensitiveness of perception. (Fiery World III, 265)


The expansion of consciousness, therefore, is a refinement of consciousness.


The warrant of the broadening of consciousness lies in the development of sensitiveness. (Hierarchy 45)


We always underline the concept of refinement, for it is bound up with the growth of the spirit. Realizing refinement of thought, we all must command ourselves to move with evolution; then every day becomes a conquest. (Agni Yoga 580)


It is above all lack of sensitivity which prevents man from rising to a higher level of evolution.


The ignorant show prejudice against everything not perceptible to their coarse senses. Man must realize and feel all the subtle sensations. (Hierarchy 425)


The finer, the higher; the higher, the more powerful! Nothing holds back evolution so much as coarseness of receptivity! (Helena Roerich Letters Vol I, letter of 03.12.1930)


The entire evolution is based on refinement. (Infinity II, 774 [374])


You can refine your sensitivity infinitely.


The consciousness directed to Us is continually being refined. The process of refinement becomes a code of every day. One must hasten with the refining process. Create a manifestation of refinement in the very midst of life. (Fiery World II, 240)


Humanity must strive to subtle sensations. All beautiful forms of Cosmos are built upon the subtlety of sensations. All refined feelings create refined forms. Humanity can refine its sensations in Infinity. (Infinity II, 763 [363])


Since the reality, the universe around you, is infinite, there are no limits to the expansion of your consciousness either!


One can develop within oneself a continual learning, which is important not as a cataloguing of facts but as an expansion of consciousness. Tell pupils and friends that they must learn absolutely endlessly, for there is no end. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 353)


This broadening of consciousness, like any other expansion of our abilities, is a process of work and experience, not of ecstatic rapture.


As a result of unlimited labor there may be a broadening of consciousness. (Community 133)


We call the human consciousness Our garden, where grow the fruits of labor. (Agni Yoga 464)


It is a mistake to think that the ascent of consciousness can be accomplished by supernatural exaltation. As below, so above: everywhere labor and experience. (Agni Yoga 225)


In fact, it is governed by the principle:


The higher, the more subtle. (Infinity I, 100)


Permit the use of all sources, and the one who grasps more will gain more. (Agni Yoga 310)



10. Heart Knowledge


The means, which allows you this higher, finer insight is – the heart. The path of the future is to complement the work of the intellect by cognition through sensitivity, by the knowledge of the heart. Agni Yoga is the yoga of the heart!


Let us listen to what St. Exupéry says in "The Little Prince":


One sees clearly only with the heart; what is essential is invisible to the eye.


Allow this sentence to melt on your tongue. Are you aware of its immeasurable significance? The essential, that what really counts in your life, you can neither see nor touch; you can only "grasp" it with the help of your heart.


Similarly, the Living Ethics teach:


He who said, “We see with the eyes of the heart,” had in mind not a symbol but a physical law. (Heart 559)


Long ago We spoke about the eyes of the heart. Indeed, man sees through them, and hears with the ears of the heart. How could we exist without such senses? (Supermundane 91)


The heart recognizes that what the eye does not see and the ear does not hear.


Though the eye did not see nor the ear hear, yet the heart has already sensed. (Fiery World II, 144)


It senses the many things that


can be unalterably sensed, but cannot be calculated by physical measurements. (Fiery World I, 637)


That means: You should begin to take seriously and include into your research that what your feeling, your heart tells you. You must develop your inner senses. With them, not with the intellect, you penetrate the outward appearances and approach the essence of things. Education of the heart – this is the path of the future!


Truly, only the language of the heart can convey the essence of existence. (Heart 228)


Verily, only the heart is able to penetrate into all actions, into all motives, into all beings, by manifesting discernment. For the affirmation of one’s forces in the Higher Spheres it is indispensable to intensify the forces of the heart. All the Higher Spheres are attained by the tension of the heart. (Fiery World III, 101)


There are a few seekers of truth who even in their earthly state can penetrate to the real essence of things. For cooperation with Us, one must learn to see with the eyes of the heart. (Supermundane 307)


Your outer senses can deceive you, but not the heart.


The eyes and ears can be deceived, but nothing can delude the heart. I see with the heart, I hear with the heart, and nothing impure will touch the heart. For the sword entrusted to me is kept sharp. (Agni Yoga 520)


You expand your horizon by developing thesensitivity of your heart.


A sensitive heart captures a greater part of the still hidden subtle reality. Expansion of consciousness is effected by refinement of the heart.


This path is subjective, but not arbitrary. You will find: The truth is cognizable not only with the intellect, but also with the help of the feeling of a pure heart.


Be able to find in your heart the truth of turning to the one Light. The ability to hear the voice of the heart already leads to the truth. (Fiery World II, 251)


How often do we notice in retrospect, how accurate the sensitivity of our heart, how incorruptible our feeling was – and how often do we regret not to have listened to it!


Ask an intelligent person what has most often warned him of danger and protected him from making mistakes or deviating. An honest person will say the heart, not the brain or the intellect. (Heart 334)


Who is unaware of the warnings the heart gives every time an unworthy act is about to be performed? Often people force the heart to be silent. This is a grave crime. (Heart 367)


You will see: We can find a consensus, a general view about the correctness of the feelings of our heart, in the same way as about the reasons of the intellect. We can communicate and come to a common understanding with others about the findings of the heart in the same way as about the results achieved by the intellect. This spiritual path of cognition opens up new, immeasurable possibilities for Western thinking.



11. Only the Heart is able to recognize the Essential


Believe it or not: That what really matters in your life, you can only recognize with the help of the heart. Let us listen to some examples given by Jörg Zink:


You have only what you believe. This is meant exactly as it is stated. Everything that is really worth owning it, you have to believe. There is a saying which I often hear, especially from adults. They say it proudly and superciliously and do not know how stupid it is: "I only believe what I see." No one would pronounce it, who has really thought about it. He would see that not only in the area of religion we have to do with faith, but that rather our whole life is based on that what we believe.

A family in which everyone believes only what he sees is not a family, but hell. The father believes the mother that she uses the household money sensibly, only if she proves this to him of every penny. That she works when she is alone at home, he believes her only when she has written down what she was doing every quarter of an hour. As the son lied to her once, the mother now considers each of his words a lie. That it is true, what he says, she would have to believe him. No one believes that the daughter really goes to the evening course and not perhaps to a rendezvous; she must prove it by the signature of her teacher. That she has really swept under the cupboard is only admitted after the mother has moved the cupboard and checked.

And if a man offers his wife flowers? What does that prove? That he loves her or that he wants to calm his guilty conscience? If his wife does not believe his love, the flowers she sees do not help her. And what a woman really thinks and feels, the man does not see. He thinks she loves him. It could, however, be that she is only good to him because she wants to be alimented. By believing each other, they belong together. There are no "proofs of love". There is only the trust in the love of the other and in his word.

All life among people which deserves this name stands and falls by the fact that the participants are ready to believe each other a lot without being able to prove anything. In all important matters, you really have not what you see, but only what you believe.

And how can a successful man realize that his life and work have a meaning? In his balance sheet he sees only the success, but not the meaning. This he must believe. And if he cannot believe it, he is a poor man in spite of all his profits.

That he is not exposed to the horoscope, or to chance, he must believe. He cannot prove it. That someone has given a meaning to his life and fate, this he must believe. You cannot be a human being if you want to believe only that what you see. (Jörg Zink)


Likewise, Helena Roerich says:


Man does not realize that throughout his entire life he does the things he believes. Precisely that what one believes and how one believes it comprises the solution of the problems of being. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol II, letter of 12.07.1938)


All these and many more – indeed all – existential questions cannot be answered by the intellect or by the five external senses, but only by the heart.


You must rely upon the Unknown and the Unseen. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 284 [287])


Worst of all are those people who cannot trust, and know not the power of trust. (Agni Yoga 140)



12. The Intellect


The intellect can gather facts. It can find reasons for all sorts of views, even the most absurd. But first to weigh the innumerable quantity of more or less relevant reasons, and then to come to a decision – this only the heart can do.


Without the education of the heart, without a reliable feeling for the things that are not visible and not touchable, without the ability to distinguish between good and bad, high and low, meaning and nonsense, pure and unclean, you are completely disoriented and will walk one wrong track after the other.


The reason prompts such people to gather detailed arguments, but the purpose of this conglomeration remains undisclosed, for the heart is silent. (Heart 23)


The reasoning mind must not be allowed into the domain where the heart should reign. (Supermundane 719)


Refinement of the heart does not depend upon intellectual education.


In order to harken to the voice of the heart it is not necessary to be poor or rich, lofty or lowly; it is not even necessary to be very learned. (Fiery World III, 603)


The intellect may be wrong, but not the heart.


Feeling will always prevail over reason. One has to accept this as a truth that cannot be suppressed. (Heart 391)


The brain makes mistakes, the heart never. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Supply and Demand”)


Reason is the guide of misunderstanding. Rational thinking is being condemned, but irrational actions have also been condemned. This means that there is some force that should supplement the action of the reason. The heart must be the supreme judge. (Brotherhood 385)


The wise men of the Middle Ages knew:


The intellect is not a suitable means of researching the truth. (Richard of St. Victor)



13. The Heart as a subtle Organ


In this context, of course, by "heart" we do not understand the organ of the physical body, which regulates the blood circulation. We refer to one of the higher centres of man, which responds to finer vibrations than the five gross outer senses.


The heart is the most important organ of your spiritual nature, your Eternal Individuality.


Its location has been correctly ascertained at the place of the physical heart. In this spiritual sense, man has understood the heart since times immemorial. Thus, Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount:


Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. (Matthew 5, 8)


Even in the most ancient times people understood the significance of the heart. They regarded the heart as the Dwelling of God. But now, in our enlightened times, the heart has been reduced to nothing more than a physiological organ. (Heart 73)


The heart is the subtle organ which connects us to the Higher World.


Think of the heart as a mediating principle that connects you with the distant worlds. (Heart 313)


The flesh is crude, and only the heart beats in the name of the Higher World. (AUM 83)


The heart is the inner sense, which guides us infallibly along the right path.


To approach the heart to life as the guiding principle is not simply repeating previous Teachings, it rather brings about a true transfiguration of life. (Heart 447)


The heart is a guide; the heart is a prophet; the heart is a supermundane messenger. (Supermundane 819)



Part II: Conditions of Heart Knowledge


1. Purity and Refinement

Tintoretto “Baptism of Christ”


There are two main conditions for cognition by the heart: purity and refinement.


Only a pure heart is able to recognize the highest. That means above all: A heart unaffected by egotism; a heart that looks for knowledge in the interest of the common good and does not seek personal gain.


And the insight that goes beyond our coarse, outer senses, is given to fine, sensitive people only.




The conventional scientist, working purely intellectually, could actually be a coarse fellow and nevertheless win the Nobel Prize. In contrast, the new spiritual researcher must strive for the purification and refinement of his whole life and of his cognitive apparatus as well, that means of his own body, his senses, and his heart, otherwise he will be unable to make progress.


It is high time for scientists to realize that for subtle experiments subtle conditions are needed. Each experiment requires a fiery spiritual purification. In fact, much may be achieved amidst nature and in temples where the emanations are not so polluted. (Fiery World I, 453)


Higher knowledge comes from within yourself. Your essence intuitively captures the essence of other persons, things and the circumstances around you.


The higher this inner being, your essence stands spiritually, that is, the finer and the purer it is, the more it can perceive of the essence of others.


A great message cannot penetrate a small ear. (Supermundane 176)


Pure hearts will perceive the Highest. (Fiery World III, 576)


The low consciousness will see the low, but spiritual purification will make higher vision possible. (Heart 416)


Thus, the path to higher knowledge is actually self-perfection.


Those who come to gain knowledge advance only through the transmutation of the Ego. (Infinity II, 525 [125])


If you want to make use of your inner feeling, you must protect it from being distorted. It must not be feigned or simulated.


There is no need to fall into self-deception and imagine what does not exist. (Supermundane 552)


It is necessary to replace fanciful drivel with sound reason. (Community 123)


The cognizance of the Supermundane requires utmost honesty. (Supermundane 574)


Above all, it must not be driven by selfishness.


The more subtle the energy, the more indistinguishable to the crude vision will be its qualities. Thus, it is necessary first of all to establish firmly the basic quality, which is the touchstone. This quality is purity of thoughts, arising from the desire toward unselfish usefulness. (AUM 269)



2. Way of Life and Cognition

Titian “Annunciation”


In the New Age, way of life and cognition can no longer be separated. The expansion of consciousness requires a transformation of our whole life. We actually need to live more purely and more subtly, if we want to gain higher knowledge.


No one will reflect that nothing clean comes out of dirt. (Brotherhood 502)


Every coarseness of feeling, thinking, speaking and acting must be overcome. The more subtly we express our higher self in daily life, the finer our sensitivity will become.


People do not realize that one cannot undertake pure work with dirty hands. (Supermundane 487)


We again refer to the law of correspondence: The highest is only accessible to the one standing high. Only a sage can attain wisdom.




The old, intellectually working scientist could actually live like a pig and yet produce remarkable results.


One can be a learned scientist and still remain coarse. Clearly, formal education alone does not necessarily eradicate coarseness. A coarse nature cannot deal with subtle perceptions, and the science of the future will require genuine refinement, without which synthesis is impossible. (Supermundane 326)


The new divine science no longer allows this to happen. On the contrary, if the researcher does not lead a spiritual life, he will not be able to unearth any higher, any true knowledge. Intuition, visions do not come to a crude spirit.


Someone wished to know about the highest worlds, but he lived like a pig. Undermining the roots is not consistent with upward striving. For pigs—the pigsty. (Fiery World I, 327)


A student cannot be heartless. The cruel scientist is far from Truth, the obstinate one not worthy of knowledge, and the depressed one blind to the treasures of nature. (Supermundane 235)


Therefore, the way of life of the scientist of the future must meet the highest ethical standards.


Without the Shield of Faith, the Gospel of Peace, the Breast Plate of Righteousness and the Sword of the Spirit, no man, angel or demon can enter the Spiritual domain and wrest from its Guardians true knowledge and power. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. II, Lesson “Scientific Research”)


Science without a moral foundation is lifeless. A scientist without ethics is not working for evolution. Powerful thinkers must also be ethical people. (Br II, 718)



3. The Age of the Woman

Nicholas Roerich “Mother of the World”


Agni Yoga speaks of the coming era as the age of the woman. Why?


The woman is usually finer, more sensitive and closer to the higher reality than the man.


This is why the popular wisdom speaks of the "better half," and Goethe of the eternal woman who lifts us up.


The woman succeeds more easily than the man in uniting the worlds and in creating conditions favourable for the approach of the spiritual world.


Over and above man’s work stands the manifestation of woman. She leads, she inspires, she guides on all paths, and she displays an example of synthesis. It is astonishing how quickly she enters any domain. From the Earth up to the far-off worlds she succeeds in weaving wings of Light. (Brotherhood 282)


It is not the task of the woman to imitate the man in all areas. Accordingly, the feeling is justified that coarse acts, hard physical work, football, boxing, or the life of a soldier are not in accordance with the fine nature of a woman.


The era of the Mother of the World is not a return of the age of Amazons. A far greater, loftier, and more refined task is before us. (Supermundane 458)


No doubt, in many respects, it is woman’s own fault, especially now when she tries to imitate all the vices of man, instead of expressing her own character and originality. The result is an indecent caricature. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 17.04.1934)


It is essential to change the status of women. The subtlety and refinement of women’s nature must be understood, so that they may achieve equal rights and the desired balance. It would be a sad mistake for women to replace soldiers on the battlefield, or perform heavy labor. (Supermundane 458)


Everyone must act in his place according to his particular individual abilities, otherwise he will spoil his mission.


Both sexes have their characteristic features and this makes life more beautiful. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 17.04.1934)


We must find the right use for every ability. (Supermundane 458)


Let not the woman lose the beauty of the feminine image; let her not lose tenderness of heart, subtlety of feelings, self-sacrifice and the courage of patience. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 07.10.1930)


As long as the domination of the outer world is concerned – the construction of houses, the building of bridges, the defence against external dangers, – male physical strength and intelligence are required. The more, in the further course of evolution, the emphasis shifts to the development of our inner being, the more feminine creativity, intuition and knowledge of the heart will take the lead.


The great Epoch of Woman will be distinguished by greater refinement of feelings and of consciousness. (Fiery World III, 116)


The liberation of the woman consists in adding the particular female essence, her capacity for cognition and acting, to that of the man.


Are we men not experiencing again and again that the women point out to us subtleties which simply have escaped our attention? The women are ahead of us regarding the culture of the heart, and therefore predestined to take the lead in this area.


There are many spheres where precisely the female principle is urgently required.


Why is the participation of woman so necessary in experiments with psychic energy? Why is woman’s care for flowers so beneficial? Why is woman’s touch so curative in cases of illness? But due attention has not been paid to such special qualities of women. It is rarely understood among physicians why the participation of a woman in operations can be particularly useful. The eternal Feminine Principle has not yet found its just interpretation. (AUM 428)


One can observe that machines often function better, and plants can live longer, in the hands of women. (Supermundane 458)



4. She who leads

Nicholas Roerich “She who leads”


The woman has her own sacred mission: She leads to the heights. She is to raise the man in the spiritual domain.


As the Teacher creates through the disciples, so does woman create through the masculine principle. Therefore woman flamingly uplifts man. (Fiery World III, 241)


Hence, the woman must raise herself to such a degree, spiritually, morally and intellectually, that it will enable her to carry the man with her. Thus the woman must occupy the place destined for her. She must become not only an equal cooperator in the management of the whole life, but also an inspirer. The greatest task is to spiritualize and to restore the health of humanity by filling it with aspiration toward great deeds and beauty. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 17.08.1934)


The higher mission of the woman results from the fact that she has a closer connection to the Supermundane World than the man. Therefore, she is a born priest. To exclude her from this very office is evidence of gross ignorance of the human nature, and of the cosmic laws as well.


Why is it that women are often awake to the Subtle World? It is because their hearts are far subtler, which makes transcendental perception easier for them. Truly, the Epoch of the Mother of the World is based upon the cognition of the heart. It is women, and women alone, who can solve the problem of the two worlds. And so you can summon women to understanding through the heart. (Heart 106)


The lofty mission of women must be performed by the woman. And in the Temple of the Mother of the World should abide the woman. The task now is to create a spiritually sovereign position for the woman. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 136)


It is no coincidence that the conveyors of the Teachings of the Mahatmas in the last 150 years were women: Helena Blavatsky, Francia LaDue and Helena Roerich.


The woman manifests the highest degree of devotion. The greatest truths are revealed by her. (Supermundane 458)


We are not talking about a primacy of women over men.


Of course, I do not speak of all women, but of those exceptional ones who manifest the subtlest energy. (Supermundane 458)


This difference is illusory: The immortal incarnates on his eternal path sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman. He has therefore assembled both male and female qualities. The antithesis is within ourselves.


Therefore, the Brotherhood speaks of the importance of the feminine principle for the New Age. This is embodied in both women and men. In individual men it may be higher developed than in many women, and some women still have to learn certain male characteristics such as discipline and determination.


The Masculine Principle strives for seizure, regardless of the heart of man. The Masculine Principle makes bridges for its achievements by stepping upon hearts and heads. But the Feminine Principle is in need of freedom for heart expression. When it becomes customary to allow the Feminine Principle to live and develop its potential toward regeneration through its feeling of continuous giving, then will the Feminine Principle outdistance the Masculine in all directions. (Fiery World III, 284)


Cosmic Right reveals the greatness of the Feminine Principle, which manifests self-renunciation, and before which verily the great Arhats bow themselves. Verily, We reverence the great Feminine Principle. Verily, We reverence the giving Principle which bestows the life of Beauty and of the Heart. (Fiery World III, 194)


It has always worked to the detriment of the common good and was a sign of decline when one of the two principles was suppressed.


According to the Sacred Teaching, the fall of humanity began from the time of the abasement of the Feminine Principle. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. II, letter of 09.08.1937)


Today’s women are called upon to struggle to recover the rights of which they were unjustly deprived.


But the woman must first of all change herself! Therefore, the call to the woman must be primarily the call to self-perfection, for the realization of her dignity and her great destiny to lay the foundation of Be-ness and for the awakening of the impulse toward creativeness and beauty. (Helena Roerich Letters Vol. I, letter of 17.08.1934)



Part III: Application of Heart Knowledge

by exploring higher Phenomena


Let us begin the expansion of our consciousness by exploring the so-called "higher phenomena".


We can no longer dismiss as phantasy the innumerable well founded reports on the "miracles" worked by Christ, the saints and many others: Spiritual healing, reading and transmission of thoughts, knowledge of ancient languages in hypnosis, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and an immeasurable abundance of similar skills.


One should not assume that people of the most diverse cultures could be mistaken or be intentional liars. (Brotherhood 475)


Evidence of these particular abilities is already being collected and examined by the science of parapsychology. They are nothing else than natural states of a higher capacity to perceive or to act. For the new divine science, a vast area of research is opening up here.




The realization of the higher reality begins with the observation of those phenomena of daily life, which are still regarded as extraordinary, although so many people have experienced them that we can no longer exclude them from our worldview.


Will it be superstition if a man observes all that takes place around him? May he not be justified when gradually he learns to appraise all that is invisibly occurring? (Fiery World II, 452)


More than anything else, the direct sensation of the Invisible World is what transmits an understanding of it. (Heart 298)


Let us now look at some of the so-called "higher phenomena" which we should recognize, study and, above all, make use of as a normal, everyday reality:



1. Dowsing Rod, Pendulum


Undeniably effective and tested for thousands of years are practices like working with a pendulum or a dowsing rod.


By means of his fiery nature man can discover subterranean ores and waters. (Fiery World I, 239)


Apparently, there are radiations, not yet explored, emanating from water and from sick organs that a sensitive organism can sense.


The conditions of cosmic magnetizations are successfully expressed in the so-called metal and water diviners. The existence of such people has been known since ancient times. Fortunately, contemporary science does not deny these facts. But it is most remarkable that these people sense precisely the subterranean waters and metals. Such a diviner will not react to a tank of water or a house constructed of steel. This magnetism is directed along the fiery channel and responds primarily to the natural state of a substance. (Fiery World I, 493)



2. Mutual Influencing of Man and Nature


How do human beings influence plants, and plants human beings? The effect of the human aura on plants is scientifically well documented by the well-known work of Tompkins/Bird "The Secret Life of Plants". This investigation is a good example of the coming subtle science.


How then does an earthquake reverberate upon all that exists? Also various winds and storms? How are the diverse auras of people reflected upon plants? An entirely new institute for research could be established. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 173)


A sensitive organism is able to sense not only distant earthquakes, but even the approach of important events.


Space is linked with each human organism, but do many pay any attention to such influences? If a sensitive organism re-echoes distant earthquakes and eruptions, and trembles at atmospheric manifestations, the same thing occurs before great events. Already long ago was it said that the better people will become specially sensitive before great events. (Fiery World III, 541)



3. Effect of Sounds, Colours and Fragrances


Other subtle, intangible realities are sounds, fragrances and colours. Their effect on man and the environment should be explored, for example, for healing purposes. The delicate vibrations of the sounds of a symphony or of the colours of a painting actually elevate a human being.




Try, for example, to decipher the message of classical music. This is a language without words, which every human being is able to understand. Do you not feel that Mozart, Beethoven, Bruckner, and Mahler – or rather the spirit who inspired them – are trying to tell you something?


To capture this message is a first step towards understanding the language of the Subtle World. In the world beyond, you must be able to communicate without words. (See Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga", Broadcasting 10 "The Supermundane World")


Professor George Balan (another exponent of the new subtle science) is a pioneer in this area with his Musicosophia School at St. Peter/Schwarzwald, Germany.



4. Thoughts


An immense field of research and practice concerns the nature, the effect, and the transmission of thoughts, which are also a subtle, non-material reality.


The nature of thought must be investigated. Can thought thunder? The phenomenon of the echo shows that thought, like sound, expands in magnetic waves. Is it possible that thoughts of a certain quality and intensity can influence plant life? How do animals react to certain thoughts? And finally, how do thoughts affect “sir man”? How does thought act as an element in chemical compounds? Would it not be advisable to test thought with litmus paper? Could thought not rival virulent poison or music in its power? In general, thought must be investigated as a living factor of existence. (Agni Yoga 81)


We shall discuss this subject in more detail later. Here are just two examples:




Explore, like the Japanese Masaru Emoto (another pioneer of the new divine science), the impact of positive or negative thoughts, or of good or bad music on water. The beneficial effect of good thoughts on the food, which lies before us on the plate, is the scientific basis for the ancient practice of saying grace before a meal!




Furthermore, we would like to mention the experiments with thought-reading and thought-transmission, which are already being carried out by the science of parapsychology. Here, too, many examples are documented of how sensitive people produce results that cannot be a coincidence.


Do not old married couples, who are familiar with one another for a long time, feel exactly what the partner thinks or wishes, even without words? Agni Yoga gives an abundance of hints on how we can develop this ability.



5. The Aura


Why do dogs and horses sense whether their master is cheerful, distressed, or restless? Do not you, too, perceive the same when you approach another human being? Or is your organ less sensitive than that of the animals?


The aura is the manifestation of our spiritual being; invisible and intangible, but indisputably real: Each of you feels the aura, the thoughts and intentions of a person who enters a room.


Make every effort to practice, refine and develop this sensitivity in your everyday life. This is a first practical step towards mastering the divine science. In this way, you will learn with time to better assess the people you meet.


A human being cannot conceal his inner intentions. With education of the heart, one can obtain a solid understanding of human intentions. (Heart 551)


In addition, you will find that objects (such as works of art, or old furniture) and places (a cathedral, a battlefield, or a room where once a murder was committed) have an aura as well, which you better capture before you approach them.



6. The Glance

Leonardo da Vinci "Mona Lisa"


Why do we not study the properties, the effects and the significance of the glance?


How does it come to pass that you notice and even involuntarily turn around when somebody gazes at you from behind?


Does not a fiery gaze compel people to turn around and even to tremble? (Fiery World III, 517)


Cannot you tell the nature of a human being from his eyes?


People can sometimes notice an unusual light in the eyes of one who is in a state of so-called inspiration. The eyes do not shine from any outside source but from an inner fire. (Supermundane 429)


The glance is like the thought: immaterial or of very fine substance. It spreads infinitely. It can be photographed, and its effects cannot be extinguished.


The significance of the gaze can be shown when radiations will be photographed. (Fiery World II, 256)


By conducting a series of experiments, you could observe the distance over which the radiations of the eye act. The physical particles of the glance do not disappear. (Heart 28)


Would it not be an extremely beneficial task for a true scientist to research the chemical composition of the glance? (Heart 519)


The glance like the thought influences people and objects. There is a "deadly" and a healing gaze.


Once the effect upon the human organism has been investigated, attention ought to be paid to deposits left by the human glance on inanimate objects. If the glance may reach a stage where it has become poisonous, then it might also be able to precipitate its poison upon water and all kinds of objects. (Heart 569)


Prayers often contain the supplications, “Look Thou upon me” or “Turn Thy gaze to me.” In such words there is expressed great knowledge of the significance of the look. Precisely a look can change even the composition of the aura. Not only thought, but the very chemism of a glance has a fiery consequence. Those who know this ask the Higher Forces to look upon them, because in this magnetic chemism there is contained all-encompassing benevolence.

Let us not forget that each look of a man has correspondingly the same significance; the more saturated with thought, the more powerful the glance. It is a joy to see how comforting looks can make the aura healthful. (Fiery World II, 256)



7. The Hand

Auguste Rodin "The Cathedral"


The human hand possesses a magnetism of its own.


The hands are particularly valuable and interesting, because they contain the media for the expulsion of a peculiar form of energy, commonly termed magnetic. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 129 “Hands”)


Your emanations are transferred to documents, which you write by hand. A manuscript is actually saturated with the psychic energy of the writer.


Often the hand that is writing about a lofty subject radiates a light that can be seen against a white sheet of paper. The radiation then accumulates in the manuscript and imparts to it a special significance. These luminous emanations of light remain for many centuries. (Supermundane 429)


The coarse, unpleasant habit of shaking hands serves to grasp the nature of another man. Today we should rather try to sense the radiance of our counterpart with the help of our heart.


Certain peoples used to greet each other by smelling. It may be said—what a dog-like custom! But even in this ugly custom there is a reminder about psychic energy, which was used when people by means of smell, touch, hearing and the eye determined the essential nature of a newcomer. Nowadays there has remained the custom of handshaking, which is also not far from the other strange custom. (Fiery World II, 355)


Learn to sense whom or what you should better not touch in order not to pollute yourself.


If man were more alive to the inner promptings of the soul he would know immediately, at the first impulse to lift his hand, whether or not it were desirable to take the hand of another. You all ought to be able to tell a friend from an enemy, a harmonious or inharmonious factor, the instant a hand meets a hand, but as it is, that power is resident in but few for the reason that you have trifled with those finer forces of nature to such an extent that their vehicles of operation within your hands have become partially atrophied or paralyzed. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 129 “Hands”)


It is perfectly natural to consciously use your emanations by placing your hand on the shoulder of someone whom you wish to convince.


The Thinker [Plato] advised that to convince a listener one should place one’s hand upon his shoulder. (Supermundane 423)


Some regard the hand as being sufficient in itself, and suppose that the palm of the hand is what communicates the power of thought; very rarely do people realize that the fingertips have stronger radiations. (Heart 507)


Such a transfer of energy is also the basis of healing by laying on of hands. Have you never tried to soothe a feverish child by putting your hand on his head?


The rays of light emitted from the ends of the fingers of those who are able to use their hands effectually in healing the sick, or operating on the body, can be seen and felt very easily by a sensitive person. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. I, Lesson 129 “Hands”) 



8. Morphogenetic Fields


The same applies to the so-called morphogenetic fields, explored by Rupert Sheldrake (incidentally, a further true pioneer of the new spiritual science!): These fields cause rats in New York to learn a trick faster if other rats in Japan had been taught the same trick before.


Apparently, there is a "spiritual field" around the earth (the technical term of occultism is “Akasha Chronic”), where there is stored and made available everything that the creatures on earth have appropriated.



9. Intervention of Higher Powers in our Lives


Let us continue the research in the area of higher phenomena by looking at our own destiny.


In the Book of Life one must look for the manifestations leading to the understanding of the Higher Being. (Infinity II, 903 [503])


If you analyze your life scientifically, accurately and without prejudice for a longer period of time (Agni Yoga recommends keeping a diary!), you will find: Much of that what you commonly dismiss as pure "chance" carries a meaning and a purpose within itself.


The Invisible World takes part in the earthly life much more than is generally supposed. Advise people to pay attention to the multitude of small phenomena that usually go unnoticed, those that the limited mind calls “coincidence” or “accident.” One has to understand the essence of these manifestations without losing the ability to think rationally. (Heart 40)


You recognize: There occur in your life encounters with people or events, which are not accidental, but aim at leading you in a certain direction.


The world of effects draws man into a current which carries him toward his destination. (Infinity I, 250)


Man should free himself, the sooner the better, from his absurd ideas about the accidental nature of events. There is a cause in everything, and it is wise to find its source. (Supermundane 856)


You will find: Exactly that befalls you, which reveals your difficulties – so that you may learn, train, make progress, and fulfill the mission of your life. Why else is there no life without suffering for anyone?


In biographies it is highly instructive to trace the intervening circumstances which help to conclusively define a life task. It may be noted that many apparently accidental factors helped along in the predestined direction. As a matter of fact, not accident but many profound causes contributed to such achievement. In this can be seen the participation of the Subtle World. (Fiery World I, 551)


History shows: There are men who have to fulfill a higher mission. A guarding hand watches over them, so that nothing can affect them – until they have completed their task.




Regularly people receive hints from the world beyond and are rescued by the higher powers. Take the example of the woman who awoke at night screaming from a nightmare, thus waking up and rescuing from mortal danger her husband, a soldier, who fought thousands of miles away on the eastern front.


Only obstinate prejudice prevents people from understanding reality. So many people have been saved by indications from the Subtle World. So many matters of state have been decided according to information from Beyond. (FW II, 422)


People are reluctant to imagine how many dangers are taking place around them. How many times have the Higher Forces and participants in the Subtle World saved them! (Heart 524)


You receive, indeed, higher guidance from the leaders of this earth, the Brotherhood of Shambhala, from your teacher or your guardian angel.


Few realize that there exists a power beyond earthly considerations that can affect the flow of events. If people made an effort to carefully investigate the essence of events, they would discern signs of Our influence. (Supermundane 263)


Observe without prejudice the course of world events and you will see Our Hand. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 358 [362])


Read again the best biographies of world history, the greatest works of literature. You will notice how much the great spirits of all ages knew about this spiritual science. Precisely these works are regarded as the greatest, which succeed to reveal the higher reality, the profound context, the meaning and the functioning of the order in which we all stand.


One cannot but feel that something over and above earthly reasoning guides the circumstances. (Fiery World II, 454)


People are guided far more often than they think. (Fiery World I, 181)


Just walk through life sensitively with your eyes – or better your hearts – open! Then you will learn to notice such interventions from the spiritual world almost daily.



10. Astrology


The new divine science includes astrology, that is, the research into the influence, which the celestial bodies exercise on our lives.


Each of you has already observed that people born under a certain sign of the zodiac actually possess corresponding characteristic features: There are really "leos", "libras", "ariesses" and "taurusses".


Many sense the influence of the moon, especially at full moon. Why should particularly sensitive people not be able to feel the influence of the energies emanating from Jupiter or Saturn? Much discomfort that afflicts us has its cause in currents of cosmic energy.




Astrology is a synthesis of intellectual and heart knowledge. A good astrologer should master on the one hand the natural sciences (especially astronomy and mathematics for the calculation of the positions of the stars). On the other hand, he has to have a high sensitivity of the heart, without which an interpretation of the facts of natural science and their application to answer a particular question of a certain person in a given situation is impossible.


Do not think that man is subjected to the influence of the stars like a slave. Astrology is about detecting harmful and useful influences so that you can adjust your conduct accordingly. With the help of your free will you can turn adverse constellations into step boards for your spiritual ascent.


If you want to learn more about this topic, please read our Booklet "What does Agni Yoga teach about Astrology?":



11. No "Miracles"


We are coming to the end of this Broadcasting. Agni Yoga teaches:


There are no miracles. Nothing unnatural can exist beyond, above or outside nature. Everything, absolutely everything, right up to God, is a part of nature.


There can be nothing unnatural in Nature. (Supermundane 318)


Humanity is terrified of everything so-called supernatural, forgetting that above that what exists there can be nothing supernatural. (Heart 113)


Everything, absolutely everything, right up to God, is subjected to the laws of nature.


Not without reason is it said that metaphysics does not exist—only physics. (Fiery World I, 659)


There will be no dividing line between physical and metaphysical, for all exists—which means that everything is perceptible and cognizable. (Community 114)


Equally outmoded is the term metaphysics. All manifestations of Nature, from the lowest to the highest, belong to the physical domain. (Supermundane 653)


It is only when physics is insufficiently understood that metaphysics exists. (Supermundane 766)


Therefore, all higher phenomena, all the so-called "miracles" which Jesus and the saints have worked, must have natural explanation.




Phenomena of a higher order, which we cannot explain with the means of today's science, are occurring daily.


Every unusual earthly manifestation is a particle of the Highest World, in other words, of reality. (AUM 83)


Each one of you is familiar with such manifestations. You have either experienced them yourself or learned of them from a reliable source.


If each person wrote down a description of something phenomenal that had taken place in his life, humanity could compile an extraordinary book in just one day. Everyone has had authentic glimpses into the supermundane and many could provide revealing accounts. Not even a naysayer can claim that he could provide mundane explanations for everything that has happened in his life. (Supermundane 346)


Such experiences occur daily, and each one can be a witness to wonderful phenomena. (Fiery World I, 40)


The ancient principle applies: As in heaven so on earth (FW II, 16): All higher phenomena are accessible to a perfectly normal scientific explanation. They form an organic extension and continuation, a new dimension of our daily life, into which we did not yet penetrate with our narrow worldview.


Without any miracles you will find plain reality, and as with the prospector’s pick you will discover hidden treasures in the depths. (Community 121)


One day, scientific explanations will be found, such as: Rays or vibrations emanating from persons or objects, which work in a hitherto unknown way, and which can be felt if we develop our sensitivity. Or, more generally, energies of a higher order that were not yet discovered, which people or objects can absorb, or radiate, or use.


A miracle is a manifestation of subtler energies, forces that are not accounted for in schools of chemistry and physics. “Miracle” does not just mean levitation or loss of weight, phenomena that you have witnessed; the same subtler energies are utilized in life more often than people think, and these manifestations, being incomprehensible to the majority, ought to be studied. This is neither necromancy nor spiritualism, but simply the science of the subtler energies. (Heart 319)


And thus, gropingly, we shall discover evidence of the action of the subtle energies in everyday life. (AY 378)


Above all, it is the spiritual power of your higher self, the psychic energy, that enables you to work "miracles". For example, to heal spiritually, to read thoughts, to move objects or to practice clairvoyance. For more information, please watch our Series "Psychic Energy".


So-called phenomena are nothing but unrecognized psychic energy in its various manifestations. (AUM 287)


The more your consciousness grows, the more you will be able to recognize, explain and consciously use the so-called higher phenomena. You just have to remove the word "impossible" from your vocabulary, and instead confirm confidently:


You can do everything! Everything is possible! (Gem 102, Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 175 [199])




A part of the immeasurable field of the expansion of consciousness is the penetration into yet further spiritual realities, which we will treat in other Broadcastings, such as for example:


The development of the consciousness of your immortality (Series "Experiment Immortality"); the cognition of the Supermundane World (Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga", Broadcasting 10 "The Supermundane World"); your connection with the higher world in meditation (Series "The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga", Broadcasting 7 “Connection with the Higher World - Meditation"); and your participation in the life of the Spiritual World (Series "The 10 Pillars of the Practice of Agni Yoga ", Broadcasting 5 “Living in Two Worlds").