Psychic Energy



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welcome back to our Program. After a break, we continue our Series "Introduction to Agni Yoga" with a Broadcast on "Psychic Energy".


This is one of the most important notions of Agni Yoga. It is mentioned in the Teaching probably more often than any other topic, except perhaps "Expansion of Consciousness".



1. What is Psychic Energy?


What is psychic energy? Physical energy is your physical strength. Psychic energy is your spiritual strength.


If you train your physical strength, your body grows big and strong. If you train your spiritual strength, your soul - your Eternal Individuality – grows big and strong.


The strengthening of psychic energy is in the truest sense of the word "bodybuilding" for the soul. You need to keep your Eternal Individuality as fit as your body.



2. Of what Use is Psychic Energy?


Why do you need spiritual strength? A simple example:


Losing weight is a problem that keeps many of us occupied time and again. From the physical point of view, it is easy to solve: If you supply your body with less foodstuff than it burns, you will inevitably lose weight. This is a law of physics.


The real difficulty lies on the level of the spirit: Do you have enough spiritual strength - psychic energy - to control the appetite of your body? Does your Higher Self, the spiritual side of your nature, succeed to prevail over your physical nature, or are you being governed by the desire of your body?




A great, strong soul - with a lot of psychic energy - dominates the physical nature completely and allows the body only so much to eat that this does not exceed its ideal weight. A small, weak soul - with little psychic energy - is defeated in the struggle with the body.


The body obeys the spirit as the slave obeys his master. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 104 [115])


The same is true if you want to get rid of alcohol drinking, smoking, eating sweets or any other bad habit that torments you.


It is your spiritual energy, your mental strength that is crucial if you want to control yourself as well as the material circumstances.


Furthermore, with the help of psychic energy you can cure diseases or prevent them, gain knowledge and increase your vitality and joy of being - as we shall see in the course of this Broadcasting.



3. Spirit as the Source of Life


Every being has a soul. Without spirit there is no life. The whole universe, every stone, every plant, every animal and every human being lives only by the spark of the divine fire that burns within him. This vital force with which the divine spirit endows all material forms, is called psychic energy or Agni (the Sanskrit word for fire). A body, which forfeits it, dies.


No one can be incarnated without a store of fiery energy. Without the torch of Agni, no one enters the physical world. (Fiery World I, 183)


One may speak about the chemical death of a man when the store of psychic energy is exhausted. One may speak about resurrection when psychic energy begins to be accumulated. (Fiery World III, 414)


Mere matter alone without indwelling life is not capable to exist in the long run. Therefore, unoccupied houses are rapidly decaying. Therefore, the moon, an uninhabited planet, is dead and emanates bad radiations.


Unoccupied dwellings, without human psychic energy, quickly deteriorate. (Supermundane, 503)



4. Evolution requires the Development of Psychic Energy

Julius Schnorr v. Carolsfeld „Jesus walks on the Water“


The development of our body is largely completed. Whether we grow a few centimeters taller over time, or are capable to run the 100 meters a few milliseconds faster, is meaningless. Our further evolution to even higher levels requires the strengthening of our spiritual forces.




Higher skills, such as walking or sitting on the water, levitation, telekinesis, reading thoughts, transmission of thoughts, predicting the future or spiritual healing, as they are reliably reported of Great Masters like Jesus and various saints, are not miracles. They are the natural consequence of the development of the spiritual forces, of psychic energy. The coming New Man will acquire these capabilities (and many others) quite naturally.




Much more important than the development of technology is the development of the opportunities lying within man himself. We must not allow the rapid progress of technology to distract us from making progress ourselves.


One day, the New Man, by developing the higher skills of his own organism, will be able to do himself what is today being carried out by machines, for example flying or spiritual communication instead of using the telephone.


It is inadmissible that people should respect a primitive apparatus more than the great energy contained within themselves. Do not think that an understanding of the forces concealed in man has been sufficiently strongly established. There is far too little respect for such forces among uneducated people. (Brotherhood 410) 


So evolution means for us humans: Reach a higher stage of development by strengthening and using our spiritual forces, our psychic energy.


Let us recall: someone responded to cosmic manifestations; someone heard distant voices; someone saw the Subtle World and took part in it; someone gave off light; someone levitated; someone walked on water; someone walked on fire; someone swallowed poison without harm; someone had no need of sleep; someone had no need of food; someone could see through solid objects; someone could write with both hands; someone could attract animals; someone could understand a language without having learned it; someone could read thoughts; someone could read a closed book with his eyes shut; someone did not feel pain; someone surrounded by snow generated the heat of the heart; someone could go on without feeling fatigue; someone could help by healing; someone could manifest knowledge of the future.

Gather, for a moment, all of these qualities into a single body and you will have the transfiguration of the old humanity into a new one, a process referred to in many Teachings. The main thing to note about this transfiguration is that all its various parts have already manifested, even in the midst of an imperfect existence. This means that with a well-defined effort one can impart to humanity a powerful impetus to transfigure life in its entirety. (Heart 99)


The potential to realize all these tremendous possibilities lies already within us. Man is well equipped for the millennia of the further evolution to come. We only have to start to develop this potential.


Psychic energy is the key to the future. (Heart 142).


The reaching of the next the level, the New Man, requires the expansion of this force. Evolution is the ever increasing realization and utilization of the potential lying dormant within us.


Psychic energy imperatively asks humanity for admittance. When We summon to the realization of psychic energy, We are not thinking of turning people into magicians; We are only indicating the next step of evolution and urging in the name of the community not to let the date slip by. Hasten to supply yourselves with strength and thus assist the proximate evolution. (Community 253)


One of the key phrases of the Teaching says thus:


The development of psychic energy is the most vital task of humanity. (Agni Yoga 569)


By increasing your psychic energy, you rise from a small to a Great Soul - a Mahatma.



5. The Treasure


We harbour within us a treasure, a power, of which most of you do not have even the least idea.


No one should deny that he has something of special significance within him. The application may not have been found, but this does not mean that the possibility is lacking. (AUM 429)


Again, the principle of infinity applies: We are unable today even to guess the extent of the forces that are placed within us. Immeasurable, seemingly fantastic possibilities are opening up before us.


No one can indicate where the power of man terminates. Psychic energy has a destiny to help mankind amidst problems which it finds otherwise insoluble. (AUM 381)


Acrobats train the body with a lot of practice in order to show sensational performances. Can you imagine what we will be able to perform, if only we raise our true treasure and begin to train the spirit!


Agni Yoga is the progressive development of human ability. (Agni Yoga 220)


The store of psychic energy, not the material or technological achievements, should be recognized as the true wealth of humanity.


People who have stored psychic energy should be considered as treasures of the nation. Not of its millions of bipeds should a country be proud, but of its store of psychic energy. For the sake of even one individual with a store of energy, thousands of average ones must be spared. (Agni Yoga 522)



6. Recognize our Possibilities


It would be shameful if man did not make use of his highest possibilities.


People themselves are to blame that they lock up their greatest treasure in the cellar. (Brotherhood 29)


For this we must first become aware of and explore our higher power: Nothing can be used which you did not previously recognize and understand.


When We speak about the formation of psychic energy into a conscious weapon, it may be asked, "With what to begin?" One must begin with the realization of its presence. One can cultivate and increase only that which is realized. (Community 221, 220)



7. Use our Possibilities


Next we have to set out to raise the treasure hidden within us - that is, to train, to master and to consciously apply our higher forces. And this not sometime in the distant future. Let us start today!


Be not late with the study of psychic energy. Be not late in applying it. Accept the flow of psychic energy as a bountiful wave. Leave it to the old world to be afraid of the study of psychic energy. But you, young, strong and unprejudiced, investigate by all means, and accept the gift lying at your gates. Observe with an eagle eye, and with the leap of a lion take possession of the ordained power. (Community 249)


A force that is existing but not in use, is dangerous. Therefore, the failure to apply psychic energy may even cause harm.


Certainly, all unmastered energies are dangerous; but they do exist, and the time approaches when we must learn to apply them consciously to life. Everyone has a reserve of psychic energy; but if it remains unutilized, it turns into an ugly sediment called sclerosis, whereas it could have been utilized wisely. (Agni Yoga 487)


As for those who do not consciously apply the most important energies, their failure will give rise to harmful results, not only for themselves but for everyone else as well. (Heart 493)


Any treasure that goes unrealized sinks into Chaos and thereby reinforces darkness. (Heart 558)



8. Inexhaustible Energy


Psychic energy is available to us without limits. We may direct it at any time to mental or physical work.


The forces are inexhaustible, but people themselves try to cut short their flow. (Brotherhood 56)


We also call psychic energy "indefatigable". True, the human organism can become wearied from the tension of the energy, but the energy itself is inexhaustible. Such a quality in the energy points to a cosmic source. (AUM 476)


In a spiritual man, the store of psychic energy can never be completely used up.


As for the fiery spirit, even during the largest decline of psychic energy, its store is never completely exhausted. But the earthly spirit affirms itself only by the lowest energies, which very easily swallow up small stores of psychic energy. (Fiery World III, 399)


There is no fatigue or exhaustion when psychic energy is active.


Also note an experiment with fatigue—the one who can bring Agni into action does not feel any fatigue, but he who notices his fatigue tumbles. (Fiery World I, 494)



9. Give away Psychic Energy moderately


You must not waste your greatest treasure pointlessly, you should use it with moderation.


One must be moderate in expending psychic energy. It must suffice for all things; hence, the strength must be guarded. (Infinity II, 622 [222])


The disciple should always remember not to expend a drop of the higher energy uselessly. (Fiery World II, 190)


No senseless dissipation is possible where the value of energy is appreciated. If we have a precious remedy that cannot be replenished, should we destroy it senselessly? One must accept Agni as verily the most precious substance. (Fiery World I, 641)


An excessive drain of psychic energy can cause disease, even with a Mahatma.


We have mentioned how My Friend [Mahatma Koot Hoomi] became ill when fulfilling several missions. The cause of his illness was an excessive tension of psychic energy. Let us not forget that My Friend sallied forth with an increased store of energy, yet suffered a lengthy illness. (Supermundane 277)


Examples for this are even great souls like Ramakrishna and Vivekananda:


Often psychic energy is exhausted as a result of spiritual outpouring, as was the case with Ramakrishna and other spiritual heroes. Certainly, they possessed an enormous amount of it, but, despatching it to far-off distances, they could remain for a while without protection. (Hierarchy 285)


You recall that two of the greatest sages of India [Ramakrishna and Vivekananda] were stricken and died, one from cancer of the throat and the other from diabetes. Both cases indicate that a selfless outpouring of psychic energy can result in unexpected afflictions. (Supermundane 379)


We just need to make sure that our stock of psychic energy is regularly being replenished.


For some, the store of psychic energy is regained only slowly, while others can achieve it more quickly. For still others it is enough to close the eyes and take a deep breath, and the energy is regained. (Supermundane 542)



10. Strengthening of Psychic Energy from within


Psychic energy can be both received from the outside as well as generated from within. Let us start with the generation from within.


You need to train your psychic energy through regular exercise.


One has to develop psychic energy steadily and diligently. (Agni Yoga 536)


You must continuously strengthen and refine it.


I say that psychic energy must not only be strengthened but should also be refined. It will be strengthened under the waves of fire, when the aura begins to take on a purple color due to tension. It will become refined from alertness, sharp-sightedness, and subtlety of thinking. (Agni Yoga 502)


Regarding physical force is true: If you do not use a muscle, it slackens. Likewise, your psychic energy vanishes when you do not make use of it. So you strengthen your psychic energy by applying it.


Psychic energy needs exercising, and you see how challenging is its proper application. (Agni Yoga 386)


Psychic energy is not, as one might suspect, consumed, but on the contrary increased by hard work. We are dealing with a force that is growing by utilization and that dries up if unused.


Exercising the energy is useful; each testing awakens in it a new quality. It needs exercising as does all that exists. Each energy must be tested in action. Even muscles must be exercised; thus people can continually awaken forces dormant in themselves. One should understand such an awakening as the duty of man before the higher worlds. (AUM 351)


It must be expanded by activity in life, otherwise it withers away like any other unused power.


We can see to what extent psychic energy is degenerating. It is not brought into action, and therefore slumbers, and since there is no friction to call forth the fire it loses its fieriness. (Supermundane 32)


To increase your psychic energy, this activity must be nourished by a strained, courageous, selfless, patient and persevering striving.


Psychic energy can be accumulated through consciousness, self-sacrifice, and achievement (Agni Yoga 509)


Fearlessness and fiery striving for achievement will produce crystals of psychic energy. (Fiery World III, 421)


The store of psychic energy is inexhaustible, and during spiritual strivings its strength is multiplied. At the time of spiritual aspiration this energy becomes a constructive impulse for new supplies. The source becomes exhausted only when it is not supported by conscious striving. (Fiery World III, 400)


Psychic energy acts freely, when man is aflame with hearty striving. The yardstick of psychic energy is pure striving. Not magic, but pure human striving will produce a marvelous world. (Fiery World II, 221)


Striving for higher attainments gives wings to the spirit and increases the store of psychic energy. Of course, the flame-like psychic energy is in need of actual application, therefore fiery aspiration appears as such a powerful accumulator of psychic energy. (Fiery World III, 411)


When you are working with the fire of enthusiasm, you strengthen your psychic energy.


Agni is nourished by joy, courage and endurance. (Fiery World I, Epilogue)


Every manifestation of enthusiasm precipitates a particle of the treasure of psychic energy. Thus, enthusiasm will be the shortest way to the accumulation of psychic energy. Learn to accumulate energy through joy. (Agni Yoga 546)


Incesssant tension of the will increases the stock.


Psychic energy is particularly intensified by the Fire of the spirit. Tension of the will multiplies the supply and the forces of psychic energy. (Fiery World III, 408)


Transports of the spirit or sudden misfortune are equally effective in forcing the flow of psychic energy. Through daring of the spirit psychic energy can burst forth as a powerful flame, forming, as it were, a shield against encroaching evil. One can take exercises in these concentrations of psychic energy and find that the tensed will is able to increase the store of it. (Fiery World III, 413)


Like a sword in the fire your psychic energy is hardened by fighting with difficulties, by overcoming obstacles and by firmness under adverse circumstances.


The forging of a sword in the flame under the hammer's blow is the best illustration of the strengthening of one's psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 602)


The development of psychic energy should proceed in a natural way only. It must not be artificially enforced.


Everything coercive and artificial is contrary to the fundamentals of Existence. (Fiery World I, 37)


The more naturally the Fire is kindled, the more beneficial it is. (Fiery World I, 272)


We do not approve of artificial or mechanical methods of achievement. All the best things come naturally. (Supermundane 246)



11. A basic Exercise


The most important exercise for the augmentation of your psychic energy is: Resolve to realize a thought, an idea or an ideal in the material world.


You will inevitably encounter resistance, within yourself or in your surroundings.


The fight against these conflicting forces strengthens the power of your sprit. One of the central statements of Agni Yoga is:


Every applied thought will bring growth to the spirit. (Infinity II, 777 [377])


Start with the small everyday matters: Aim at something which you can achieve, for example reducing your weight by 500 g only in a week, to confine a bad habit a little bit, to maintain your joy of being for some hours, not to allow negative thoughts for a while, or the like.




Every, even the smallest victory strengthens the power of your spirit. Later, you can use the same spiritual force that you have built up in the fight against yourself, in order to enforce changes in the external world.



12. Strengthening of Psychic Energy from without


In addition, you can strengthen your psychic energy by connecting with the Upper World. In meditation takes place a strong inflow of energy. The Teaching speaks of spatial energies or the fire of space, pouring into us. As long as the connection is maintained, we have access to an inexhaustible stock of energy.


It is correct to assume the inexhaustibility of psychic energy. The store reasonably used is replenished immediately from the treasury of Cosmos. It is good to emit psychic energy; the new stock more easily emits the accumulations, and then strives to universal work. It is so easy to evoke new power from space! (Agni Yoga 592)


In communion with Hierarchy the strength will be promptly renewed and an inexhaustible supply of energy be produced. (Fiery World II, 180)


Man can draw strength from the highest sources, which lie outside himself. Psychic energy is spatial energy, a part of the divine force that penetrates the whole universe and offers itself to humanity for use.


Psychic energy gives fiery evidence of the influx of the fires of space. (Fiery World I, 86)


Psychic energy is constantly renewed by its connection with the currents of space. (Supermundane 338)


Even the Highest Beings must be filled with spirit in order to act. The expression be filled is quite precise, for indeed one needs to be filled. This means filling oneself with an abundance of the spirit. But does this not also mean that we must enter into contact with the Hierarchy? Only by drawing the spirit from the Highest Source do we receive renewal and intensification of the fiery energy. (Heart 412)


Through strained labour for a lofty goal we draw towards us the support of cosmic energies.


When one is mentally tensed, one attracts the spatial energy, and thus can be particularly successful. People sometimes cannot understand why they are unable to use the energy that appears to assist everyone else. This is because they do not develop their thinking and fail to strengthen their magnet, thus depriving themselves of help from above.

Scientists already speak about some kind of spatial force, but they cannot explain how greatly the laboratory of man is in need of spatial currents. Note that We are now calling the primary energy spatial, so that scientists will not think there is something religious in it. (Supermundane 753)


The connection with the Supreme therefore also means to take up spiritual nourishment and to strengthen our spiritual nature.


Do not—indeed do not—manifest indifference to the Source which nurtures you and all that exists! Ponder deeply and you will see that the great spiritual warriors of humanity have nurtured their psychic energy by merging with the Infinite. (Infinity I, 12)


We can allow the cosmic energy, the power of the Higher World, to flow through us and thus enable it to act on the material plane.



13. Purification

Tintoretto „Baptism of Christ“


We do not wish to create the impression that the highest forces are readily available to everyone. Their development requires constant striving for purification and refinement in order to become worthy of them.


Again, the law of correspondence applies: Higher powers are only accessible to those standing high on the ladder of Hierarchy.


What I do deny is, that a sensualist, or drunkard, a glutton, a hypocrite, a selfish or diseased man or woman, is capable of evoking or controlling the higher or finer forces of Nature, until such time as he has eradicated vice and disease from mind and body. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. 1, Lesson 11 “Knowledge and Power”)


Psychic energy can also be abused.


The subtle consciousness makes use of forces in creative tension, but the gross consciousness and the destroying spirit force the levers toward evil doings. Psychic energy in human hands is a most fearful weapon. (Fiery World III, 409)


Therefore, this power cannot be made available to anyone - just like you would not give a knife into the hands of a baby.


The very same force can serve for construction or for destruction. Only lofty thinking and purity of heart can be a pledge of the good employment of the power. (AUM 374)


He who is unable to control himself, cannot be allowed to make use of higher forces, because, applying them, he would only cause damage.


In good hands energy is an instrument of good. It is indeed fortunate that many do not know how to approach the power. Only after improvement of the consciousness is it possible to entrust psychic energy for broad use. Let this good time approach more quickly! (AUM 375)


Why give you more definite directions for the further unfoldment of psychic senses and gaining of spiritual power, as I have been repeatedly requested to do, when I am forced to see that I would only add to your responsibility and place in your hands, figuratively speaking, a dangerous two-edged weapon with which to slay yourselves and others ?

Without the virtues of humility, obedience and chastity, as a foundation, the attainment of such spiritual and psychic qualifications as you desire would be detrimental in the extreme; They could work you irremediable harm, if you had not the power to control them to your advantage; and such power can only be won by the practice of the virtues mentioned by me. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. 1, Lesson 67 “Love of Ideals”)


It is vital to make sure that psychic energy is used only in accordance with the direction of the evolution and in compliance with the cosmic laws.


But if he has proven himself recreant and disobedient to the injunctions of his teachers he will not be given such knowledge, for further disobedience would be apt to follow perhaps, in the misuse and wilful abuse of the knowledge gained and only lead to great personal wrongdoing.

 (Teachings of the Temple Vol. 1, Lesson 106 “The Minutiae of Life and their Effects”)


If you are strong, brave, loyal and obedient enough to keep en-rapport with your teachers, the deep truths concerning these mysteries will be opened to you and opened rightly. (Teachings of the Temple Vol. 1, Lesson 109 “Chemical and Alchemical Affinity”)


Psychic energy is a force of the spiritual world that must not be used for selfish, personal purposes.


It is especially inadmissible to strive to apply the subtlest energies for personal aims. May the Higher Force communicate inner power to us, but it is impermissible to forcibly apply the beautiful energy for personal interest and gain. (Brotherhood, 417)


You also observed how the personal disappeared from daily life with the growth of psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 641)



14. Destroying Psychic Energy


Just as strained labour increases your psychic energy, so inaction diminishes it. "Hakuna matata" - aimlessly to live from day to day and to indulge in distraction, weakens the force of our spiritual being.


Inaction is most corruptive for psychic energy. (Brotherhood 44)


The energy may become silent if it is not summoned to action. (AUM 476)


To indolence is attached doubt and self-pity. No energy comes into action through such a poisonous handicap. Doubt corrodes everything. Unsustained efforts and self-pity weaken even the strong in spirit. Such an introduction must be given to each one who wishes to bring psychic energy into action. (AUM 352)


Doubt is a spiritual poison that downright destroys the psychic energy. Why? Because a man doubting knows neither his path nor his goal. He is therefore unable to take a firm decision and to enforce it against adverse circumstances. Without a reliable spiritual foundation, no powerful, purposeful and enthusiastic action is possible.


Doubt devours psychic energy. (Heart 6)


Irritability and anger also reduce the psychic energy. Why? Because these put you "beside yourself" and thus works against concentration and the gathering of spiritual powers.


Imperil [the deposit of irritation] is the chief enemy of the development of psychic energy. (AUM 387)


Sadness, dejection, dissatisfaction and self-pity also destroy your psychic energy: In such a mood, you are unable to call into action your higher spiritual forces.


Hypochondria can be defined physiologically as the dissolution of heart energy. (Fiery World II, 156)


Labour which is unimportant, boring, and carried out reluctantly without the fire of enthusiasm consumes your psychic energy, because you are unable to devote to it your full spiritual strength.


Ordinarily the dissipation of Agni occurs in everyday life when the spirit slumbers. The accumulation of Agni is arrested by trivial actions. When darkness blankets the process of perfection, then the Fire imperceptibly departs from the worthless recipient. (Fiery World I, 183)


Fear paralyzes the will and thus the ability to act.


Of course, imperil is the main destroyer of psychic energy. But one should not forget three other violators: fear, doubt, and self-pity. When it becomes possible to physically measure psychic energy, it will be instructive to see how these darkeners work to disrupt the flow of energy. (Agni Yoga 389)


Finally, overeating, alcohol and sweets burden the spirit so that it can no longer soar freely and act powerfully.


Excessive emaciation and corpulence are equally harmful for ascent. They equally nullify psychic energy. The middle path foresees the best conditions. (Fiery World II, 274)


Each of you has already felt by your own experience that what we say is not theory; you know that you lose your energy under the influence of these spiritual poisons.


The present humanity shows with its recklessness, lack of discipline and pleasure seeking a certain tendency to self-destruction: By reducing our psychic energy, we mutilate ourselves. It would be the greatest victory of the dark forces if they could succeed to bring us so far as to destroy ourselves our higher opportunities.


Man should be told, "Do not weaken yourself; discontent, doubt, self-pity, all consume the psychic energy." (AUM 303)



15. Knowledge through Psychic Energy

Nicolas Poussin „The Judgement of Salomo


Psychic energy is actually a means to gain knowledge! It aspires quite naturally towards truth.


The deadening of psychic energy makes people insensitive to reality. (Fiery World II, 344)


Therefore, the immediate straight-knowledge of the heart, the ability to make the right decision, is a property of psychic energy.


The making of a correct decision is a property of psychic energy. Then how greatly must men develop this property in themselves! (Hierarchy 63)


Psychic energy shows you infallibly what is good and what is bad for you. Take seriously these signs that your inner, spiritual knowledge gives you!


Psychic energy can indicate both the quality of food and the danger of poisoning. Verily, man bears a touchstone within himself. The same energy can also be employed successfully for the diagnosis of diseases. (AUM 353)


It is natural that psychic energy should exhibit good signs of substances useful to people. One needs not be astonished at the coincidence of good signs with personal feelings. Our sensations ought to coincide with correct appreciations. If some substance is not readily acceptable to man, it usually proves to be harmful. The reason is not in autosuggestion but in direct straight-knowledge. (AUM 392)


You know much more than you think. Take advantage of the greater possibilities of cognition of your inner, spiritual senses!


It may be observed that we know far more than we imagine. The process of acquiring direct knowledge from the depths of the consciousness will be aided by psychic energy. Thus, psychic energy may be recognized as a guide in all the domains of knowledge. (AUM 392)


You are desperately in need to assess correctly the true nature of a situation or a person: Is your interlocutor really benevolent towards you, or does he just utter pleasant words? With the help of psychic energy you can reliably distinguish good from evil. The capacity for true distinction lies in the heart and looks behind the glamorous facade.


The ignorant inquire, "Is it possible for man to distinguish the approach of a Brother of Good from a Brother of Evil?" If the appearance and words be identical, then it is not difficult to fall into error and to accept advices which lead to evil. Thus will reason the man who does not know that the means of discrimination are contained in the heart. The employment of psychic energy helps to discern infallibly the inner essence of manifestations. No complicated devices are necessary when man bears within himself the spark of knowledge.

The primary energy cannot show the negative to be positive. Such purely scientific evidence protects people against an evil approach. Not without foundation is such discrimination called the armor of Light. (Brotherhood 28)


Wise judges such as Salomon possess this ability.


We also call the same energy "justice". Since, through the influence of the energy, it is possible to determine the different qualities of people, it surely will be the path of justice. During experiments with psychic energy one may be convinced that the outward impression conforms but little to the inner condition. Knowing how to summon psychic energy to his assistance will be the true adornment of a judge. (AUM 475)


Notice the "higher" events of your life. For example: Do not believe that it is an accident, when you take a certain book from the shelf and open it exactly on that page, where you find an answer to one of your questions: This is evidence of your higher faculties, of the working of your psychic energy!


Everyone may observe evidences of psychic energy in any place and at any time. Each day something unusual takes place. It should not be considered that only striking manifestations have significance, sometimes the grasping of a thought or the discovery of some needed pages may offer a very significant example of the working of psychic energy. (AUM 314)


I affirm that books are too little comprehended, yet the manifestation of the primary energy can be an excellent guide. It frequently helps one to find a needed book and to select from it what is desired. One has but to be attentive. But this quality also must be cultivated in oneself. (Brotherhood 115)


Psychic energy notices all phenomena from the smallest to the very largest.


The perception of an earthquake at a distance resembles the sensing of a thought at a distance. Likewise the energy apprehends and registers each vibration, from the very greatest manifestation to the falling of a rose petal. Psychic energy is vigilant and ready to register the actions of all that exists. (AUM 402)


Nothing is hidden from it.


With the process of fiery development, one's ability to unerringly judge encountering events will grow. Out of the straight-knowledge, foretold so long ago, will burst forth the fire of intensified psychic energy. What can be concealed from it? (Agni Yoga 512)


Psychic energy is the "eye of the soul" which is even capable of looking into the future.


One should not question psychic energy as to the future; nevertheless one will be impressed by the way in which psychic energy itself foresees the most immediate paths. It has been called the "eye of the soul." Thus it has been compared with physical eyesight. If the eye naturally sees the object ahead, then the eye of the soul foresees the future. (AUM 574)



16. Vitality and Joy of Being through psychic Energy



Many people suffer or become sick because they have lost their vitality or joy of being. In most cases, this is due to a lack of psychic energy. You must not only dominate yourselves, but also the circumstances, you must not allow them to drag you down.


Rebus fortior


This is an old Latin saying, used on coat of arms, which means: I want to reveal myself as being stronger than the circumstances into which life places me.


Only your spiritual strength allows you to stand firm above the changing conditions, never to give up, to maintain in all, even the most adverse circumstances vital courage, to greet difficulties gratefully as opportunities for further advancement, and even to rejoice in the struggle with conflicting forces.




Confronted with fits of sorrow or dejection, strengthen your psychic energy, refill your stock and kindle again the fire of your heart. This force allows you to take the right mental attitude towards the external situation. Thereby, vitality and joy of being return, and the demands of earthly existence can be met.


Already noticed is the manifestation of strange illnesses in which vital energy flows away without visible causes. But here the cause and effect are not correlated. Thus, a case known to you could have taught you how necessary is the study and application of psychic energy. A wave of psychic energy would have restored vitality and bestowed a new joy of being. But for this it is needful to be conscious of psychic energy, that is, to enter into the rhythm of evolution. Instead of that, the sick are stuffed with mixtures and potions. There where help would be easy they begin to prepare submissively for death. (Community 253)


Only work that is carried out joyfully and with fiery energy will lead to success.


The experience of joy in one's work is a manifestation of a special aspect of psychic energy. Joyous labor brings success multiplied. (Agni Yoga 572)


Generally it can be said that the beauty, the stability and the potential of each outward, material form is determined by the quality of its inherent psychic energy.


The quality of the energy predetermines each human undertaking. (Infinity II, 845 [445])


Gorgeous enthusiasm which raises you above yourself and the external circumstances, is an expression of psychic energy.


At times people notice a particularly intense manifestation of psychic energy. They may call such a state enthusiasm, or attribute it to particularly high spirits, or sufficient rest, or renewed strength. However, they simply sense the intensity of their own energy. They could achieve better results if they would realize that the source of such energy always abides within themselves. No special invocations are needed; one need only remember the treasure that lies dormant within everyone. (Supermundane 382)



17. Healing through Psychic Energy

Michael Peter Ancher „The sick Girl“


Psychic energy is a cure-all for all kinds of diseases.


The real panacea will be the cultivation of psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 573)


Agni Yoga approaches just in time. Without it, who could say that epidemics of influenza should be cured by psychic energy? (Agni Yoga 492)


The success in combating illness depends largely upon the will of the patient to fight and to survive. His psychic energy is the basis of this vitality. He who is able to activate it also promotes the healing process.


It is possible to cure all ailments by the counterpoising of vitality. (Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 145)


Therefore, difficult external circumstances (for example wartimes) are often healthier, because they force people to strain their psychic energy.


The tension of psychic energy multiplies the vitality. One may be assured that in periods of psychic tension people live longer. This cannot be attributed to diet or to sanitary conditions, for in periods of confusion the conditions of life are very difficult, and the sole cause is contained in the heightened activity of psychic energy. (AUM 481)


To weaken psychic energy means to cause illness.


Neglect of psychic energy is manifested as the source of many ailments. It can be said that not only bodily and psychic illnesses depend entirely upon the state of psychic energy. A man who has lost immunity will also be the one to lose his store of psychic energy. (AUM 599)


One should not think of external, physical methods of healing only. The real healing factor is psychic energy.


Even the healing of wounds depends upon psychic energy. (Fiery World I, 99)


Physicians frequently observe that a most dangerous sickness suddenly passes off without a trace. Certainly, conjectures will be advanced that the treatment or some other external circumstances have had a salutary influence. But the chief cause—psychic energy—which can produce most unusual effects, will always be forgotten; it alone can alter the course of the sickness. (AUM 354)


Psychic energy feeds needy organs and destroys harmful substances.


The crystals of psychic energy feed those organs which are in special need during the expenditure of energy. They melt down substances harmful for the organism. Through conscious tension one can actually promote this dissolving process, which is of service as a counteracting factor. Conscious sendings of psychic energy to infected or injured organs can produce a healing effect. (Fiery World III, 218)


Without the help of psychic energy medicines will produce a small effect only.


It should be remembered that all medicines are merely auxiliary expedients; without the primary energy no medicine will have the necessary effect. The physician should be acquainted with the basic energy, which will be the operative factor for the speediest recovery. (Brotherhood 11)


In case of strong a psychic energy less medicine is needed.


The cognition of psychic energy permits due attention to be given to remedies. Much less medicine is required when physicians are able to apply psychic treatment. The introduction of assistance by psychic energy will renew all the manifestations of life. (AUM 226)



18. Doctors


Good doctors do not heal so much with physical means, but more with their own psychic energy.


Indeed, a noted physician treats cases not with medicines alone, but by psychic energy. (AUM 181)


At this time only those homeopathic physicians who possess strong psychic energy can succeed. Perhaps they are unaware of the source of their successful healing. At present, because of unenlightened conditions physicians hesitate to recognize that to a great extent it is their own psychic energy that is acting. They are ready to attribute their success to even the weakest medicines, unaware of their own powerful influence. (Supermundane 23)


On the one hand, his psychic energy helps the doctor to identify the real causes of a disease which so often lie in the spiritual nature of the patient.


Each man has an open wound. Only psychic energy can point out this pain. (AUM 556)


On the other hand, the utilization of the psychic energy of the physician should complement the usual physical treatments and remedies.


The basic remedies are supplemented by the psychic energy of the physician—the latter is quite essential. (Brotherhood 472)


The physicians must learn to consciously use this power.


Physicians often forget that it is not the medicine but some external condition that helps. We recall one remarkable case when a physician possessed powerful psychic energy, yet stubbornly attributed its effects to his medicine. One can easily realize the extent to which such benefits would increase if the physician understood wherein his power lies. (Fiery World I, 53)


He who really wants to heal body and soul, needs a lot of spiritual strength; the use of the intellect alone is not sufficient.


Do you wish to be a healer? First of all ask yourself if you have sufficient strength to issue it for help to your fellow-man. Indeed, ask yourself, Can I give without regret for myself? Prove that your strength can bring healing without the use of any remedies. We do not have in mind efforts of the will and suggestion, for the primary energy is self-acting. (Brotherhood 553)


Doctors can transfer their energy to the patient.


Even the energy transmitted by a close friend may be utilized to influence a disease. (Supermundane 423)


As one can help by sending good thoughts, so as well as by emanating psychic energy.


Psychic energy, sent with good intentions, exerts a healing action. Science should reveal how good intentions heal the nervous system. (Supermundane, 809)


People little realize something much more remarkable — that psychic energy can act independently at great distances. One can project energy consciously. (Agni Yoga 254)


As one can donate blood, so one can transmit psychic energy as well.


Under certain conditions blood transfusions are permissible. There can also be transfusions of psychic energy. It will take a long time for physicians to discover techniques for accomplishing this, but it can happen spontaneously when the emanations of individuals come into contact. In the future the process of transfusing psychic energy will be a common event. The harmony of humanity can be augmented when the distribution of psychic energy has been mastered. If blood can be given to others without harm, the same can be done with psychic energy. (Supermundane 533)


However, the doctors must not exhaust their energy too much in this process.


One may ask how much of one's psychic energy can be given away in healing. This is not a small question, for the loss of psychic energy is like disarming a warrior. One may give away half his supply, even two-thirds, but three-fourths already places the physician in a dangerous position. In such an exposed state the physician takes the sickness upon himself and may lose his life. Therefore it has been said so firmly about the Golden Path: Everything in proportion, all in harmony—let us remember. (AUM 594)


Above all, the physicians must know how to awaken the psychic energy of the patient. If the sick is unwilling to cooperate with the doctor and does not strive with all his power to fight and to beat the disease, the treatment is unlikely to succeed.


Likewise, physicians must learn to instruct their patients as to the essential nature of psychic energy. It is not enough for the physician to give out his own energy, he must also call into action the energy of the patient. In such a manner the expenditure of the precious energy is economized. (AUM 460)


Purely physical treatments, such as for example massages, can be useful or even harmful, depending upon whether the one who carries them out radiates a positive or a negative energy.


Generally, more attention is paid to the physical aspects of massage, and the many beneficial substances that medical science prescribes for rubbing into the skin. People see these methods as very important, but the most important was overlooked. Nobody cared to inquire who carries out the massage. However, this condition is more important than the massage itself.

Only when there is a harmonious blending of psychic energies is healing possible. Observe that massage can have different effects on people with identical ailments. There are many cases when the light touch of a sympathetic hand acts as the best remedy, but it is also possible that even the best physical massage can sometimes cause harm. (Supermundane 536)


As a result, we shall have to find ways to determine the quality of the psychic energy of the doctors and the nursing staff, because it is of crucial importance for the success of the cure.


Medicine needs to inquire about people who purify and people who do harm. (Heart 438)


Physicians and nurses should be tested for the quality of their psychic energy. Not only faith in the physician is needed, but also the beneficence of his energy. (Supermundane 536)



19. Cancer


Many diseases, especially cancer, are caused by a lack of psychic energy: Cancer cells are found in every body, but they cause harm only when they are not attacked strongly enough.


Cancer can be treated by psychic energy, since lack of psychic energy in the blood generates the disease. (Hierarchy 285)


Indeed, the bacilli of cancer exist. They can be detected and killed primarily by the fire of the heart. The absence of psychic energy contributes to their growth. (Fiery World I, 18)


Psychic energy penetrates all tissues, establishing equilibrium throughout the organism. Therefore all growths, up to cancer, can be attributed to the ebbing of psychic energy. Spiritual equilibrium can help to eradicate many illnesses. The more prolonged the ebbing of psychic energy, the more malignant will be the diseases. (Fiery World III, 416)



20. Prevention


The strengthening of psychic energy is the true protection against illness.


The best protection not only against sicknesses but also against hostile attacks will always lie in the conscious application of psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 569)


This training of psychic energy will be the true prophylaxis of humanity. (Hierarchy 190)


Why do people with a great mission, such as politicians, artists or business leaders, so rarely get sick? Because, in order to reach and to maintain their position, they must have a large store of psychic energy, which protects them at the same time against diseases.


Many illnesses can be prevented by means of psychic energy. It may be said that some organisms are predisposed or not disposed toward certain sicknesses. But what this protection or weakness consists of no one can say positively. Studies of psychic energy would provide the best answers. (Agni Yoga 609)


Those who walk through life full of basic confidence and joy and enthusiastically carry out their task, are to a large extent immune to illness.


Psychic energy preserves against infection. People call a certain immunity an influx of faith, but not without reason is a state of ecstasy called the radiance of the Fiery World. And such a radiance protects man against infection. It purifies the secretions, it is as a shield. Therefore a state of joy and exaltation is the best prophylaxis. Whoever knows rapture of spirit has already been cleansed against many dangers. Even ordinary physicians know how changeable is the condition of the blood and secretions. But few connect this with the spiritual condition. (Fiery World III, 450)


With the help of psychic energy we will be able one day to completely eradicate all diseases.


In the future, an adequate prophylaxis, together with application of psychic energy, will make diseases entirely non-existent. (Fiery World I, 222)



21. Effect of Psychic Energy on Machines


Each of you has already observed that there is a force in man which even influences machines.


We used to perform experiments in textile factories, where there were hundreds of looms and up to a hundred more or less experienced workmen. The looms, irrespective of the experience of the operator, demanded their own period of rest beyond the apportioned period. By submitting the operators to a psychic test, it was clearly perceived that in the hands of those possessing psychic energy the looms were less in need of rest, as if a living current were communicated to the loom and prolonged its vitality. (Community 176)


In the hands of some people objects quickly wear out or are easily damaged, while others exercise a preserving, healing, protective influence. This is due to their psychic energy.


It can also be noticed that around certain people things wear out, while others seem somehow to preserve them. Pay attention to the preservers. They will be close to Fire. I have already spoken about the effect of the psychic energy of workers upon the quality of their production. (Fiery World I, 86)


It is said: The shirt burns on the body of a traitor. One can notice how things are ruined in the proximity of a sick psychic energy. (Hierarchy 404)


Devices work differently well and with quite different accuracy, depending on what kind of person uses them.


I am astonished at how much people rely on lifeless instruments while forgetting about the influence of their own living energy. It is worth observing how readings on the most precise instruments fluctuate when they are placed in the hands of different people. Even the most sensitive chronometers work differently in different hands. Naturally, this sort of simple evidence arouses the derision of dwarfs. Could they really have such a low opinion of themselves that they do not admit the existence of their own emanations? (Heart 529)


The time will come when people will recognize that the functioning of machines is dependent upon the psychic energy of the person operating them. This should not be regarded as magic or something supernatural. People should know that they transmit some of their psychic energy to every object they touch. Straight-knowledge helps even machines to do their best work! (Supermundane 382)


Generally, psychic energy influences plants, animals or human beings either in an uplifting or in a destructive way. There are helpers who multiply our energy, and vampires who actually suck it out of us.


A convincing example of the manifold effects of human emanations upon their surroundings is to be found in the effect of a human being upon animals and plants. Give someone an animal or plant, and by noting the change in its condition you can identify the man who is a destroyer of life energy. Like a vampire, the rider can exhaust his horse; or the hunter his dog; or the gardener his plants. Seek the cause of this in the emanations of the man. (Agni Yoga 61)


A dead pearl is revivified when worn by certain people. Only the presence of the primary energy can explain this natural process. One should observe similar manifestations in all the domains of life. It can be seen how long different objects last when used by certain people. It can be observed how animatedly the primary energy acts by its own strength when warmed by the fire of the heart. It can be seen how salutary certain people are, who do not even suspect the vivid presence of the primary energy in themselves. But if, in addition, they were to become conscious of their force, then their beneficent activity would be broadly increased. (Brotherhood 339)



22. Aura und Psychic Energy


The emanations of a person, the aura, is built up by his psychic energy. This radiation is the stronger, the more valuable the aspirations are into which this energy flows.


Among fiery manifestations, radiation from the fingertips during work is very instructive. Around the writing hand waves of light can be seen. Moreover, they change according to the content of the writing. Thus, one can observe a highly important manifestation: the visible participation of Fire and also the variation of Agni energy in accordance with the inner quality of the work. (Fiery World I, 281)


A high, radiant aura is the product of a strong psychic energy.


There is a stage in the development of psychic energy called luminous, when the essence of a being begins to emit light. (Agni Yoga 260)


Our personal force of attraction is based on our psychic energy, which works like a magnet.


Psychic energy is also called a "magnet", and in such a definition there is much truth. Of course, the law of attraction and repulsion reacts especially upon psychic energy. (AUM 474)


When the fire of the heart shines in the darkness like a torch, it attracts quite naturally various creatures from afar. If you feel that you do not attract the right beings, you should start working on improving your psychic energy!


Accumulation of psychic energy should be the most important goal. Many insects — whether white or black — are drawn to the flame, for fire is psychic energy. One must understand that everything is attracted by psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 567)



23. Protective Net and Psychic Energy


Part of the aura is the so-called protective net which rejects hostile influences like a shield. It is formed, maintained and strengthened by our psychic energy.


The protective net can defend a man, making him invulnerable. The protective net must be continually saturated with energies from within. (Fiery World III, 112)


The susceptibility to negative suggestions, influences or interferences is usually the result of an insufficiently developed protective net.


Each striving consciousness must weave its own protective net. One may deflect many blows and painful stings if the protective net remains impenetrable. The immunity of the spiritual centers may become complete when the protective net is continually nourished by fire from within. Hence, it is so important to be solicitous about the tension of the protective net. Psychic energy, aspiration of the spirit, and fiery transmutation will supply the needed fabric for the protective net. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember the power of this shield. (Fiery World III, 114)


With the help of our psychic energy, we can weave a protective net around us, that works like an armour and impenetrable for physical and psychical attacks.


Man can draw upon any force within himself and forge from it an invincible armor. (Supermundane 104)


Psychic energy was sometimes called Teros. In the Hermetic teaching one can find this expression: “The warrior Teros raised his shield.” So was indicated the protective role of psychic energy. Did you ever hear of a yogi’s being devoured by beasts? There was never such an occurrence, for no animal that possesses a particle of instinct would dare pit itself against the shield of Teros. Many are in need of protection; why, then, not utilize one’s own treasure? (Agni Yoga 565)


For today's spiritual warriors, this protection by spiritual means, by a spiritual armour, is much more important and effective than any physical defence.


For Us, steel coats of mail are not needed, for the armor of psychic energy is far stronger. Thus one can surround oneself with an impenetrable, invisible armor. People may notice the invulnerability of some heroes. To attain this, a powerful upsurge of the will is needed in order to face dangers without harm.

The Thinker [Plato] taught the young people, “Sometimes the best armor is the invisible one. Learn to command yourself to produce such armor, and it will appear whenever you fight for the Common Good.” (Supermundane 572)


This is so because ultimately the spiritual laws govern the material plane.


Psychic energy dominates the physical laws. One should observe numerous examples in all of life. We often make use of our own psychic energy and with its help avert the most powerful hostile arrows. It should be remembered that the link with Hierarchy is stronger than armor. (Fiery World I, 623)


Hostile energies - physical or spiritual ones - directed against us are rejected; they hit our shield and knock back at the attacker. If he suffers damage, then not because of a hit of the defender, but through his own aggressive energy that has turned back against himself.


Each blow upon the aura may be reflected, as a boomerang, upon its sender. (Fiery World III, 114)


It is not difficult to accumulate the energy of Teros or to evoke it. And it is not advisable to lose consciousness at the decisive moment, for that would produce a condition not unlike that of the so-called deadly eye. A yogi does not kill an animal by his own will; it is the evil will that smashes itself against the shield of Teros. One has to understand that not a coercive will, but the accumulation of the Chalice, will provide protection and permit action. (Agni Yoga 565)


Each one who has developed psychic energy is protected by it. People are afraid to assault one who possesses special powers. Common wisdom remembers how the reverse blow works that strikes the armor of Teros. (Agni Yoga 583)



24. Accumulations of Psychic Energy on Objects


We had already spoken about the aura of objects, for example of antiques (Broadcasting 11 “The subtle Constitution of Man”). This is due to accumulations of psychic energy, caused by the men who have fabricated or used these things.


Likewise, common wisdom knows that some people can leave their influence on objects. This is true: psychic energy can, for example, be transmitted to objects through touch. Thus, one may observe the power of thought and the emanations of psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 583)


One can impregnate an object consciously with a certain energy, with a command of the will, with a thought or a message.


The energy can be accumulated in objects, which can then be used for concentration of the will. A considerable accumulation of energy can even make objects radiate, or transmit a suggested thought. This is the scientific explanation of the nature of sacred objects. One can find in them accumulations of psychic energy. (Agni Yoga 522)


Such objects (for example altars, paintings or icons) work like a magnet which radiates force into the environment and noticeably strengthens the people who approach it.


If even radio waves have such a powerful influence on man, how powerfully can objects saturated with psychic energy act! The magnet that is consciously saturated transmits its magnetic currents; thus Our emanations surround each transmitted gift. Therefore the affirmed action of Our sendings can always intensify the strength of the one to whom they are sent. (Hierarchy 383)


Talismans or teraphs were consciously charged with energy that remains in effect for thousands of years and gives the wearer protection and power.


In various countries there were scattered a multitude of teraphs, each one filled with the accumulations of many psychic transmissions. It is curious to observe the continued vitality of these accumulations of psychic energy. One can truly see that teraphs retain their power over thousands of years. (Agni Yoga 420)


You can consciously and scientifically use these opportunities. For example: Charge a gift with your personal magnetism, or put your hand on the shoulder of an interlocutor in order to increase your persuasiveness.


In ancient times it was customary when giving a gift to place one’s hand upon the gift and even to hold it close for a while. Thus the magnetism of the donor was transferred to the object. Sometimes the gift was wrapped in hair or dipped into magnetized water. If even in ancient times people had an idea of the Primary Energy, surely by today we should be able to apply it scientifically! The Thinker advised that to convince a listener one should place one’s hand upon his shoulder. (Supermundane 423)



25. Elevation through Psychic Energy


Psychic energy - the divine fire within us - promotes our spirituality.


Agni declines to such an extent that the animal principles take possession of the fallen ones. Again it is instructive to note how the decrease of Agni permits the manifestation of animal propensities. Agni, the savior, leads to beautiful worlds, but one must cultivate it and not forget its existence. (Fiery World I, 624)


With the help of the energy of the heart you can put yourself into a sublime state of mind, a state of purity, power and joy, and thus live in a higher world, regardless of the material circumstances.


Man realizes that psychic energy protects him from illnesses, and from doubts and depression. But, even more than providing such protection against mighty enemies, psychic energy can transform one’s entire existence. Likewise, psychic energy leads one into the Supermundane World. (Supermundane 868)


This is especially true after death: It is your store of fiery energy which carries you up "to Heaven".


It is a natural desire to want to know how the transitions into different spheres are accomplished. It is not difficult to understand that purified Agni is the decisive factor. If we gradually fill a balloon with combustible gas, it will begin to rise proportionately. If the balloon cannot retain the gas it will descend. This is a crude example of the principle governing transition into the various spheres of the Subtle World. The subtle being can ascend by itself if its fiery seed is appropriately filled. Fire—the transmuter—helps to assimilate the new and higher conditions. (Fiery World I, 621)



For conclusion, let us repeat once again:


The development of psychic energy is the most vital task of humanity. (Agni Yoga 569)


Every applied thought will bring growth to the spirit. (Infinity II, 777 [377])


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